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she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

Additional fanart for Wolf Pack: Beacon Original
a collaboration between @fearfrost1211 and I for Sterek ReverseBang 2017 

please read it for some biker AU awesomeness :’D


Dan + charity singles:

Band Aid 30 - Do They Know It’s Christmas? (December, 2014, for victims of the ebola crisis)

Artists For Grenfall - Bridge Over Troubled Water (June, 2017, for victims of the Grenfall Tower inferno)

anonymous asked:

Levi loved Erwin so much that he let him go. That is the purest kind of love, yet I'm still so sad :.(

Oh dear Anon, I feel you, I really do.  It’s hard to imagine a purer, more genuine expression of love than to release a loved one from suffering, and I have no doubt that Levi was motivated purely by love.  He chose to  release Erwin, to let him rest, while at the same time condemning himself and humanity to suffer. It’s both the most selfish and selfless of choices.  And the fact that he absolved Erwin of his sins, lifted the burden of choice from his shoulders before letting him go just breaks my heart.

“I was ultimately the one who chose. No…I let my personal feelings decide this would be Erwin’s final resting ground.”