very simple but i had to make something with this picture!!

Animation tip

0k, so, animation can be really hard at first and really hard to make look good, but here’s a trick that’s usually used in good animation.

I like to call it “Bounce” and I learned it from a tutorial my dad showed me, but since I haven’t seen it posted anywhere here, I thought I should post one of my own so fellow artists can have an easier time animating.

Now this gif here is one of the things I enjoy doing a lot, which is the “Heartbeat”

Now that might look pretty cool and maybe even difficult, but here’s the trick. Here are the frames in order (100 milliseconds apart) (sorry, the frames had to be put together into one picture because there’s a limit to the amount of pictures that can be put into one post)

See that? It’s surprizingly simple, but the basic gist of it, is before something returns to normal, it’s slightly bigger, wider, taller, or just more than usual depending on what it is. 

This animation actually somewhat correlates to how real hearts work, first the blood is pumped out, and the heart shrinks. Then the blood is pumped back in, stretching the heart temporarily before finding a balance and returning to the normal size.

Now, here’s the second gif, which is sudden eye opening, which I really enjoy because it looks really cool.

(Pardon the terrifying abomination) Now this one works in a slightly different way, but still uses the bounce rule, but with a different “Burst of Speed” rule, which can be described in a post somewhere, I might edit in a link later. To figure out how it works, here are the individual frames. (once again seperated by 100 ms)

(Last frame is repeated 6 times for a reasonable space in which one doesn’t blink, so it seems more realistic)

Like the heart, it bounces, but in a different order with fewer frames. The eye does not appear first in normal size, because of the burst of speed. Here is what the animation would look like if the eye was in normal size before becoming stretched. (no burst)

Not exacly very fluid looking, and no longer sudden, plus some of its bounce is lost. It’s not really something as fun to look at without the sudden jump for the bounce. The last frames also appear very suddenly, as there is no bounceback reaction, being the eye gets smaller before returning back to normal, in reaction of the stretch.

If you’re looking at an eye up close, however, you can still draw it somewhat open before the bounce, if you don’t want it to be as sudden, but still remain fairly fluid.

Here’s another gif of an eye up close with this definition applied, plus the general idea of the individual frames.

And so forth. Hope this helps if you’re a fellow Animator, or just starting, and good luck animating!

((Note: These animation frames and gifs were used from two of my videos, Panic Attack and Flushed Vent.))