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Kanan Jarrus | Star Wars Rebels

I’ve been sitting on so many finale/Kanan feels so I finally arted a thing. 

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*takes a break from drawing scarlet to doodle scarlet* go figure

also tragic as it is, the queue has less than a dozen posts left, and while i’m hoping to get through a few art ideas over the holidays, our scarlet-per-day schedule is soon coming to an end. i’ll definitely still be reblogging any scarlet content that comes my way though, and once i get through at least a little of my own art stuff i might even take some scarlet femslash requests bc hey, those rarepairs aren’t going to draw themselves y’know.

What's up with Dean's bedroom?

Since I posted this about Dean’s bedroom (and read everybody else’s comments), I’ve become a little bit obsessed with the subject. So I decided to do this: 

I present you Dean’s bedroom in 8x16:  

You can see the tall lamp to the left and no left nightstand. 

In that episode, Dean sat on the left side of the bed while praying to Castiel. It’s the only time we’ve seen him favor that side of the bed. 

We see Dean’s bedroom again in 9x04 with very little changes. 

Still no left nightstand. And the tall lamp is still there, as you can see here:

Then, something must have happened between 9x04 and 9x14 because, suddently, Dean decided that he needed a left nightstand (and he also decided that he could easily lie on just one side of the bed and leave the rest unoccupied).

I’m not going to remind you all that the fanfiction gap happened in 9x06, that Dean looked wistful (as described by the Supernatural Wiki) when he said “always the adios” in 9x08, or that he was ready to come clean to Sam at the end of that episode, but fake!Ezekiel didn’t let him. I’m not even going to bring to attention that according to the dictionary ‘wistful’ means: “Having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing”. 

I’m a good person, so I’m not going to mention any of that. *pure sarcasm*

I have a very shippy theory, though. Some time after 9x06 and before 9x09, Dean put the extra nightstand, hoping against hope, that someone (a certain angel that was human at the time), was going to use it one day. 

However, Castiel became an angel again in 9x09. At the end of that episode Kevin died (no, God, no!), and in 9x10 Cas got to the Bunker as soon as Dean called. There was very little time frame between Dean finding out that Cas was an angel again (in 9x09) and everything that happened afterward. In episode 9x10, they took care of Gadreel’s possession of Sam, and at the end of the episode, Dean left Sam and Cas. In 9x11, Dean was not in the Bunker (he spent the episode with Crowley). Neither was he there in 9x12 (the Garth episode). Dean was back home in 9x13, but the tension between the brothers was obvious and they pretty much spent all their time focused on the new case. At the very beginning of 9x14, we saw Dean’s bedroom with the two nightstands. Due to everything that happened, I don’t think Dean had time to be disappointed enough to rearrange the furtniture in his bedroom.

However, sometime between 9x14 and 9x23, his bedroom went back to normal.

No left nightstand and the tall lamp was there again.

 But at least the bed was still Dean’s

 In season 10, we could see Dean’s bedroom the same way it was at the end of season 9. His bed was still the same in 10x03:

No left nightstand

And the tall lamp there (notice Dean cleaning up the side of the bed he kind of associates with Cas when Cas is in the room). 

And that’s how we end up in 10x10, with a very strange bed, but the same decoration Dean’s had since season 8:

The only episode in which Dean had an extra nightstand was 9x14 and it was NOT an accident. 

The episode aired on February 25, 2014 and was directed by Jerry Wanek (x)

And it was Jerry Wanek himself who said that it was deliberate (x)

So, yeah… I really think I’m obsessed with Dean’s bedroom, but I’m not even sorry about it. There’s a silent story being told that I’m enjoying a lot.