very seussian

lost and found

I literally thought I wouldn’t make it out of the bathroom in time but here we are.

HERE WE FUCKING ARE. Got my Cas shirt and my Supernatural eyeshadow on and I’m ready to gooooooo

I’ve already warned my neighbor about the impending shouts. She’s cool with it.

  • I’m a little weirded out about the Metallica thing but we’ll deal with it. 
  • Oh my goddddd poor Dean and his poor heart. He’s on a fucking mission now. 
  • More like “daddy” amirite?
  • These SFX are cray cray.
  • What the actual hell.
  • For real Jack, get some clothes. 
  • The guy in the restaurant looks familiar, does he not? Like I’ve seen him in something else recently.
  • Hahaha he’s just gonna keep asking if everyone is his father…this is very Seussian.
  • Okay but where’s Cas’s body? Is he in the back seat? Did they just leave him there? I NEED ANSWERS! 
  • OMG Dean can’t even say “Cas is dead”. MY HEART.
  • Uh, exCUSE me. I don’t care if you’re angels. Get the fuck away from him.
  • Now I really wanna know what Lucifer’s email address is.
  • “You and me both, sister”
  • Did he. Did he just beat the shit out of an inanimate object because he’s so upset right now? PLEASE tell me he did.
  • I love that they’re just sitting there eating junk food.
  • Uh oh. Jack’s hearing angel radio.
  • Sam looks terrified. I’m dying lol
  • OH SHIT. YESSSSSS HE THINKS CAS IS HIS FATHER. This is everything I could’ve hoped for from this kid.
  • That drunk bitch is an angel? Why did I not see that coming?
  • Did he really think that a coat rack would be adequate against an angel?
  • Come on Jack, save them.
  • Or that works too.
  • You. BITCH. It is not Dean’s fault. And he’s way more upset about it than any of you tatter-winged dicks are.
  • He’s LUCIFER’S son. A regular angel blade ain’t gonna do shit.
  • Oh no. This is the moment I was afraid of.
  • Nononononono I can’t watch this.
  • I mean like obvs I know he’s coming back but it still HURTS.
  • He has legit lost all hope I can’t.
  • I cannot believe they actually just fucking burnt his body.
  • Also I don’t really care about Mary and Lucifer. 
  • I feel like nothing’s gonna be okay till episode 3 because Bobo wrote it.

Next week: I thought Donatello was dead. I’m not excited. I just want Cas back.

This was probably one of the shortest liveblogs I’ve ever done because 75% of the episode was lame except for a couple funny moments and the last 25% hurt my feels and now I need to go die.