very serious night out

i get to see some of the best people i know really soon! who i don’t get to see too often. i let that sink in properly just now. 

next time

summary: Jellal isn’t very helpful when it comes to picking dresses. Jerza.
Ugh, (I can’t believe I thought of this fluffiness, but) here’s another one minute fluff for you all. Super short but like that’s what Saturday grayeyard shifts do for my schedule, lol.
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Erza has been selecting just the right Heart Kreuz dress for ages already. Despite many closet swaps and exchanges, and no matter how much Jellal insists that the one that she is wearing is perfectly fine, Erza continues to move onto the next wardrobe, determined there can always be one even better.

He tries to be as helpful as possible, but Erza doesn’t think that his overwhelmingly positive reviews of every single fabric and color and style that she is wearing is doing her any good.

She wants to look as best as possible for their very serious first date night out. It will be the first time she’ll ever dress up in anything else but armor and the first time he’ll keep his face uncovered—their first night out together in public since the forgiving judicial ruling on Jellal’s crimes.

She looks at herself in the mirror wall, turning back and forth to see how the dress fit her in movement.

Erza isn’t sure about this sleeveless pastel-purple one either—she wants something simple but elegant, and this one makes it look like she wants to pop out of the scene more than blend in with the background. She puts her hands on her hips to test the look in her new standing position.

Admittedly though, she does enjoy how this color allows her hair to appear more vibrant, knowing how much a certain someone liked her scarlet so much.

Having her hair down, after all, was his only request of her this evening.

She hums with slight approval before rotating towards him, giving him a full frontal view.

“What about this one?” she asks him.

Leaning into the right armrest of his chair, he looks blankly mesmerized, quiet and without a word. His chin rests lightly on the back of his hand and he looks a little too deep in thought to be thinking about dresses.

“Jellal?” she asks again.

She’s worried that he’s grown tired of seeing outfit after outfit.

“What about…white?” he finally murmurs. “I’ve always imagined you in white.”

His eyes move away from her clothing, steadily climbing up to meet her again, and when he finally makes contact—seeing the light flush on her cheeks—he suddenly realizes what actually might have been said. His posture stiffens and he starts to get up from his chair, both hands splayed in front of him innocently.

“I mean—not that I want to—“ but he stops his tongue.

Because that’s not quite right.

“I mean, I want to—“ but he stops his tongue again.

Wait, but are they even ready?

Erza can read him very well, and she can’t help her shaky-nervous but excitedly widening grin. She decides to help his situation out.

“Um…” she suggests, in a rushed breath. “How about the next time we’re here, I try on a white dress?”

He holds his breath for just another second, before releasing it with a soft smile.

“Yeah,” he agrees. “Next time.”