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Could you do a Winchester sibling game night headcannon? Something super fluff? :)))) <333

Thank you!! Send Me Headcanon Requests!

• You shuffling cards

• Your brothers laughing at you after you mess up once

• You showing off after that and leaving them speechless

• “I say we bet a little extreme this time.”

“A dog!”

“Not that extreme.”

“Go big or go home.”

“We are home.”

“Don’t start.”

• Very ‘serious’ games throughout the night

• Calling Dean out after he wins

• “Cheater!”

“How dare you?”

“Turn out your pockets.”


“That’s what I thought!”

• Always playing as your favorite color

• Sam letting you pick

• Dean diving right in

• You ending up winning

• “Cheater!”

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”

“You still cheated.”

“Don’t be such a sore loser. Does this mean I get a dog?”

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Dear lovely admins, can I request a scenario of Kuroo and female classmate crush who appears to be very serious at school but one night he saw her hanging out with delinquents (they are actually very nice tho)

Wahoo back from the dead y’all!!

-Admin Asahi

Kuroo approached your desk with his usual shit-eating grin.
“_____! How did you do on the math test?”
You held up your paper, a bright red 97% proudly displayed at the top of your page. Kuroo shook his head in disbelief.
“You’re one incredible student, you know that, right? The class average was a 72 and you’re over here with a 97. You must be really good at math.”
You shook your head.
“Not really. I just know how to study correctly.”
All of a sudden, there was a commotion at the back of the room. You and Kuroo looked behind you to see two boys wrestling with each other and running into desks and other students. You rolled your eyes and turned away.
“Honestly, we’re in school. Can’t they do that somewhere else?”
“Oh come on, _____, they’re just letting off a little steam.”
You gave Kuroo a very Kenma-like glare, which he chuckled at.
“Fine, fine, they’re taking it a little too far. Just ignore them and eventually they’ll go away.”
“Does that tactic work on you too?” you deadpanned.
Kuroo clutched his heart in mock-hurt.
“You wound me, _____, you really do.”
You shrugged and turned back to the open textbook lying on your desk.
“The more you study in school, the less you have to do outside.”
Kuroo patted you fondly on the shoulder.
“Of course, you’re right. I’ll leave you to it.”
Kuroo left your side and returned to his own seat, where he stole a peek at you every now and then. He was attracted to your strong work ethic, but more than anything he felt lucky to see the other side of you: the one that knowingly says funny things while keeping a serious façade. You were more light-hearted than you let on, and he felt blessed to see that secret side of you.
The teacher appeared at the front of the classroom and called for everyone’s attention. Kuroo cracked his neck and settled down for his next class.

That night, Kuroo was walking through one of the shadier neighborhoods. His parents requested a specific curry paste for tomorrow’s dinner, and it was only sold in this little store tucked away deep within the less-than-safe neighborhood. Kuroo wasn’t concerned for his safety though. He was a young, fit teenager with unruly black hair and a gleam in his eyes. He looked as if he belonged there.
He whistled a tuneless song as he walked back home. As he was reaching the outskirts of the neighborhood, he heard boisterous laughter. When he passed the next alley he curiously glanced down, only to stop short when he saw a girl wearing his school uniform. She was surrounded by… well… thugs. Large men and boys of all ages with varying degrees of tattoos and piercings displayed on their bodies. They wore black or otherwise dark clothes, making her in her school uniform stand out that much more. The atmosphere seemed calm, so Kuroo was just going to continue home until he recognized your voice. He froze in his tracks. There was no doubt in his mind: that was definitely your voice he heard. Without a second thought, he walked down the alley, not caring about the attention he would gain.
He was spotted immediately. Two men stood up and glared down at him.
“What do you want?”
“Pardon the intrusion, I just saw a friend and wanted to say hi.”
You looked over at him when you heard his voice. Your eyes widened slightly.
“Kuroo? What are you doing here?”
“I could ask you the same question.”
The men obviously didn’t appreciate the tone in his voice, because they started closing in around Kuroo.
“What, you think just because she’s the only girl here that we’re doing something bad?” one of the guys demanded.
Kuroo splayed his hands out in front of him.
“I don’t think anything, I was just curious why a girl from my school is in a neighborhood like this.”
Growls resonated around the circle of men until you pushed your way to Kuroo’s side.
“Everyone calm down. There is a huge misunderstanding here.”
You turned to Kuroo first. “These are my friends, I met them at a soccer game once. Akira, here, tutors me in math.”
Akira raised a hand. “Yo,” he said in greeting.
“And you all,” you whirled on your friends, “this is Kuroo, he’s a classmate. You all should be glad there’s someone like him looking out for my well-being.”
There were some grumbles from the thugs, but they didn’t argue. You turned back to Kuroo and crossed your arms.
“Are you satisfied now?”
Kuroo held his hands up in defense.
“Yes, yes, perfectly satisfied.”
You rolled your eyes. You knew him too well.
“If you’re so concerned about me, why don’t you stay a while? You may actually learn something while you’re here.”
Kuroo’s cheeks flushed briefly in embarrassment but he nodded and joined you within the circle of men. That night, you two grew closer than ever before and Kuroo even made some new, unexpected friends in the process.

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I'm feeling a bit down and my family isn't helping but I've always wondered what kind of parents Kaneki, Hide, Tsukiyama, and Touka would be. If it isn't too much trouble though!

I’m always down for a good family senario~

Kaneki(I’ll do white haired for this one): He would be a little distant and awkward around his child. He doesn’t know what to do, what to say, he wants to connect with them but he’s too scared to hurt them. They’re so small, after all, and they have his eyes. His old eyes before everything turned pear shaped. So it scared him to look, because it was like looking at a little version of him. As they got older, Kaneki would try to teach his child how to fight and defend themselves but really all they wanted to do was read. They would get in fights all the time over this until one day they found Kaneki’s old books and thought that maybe they’re dad wasn’t such a bad guy, it would take them some time to forgive him for the crappy upbringing they had, but they could work on it. 

Hide: Hide would be the “cool mom”. They would be a fairly well off family, as well, Hide would make sure of that. He’d teach his child all sorts of cool things (even party tricks) and would encourage them to explore themselves and their interests. However, Hide would be very serious about being out late at night and would make sure his child would call home if they were going to be out passed 2 am. then have them call every half hour to an hour after that. He also let them know that he did this because of the ghoul issue and that one day they would understand if they ever had children (they may or not have arguments about the calling thing every so often). Overall, Hide would be the parent that all the kids liked and wanted to hang out at the house to be around (he made good snacks, too!)

Tsukiyama: He would TRY to be the “cool mom” but fail in the most hilarious way. He would be an alright parent whose only fault was being too controlling about appearances and reputation. When it came to clothes, his child would be the best dressed, and would be very upset if his child bought clothes from some large chain store. All of the friends would usually put up with his strange behavior to hang out at the house to take pictures and dress up. However, when it came to love and safety, Tsukiyama would be protective and make sure his child knew that they could do anything they put their mind to, they would be confident and witty, pretty much liked by everyone. 

Touka: She would be one of those scary moms. The type that you didn’t want to cross or do anything wrong to their child because you would probably die. Her child would know how to fight but only when necessary and might even be a little shy or soft spoken. She cooked good food and always made sure the house had a warm atmosphere, much like how her childhood home had been. She had given up the ghoul life she had led when she was younger save for eating. She would be a strong, single mother who knew how to do just about everything. Her child would look up to her like she was a superhero. 

next time

summary: Jellal isn’t very helpful when it comes to picking dresses. Jerza.
Ugh, (I can’t believe I thought of this fluffiness, but) here’s another one minute fluff for you all. Super short but like that’s what Saturday grayeyard shifts do for my schedule, lol.
10for10k: 498 (cumulative 8,128)

Erza has been selecting just the right Heart Kreuz dress for ages already. Despite many closet swaps and exchanges, and no matter how much Jellal insists that the one that she is wearing is perfectly fine, Erza continues to move onto the next wardrobe, determined there can always be one even better.

He tries to be as helpful as possible, but Erza doesn’t think that his overwhelmingly positive reviews of every single fabric and color and style that she is wearing is doing her any good.

She wants to look as best as possible for their very serious first date night out. It will be the first time she’ll ever dress up in anything else but armor and the first time he’ll keep his face uncovered—their first night out together in public since the forgiving judicial ruling on Jellal’s crimes.

She looks at herself in the mirror wall, turning back and forth to see how the dress fit her in movement.

Erza isn’t sure about this sleeveless pastel-purple one either—she wants something simple but elegant, and this one makes it look like she wants to pop out of the scene more than blend in with the background. She puts her hands on her hips to test the look in her new standing position.

Admittedly though, she does enjoy how this color allows her hair to appear more vibrant, knowing how much a certain someone liked her scarlet so much.

Having her hair down, after all, was his only request of her this evening.

She hums with slight approval before rotating towards him, giving him a full frontal view.

“What about this one?” she asks him.

Leaning into the right armrest of his chair, he looks blankly mesmerized, quiet and without a word. His chin rests lightly on the back of his hand and he looks a little too deep in thought to be thinking about dresses.

“Jellal?” she asks again.

She’s worried that he’s grown tired of seeing outfit after outfit.

“What about…white?” he finally murmurs. “I’ve always imagined you in white.”

His eyes move away from her clothing, steadily climbing up to meet her again, and when he finally makes contact—seeing the light flush on her cheeks—he suddenly realizes what actually might have been said. His posture stiffens and he starts to get up from his chair, both hands splayed in front of him innocently.

“I mean—not that I want to—“ but he stops his tongue.

Because that’s not quite right.

“I mean, I want to—“ but he stops his tongue again.

Wait, but are they even ready?

Erza can read him very well, and she can’t help her shaky-nervous but excitedly widening grin. She decides to help his situation out.

“Um…” she suggests, in a rushed breath. “How about the next time we’re here, I try on a white dress?”

He holds his breath for just another second, before releasing it with a soft smile.

“Yeah,” he agrees. “Next time.”

Insanity (closed rp with Snoflak-isen-dronning)

Last night a woman had been brought in for her wounds that were very serious, she’d been in and out of surgery all night. After moving from the ER and into a room with one other person in recovery, a nurse had been assigned to her personally because of her condition. A woman with long red hair walked into the room carrying a tray of food as with a smile,” Ms. Foster.. I’ve brought you breakfast, I know it’s early but I brought you the best in the kitchen.” Anna set the tray of food on the tray holder and scooted it towards the injured woman.

“How are you feeling this morning? You sure have been though a lot.. I’m very sorry on what happened to you..” She said softly scratching her cheek and gasped softly feeling the cut bleeding again.” Oh geez… I’m sorry ms. Foster.” The nurse grabbed an extra napkin and held it to her cheek.

I don't usually do stuff like this but...

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This is my friends dog Oliver. He is adored over anything by my friend (i wont include their name for privacy reasons.)

External image

This is a man who my friend was casually seeing. They weren’t serious and hadn’t done very much physically. One night when they were out at a party he repeatedly tried to make advances towards her and kept grabbing at her. She turned him down. as she was going home that night she got a message on her phone from him saying “I’m about to f**k your life up” when she arrived home she was greeted with her dog Oliver’s lifeless body on the ground outside. The man had broken into her apartment and thrown Oliver off the 3rd story.

Luckily there were witnesses and he was arrested the same night. But his father posted bail and he is currently out. We’re not sure what will happen and if he will spend any more time behind bars. That’s why I’m posting this because we think if enough attention is called to this we can get justice for Oliver and my friend.