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Red, brown, black or “gold”?


Red haired shoujo heroines + cutting their hair  


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draw team half elf with brown skin 

when people says that the Tudors red-gold hair came from only Elizabeth of York, well… have you any idea how genetic works with a recessive trait like with the red-blonde hair color?

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Did you see Sophie IG last pic? Red and fine eyebrown (at Last! ) and very red and messy hair.. with a leather jacket.. she is sexy as fuck... A very Bree look!!

hey Miz Skelton 😎

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Tell it to the Marines Question: The meeting where Mihawk tracks down Shanks and demands to know where his niece is, would be fun to read, since neither Mihawk or Raoul knows where Shanks stashed her away ^^. Just, "an Island in East Blue", that leaves a lot of ground to cover ^^.

Shanks is having flashbacks when a very familiar sword nearly decapitates him in a very familiar motion. 

“Can’t we ever just say hello?”

“You failed to inform me of my niece’s location.” 

Yeah, there’s that thing he’s forgotten to do. 

Running a hand through his hair, Shanks grins at his old-rival-turned-drinking-buddy, sitting himself back down and patting at the freshly felled log he’s using as a seat. 

There’s a moment of debate, as if Mihawk’s trying to decide if he wants to take another swing. He does take a seat though, but not before planting Yoru firmly into the ground. 

“She’s safe, Hawk Eye. Captain’s Promise.” And as a fellow pirate, Mihawk should be very aware of just how binding that is. 


“Nope, I ain’t saying because that place isn’t just looking after my little Sea-Bird.” Plus, he doesn’t want the swordsman ruining his little Gully’s chance to bond with Luffy. 

“Red Hair-”

“Nope, you won’t get it out of me. If you wanna see her, go look for her.” Sticking his tongue out, Shanks reels back just in time, Mihawk’s small cross-dagger coming dangerously close to cutting the muscle from his mouth. 

“Very well, Red Hair. It has been a while since I was last in East Blue.” 


Oh well, the Marines can deal with Hawk Eyes popping up in the ‘weakest sea’, can’t they?