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one thing I like abt the k fandom is that literally nobody disagrees that kuroshiro is canon ppl just look at the official art and go “yepp they’re gay lovers” and there’s no discourse and no ship war and I think that’s beautiful

Every time you see Donut out on a date he’s with a different guy and you start to think ‘oh I didn’t peg Donut as a one night stand type of guy’ but then you find out that he’s in a loving relationship with every single one of them

trans headcanons to consider (+ bonus orientations):

• trans girl drew tanaka (femme lesbian)

• trans girl clarisse la rue (butch lesbian) /with bigender (one gender being girl) chris if that suits your fancy

• genderfluid boy (very rarely girl) nico di angelo (gay man, obvs, so.. not much different than book canon nico)

• trans girl jason grace (aromantic bisexual - preference towards women)

• demigirl percy jackson (biromantic asexual)

• trans man leo valdez (bi all the way OR also consider: aroace. both are good)

• agender annabeth chase (demisexual lesbian)

• trans woman reyna avila ramirez arellano (gray-ace soft butch lesbian)

• genderfluid piper mclean (pan all the way)

• trans man will solace (biro/ace-flux - preference towards men)

• trans man frank zhang (pansexual demiromantic)

• transfemme demigirl hazel levesque (pan all the way + polyamorous)

• nonbinary boy clovis (gay but too tired to do much about that)

• genderfluid rachel elizabeth dare (aroace)

• genderqueer dakota (gay “for who?” potentially anyone, we’ll see)

General Guide To Common Korean Words Used In Fics 

Korean is used frequently in k-pop or k-drama fanfics. And while they do capture aspects of Korean culture that you can’t convey otherwise, I found there are common misconceptions about certain words or variations thereof. 

So I decided to make a small compilation of such terms to clarify what situations they are used in best! I hope you find it useful~

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Unexpected Surprise Part 2

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Gen, Tom, and Shep.

Pairings: Jensen x reader and Jared x Gen

Word Count: 2100 ish

Warnings: Angst, Possible miscarriage, some fluff.

Thank you to @ellen-reincarnated1967 and @melissaj616 for all your help! 

Feedback is 100% welcome and appreciated!

It was the last week in June and you were getting so excited for Jensen to be coming back home. You were getting ready to head into the grocery store to pick up stuff to make Jensen his favorite dinner. As you were walking into the store you heard someone holler at you. You turn around and you see Gen and the boys coming your way. Tom and Shep’s faces light up when they look up and see you. Waiting until Gen stops the cart before jumping out and running over to you.

“Be careful boys, remember what we talked about. You don’t want to hurt the baby in Aunt Y/N’s tummy.”

“Oh yeah,” Tom says as he loosens the hold he has on you. He puts his hand on your growing belly asks, “So you have a baby growing in your tummy, Aunt Y/N?”

“Yup. I just came back from the doctor’s office and they told me that the baby should be here within a few weeks.” You told him enjoying how excited he was. He wasn’t very old when Gen was pregnant with Shep so he doesn’t really remember much about it.

“Are you going to be having a boy like me and Shep?”

“I don’t know yet. Uncle Jensen and I wanted to wait and find out together. So, when him and your daddy come back home in couple days then we’ll know if it’s a boy or a girl.”

“I can’t believe you’ve been able to make it this long without wanting to find out. When I was pregnant with the boys I wanted to find out as soon as possible. I don’t even think Jared was with me when we found out we were having Shep.” Gen told you pulling her cart to the side of the aisle so she would be out of the way.

“Well it hasn’t been easy that’s for sure. Every time I go past baby clothes I’m always tempted to call the doctor and have them tell me, but I know it means a lot to Jensen. And I really do want to find out together. It’s just not easy when you see your belly growing and not knowing whether you’re talking to a little baby boy or a little girl.” You tell her while rubbing your belly.

“Mommy can Aunt Y/N come over for a slumber party tonight?” Shep asked Gen while pulling on the hem of her shirt.

“Well you’ll have to ask her buddy. She might be busy.” Gen told him while looking up to you after she finished.

“Aunt Y/N do you wanna come over and have a slumber party with us?” Shep asked you while having the most pathetic look on his little face.

“I’d love to come over. I just need to finish grocery shopping and then go home and pack some clothes then I’ll come over to your house. Is that alright?” You asked him seeing a grin on him and Tom’s face when you accepted the invitation.

“Ok!” Shep and Tom said in unison running up and giving you a hug.

“Mommy did you hear that? Aunt Y/N is going to have a slumber party with us!” Shep told Gen still holding onto my leg.

“That’s great! Now we need to go home so we can get all the blankets and pillows into the living room. Maybe we can talk Aunt Y/N into making a fort with us later.” She said trying her best to get the boys out the door. They finally let go of you and followed Gen toward the door talking her ear off about everything they wanted to do this evening. She turned her head and said “See you later!” and you smiled and waved as her boys pulled her attention back to them.

You had finished your grocery shopping rather quickly and had begun to put everything up when you heard your phone ring. Looking down at the caller ID you saw that it was Jensen calling and you couldn’t answer fast enough.

“Hey beautiful.” He said after you had answered the phone. This man could make you blush even when he was hundreds of miles away.

“Hey Jay,” You said, trying – and failing-to hide how excited you are to talk to him.

“How’d the doctor’s appointment go? That was, today right?”

“Yeah it was today and it went really well. He said the baby was perfectly healthy and we should get to meet him/her within the next few weeks.”

“Oh baby that’s awesome! I’m so excited to come home so we can finally find out if it’s a boy or girl. It’s been killing me not knowing!”

“I know the feeling. Trust me.” You told him while rubbing your belly.

“Well my flight leaves tomorrow night at I think 10. So, we should be home at the latest 8 in the morning.”

“That’s fine. I’m staying the night at Gen’s. The boys want to have a slumber party so I guess we’re going to build a fort and watch movies in their living room. You could probably just come on over there in the morning.”

“Sounds like fun. Just promise me that you won’t overdo it. I know the doctor said that everything is ok but… Just be careful. If anything happened to you or the baby I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.” You could hear the worry in his voice and you could just picture him rubbing the back of his neck and running a hand down his face.

“I promise I’ll be careful.” You told him hoping it would comfort him.

“Well I gotta go baby. They’re calling me back.”

“I love you Jensen.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

And with that he hung up the phone and went back to work. You knew how hard this must be on him. He had been away for the first 3 months of your pregnancy and he felt like he was missing out on so much. He never said anything about it but you could tell by the looks on his face when you would video chat that he felt completely left out of everything. You tried to keep him up to date on everything by sending him pictures of the sonograms to telling him every little thing the doctor would tell you. You even video chatted with him one time right before going into the doctor’s office. But you knew it wasn’t the same, for him and for you.

It was close to 7 o'clock when you got to Gen’s and as you approached the door you could hear little bursts of laughter making you smile. Opening the door, you were greeted by Tom and Shep tugging on your clothes pulling you into the living room. When you walked in you saw all the necessities for a slumber party. There were cookies, pretzels, chips, bottles of water and juice, and of course a pepperoni pizza.

“Well it looks like we have everything we need to have an excellent slumber party!” You told Tom and Shep who had already grabbed a small bottle of juice from the coffee table.

“Boys is Aunt Y/N here yet? I thought I heard a car door shut.” Gen said while making her way into the living room carrying a small tray of assorted veggies.

“You are here,” She said laughing a little sitting the tray down on the coffee table.

“Have you talked to Jensen? Jared called earlier and said that their flight doesn’t leave until 10. I couldn’t believe that they had a flight going out that late.” She said crossing her legs as she sat on the couch.

“Yeah he called as I was putting away the groceries. I told him that I would be here when he got home and that he should just come on over instead of going to the house. I think he said they would be getting home around 8.” You told her grabbing a bottle of water and a few pieces of broccoli.

“Yeah it wouldn’t make much sense going home to an empty house when everyone will be somewhere else. And this is pretty much a home away from home for you guys anyway.”

“Mommy can we watch a movie now?” Tom ask Gen while taking a sip of his juice.

“Sure. What do you two want to watch?”

“Lion King!” Both boys answered. It was very rare for both boys to agree on a movie so when it happened it was always a shock.

After starting the movie, it wasn’t long before the boys had crashed. Tom had fallen asleep lying in the middle of the floor with a piece of pizza still in his hand. While Shep on the other hand had passed out all cuddled up next to Gen who was dozing in and out of sleep at the end of the couch. You had decided not to try and sleep on the floor. Getting down wouldn’t be a problem but trying to get back up in the morning would probably be very difficult. So, you headed upstairs to the guest room you and Jensen usually slept in while you were here. Pulling one of his t-shirts out of your bag you threw it on and breathed in the smell of your amazing husband, silently wishing he was here with you. After climbing into bed, it wasn’t long before you had fallen asleep.

When the alarm went off at 7 you wanted nothing more than to fall back to sleep but your body would not allow it. You tossed your legs over the side of the bed and made your way into the attached bathroom. The bathroom was beautifully decorated in a soft peachy color and white. Stepping into the shower you bathed rather quickly hoping that Gen and the boys hadn’t woken up yet. Hopping out of the shower, you dried off and tossed on a blue maxi dress with some white sandals and headed downstairs.

Thankfully Gen and the boys were still asleep in the living room. Quietly you walked into the kitchen, started the coffee, and began making breakfast. Knowing that Jared and Jensen would be here soon, you made sure you fixed enough pancakes and bacon for everyone and even a little extra. This was Jared and Jensen we were talking about and boy can they eat.

It was 7:45 when you heard Gen and the boys talking in the living room. Letting them have some time for themselves you set the table with 7 cups, plates and silverware, and a pitcher of orange juice. Just as you finished you heard two little feet smacking the hardwood floor coming into the kitchen.

“Good morning Aunt Y/N.” Tom said rubbing his eyes as he climbed up into his favorite chair at the table.

“Good morning Tom. Do you want some orange juice?” You asked him hoping he was awake enough to respond.

His eyes opened wide and a smile grew on his face. “Oh yes please! Orange juice is my favorite, but Shep doesn’t like it. He usually has milk instead.”

“That just means you can have his share of orange juice.”  You told him seeing a smile of excitement spread across his face.

Just as you sat his cup down you heard the front door close and your stomach filled with butterflies.

“Tom I think your daddy and Uncle Jensen are home.” You told him, surprised he hadn’t heard the front door close.

Shep, on the other hand, had definitely heard the door. “Daddy!” you heard him scream.

“Unca Jensen!” Tom said running straight for Jensen.

“Hey little buddy!” Jensen said as he pulled Tom into a bear hug.

“Did you know that Aunt Y/N is going to have a baby?! It’s growing in her belly. But mommy says we have to be really easy when we hug her so we don’t hurt the baby.”

“Your mommy is right about that. We don’t want to hurt the baby.” Jensen told him, putting Tom down and walking toward you.

“And we definitely don’t want to hurt Aunt Y/N.” He said pushing your hair back and pulling you into kiss.

“Hey beautiful.” Jensen said against your lips. “I missed you so much.”

Just then you felt something wet running down your leg. Stepping away from Jensen you looked down and you saw blood on your feet. You instantly started crying and grabbing your stomach, willing everything to be ok.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” Jensen said, worry laced in his words. “Y/N!” He said again, putting his hands on both sides of your face forcing you to look at him. “What’s wrong?!”

You tried to answer him, but nothing would come out. After you caught your breath a little you were finally about to think a little clearer.

“Jensen I’m bleeding.” You told him through teary eyes. In that moment, you could see his world fall apart.

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I’ve seen some other artists draw a few Fire Emblem Fates characters as animals in Animal Crossing and it was super adorable! So I kind of had to draw my fatesona and her son as Animal Crossing cats! 

I based my sona’s patterning on that of a tortoiseshell cat because I honestly love them. Alastor’s (the son!) patterning is based on dilute calico coloring making him a very special and rare boy✨

Tipsy Thoughts

requested by @mylifeisliteraltrash:

You don’t have to include a reader if you dont want to but i think it’ll just be really funny to see what you think the context of this picture is with Tom and Harrison. Love you <3 (humor)

based off of this picture by @spidey-roo

word count: 1.5k

A/N: this is not a reader insert btw !! it’s just a lil drabble !!

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