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The definition of home (1/2)

AN: Like I said - part one (and the smaller part) of this two-shot for Mari’s birthday. Probably going to finish this tomorrow.
Also, no beta - there might be some mistakes.

Pairing: KanaMari (Were you really expecting anything else?)


Mari wakes up to someone gently calling her name and poking her cheek. But she isn’t ready to leave dreamland just yet, so Mari turns around, dragging the sheets with her to hide under them.

“Come on, Mari.” The person giggles. Mari feels a tug on her blanket. Gripping it tight, Mari tries to fight off the attack. But once her ‘opponent’ decides to play unfair by tickling her, she has no chance of winning.

“No! St- Stop it!” She rolls over onto her back to escape. The second she feels the mattress dip though, she knows that that strategy is bound to be a failure. “Kanan!”

The tickling stops and two strong hands wrap around her wrists, effectively pinning her down and holding her in place.

“Kanan, please!”

Mari is still laughing but stops when a pair of lips touch hers ever so gently. But as sudden as the kiss happened it ends again.

Opening her eyes, Mari is met with the most beautiful purple eyes she can imagine, looking down at her with so much love that she thinks she might still be dreaming. The shy smile that accompanies them makes the picture even more perfect and for a second Mari forgets how to breathe.

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