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Hello! How did you pick your name? Fantakoi is just not something I would ever have thought of, so I thought maybe there was a story behind it. I would love if you would share that story with us! Please keep drawing forever! XOXO

hello cutie i picked my name years ago at like 6 in the morning after spending the night with a friend and drinking too much (probably soda okay) and then well ? i have no idea why but somehow we talked about goldfish and because i love puns something like this happened: they can grow as big as koi fish and even much bigger and they look like kois too and they’re orange like fanta. so a goldfish is really just a fantakoi

my friend told me to change my username for fun and i said okay and i wanted to change it back later. i never did……


(failed?) Pocky Challenge with Foxy and Bonnie

welp what i have done in my life, and yeah its just a very very random idea of mine xD idk why with the newest design of Bonnie made him much more tsundere?? or dominant over the fox xP

why topless Bon? well since i just want to reveal his tattoo anyway xD (and cuz im lazy to draw his clothings)

well its just forehead kiss though :P

wwww I just browsed the Takumi Aldini tag and just as I expected, the shippers are there.

Anyways, I just wanted to mention that the ship name for Souma and Takumi is Soutaku (or 「ソータク」 in jp if you want to browse the pixiv tag). I’m not very updated but I think it’s a pretty popular ship with lots of art in the tag so… Yeah.

I would refer to some artists but I’m too lazy. So find that one guy who’s avatar is a chibi Takumi-cat. Nice references. But his (or her?) works are pretty popular so you’ll get to it.

For those who wanted to know.


communication is important…

So the hilarious thing about all of those posts that are like “well if you’re homophobic then you can’t wear mixed fabric!!!!” or “shellfish appears as an abomination more times in the bible than homosexuality!!!!!!!” is that they completely ignore that a lot of the evangelical Christian basis for homophobia also comes from the letters of Paul in the specifically Christian New Testament. So you’re not even succeeding in calling Christians out on their hypocrisy, you are…kind of just throwing Jews under the bus to make yourself look intelligent and progressive.

Sentence Starter Meme: My Annotations

So my annotations for class are pretty interesting. Here, use these to randomly throw at each other and stuff.

❝ Whoo! Childhood memories. ❞
❝ It’s a money thing. ❞
❝ Hah. Fanfiction. ❞
❝ Like sending kids to private schools. ❞
❝ I bet that has a lot to do with money, status, and opportunities, to be honest. ❞
❝ I’m putting Dora on a different sheet. ❞
❝ What a funny name. ❞
❝ That eloquence tho. ❞
❝ Are you kidding me? Isn’t this the 50 Shades of Grey girl’s last name too? ❞
❝ I learned cash flow from Mr. Bitch. ❞
❝ Ugh. Men. ❞
❝ Why the fuck is clerical work considered feminine when priests are all male??? ❞
❝ How? ❞
❝ True, it’s so expansive. ❞
[ text ]: #dedication
❝ Ooh–nice perception! ❞
[ text ]: #burn
[ text ]: #tru u right
❝ Wow, man, those are some harsh words–but true. ❞
❝ College equals distraction. Prison equals focused knowledge……..I’m joking. ❞
❝ This whole paragraph is like 90% citations. I’m gonna cry. ❞
❝ Oh. The group had to do with stamps and stuff. ❞
❝ Stop here. ❞
❝ Oh my god! Women though! ❞
❝ What an interesting word. ❞
❝ Wow. I literally cannot focus right now. ❞
❝ This is some elaborate shit, but this is so legit, to be honest. ❞
[ text ]: LOL Homo
❝ Thanks. ❞
❝ How so, my good sir? ❞   
❝ It’s like reverse psych except it’s really not. ❞
❝ These meds are so ugh. ❞
❝ Fuck Dayquil. ❞
[ text ]: D =/= Day. D = Drowsy
❝ So this is about language, cultural, and religious barriers aka CONSTRAINTS!! AYY! VOCAB WORD!! ❞  
❝ Multilingual as fuck, bitch! ❞
❝ We can pretend though. ❞
❝ All of this is complex. ❞
❝ Oral. Like a blowjob. ❞
❝ Gotta love topic sentences. ❞
❝ These last two pages contribute to nothing. ❞
❝ Rhetorician, like a magician, but persuasive rather than magical. ❞
❝ Let’s stand in each other’s shoes. ❞

Romance: Begrudgingly Falling in Love

Anonymous asked:

hi there, thank you for everything you do here! I have a romance question; so, A absolutely hates B but, due to B being a vampire and having bought A, A is forced to stay with B. B is kind, caring, etc, but A still hates B with a passion. However B slowly woos A, tho A denies it completely until the end when A is in need of being rescued and finally calls to B for help, completely breaking down and admitting he’s in love. Is this ridiculous for a character to suddenly change like that?

You’re welcome! Thanks for the thanks! :)

If there’s absolutely no chemistry between them, no hint of romantic tension, and no hint of doubt in Character B’s mind, then yeah–that’s going to seem very random and convenient.

So, the key is this:

1) Show Character A rejecting Character B’s kindness, but noticing it, and even secretly/begrudgingly appreciating it at the same time.

2) Demonstrate that there is chemistry between the two characters, even if Character A doesn’t want to see it or admit it.

3) Demonstrate romantic tension between them, such as a lingering look or a touch that lasts a bit too long. Character A can inwardly scold themselves for it afterward, but the tension should be there nonetheless.

4) Show the Character A having doubt about why they hate Character B. Sort of arguing inwardly about whether or not he’s worthy of hatred. Sort of the angel on one shoulder, devil on the other sort of thing, where one part of Character A’s mind is like, “Character B sucks! I hate them! Here are the reasons why!” And then the other part of Character A’s mind is like, “Yeah, but they did this nice thing and this nice thing. And really, they’re not so bad. And it’s clear they care for me. And when B touches me my heart races…” That way, the reader can see the conflict, and we get the idea that maybe they are falling in love with B, even if they don’t want to admit it or believe it.

5) Once A and B part ways (which I’m assuming they do at least briefly if A needs to be rescued by B at some point), have A think about B. It can still be begrudging at this point, and still more of the same back and forth as I mentioned in #4. But, basically, showing the reader that they’re still thinking about B and are maybe even missing them a bit–even if they don’t want to admit it to themselves.

Do all of this and it will keep it from seeming ridiculous and random when they finally admit how they really feel. :)