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So I finally finished translating this short story from Atomatsu. It’s about Chibita getting ill and asking Karamatsu to watch his cart for him, and Karamatsu’s attempts to “help” by sexing up the exterior in his absence. Spoilers: it does not end well.

Thanks very much to my friend tammaiya, who answered some questions I had about some fiddly bits, and @deadybones who helped me put on some finishing touches at the end. I couldn’t have done it without y’all.

I split it up by scene so it wouldn’t be the longest Tumblr post in the world:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

**Translation notes are at the bottom of each post, and because it’s such a well-loved aspect of his speech, I’ve put Karamatsu’s random English in bolded italics.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you laugh as hard as I did!

joannalannister  asked:

I would love to hear all of your book!feelings on book!Ned's teachings about "he man who passes the sentence should swing the sword"! 💕

Oh, you’re kicking my butt into gear here, Lauren. I’ve been planning a post about this very subject but I’ve only gotten to the point of throwing random sentences into my drafts and shaking my fist at the sky. Which surprisingly was not productive at all. Shocker!

But gosh, that scene!! I just love that scene so very much. Bar the prologue, this is the very first chapter of the whole series, the one that gave us the first glimpse of the Starks and started building their characters and the story at large. And the beauty of George’s writing is that that one scene between Ned and Bran perfectly encapsulates the ethos of Ned Stark, the character whose ideology drives the entire narrative whether through his teachings living through his kids, or through the legacy he left behind, or through one of his most defining acts: saving the infant that would grow up to be crucial to the survival of mankind. That scene crystallizes Ned’s characterization in one single conversation, which is one of the reason I find fandom’s tendency to decontextualize the phrase “the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword” and only focus on this one phrase out of the entire scene so minimizing to Ned’s character, in addition to being a misinterpretation of the message he meant to convey.

On its face, and if taken out of context, that phrase can send a contradictory message to its core meaning. Simply saying that the Stark way necessitates that you swing the sword yourself restricts the message to a simplified uber-macho exclamation of “We Starks do our own killing” *slaps chest because masculinity* which completely loses the entire conversation between Bran and Ned its meaning. Mind you, there is a gendered overlay to the scene because this is Ned having a conversation with his seven-year-old child after said child watched an execution, which carries the idea that this is a rite of passage for Bran, an immersion in a violent culture that glorifies violence and attaches so much weight to men doing violent activities that it becomes the mark for bravery, masculinity and leadership. But I actually think that the true message of this scene defies Westerosi martial mores that glories in violence, because while Ned is essentially instructing Bran to kill by his own hand which is a violent activity, he is actively rejecting such sentiments as “a dead enemy is a thing of beauty” and “a bloody sword is a beautiful thing”. Ned’s intent fights against glorifying violence and against attaching a beautifying veneer to it, and instead calls for facing the actual truth of what taking a life is and demands it be treated as the monumental thing it is. In that scene with Bran, Ned is calling for recognition for the value of life.

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Me: Fate is so bad, god. So bad. So gross. Why is it like this? Why do the creators do this shit? Why? WHY? I appreciate Nasu on so many levels but sometimes he puts in stuff that’s so gross and honestly there’s so much weird uncomfortable shit that’s really unpleasant for me to read placed in both the F/SN VN and you know what? I very much doubt that’s 100% only Takeuchi’s fault bc it exists without him too. Why are there those weird descriptions in the most inappropriate places. Why does That Scene in UBW exist. Why do both VN’s have several H-scenes that are so…… Bad…… and I don’t mean in terms of writing or w/e but in terms of content and what’s happening in them. Why is there random fanservice in the worst most awkward places when they were perfectly capable of avoiding it in others. I love F/sn so much but I would literally never recommend it to anyone who has any sort of sensibility, taste, or standards without ten million warnings beforehand and caveats and any normal, sensible person with properly high judgement, standards and taste would take a look at the amount of randomly gross straight male creator shit in it and run for the hills. No one sensible would ever look at it and then not judge me majorly for being into it. Why does it test my status as Good Feminist every single day. Actually I think at this point I have to turn my Good Feminist card in by now because there’s no way I can call myself one if I like this series because it’s just so Bad.

Also me, at the same time: Fate is so Good. So beautiful. So good to me. Fate saved my goddamned life. Fate changed and saved me I love it so much it’s so much fun and I’ll never get fucking tired of it and all of its weird shit and repeating and recurring themes and motifs and all the stupid shit it pulls I love it so much. Fate/stay night is and always will be one of my absolute favorite VN’s of ever, it’s so beautiful and powerful and well-thought-out and there’s so much going on there I can talk about and analyze it forever, it’s so rich with real beautiful treasures if you just make an effort to look for them and see it for what it is. I’m so glad I read it it has so much shit that’s just so specifically for me that I love. Fate/hollow ataraxia is also a beautiful VN and it’s deep and emotional and shook me up so much, even with the sweet fun silly slice of life surface. And even the installments I’m not as into have something beautiful to offer me. Beautiful, fun, colorful and lovable characters in endless supply, an endless amount of hot people and cute people, fun and interesting story that draws you in, great and cool fight scenes and magic battles and A+ world-building. I love Fate so much I’ll never not be into it we’re bonded for life it’s right next to a few select works that are in this category. Fate is where my heart and soul belong.

Some Minor Justice League Spoilers

I’m not going to sugar coat it, I am ridiculously disappointed in Justice League. I still love the characters, but the story, the villain, the CGI, the score, the countless missing scenes from the trailers, and the ridiculously short runtime made this movie a very large step down from man of steel, bvs and Wonder Woman for me. The Whedon humour and reshoots are so obvious and out of place in the movie that they continually took me out of what was happening. I was hoping that they would blend seamlessly like they did in rogue one, but Ben Affleck looks much puffier in the reshoots, there are random segments with green screen in real locations, so many enclosed sets with no windows and poor lighting, which also heavily relied on both whedons type of humour and wonderbat, which Ben Affleck has said Whedon wanted to explore, and Henry cavils cgi upper lip is a clear sign of a reshot scene. Honestly, I think Whedon was the worst thing to happen to this movie, watch Grace randolphs video on joss’s treatment of Wonder Woman if you want to understand where I’m coming from! And I think he made the last fight scene unbearable, not only is the red sky and alien teraforming cgi ridiculously bad, but they cramed in so many jokes, and steppenwolf was such a basic villain that It had almost no tension and no stakes, even though the world was supposedly in danger. It isn’t all bad, the opening scene with batman is basically right out of an arkham game, there is a Snyder opening montage similar to watchmen, and several actions scenes were good, especially the tunnel fight and the flashback scene! I also liked flash and aquaman at the beginning of the movie when they were a bit toned down, but by the end they were basically parody versions of their characters. Cyborg was definitely a highlight, and his cgi was no where near as distracting as it was in the trailers, and superman’s return, even though the cgi was pretty terrible, it was an epic scene with high stakes throughout. Also that second end credit scene was so amazing that I cannot help but be excited for the future of this franchise, I just wish I could be more excited about this movie as it is now. I don’t know, maybe once I rewatch it I won’t be as disappointed because my expectations won’t be so high, but I know that I 100% want a Zack Snyder directors cut, with all his original scenes added back in. I also really miss Larry Fong’s cinematography and the darker, high contrast aesthetic they used for man of steel and bvs.

Light Symbolism in Oliver’s Apartment

Here’s a random little meta, and I know it won’t be exactly this way on the show because it’s Arrow. But I’m a very visual person. it’s why I love fashion and interior design tidbits. I’m probably the only one who noticed this. At times, in promos, Oliver’s apartment seems light and happy.

The 601 stills, you get the so much brightness pouring in from the numerous windows.

Here’s a glimpse of Oliver’s apartment in 603 - screen cap from Stephen’s Instagram story.

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GIF credit: @lyricalarrow from Twitter. I have a feeling it’s very representative of his happiness and the promo scenes with William are purposefully dark because again, it’s Arrow and b) I suspect Oliver or William nightmare scene.

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That GIF I purposefully lighten because of the possible nightmare scene, it was too damn dark

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I’m guess after the 604 Olicity date, we’ll see more of this.


- can i just say how much i love the fact that magnus keeps his magic ingredients right next to jam etc.? i mean, how iconic

- sending alec a fire message because alec was ignoring him? but magnus needed to see him because he was so worried about him
I’M NOT OKAY BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT OKAY this is so important? alec always refuses to think about himself, he doesn’t want to think about his feelings, he prefers pretending that the pain isn’t real. like it’s not important because other people have it worse and he should be there helping them instead of thinking about himself
but then there’s magnus being worried, reminding him that he’s there for him, that he can’t always think about others. that he needs to be happy too because he deserves to be happy

- i will be forever in love with alec’s reactions when he’s drinking any kind of alcohol. he really is innocent in SOME WAYS, isn’t he?

- will i ever get over the fact that alec missed ON PURPOSE because magnus was pouting and alec just wanted him to smile again? of course i won’t. he got played so good but it was still the most adorable thing. but when magnus finally showed him he’s totally slaying, alec was turned on. like, not even trying to hide how turned on he was. i’m living

- ahhh, the worst thing that can happen on first date? talking about how many exes you’ve got. especially when two people starting to date are literally the opposite of each other
and i gotta say, i was very unsure how i felt about alec asking magnus how many people he’s been with. but in the end, he realised that this really didn’t matter. that he wanted to be with magnus more. that he wouldn’t give up just because of his insecurities. it was never about magnus being with many people, it was about the fact that alec was just scared. he’s so inexperienced. that’s exactly the reason why magnus was scared too. afraid to do anything because what if he broke alec? he called him innocent… like magnus is not and that being with him would break alec
this showed just how healthy their relationship is and could be. yes, they will always face some difficulties but they know they like (love?) each other too much and it is possible to go through any problems. together.

- i always knew i couldn’t have what i wanted until you came along
i have so much to say about this? alec always thought he would end up alone or try to please his parents and marry some shadowhunter woman. he thought he would never be truly happy. but magnus came into his life and showed him that it’s possible? i know alec came out on his own terms and for himself but magnus had such a huge role in this and when alec tells him just how much that means to him, magnus is so surprised? he was freaking out about not wanting to destroy that ‘innocent boy’ but here’s alec… telling him how important it is to him to have magnus in his life

- when alec says 'magnus…’, it’s like magnus already knows what alec is trying to say. the pain on his face absolutely kills me. his past is in the way of his happiness and he can’t stop it. when alec almost leaves, magnus doesn’t say anything. it’s like he’s given up but alec taking a deep breath and trying to deal with his insecurities… this is so important and beautiful.

- i don’t care how many people you’ve been with
i don’t care how many people you haven’t been with
they both struggle, this isn’t an easy situation. but they both know that what they have is something special and they want to make this work because it’s worth it and they both deserve to be happy

- and a whispered 'i’m all for effort’? i’m a real mess. magnus lets himself have this, to try because he sees that alec truly wants this, even if he’s scared

- also, one date and they’re already talking about having a real relationship. they’re so #married and i’m living

- malec being the softest boyfriends saved my life. it was so pure and i’ll be crying forever


- and magnus is adopting his first shadowhunters, interesting
jace feels like magnus is his only option. jace feels that magnus is a good person because of the way that he’s with alec and because of that quick moment they shared when jace came to bring alec back

- i still feel seriously weird about the pack stopping looking for luke after a what… day? two? seriously? luke is their alpha and they give up on him just like that? especially when they know very well what he’s going through? if maia knew that, everyone did. but she was the only one willing to go find him

- i was so worried about luke. going through random transformations, not being able to control himself because he was hurting so much. he loved jocelyn his whole life, she was the love of his life and then he lost her, just like that. i can’t even imagine how painful it must have been for him

- that scene where luke saved maia? i am absolutely speechless. she had nobody but luke was there for her, trying to calm her down, trying to help her. luke is just too good for this world and we don’t deserve him
and alisha and isaiah were amazing? i was genuinly in tears

- luke’s transformation was made so realistic? it was like i could almost feel his pain? i honestly i can’t begin to imagine what he must felt in that moment… turning into a wolf, ready to attack some mundanes
but simon talking about clary stopped him? i was in tears because luke loves clary so much that he is able to control his emotions. clary is now the most important person to him. and he would do anything for her

- it’s good seeing clary and jace acting more like siblings and jace trying to help clary figure out things connected to that rune or warning her about the clave. at least it’s not creepy incest so i’m seriously happy

- clary seriously matured so much? she could still be angry or blame alec for what happened to jocelyn (even though it wasn’t his fault at all) but she’s just worried about him because he feels guilty? i’m really proud of her

- clary walking out of the water in her wet dress… what is air???? this was so hot? like, obvs amazing body but she was so confident walking out of it? finally proving to everyone that yeah, she might be valentine’s daughter but she’s nothing like him at all

- do you always talk this much?
i absolutely LOVED maia and simon’s first meeting. simon talking way too much as always and maia just being so casual. let’s go find luke together

- that moment when maia tells simon she tried to kill jace and suddenly he’s so impressed with her and basically human heart eyes emoji. this is so pure and beautiful

- maia and simon exchanging their downworlder stories were so amazing? like, nobody will understand you like the other downworlder will. even if maia and simon are like the opposites, they still go through a lot of similar things and feelings. and i’m really glad simon found her because she just gets him?

- i love how soft izzy is always with clary? always thinking about her, always explaining things to her.
but i’m so worried about her… her hand is already shaking because of lack of yin fen?

- my heart is absolutely in pieces after that scene where izzy almost drowned in the water and then she has to give up on one of her biggest dreams to go into the citadel
i really hoped she would think about it before asking for more from victor. but i guess that’s just too addictive, isn’t it?

- raphael doing encanto on simon’s mum? yeah… why do i have a feeling it’s not gonna work anyway? cause she’s gonna be freaked out about this somehow . like she knows she remembers SOMETHING but just can’t figure out what it is?

- i am absolutely in love with irons sisters, they’re SO badass??? i mean, who can get an intro like this? making weapon and fighting? they are AMAZING. i’m not surprised at all izzy wanted to become an iron sister when she was younger

- the citadel looks absolutely AMAZING and i am literally izzy when she looks at it for the first time

- i can’t believe cleophas is a member of the circle? she spent so many years with the iron sisters just to betray them like this? and this shows just how much she hates her own brother? she wants all downworlders to be gone… including luke

- victor is the shadiest guy… he’s literally acting like a drug dealer. i’ll give you this stuff but you gotta spy on clary WHAT THE FUCK (i’m seriously beliving in that theory of him being actually sebastian more and more)

-  and victor making jace clean the weapons? what even…???? that was so fucked up?
and then he just kicked him out??? jace saved his life and now he’s doing this? yeah, that makes sense (seriously believing more and more in that theory)

- that smile when izzy says 'wait’? that was so creepy?

(see, i’m not just Malec Mess™ i can write other things too)

yooooo this is random but i know a lot of fanfic and like fandoms??? for this whole kpop thing??? are centered around male idols and female fans and for all my male followers (yes this includes trans boys) bts would one million percent love you and i’m here for you and your bias falling in love or being bros or whatever you want and you’re all so lovely and beautiful and make me very happy and i love you all so much 💕💕💕


I like doing my scenes with you the most. Do ya? I like doing my scenes with you the most!

Happy New Year, @honeylavendertea!  🌠

Beauty and the Beast songs review: 1991 vs 2017

So I finally watched the 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast, and it was so much more emotional and beautiful than I imagined it to be! Before watching it, I’d listened to some of the soundtrack and some clips of songs from the movie. As I’m a fan of the songs, the bar was set very high for pretty much all of them. As a whole, I preferred mainly the 1991 cast singers, especially Paige O’Hara.

So here’s what I thought of each of the reinditions of the classic songs from the 1991 animated movie, into the live-action 2017 movie. 


A lively re-enactment, but I still prefer the old one to this one. Granted, they did an amazing job bringing the animated village to life, so to speak, with spectacular grandeur and beauty.

Belle Reprise:

Emma Watson was in fine form in this and clearly right into it! Especially love her “UGH!” This is one where I actually like the live action’s more than the animated (not to say Paige O’Hara did a bad job–she was superb, but Emma seemed to take it that little step further and made it truly her own.) 

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Be Our Guest:

Holy shit, this was amazing. Ewan McGregor really knocked it out of the park with this one! Emma could’ve been more lively in the scene, but I must say Ewan/Lumiere really stole the show, so to speak, here. I still absolutely love the 1991 “Be Our Guest”, so in my eyes (or rather ears) this one is pretty much tied with the 1991 version for sheer energy, spectacle, and awesomeness.

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That first close up of Lumiere with his expression and face though–very remniscent of the start of 1991′s “Be Our Guest”, and they managed to make a candlestick candelabra look attractive. Disney, why. 

I only have a couple quibbles with it: one being that really random part with Mrs Potts (if you seen the movie or full clip online you probably know what I’m talking about) where she winks at the camera and blows a kiss. It just felt out of place and out of left field to me. 

The other quibble? The song ends. All things come to an end, but “Be Our Guest” was certainly the rising star of the songs in the film, including the new ones. You could say it can hold a candle up to 1991′s “Be Our Guest”. Three candles, as a matter of fact!


As energetic and spectacular as its 1991 cousin, this had a few extra added or replaced lyrics, and Josh Gad and Luke Evans did a splendid job here. Much as I loved Josh and Luke singing in this, I definitely prefer the 1991 version over this one.

Something There: 

Eh, I really wasn’t a fan of this one, as I found Emma’s singing too flat and emotionless in this, and to me it sounded very much auto-tuned. Vastly prefer Paige O’Hara’s version here.

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Beauty and the Beast:

She’s no Angela Lansbury, but Emma Thompson still managed to bring magic and beauty to this song nevertheless. I feel Mrs Potts’ gentle nature and spirit really coming through here. A gorgeous song with a magnificent scene to go with it. 

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Mob Song:

Lots of energy and spectacle here, but I’ve only heard it once and never really listened to it again. 


Sweeping and grand, it is a treat to hear Audra McDonald’s voice at the start (she always gives me goosebumps when she starts singing!), and loved the added lyrics as well that Howard Ashman had written, but didn’t make it into the animated film. Emma Thompson’s singing these new lines is truly poignant and beautiful. I can’t keep my eyes off her during this little moment–such grace and beauty here. 

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Genos having more than just “respectful” feelings for Saitama is canon.

I, personally, take this to mean he has a lot more feelings for Saitama, yes romantic. And I do in fact think it is a fact, not just me in shipping goggles. I refuse to act like it’s just how I like to see things; I will stand from a fucking mountain and scream GENOSAI IS CANON. Because even if it is tinged with the dreaded ‘queerbaiting’ that means it is STILL THERE. Cause not only are they adding emotional/romantic scenes, they have a basis in Genos’s character. It’s not just thrown in as “fujoshi bait.” It’s literally a part of Genos’s character development.

When they first met he did not take Saitama seriously. Now, literally everyone says “Genos would do anything for Saitama.”

If One Punch Man was just about “action” and “being a parody” why would they waste so much time and money adding this stuff, making whole OVAs about nothing more than grocery shopping and showing how much these two care about each other on different levels? Wy wouldn’t they just… have them go on wonky adventures, with maybe a little emotional development?

So far, we have had three OVAs in which Genos has shown some intense emotion towards Saitama. The first, when he offered to give Saitamam a new suit shortly after hearing that Saitama considered his suit special since someone gave to him, there fore he considered that person special.

The second he fucking creeped on Sai for days, which is woah, chill uddy material and fucking broke me, but we know he has calmed down and learned not to be so cray. Also the whole point of that OVA was pretty much. “Saitama doesn’t remember people often, but he remembers Genos. Saitama wishes one person would notice him, and Genos does.”

Today’s episode was literally a fucking fanfiction pulled from AO3 Genosai hell, like I could imagine fucking reading that except there probably would have been a few “whoops! i slipped!” scenes in the tub lmao.

They have repetitively referenced that Genos feels such strong emotions towards this man who can hardly feel any emotions of his own

As I’ve stated before, the fucking meteor arc  is just a massive “Genos realizes how amazing Saitama is” and is played with SO MUCH EMPHASIS in both the anime and manga. It’s a full color spread in the manga, and the central episode in the anime, not to mention they rearranged scenes so that it seemed like Genos was fucking confessing under a pink sky that looked pretty damn romantic to me.

Speaking of romantic, the end theme, which can only be taken as Genos’s POV unless you really choose to believe they just made up and wasted money making a random song from a random person for a very hyped up anime that specifically says “The man I love is so strong it worries me” and “come home soon” and “I am feeling romantic right now,” in which it literally says “romantic” IN ENGLISH. 

Unless you choose just NOT to see it, obvious the “man i love is so strong” is Saitama, and “come home soon” who does he live with? Who is literally the only person who even fucking cares for Saitama at all? The cactus? Is the cactus singing?

Also, ONE wrote the OVAs. If he didn’t want things to be taken this way he wouldn’t write them this way. And you could say “haha its for the money” but?? He does OPM for free originally and wont up his output just to please people? The shipping stuff never gets made into merch so it doesnt make extra money?? SInce everyone seems to think shippers are “trash” why would the studio add so much to it if it wasnt an important theme to Genos’s character?

If One Punch Man is supposed to be “action/parody? why have NONE of the OVAs been about action or fighting, or even very comedic? Honstly, today’s OVA is domestic as fuck, as are A LOT of OPM scenes. Removes the monsters and Hero Work and you have… two dudes living together, making food.

Like. Genos tells Saitama he will follow him no matter what the world thinks. He cares about him for so much more than just his strength. I know a lot of people say that taking Genos’s attentions as romantic writes off his character, but i think taking him and saying “he only does this cause he desires Saitama’s power” is what writes off Genos’s character. 

Genos is VERY emotional. He has INTENSE emotions that he doesn’t know how to properly express. I don’t see why he can’t respect, admire, revere and even love Saitama, none of these things detract from the other.

He says “words come from the heart,” this line stuck with me more than the family thing, cause this explains WHY GENOS CANNOT SHUT UP. He is speaking passionately all the time about mundane things. He rambles to STRANGERS about taking a bath with Saitama because he cannot stop himself. I have so many screen shots of Genos just worrying about/caring for Saitama even though he knows Saitama can take care of himself, and many of them are from the webcomic and not just “fujoshi bait” from the anime.

I’m not saying his feelings will ever be spoken on or returned. 


Genosai is canon.

Fucking fight me.


Samcedes Week. Day 1. Falling In Love.

the "follow fi" sequence in skyward sword though

zelda had just fallen through the clouds after what should have been an amazing (if stressful) day. she was either dead or lost in a completely alien world, neither possibility being good. and link blamed himself for it, naturally, even with the desperate reassurance of zelda’s father. it was certainly one of the lowest point in our boy’s life, and you can see it in that scene. you can see how he’s deep into the pit with apprehension and guilt.

and then fi appears.

he’s alone in the hallway, her very alien figure being the only other source of life on that night, tempting him to follow her. everyone he loves is either dead or almost-certainly-dead. he has nothing to lose.

so he follows her.

and if you haven’t started listening to the “follow fi” track in the ost by this point, i highly recommend you do. it’s mysterious, it’s ethereal, and it’s hopeful. on what was arguably one of the worst nights of link’s entire life, fi was – quite literally, to a certain extent – the light that guided him out of the pit and to a path that could lead him back to the remaining person he loved. she was his hope.

and yes, the sequence isn’t perfect, as it suffers from the same “random enemies killing the mood” that plagued a very intense part of twilight princess. but still, the concept of link blindly following an ancient spirit in immensely magnetic apprehension in the dead of night is one of the best things to come out of this entire game. i’ve played through this scene many, many times, and it still manages to make an enormous impact on me.

and let’s not lie to ourselves – love fi or hate her, she has a killer theme song.

BTS reaction: having a dream about your wedding

I can only imagine how they all would look while smiling in their sleep, and it’s adorable. Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He would be quite distant for the rest of the night. He just wouldn’t be able to let the dream go. This would make him think about marriage a lot more. Like, whenever you do something you do quite a lot anyways, he’ll suddenly see it in a different way. If you’re cooking with him, he’ll start to think of it and imagine doing that every night with you, for the rest of your life. He might even imagine how it would be to do that with kids running around the kitchen. It wouldn’t take him long to decide to start planning his proposal and looking for rings.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He’ll ignore the dream completely for a while, until he’s laying in bed with you snoring slightly next to him. Then he’ll start to think about it really hard, and try to sort his feelings out. He’d probably be quite surprised with himself, as I don’t think he cares much for marriage. At least not about getting married while he’s still young. So where did that dream come from? But, like Jin, he will think of being married to you a whole lot more. And it just might make him decide to propose a few years earlier than he had planned, if he had even planned on proposing at all.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

He will feel very happy and affectionate after the dream. Like, he would almost want to push the pizza aside to cuddle you. Other than that, he wouldn’t act much on it. But, he wouldn’t be able to let the thought of marrying you go. So, when the moment felt right, he would probably bring the question about how your dream wedding would be like up. Like, he’d want to sort of ask you about it, just to make sure that you wanted to get married some day.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He would, like Yoongi, push the dream to the back of his mind, so he can think it through later. He definitely wants to get married one day, so he wouldn’t be too surprised with himself. Especially not if you felt like the one. So, the main struggle for him would be to figure out if you wanted to get married one day yourself. He wouldn’t know how to bring it up to you, without sounding like he’s planning to propose. So, he would either do it if you’re watching a movie and one of the characters get married, or he’ll ask Hobi, Tae or Jimin to ask you when you were going to marry Namjoon. He’s not going to start planning his proposal unless he’s 95% sure you’ll say yes.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

Hobi #2. He’ll be very giddy and cuddly after that dream. And he’ll start to think about your wedding and married life with you a lot. Only, he would be very very very nervous about bringing the question up. So, he’d probably pull a Namjoon, and watch a movie with a wedding scene to help him bring the subject up in a natural way. 

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V/Kim Taehyung:

He will definitely say a random ‘I love you’ pretty much right away. And he won’t be as nervous about bringing the question up as his hyungs, because you would be used to his random thoughts now. So he’ll just go “jagi, do you think we’ll marry each other some day?”. And then he would go from there. The dream would suddenly make him a lot more excited to start the whole process. And unless it’s way too early in the relationship, or you said you didn’t really want to get married, he would start planning the proposal right away. He figures that if he dreams about it, it means that he really wants to marry you and should go for it.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He’s like Jin. He’ll be distant for the rest of the night, thinking about the dream. And he’ll start to think about how he’d feel about doing everyday-stuff with you for the rest of his life. It doesn’t matter what. Even if it’s just brushing your teeth, he’ll be like “do I want us to brush our teeth together for the rest of our lives?”. And the answer would always be yes. But, he would take a lot longer than Jin to work up the courage to propose. Like, he might buy the rings, but then not actually propose until months later.

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i agree episode 7 was very unnecessary, so much happening and eleven is so far with some random dudes like fine...... and her arc was very weird, they messed my kid

maybe if that episode was earlier in the season idk, it just didn’t fit well. i didn’t like it because el wasn’t involved in anything relevant and she was separated almost entire season, it was weird, that’s not how i wanted her arc to go. i loved el and hop scenes tho, one of my favorite part of this season :) 


The original Spider-Man trilogy is campy and cheesy and it probably hasn’t really aged well, but I love it so much and will absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes the MCU simply because (as seen above) it is just so thoroughly uncynical and virtually everyone from Peter to Gwen to Aunt May to Peter’s neighbour to random bystander #563 is SUCH A GOOD PERSON

Spideypool Headcanons - Part 1

queerlyalex, GENIUS, has come up with a Spideypool AU concept where Scott is Spiderman and Stiles is Deadpool. I’m very much in love with this idea and naturally these ideas popped into my head. So here, have some random scenes! I may add more headcanons if inspiration hits again. Weeeeee!

Oh, and this is unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine. Onward!


The first time Stiles sees Spiderman “up close” - swinging from buildings with mesmerizing grace because wow the way that body is moving and bending - Stiles walks into a pole.

Stiles has just complimented Scott (Can you believe it they’re on a first name basis and everything! How Stiles originally came by this information is not important… There may have been some form of following involved. Following which led to Stiles maybe, sort of, surprising Spiderman in his bedroom. Hey, he just wanted to introduce himself because Stiles is a big fan all right, and Scott had been making it difficult to officially meet him. Stiles get’s the secret identity thing, he does - see they share that in common! But they’re both on the inside right, so that’s like instant camaraderie or something. Masked people should stick together! Wait, no, not all masked people because Stiles has standards. The point is - this inner monologue is getting out of hand. Scotty and Stiles are on a first name basis. Yay!) and he just knows he’s blushing.

“Aw Scott, you’re turning red.”

Scott tilts his head. “My mask is red. You wouldn’t even know if I was blushing or not.”

“You did the head duck thing, which is universally known to be a sign of bashfulness. I complimented the roundness and mathematical perfection of your Derrière and then you ducked your head, thus bashfulness and rosey cheeks.”

“Stiles, you made a grabby hand gesture and said “dat ass,” there was nothing poetical about it.” Stiles bites his lip at Scott saying his name. His heart is totally not fluttering like they’ve got delicate butterfly wings. That’s just ridiculous.

“Technically I just did, and either way it was a compliment.”

Scott seems to pause at that before shaking his head and Stiles distinctly hears a huff of laughter. Stiles it totally winning him over.


“Psssst, Scotty.”

“Dammit Deadpool, I told you not to say my name,” Scott hisses, looking around to make sure nobody heard, which really Scott?

“Aw no, you don’t have to use my code name,” Stiles gasps, clutching his chest. “You’re the privileged one. And you just outed yourself by confirming your name in such a manner. You’ve got to be careful about that, bro. If you just went along with it, you’d be fine, no one the wiser that that isn’t another Alias. Plus, literally no one is around to hear us, unless other people have habits of hanging out on top of 60 story buildings when the sun is down and the moon is full. If so, I’m seriously going to question how parents are raising their children these days.”

“What - that’s not the point,” Scott sighs.

“I know, the point is I don’t want to have to warp your beautiful name, like - what is that trend,” he says snapping his fingers, “mashing two names together? That would make you… Scodyman? God no, that sounds like a disease. You’re more like a cure if anything else.” Stiles waggles his eyebrows for emphasis, hoping it’s not too dark for Scott to miss the movement beneath his mask. Based on - aha, yes! He’s rubbing the back of his neck, another sure sign of rosey cheeks. Stiles always knew he was a smooth talker.

“Just, be careful where you use my name Dead- Stiles. I’m not just protecting myself with this mask, but those close to me.”

Stiles kind of melts a little at that. Stiles - he may not have anyone to protect anymore like Scott does, not really, except maybe himself, but. He get’s it. Stiles may not always have a firm grasp on tact, but he would never oust Scott like that. The very definition of Good Vigilante Extraordinaire or not, Scott is just good, he deserves the best and to be protected.

“Yeah,” Stiles says softly, “I know you are buddy. I would never do anything to hurt you.”

Both are quiet for a few moments just facing each other, the muffled sounds of the city below the only audible noise.

Scott reaches out and gently squeezes Stiles forearm. “Thanks, I know you wouldn’t.”

When Scott pulls his hand back, Stiles can’t help but stare at the spot. He’s quiet for so long that Scott finally asks, “Stiles? You okay?”

“You touched my arm,” Stiles whispers in awe.


“I am never washing this spot again. It’s been purified.”

“Oh my God.”

OK I am genuinely very deeply into this soap. I’m reading meta on it xD And I’m still like, attempting to watch every scene with my fave from the past 10 years, even though I’ve already seen half of them before.

Me, reading soap meta. Who would’ve guessed.

Like, my only gripe is (and this is the gripe that I have with a lot of shows) that they pretty much only do these kindsa long-running, intriguing LGBT storylines for white men. I’d so love to have a storyline like this for wlw. Where’s the heartbreaking coming out story for wlw that stretches over YEARS on a long-running, much watched TV series? As far as I remember, there’s only been one wlw on this show, and the relationship was a bit dull tbh.

Like I watched the first season of Wynonna Earp for the wlw, but even that storyline was pretty boring tbh. Like it was just too cute for me, and in the end didn’t feel like it had that much beyond just being cute. Which obviously is also fine and needed, but I’d love to have wlw deal with intriguing issues and like, darker themes… And better actresses xD And have it span over for literal years.

So this is just me griping that I’ve been once again roped into watching queer white men xD Which like, I’m not saying their stories aren’t important to tell, they are very important, just that I’m seeing a pattern at work here. hashtag give me more queer women

ps. though, i love love love that they are so british. writing my dcbb (which we shall not talk about lmao), i realized how much trouble i have tryinna reign in my inner british voice. so like? oi! fuckin mint, mate, innit?

im veeery tempted to move onto the other side of the pond, writing-wise xD


Book: The Virgin Romance Novelist
Author: Meghan Quinn
Pages: 292
Publisher: Hot-Lanta Publishing
Rating: ★★★★ 4.5


Her bosom heaved at an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch…
Can you say briar patch in a romance novel? What about meat sword? That’s what it is…a meat sword, right, all meaty and sword like, slaying through the inner dungeons of a woman’s dark desires. What about breasts? Do bosoms really heave?
God, I have no idea what happens when private parts touch.
I’m a virgin trying to write a romance novel and can’t seem to write past a sex scene thanks to my lack of experience.  
My two best friends encourage me to drop the pen for a while and gain some real life practice through multiple dating facets such as blind dates, online profiles, and random hookups.
But losing my virginity is proving to be tougher than expected…

My Thoughts:

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an a honest review – Thank you!

I finished The Virgin Romance Novelist earlier today and to say that I loved it would be a very big understatement. I actually loved this book so much that I feel honored that I was able to read it before it’s official release. 

Rosie Bloom wants to be a romance novelist but there is only one problem standing in her way, she’s a virgin. Not that being a virgin is a problem but when you’re trying to write a romance novel the lack of experience may be a tiny bit of an issue. With the help of her two best friends, 23 year old Rosie, who has lived an extremely sheltered life, decides she’s going to put herself out there and start dating. Each date that Rosie goes on is more hysterical and embarrassing than the last. The Virgin Romance Novelist was so funny that I was doing that weird laugh, the one where no sound comes out and your face starts turning a funny shade of purple and your whole body starts convulsing with laughter - I promise, it’s a really attractive look. There was this one scene where she gets a Brazilian wax and I was positive that I was going to die from laughing so hard. Other times I cringed at how bad the dates were, they weren’t just bad, they were awful! Between Rosie’s quirky dates, her slightly disturbing office life and her hysterical and loveable best friends, Delaney and Henry, you won’t stop laughing or smiling. The Virgin Romance Novelist has everything you need in a book; it’s comedic gold, filled with awesome one liners, and swoon worthy romance.

a few thoughts on karamatsu’s comedic role

reading the osomatsu-san manga made me realize what is exactly bothering me about most of the jokes revolving around/involving karamatsu in the anime. i came to the conclusion that it has actually nothing to with the others “being mean to him”, and that it is so much more than just “the poor guy gets ignored all the time and i cant bear to watch it”.

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