very proud of you dear

allybrookeofficial: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS QUEEN @dinahjane97 ! I. Will. Not. Accept. That. You’re. 20. 20??!!!! NO! Okay well…..I guess I just have to… sweet Dinah Jane. Cannot believe that you are no longer a teen 😭 Ahhh my heart. You have such a kind, loving, energy-filled, fun, beautiful spirit! I remember those days when you were so shy I didn’t know what your voice sounded like lol. And now - let me tell you! The world and I definitely know what your voice sounds like!! (A M A Z I N G!) You have become this confident, unapologetic, ferocious QUEEN who makes her mark known! You snatch weaves on the daily. But even better, you touch ppls hearts like mine. You have a huge heart and I love how much you care about people. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for always making me laugh! You are the life of the party! I’m so so so so sooooo grateful for you my BEAUTIFUL Dinah Jane Hansen. I’m very proud of you dear. Keep shining ever so brightly! Our Polynesian Princess. I love you forever and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🎈🎉🎂🎁


dinahjane97: pre-bday turnnn up 🤷🏼‍♀️🎈
laurenjauregui: … PS: I can’t believe you’re freaking 20 years old…you’re the baby you need to stop growing please😭😭😭😭
allybrookeofficial:  … I’m so so so so sooooo grateful for you my BEAUTIFUL Dinah Jane Hansen. I’m very proud of you dear. Keep shining ever so brightly! Our Polynesian Princess. I love you forever and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🎈🎉🎂🎁
normanikordei: I just need to make sure that you are aware that you’ll always be my baby. I don’t care if you’re twenty grown and sexy.

Engagement- Prince Adam

Originally posted by until-the-last-petal-falls

Pairing: Prince Adam x Reader

Characters: Prince Adam, Plumette, Mrs Potts, Chip, Cogsworth, Lumiere

Warnings: There are no warnings but I would like to thank @neverlands-little-lost-girl for translating the dialogue into French for me. Thank you so much x 

Request: N/A

Word Count: 912

Author: Charlotte

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7. Obidala

7. fake relationship au

I should never have mentioned I liked this ship.

Let us suppose a number of things:

  1. Anakin and Padme reunited when they were somewhat younger, and as a result Anakin was not actually obsessed with her by this point.
  2. Anakin was too young for Padme to actually notice
  3. The Clone Wars started up somewhat earlier than in canon.
  4. Anakin is actually somewhat likable

So yeah, this is definitely an AU.


Obi-Wan sighed, something which he’d found himself doing with alarming frequency in recent years. Most often, it was because of Anakin. In this particular moment, it was because of the absence of Anakin, a fact which was, of course, in complete contradiction to the natural order of the universe.

“I’m sure he’ll be along shortly,” Padme said, glaring almost threateningly at the stream of incoming traffic. She bobbed impatiently on the balls of her feet. Crowds of commuters bustled around them.

“He’d better be,” Obi-Wan muttered, eyes scanning the sky. Somewhere up there, there was a eighteen-year-old lunatic with a lightsaber and a hijacked starcruiser. And unless that lunatic wanted to run laps around the Temple until his legs fell off, he had better be starting his landing sequence an hour ago.

“They’re coming this way,” Padme warned. Obi-Wan pulled his cloak over his uniform and lightsaber. 

“How many?” The Jedi asked, backed turned. The Senator tried to look inconspicuous as she counted the droids. 

“Oh, about six,” she said,

Obi-Wan scoffed softly. “That’s not so bad,”

“-dozen,” she finished.


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Back (Cinderella And Four Knights! Kang Jiwoon)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hi can i request a cinderella and the four knights scenarios? If I can. Can it be ji woon pls make it angery but fluffy.

Hi can i request a cinderella and the four knights jiwoon scenario and old make it angsty but fluffy ending maybe alittle comedy if u can write it in

You gave him a sad look “it’s not what I wanted to happen alright” he whispered as you shook your head “well it happened and I want nothing to do with you anymore” you told him. “Y/N-” “how long have you known me?” you asked him sadly “12 years” he spoke softly “what was the one thing I told you?” you asked him as your eyes welled up “you don’t trust many people” he whispered as his eyes well up when he was looking down “and I thought you were someone I trusted dearly. I trusted you enough to want to date. I thought couples were supposed to be able to trust each other” you finish as you wiped your eyes. “Good bye Jiwoon” you tell him as you pulled your ring off of your finger and undoing the necklace from you neck and handing it to him. “Please” he says as he reaches for you “don’t cut me out of your life” he begged “I love you and I didn’t mean it” “you wouldn’t have even thought of it if you really loved me” you told him. 

He grabbed your face bringing you in for a kiss. He put so much passion into it as he wanted you to know how much he cared for you. Once he pulled back he realized the amount of hurt that was pouring out as your face was stricken with tears. He rubbed your cheeks lightly as he watched you pull away from him completely.


You woke up the next morning confused as your phone was buzzing madly and when you checked it you chucked your phone into the other side of the bed. The media seemed to realize already it was splitsvile between you and Jiwoon. How? That you had no way to answer. Do people spend there time snooping around your personal life? You looked around you apartment before you sighed, focus on work. Jiwoon doesn’t matter anymore only you. It would be awkward seeing as how you worked in his grandfather’s company now. Your eyes widened ‘would Chairman Kang fire you now?’ flashed though as you ran your hand along your long sleeve before you got up. 


Getting to work was fun especially with the looks you were getting before you looked at your desk, a thing of flowers along with a teddy bear sat there. Around the neck was the necklace you had given back to Jiwoon. You sighed as she took the necklace off and simply hanging it on the desk light on your table and sat down. Your fingers quickly logged you into the company email where she caught sight of the email from Yoonsung telling you, you had a meeting with Chairman Kang. You hung your head in defeat as you got up heading towards the elevator.

You looked down at your recently done nails tempted to start messing with the paint on them before the elevator dinged and you was able to leave which you quickly rushed out to do. Sighing longing you put on her smile heading towards Chairman’s office. 


“Hello Chairman Kang” you say softly and nervously. “I see that you and Jiwoon finally broke up” he says as you looked down. “I didn’t fire you because you’re very good at your job” he continued “that is why you’re getting a promotion” he spoke as your head shot up “you will be working on this floor now my dear. I’m very proud of you” he spoke as you smiled getting up and bowing rapidly “thank you sir. You will not regret it” you tell him as he smiled at your joy. 


You smiled at your new desk as you began sitting out things from your old one before you realized you had an old picture you always had sitting on your desk but never really responded to. Your first picture you took with Jiwoon as children, you smiled softly at it. Of course Jiwoon meant a lot to you. He was someone you related to, he was kind to you and understanding of your pains. You let out a large sigh before setting the picture down in the corner before spinning around in your chair. 

Your phone went off as you were called by someone you rarely talked to you but you two did exchange numbers, Seowoo. “Hello?” you said quietly into the phone “Y/N” you sighed as you realized it was Jiwoon who was extremely desperate to have you talk to him. “You don’t know how much I missed your voice” he said as your nail went to your mouth “I told you I am sorry. I mean it, I really do” he continued. “Jiwoon I can’t talk to you” you hiss “why? Don’t you miss me?” he asked you as you looked around “you’re the reason you’re like this” you tell him “I know that but please. Just tell me that you miss me” he says as you sighed “of course I do Jiwoon but you ruined it. Not me” you say. 

“I want to talk in person” he told you as you sighed. “This is the only time” you tell him as you could feel his smile through the phone. 


You stood outside your favorite coffee shop, soon hands covered your eyes “do you remember the first date we had here?” Jiwoon asked “we kissed for the first time here as well” he says as you felt his fingers rub against your shoulders. He turned you around slowly as his hands cupped your cheeks rubbing them softly “I love you okay. What happened was so stupid” he starts “I want to take it all back just so you would be mine again” he says as he went to bring you in for a kiss but your hands stopped him as they rested on his chest “no. Jiwoon, your grandfather promoted me” you start “because we broke up” you finish. 

“I’ll take care of you-you wouldn’t have to work for him any-” “he’ll fire me and you’ll be cut off-” “we didn’t need help before hand. If I lose everything I’ll be okay with you” you were told as he looked you in the eyes. “I love you so much” he whispered as he tugged you in for a loving kiss. “Take me back please” he begged. He wanted it all back but he didn’t know if you were willing to take him back?

You sighed looking at him all his desperation poured out of him as you sighed taking his face into yours as you pulled him in for a light kiss. His hands cupped your arms as he made sure you two continued the embrace. He was making sure you felt every inch of his love for you here and now hoping you guys would stay together for real this time.

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Top five things I associate with you...1. Pyjamas 2. Dorkwin 3. Cuteness 4. Amazing person 5. Pregnant Erwin >.<

I won’t be publicly shamed for Erwin’s food-baby!

The first four are very sweet though :3 Don’t worry, I have enough Dorkwin-Adventures left to draw Eruri for a life-time :)

  • Jinjin: *on the phone*
  • listen I didn't pass the audition
  • Eunwoo: oh honey I'm so sorry but it's alright, sometime we go through obstacles that we can overcome. these will help us in life, it will strengthen us. don't worry jinwoo dear, I am still very proud of you. you bring joy to me my son. ever since you walked out to that door for the audition I knew right away that how proud I am. I love you my son.
  • Jinjin: wtf eunwoo why did you change your caller ID to "mom"?!
Code Geass characters! Nunnally has become the Empress of Britannia! Your reactions?

As requested by nynynightmare

At the end of the series, Nunnally succeeds her brother as Emperor, and I think it’s safe to assume that she was a much, much kinder ruler. But how might the Code Geass characters - dead or alive - have reacted?

Cornelia: Pfft. Like she’s cut out to be Empress.

Cornelia: How many battles has she won, huh?

Suzaku: Someone’s jealous…

Cornelia: AM NOT

Suzaku: Gotta say, it’ll be a relief serving someone who isn’t an imperialist nutjob for once.

Alicia: Well, unless you want Britannia to be driven into the dirt by this Eleven-sympathist softy, you will clearly need me advising her.

Kallen: Oh man. If Nunnally’s on the throne how am I gonna destroy Britannia without feeling bad?

Tamaki: Eh, a Britannian’s a Britannian! They’re all the same!

Ohgi: We were fighting on the side of the Britannians not long ago, Tamaki.


Nina: Um, I heard somewhere that Nunnally was the one firing the FLEIJAs at the Battle of Mt Fuji…

Nina: She’s not…she’s not going to pull a Schneizel on us, is she?

Schneizel: This is wonderful, Nunnally! The Empire should consider itself lucky to have such a kind and gentle rul-

Schneizel: Wait, Nunnally, what are you doing with Damocles?


Schneizel: I take it back. You suck.

Nina: Ohthankgod

Marianne: Oh, we’re so proud of you, dear!

Charles: Yes, yes, very proud. Now Nunnally, do you know what a thought elevator is?

Rivalz: Alright, alright, so who else in our student council is secretly a member of the royal family?

Rolo: [slow clap]

Rolo: I hope you’re happy, Nunnally. Of course, in the end, Lelouch and I are together in death.

Rolo: While you are cold. Alone. Brotherless.


Mao: Wow, you’ve gone far! I remember when you were just kidnap fodder to get Lelouch’s attention.

V.V.: Ah, those were the days…

Sayoko: If you need a maid, Nunnally, I’m here for you.

Sayoko: And also if you need a ninja.

Jeremiah: The line of Vi Britannian Emperors continue!

Jeremiah: I’ve got to say, that’s a relief. Master Lelouch didn’t do too well in the PR department…


Lelouch: Just as planned.


I graduated from high school!! I’m Blackfeet and Chippewa Cree and it was truly an honor to receive an eagle feather. My grandma also made me my moccasins! My IG is 6pixie


First of all :) those hand made moccasins are on fleek ❤️ CONGRATULATIONS MY DEAR!! I’m very happy and proud of you!

That eagle feather is so cool? Is there a cultural meaning behind it? Let us know

- Susie

My Dear Morning Star!

We are very proud of you! You have showed us, what real strength is, how a real warrior fights. I am sure, that every person, who likes Ski Jumping wants you to perform well in Sochi. So do I. 

We wish you a painless recovery, your way to wining again is surrounded by family, friends and of course we, the fans.

Thank you for fighting!


                                                   The whole Ski Jumping Fandom

Only in my dreams

TITLE: Only in my dreams

CHAPTER NO.: Chapter 7

AUTHOR: Alilmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you’re an Asgardian warrior with magic. You were raised in the palace with Thor and Loki. Growing up, you realize you’ve always been in love with him, but didn’t 

RATING: Mature

NOTES/WARNINGS: Sorry for being so late guys ! Hope you won’t find too many mistakes. Enjoy ! :D

Crossing the portal, you came back to Asgard through the ancient door, and started walking rapidly through the large corridors of the Palace. Loki suddenly seemed nervous, and he quickened his pace without realizing it. He had awfully long legs, and you were small, making it painful to you to follow his rhythm. You grabbed his arm, and mentally asked him to slow down. You were still thinking about the little boy you both had met in the gardens, and the fact he did not want to tell you about him upset you the most.

« Loki. Who was that child ? » You asked again, determined to have him confess the truth.

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Happy Birthday brittany-snodes!I love you to death, thank you SO much for all the talks we’ve had so far on here. You’re so awesome, one of the greatest Tumblr blogs of all time. I consider you to be a good, perhaps best friend of mine here. I’m honestly very proud & honored to call you a dear friend, and you’re 100% the queen of all things Bechloe/Sendrick, and I hope you have the best birthday ever ‘cause you deserve it. :) We love you, BSnodes!


A/N: Ok, I thought I’d write something a bit out of my comfort zone for you guys, I’m so so sorry if this makes you cry, I cried while writing it so it’s ok, we can cry together ;). I hope you enjoy! x


Y/N P.O.V:

Over the past couple of days, I’ve realised Neymar has become more distant in our relationship, like he’s always going out at night or texting unknown people which gets me suspicious in most cases but for some reason I still trust in him although there might be a slight chance that he might be cheating on me. Recently, I’ve found out that I’m officially 2 months pregnant which excites me with the feeling to become a first time mom but at the same time, I haven’t exactly planned to tell him this. I didn’t know when, or how I was going to do but I was eventually gonna have to tell him.

Since Ney will be home any minute, I was trying to convince my self to tell him straight away. Within minutes he was home and my emotions were toying with my brain. “Calm on Y/N, you can do this just tell him directly in the face before it’s too late”. I kept mumbling to myself as I approached him in the kitchen. “Ola” he greeted with a restless tone, usually he’d shower me with hugs and plant kisses on my cheeks, but today he seemed frustrated and angry. In the meantime, I allowed him to settle his anger issues and solve his own problems while I started to wash the remainder of plates from breakfast and lunch.

While he was taking some time, I noticed he had thrown his muddy, stained football boots across the neat carpet which I spent 3 hrs of cleaning today! “Ney, please pick your boots up and place them in the laundry, where they belong”. I said with a calm voice. At first he gave the silent treatment for 5 mins and completely ignored me since his eyes were glued to the television watching those soccer documentaries. “NEYMAR DA SILVA SANTOS JR! DID YOU LISTEN TO WHAT I JUST SAID?!” My yelling had echoed through the whole house causing him to get my attention straight away. “UGH, Y/N GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK FOR GODS SAKE! DO I LOOK LIKE SOME GOD DAMN MAID WHO WOULD GET EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU WITHIN A COUPLE OF SECONDS?”. His furious tone caused me to wince and shiver in sudden nervousness. “Oi, listen here Captain Crazy! Who is the one that cleans your house, washes your clothes, cooks your meals, takes care if you when your sick? Huh? Who is it Neymar!? All I’m asking for is a little help by putting your own shit away!”. Now we were only inches away from each other, we could’ve kissed at this moment. But how could me if I saw all the anger and tiredness in his eyes.

Instead, he chose to neglect me and leave me without telling me exactly where he was going, his last words to me were “I’m done” before leaving me to sob to myself. The only thing I wanted to do now was apologise, but it was too late. Instead, I cried myself into a deep sleep until about 5 hrs later, I receive a text from someone.


Who does she think she is for commanding me what to fucking do? After a long day at training don’t you think, you’ll get tired and want to come home to a peaceful environment?! Filha de Puta, not in this town! I left Y/N at home because I didn’t want to put up with anymore arguing or yelling, so now I was driving to try and relieve those events that are clouding in my head. I wasn’t exactly paying attention to what I was doing on the road. The next thing I heard was the sound of the car colliding and ambulance sirens before I went into a concussion and everything was completely blacked out. The sound of Y/N’s voice

Y/N P.O.V:

I wonder who could be texting me at this time of the night, in most situations this alerted that something terrible has probably happened. Surprisingly, I opened the text which happened to be from Rafa saying:

‘Y/N, once you have opened this message, I want you to remain as pacified as possible. A couple of hours ago, Neymar was involved in a car crash which has now left him in a coma. I want you to come to the nearest hospital with any hesitation, I will give more details when you arrive. Love Rafa x’

At this time my heart was about to explode, this had caused me to cry even more. Within a couple of minutes I was out of the house, proceeding to the nearest hospital which was the one Ney had happened to be in. “I’m here for Neymar Jr.” I told the receptionist who then directed me to his room where he had been surrounded by his family and some members from the Brazil NT. I walked into the room to find his lifeless, paralysed body with all these machines and needles attached to his body.

At that moment, I bursted into an ocean of tears as I thought his eyes would’ve never opened again. I was then comforted by Nadine and Rafa, they kept telling me everything was going to be alright and that he will recover and play futbol again but it didn’t seem to ease my pain. “Don’t worry Amor, once he wakes up we’ll make sure his steady and stable. I promise” she said before letting me sit next to him. I decided to stay the night whilst the others went home.

The next morning, I woke up hoping to find him awake but of course he wasn’t. “Ney, I’d like you t-to please wake up, I know you and I haven’t got along lately but this hasn’t stopped me from loving you and although you probably cannot hear me right now, words cannot express my love for you, I just wish that you’d wake up for me because-because”. I didn’t get to finish as my emotions took over and I started bawling my eyes out. After my unfinished speech, I felt someone’s cold hands wrap in mine. I looked up to see Neymar with his eyes only half open. “Neymar! Your awake!” I screamed with joy, he then moved his hand to interlock it with mine. “Y/N, my love I’m sorry for the last couple of days how I have neglected you, but you are my life, I still remember the time we met, when I met the most beautiful, attractive girl which was you. I’m sorry, baby for all our arguments and tantrums. Just please don’t forget me as I will watch over you. Y/N, I know our time together hasn’t been as I planned but please know that you have impacted my life so much and we have so many memories together…I love you s-so m-much…”. His eyes were starting to shut as he held my hand tight, the room filled with the loud echoes of the beep machine indicating he was gone.

“NO! Neymar! Baby! Please wake up! I need you! Please! P-please!” I started sobbing as the doctors pulled me out of the room. I tried to unwriggle myself out of their arms but they were too strong to defend against. My Neymar has been taken away from me. I could see from the window as the doctors tried to resuscitate him but he wouldn’t wake up. “NEYMAR! PLEASE WAKE UP!” I begged while banging on the window. “I’m sorry, Miss Y/L/N, unfortunately our paramedics were unable to save him and he has been pronounced dead” I looked at the doctor with regret and sadness. If his life was over, than my life should’ve been over.

*6 months later*

7 hrs of Labour pain and this child was killing me. Alongside assisting me was my best friend Rafa and Nadine. “Ok, sweetie one more push” the nurse instructed. My face was covered in sweat and tears from the agony. “I-it’s h-hurting me! I can’t do this!” I shouted while they kept encouraging me to push harder. After 10 mins the room was filled with baby cries with was music to my ears. “Congratulations, it’s a boy” the nurse had said while flashing a grin towards me. After a couple of minutes of cleaning the young blooded baby, he was brought back to me wrapped in a blue blanket nice and clean. I looked at him and smiled to myself thinking of all the memories of Neymar and I.

“Well done dear, Rafa, Pai and I are very proud of you, I’m sure if Neymar was here, he would definitely we proud of you too.” Her voice croaked as she mentioned Neymar letting out her soft cries. “Well, have you chosen a name darling?” The midwife asked while smiling at my baby and I. “Neymar” I whispered at first. “I’m sorry, what?” The nurse repeated, “Neymar”. I looked up at Nadine who had fresh tears in her eyes “Baby Neymar” she mumbled with a relieving tone. I was then joined by the rest of the team who celebrated the birth of baby Neymar. Although he wasn’t here to notice this astonishing moment, I know that our forever would be our…….Always.

The End.

A/N: As again, I apologise for you tears! Feedback lovelies! Let me know if you’d like a request! love you 💕 x