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mikejauregui24 HAPPY 21st Birthday to my first born baby girl. Can’t believe the day has come. You have grown into such a beautiful women inside and out. Your heart is as big as a planet and it is open wide for all to come inside. It has been extremely hard to watch you grow up so far away from us and in an industry that has skewed so many lives,but u managed to do it all on your own and to stay true to who you are. I’m so very proud of you and I’m constantly wanting to show u off all time (Even though you hate it). Today you officially become an adult. (Even though you have been one since you were 10). No matter what though you will always be Daddy’s little girl. Know that I will be there to hold your hand through the good times and the bad times. I will be there to celebrate with u  and to pick u up when you fall no matter what your age. Keep shining that beautiful smile and light form your heart and keep bringing that joy with your beautiful voice. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flaca. DADDY Loves you very much.

For @thekakapocantalk, because Revenge of the Sith makes us cry like babies.

Anakin walked alongside Obi-Wan on their way to his starfighter, a rare mission in which Obi-Wan was assigned to go alone.

“You’re gonna need me on this one, Master,” Anakin told him.

“Oh, I agree,” Obi-Wan replied wholeheartedly, “However, it may turn out just to be a wild bantha chase.” They came to a stop as a Jedi Cruiser appeared before them.

“Master,” Anakin started, and paused for breath. “I’ve disappointed you. I haven’t been very appreciative of your training. I’ve been arrogant, and I apologize. I’ve just been so frustrated with the Council.” He hoped Obi-Wan understood.

It didn’t take Obi-Wan long to know the right words to say, a flash of a smile on his face. “You are strong and wise, Anakin, and I am very proud of you. I have trained you since you were a small boy. I have taught you everything I know and you have become a far greater Jedi than I could ever hope to be.” His eyes beamed with pride, and Anakin couldn’t help but shy under the attention. Obi-Wan was careful with his reprimand. “But be patient, Anakin. It will not be long before the Council makes you a Jedi Master.”

They shared a nod and a smile and then Anakin was faced with the sight of Obi-Wan leaving, leaving, perhaps for the final time.

“Obi-Wan,” Anakin called.

Obi-Wan turned around and headed back up the ramp when he saw Anakin’s hesitation. “What is it, my friend?”

Anakin looked into his eyes and saw the same Obi-Wan he’d looked up to as a boy. “Padmé’s pregnant,” he blurted.

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I’m back!

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I am back. I’m still alive -barely- and have returned from the two and a half weeks from hell. Finals are not over yet, of course, (why would they be? lol) but the worst part is, so, things will start getting back to normal. I’ll try to start catching up with reading and reblogs and things I’ve been tagged in from tomorrow. 

Also, thank you all for the love you’ve shown Tennessee Whiskey. I will reply to each comment individually in a few days, but for now just know it means the world to me.

Uh, that’s all, I think. I’m just going to sleep now so that, hopefully, I won’t look like a zombie again tomorrow. 

‘Night, everyone!

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I know personally that I appreciate what you and @lunaaltre have done for black fandom and for your followers so...Thank you both for your hard work and dedication for this rec list.

Thank you so much anon. The goal of that list was to create a safe reading and author list for black readers. @lunaaltare are very proud of it! The things that I do are for exactly what you said, black fandom. If I can help carve us a little safe space then that’s okay with me!

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Bless you. I'm a very proud ARMY and EXO-L so it really warms my heart when I see people explain how the whole "one person can affect the image of thousands" thing. It's been better these days for sure! I've never met a fellow ARMY or EXO-L who wasn't polite and courteous. Our images are always messed up by bad people and outsiders but all we all really want to do is support our artists and enjoy amazing music. It's not hard to love one another.❤❤❤

Exactly ❤❤
I’m sure as the fans get older and more mature, it will get better too!

Seriously I often think how big kpop could be, if all fandoms supported each other, bc in the end we are all one big family 

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80% of 15 is 12 (lol I didn't use a calculator shh) so damn. *cried cuz can't read it* I am very proud of you, My Queen!! From 262 to 15, astonishing work! C:♡

It’s going to be 262 to 0 really soon ;)

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I just ordered five books n one of them is milk and honey by rupi kaur are you proud

yes. very. that book is. my favorite. i aspire to be as good of a writer as her , she’s the reason i started writing poetry


Sebastian Stan playing table football in The Covenant


//asks for fashion tips

Kitzom: You gotta bring out the gun show Coran my man.