very proud of this haha!

I was so determined to finish this piece that I spent all day yesterday putting it together
And by all day I like, seriously mean all day
So from the sketch, to the lines, to the colors, I would estimate that the time for this one would be 24+ hours at the very, very least
Am I proud of it?
Yeah, I’m pretty proud haha
It’s not perfect, but I’m generally happy with how this turned out
It was a heck ton of fun creating this :>>> I seriously hope the gif comes out in good quality-
And since of not using proper software, firealpaca almost crashed a few times 8^
I seriously hope you guys enjoy this little piece as much as I do. I really put my everything into this one :“>
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I did it again. Sigh. Can’t stop drawing him. ;u;

I’ve got a pretty cool AU/ Theory for Anti that goes along with this piece! Very proud of both, haha. Basically (and very shortly told); In my AU Jack is hallucinating himself being controlled by something and uses the ‘Anti’ persona as an excuse, to kind of blame someone for what bad stuff his mind is coming up with. Murder and all. At some point, I imagined what his head/ his dreams would look like in that scenario and - tada! This is what happened. :D

Obviously the theory is just a little plot idea I had. I know Jack is not actually a lunatic who goes on murder sprees, oml. I was just like; what if he really doesn’t want to believe that he could potentially become a murderer? Or maybe doesn’t want to believe that he already is one? And THEN blames a non existent character for the bad stuff he does? Craziness, haha! Gotta love them psycho-thrillers, amirite?

The theory isn’t meant to offend Jack or anyone else in any way! I hope you like it, though. I might draw some more stuff about it in the future. C:

Thanks to @therealjacksepticeye and @pixlpit for sTILL MOTIVATING AND INSPIRING ME SO MUCH URGH! I can’t wait for the amazing stuff those two will come up with in the following months! :D

Now I will go and get me a salad. A nice salad and some ice coffee. Nom.

Note; please don’t repost/ reupload my art! C:

Also, I suggest y’all go listen to ‘MISSIO’! Amazing musicians, way too underrated! I listened to them a lot while drawing this and bOI it is good!

Just a very rough test run (that im kinda proud of haha) that took 9 whole hours. I was using Windows Movie Maker so yes, what exquisite and complex animation.

Anyway, this is just a VERY rough test run and also my first ever animation attempt. Pardon me for the jerky movements :/ I’m totally free right now and ready to live in hell, so I’ll probably animate the whole thing. Stay tuned!

Audio: Steven Yeun-  Sexual Identity: PSAs of the Future (2021) 

Hello! I’d just like to check in an show you how much the pupper has grew! He big now! He still loves u a lot!

!!!! amazing!!!

‘Pathfinder’? Don’t you mean… 'Space Wayfinder’? OwO

OH MY GOD, I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED IT! Omggg, thank the heavens ;w; 

Now 5 more chibi drawings to go! (that goes to the duwang gang that I have yet to color haha ;w;) 

I’m hoping to plan on making stickers out of all these guys and sell them sometime in the future once I have all the other guys drawn and colored UvU 

For now here’s Jotaro and Star Platinum for ya, ENJOY! :’D 


Here are some previews to two of my pieces I had the pleasure of doing for the @hurricanezine !

(I know I’ve been completely inactive for a couple months but this seemed like an appropriate way to come back into things.)

PREORDERS ARE OPEN until October 1st

So go and grab yourself one before it’s over! :D

More info here:

Killing Me Softly

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Summary: The triplets have had quite the adventure together growing up. Of course they not only had each other, but a loyal and lovely best friend known as (Y/N). Growing up the boys have come to love her even more. Kylo’s love for their best friend however, seems to have gone down a different route than his brothers. 

Warnings: Lots of language

A/N: So first, I got this worked out in like 2 days and I’m very proud of myself, haha. So hopefully it turned out good! This is based off of the lovely drabble @imagines-in-a-galaxy-farfar-away wrote for me about triplet Kylo and she gave me the blessing to write this, so thank you first for that hun! Second, I am a SUCKER for these AU’s so this was a joy to write. Hopefully you guys like it too!

In one evening it seemed as though one small dingey apartment held more life inside of it than the streets outside. Music was blasting, practically shaking the walls. People of all different kinds were scattered in every which corner doing every sort of thing. Cups were overflowing with booze, laughs almost competing with the music, personal spaces being almost entirely forgotten. It was to be expected, to a certain extent. What was not expected however was the amount of focus and complete lack of awareness one man could possess in such an environment. That man of course, being Kylo.

Even though he typically loathed seas of people just like this one, he was completely lost in something else. Somewhere deep between a daydream and unfaltered and deathly precise focus. It seemed as though the chaos around him faded almost entirely, except for one pivotal point. You.

From the other side of the apartment Kylo watched you carefully, analyzing every little smile or bashful look you made with a drink in his hand. He had finished it long before this moment, but couldn’t find it in him to get up and refill it. He was far too engrossed in watching you. There wasn’t a single thing he wanted to miss. Whether it was a flutter of your eyelashes or a skimming of your hand over someone else’s forearm, he couldn’t bring himself to look away. He couldn’t, just like his thoughts couldn’t stop reeling. 

Matt smiled cheerily, pushing his large glasses up the bridge of his nose. For such a young face his glasses were quite ridiculous and almost comical. Yet also suiting.

“I vote we play house!”

Kylo perked up slightly in his spot. If he knew what this game would look like when he was older he’d die of embarrassment for being so excited to play. But there was one thing that always made it well worth playing.

You sat up with a bright smile, “Yeah!”

Ben joined in, crawling out from under his heap of pillows he had attempted to construct into something. 

“Ok, but who’s playing who?”

Kylo looked between his brothers and you, waiting for someone to speak up. You smiled still and gave a cheery response.

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heres your 159 piece chicken tender order

aka,, my art blog turned 1 year old this may!  ✨✨✨

I’ve been drawing with the intent of improving for not quite two years now and I honestly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all my friends’ and your support and encouragement. I’ve been through a lot in the last year, both good and bad, and the one thing that’s always been my safe space is being able to draw my favorite boy. So thank you all for pushing me and keeping me afloat even when all I want to do is give up. 

And a huge thank you to Tendou, my muse, my prince, my inspiration, my everything, because without him I wouldn’t still be here in existence. 💜 I owe him sosososo much.

Thank you for sticking with me, and here’s to another year of Tendou!! 💜