very proud actually

The Guardian of Dreams

Dean would never admit it out loud but since he was sleeping next to Cas, he had less and less nightmares. The one time he dared mention it to Cas, the angel only smiled back fondly, glad his human could, at last, get some rest.

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International Trash Day:

Midoriya: turns TV on

TV: “-and that’s about it for today’s forecast! But today’s a special day today! You know why? Yup, you guessed it! Today is the pro hero Endeavor’s birthday today! So let us al-”

Todoroki: walks past the TV holding two black trash bags

Midoriya: “U-uh Todoroki? What are you doing?”

Todoroki: stares Izuku right in the eyes

Todoroki: “Today’s trash day.”



Midoriya: …

Midoriya: “Let me help you with that.”

The Signs as Just Voltron Things™
  • Aries: Lance dabbing
  • Taurus: Thace is Keith's dad theory
  • Gemini: Pidge's gender discourse
  • Cancer: Galra!Keith angst
  • Leo: Coran's cooking
  • Virgo: Hunk's spork logic
  • Libra: Lance's suppressed bisexuality
  • Scorpio: Shiro with a daddy kink
  • Sagittarius: Allura benchpressing the rest of the team
  • Capricorn: Keith's mullet
  • Aquarius: Age discourse
  • Pisces: Shiro not dying

03.11.2017 // Physics ✨

Two days before the start of my oh so called most important exam of my life and I was feeling useless, so I did a formula sheet thing! I once almost did pretty bad because I forgot them during an exam and had to make them up, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen again!

You might be a green witch if....

- your grimoire/book of shadows is just a seed catalog.

- you start planning your garden the way an expectant parent starts planning the nursery.

- you question whether you’re a green witch or just a gardener, but you decide that they’re close enough and it doesn’t really matter.

- while other witches hoard bottles, crystals, tarot decks, etc., you just hoard seeds.

- you talk about your plants the way obnoxious parents talk about their children: “And my little one here just graduated to a bigger pot. I’m very proud.”

- and actually you do hoard bottles, too, but they’re all full of seeds.


Guys…this is it!!!

Took me a month to finish it, not counting past six months of doing my “first try”. But…hard work pays off, and I see it myself. Well, hope you’ll enjoy it!😊