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Why Ryan Ross is probably the most relatable person ever
  • He used to be a huge Mcr and Fall Out Boy fanboy
  • He collected merch, met them after concerts
  • Got his ears gauged as a teen
  • He used to wear eyeliner.
  • Voluntarily did loads of intricate makeup
  • He’s had lots of very emo haircuts
  • Took bad selfies and posted them on the internet
  • Ran a blog on LiveJournal
  • Didn’t fit in at school
  • Didn’t get along with his family
  • He was kinda (very) pretentious
  • He wrote emo lyrics about his life
  • Desperately wanted to get out of his town
  • Insecure about his appearance, his voice
  • Into dark themed books/movies
  • Tends to fall down/injure himself
  • Has a unique fashion sense that a lot of people would call weird
  • He likes playing instruments
  • Genuinely likes reading and writing
  • Takes regrettable decisions
  • He really likes getting into specific aesthetics
  • He’s dyed/highlighted his hair (black,blue, green, silver)
  • Likes dressing up and costumes
  • Awkward as Fuck
  • He wears a single earring these days
  • Likes using emojis
  • He likes animals more than people
  • He’s painfully underappreciated

He’s been through everything we experience. And I just. Yeah.


In need of some escapist moeblob junk food garbage I decided to 3 4 episode rule Demi-chan and liked it way more than I thought I would.

Like Flying Witch a few seasons ago (which I absolutely adored) it’s a slice of life with a magical twist. In this one, it’s a world where mythical monsters are real and occur in an X-Men mutant fashion where, for example, through luck of the draw you just happen to a vampire.

What makes it interesting is that it, in a lighthearted way of course, it actually makes an honest effort in exploring the “what if it actually happened” question. What are the implications on your daily life of being a vampire born and raised in today’s world? Or, in a more extreme case, a dullahan. It’s a part of who they are. It colors their relationships and some deal with it better than others, but they’re still people like anybody else. It makes an interesting allegory in the same way decent sci-fi is often an allegory to modern events and issues.

I was very surprised with how they decided to handle the succubus character in particular. It’s a really interesting take and surprisingly sympathetic. Everything about how she acts and thinks makes so much sense and it feels completely plausible to how a real and normal person might take to it.

As usual I’m probably giving it way too much credit, but it’s fascinating in ways I wasn’t expecting, while also sticking to the tried and true techniques of the genre that make shows like this enjoyable.

most draco days
  • Draco: *pissed off* Harry Potter can go suck my fucking dick
  • Person: but doesn't he already
  • Draco: you shut the hell up
Pomegranate Rebuking Enthralled Tarsius Espousing Neurotically Toxic Ideological Opus Utilizing Surrealism

(a collaboration between the Monkey and me)

an English department peppered
with Bukowski wannabees—scattered
empty shot gun shell casings,
missing their salt

disinclined to marry the beat
shorn of cocktails and lead,
scholars unleash rumors of wars;
tongues spondē—a false rhythm

kerouac and kierkegaard klōns,
these mimics of mimics,
veterans of internal combat
fought for muse, not victory

existentialism cannot be flattered
with a mummer’s xerox scroll,
howling out the missteps of havoc,
ruin is heralded in colors of sycophant

sanity never paints a pretty picture,
with its sharp lines and cutting palette;
the critics gorge on ears of maize—
the labyrinthine yellow of madness

“off with their heads!”—phrenic games—
grenades served to stultify enemies
searching for grith in elevated silos,
besieged by illegitimate, gaudy neuroses


TWC, a brief history

I created the TWC (along with my collaborator, Al Gore) back in 2013. Back then we called it the Tumblr Writing Clique. A very elitist and pretentious clique that consisted of just me and Al Gore. We used this blog to satirize poetry that we felt was dumbing down literature and giving poetry a bad name.

But then I met a man named Wolfie. He told me, “Hey, jerk face! You should stop being a jerk or else…”

“Or else what, asshat?” I replied.

“Or else I will beat you over the head with my sausage, punk!”

Little did he know that I, having been lost as a child in a delicatessen, had developed a phobia towards deli meats, cheeses, and a variety of salads… but mainly deli meats. I think the scientific name is delicatessephobia.

So I replied, “Ok.”

A friendship was forged and we used our powers to eventually bring down the evil tumblr editor empire. We kicked out Al Gore and recruited a unicorn from a local gentlemen’s poetry club to assist us in our mission.

Little did we know that a different TWC had already existed called the Tumblr Writing Community. It exists in a quantum state where it is simultaneously illusion and reality.

You see, all you need is a tumblr and just one fellow writer and you have your very own TWC. Your TWC is not my TWC. In fact no TWC is exactly the same. They’re like snowflakes, easily melted by the smallest source of heat.

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are blogs like twcpoetry and poetryriot that people follow in common. They are like the major nodes in a network that connect all the tiny TWCs together to create the broader, all encompassing, Tumblr Writing Community.


@twcpoetry@poetryriot@desayunogratis @raisethecurve

Yes i have a backlog of things to make / do / etc - ahem still !
Someone msged me about whether i took requests : which i hadn’t even consider tbh ahah - so here i am with a random post to say if there is something you’d like to see (with my mediocre edit skills) pop it in my inbox!  

  • Concepts / colours / AUs (!!!) + houses / ships / characters ??? idk. the more specific the better! 🐝
  • i’ll do them as inspiration hits (a rare phenomenon) + tag you in it when i do it! 
  • If i don’t do it, pls don’t think i hate you okay, i probably created a private pin board for it and then didn’t like what i made :// 
  • Ships wise if i don’t ship it i’m sorry!! but i probably won’t make it! *hides* - mainly bc i would struggle to find stuff that would fit tbh. 

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Kinda curious about your thoughts on Leo!Kana. (And also his relationship w his big brother Forrest~)

  • Kana can come off as very pretentious or arrogant, especially as he tends to always sound like he’s speaking factually, though he never actually means to insult people
  • It doesn’t help that Kana is pretty chill in general and it can seem like he’s not taking things seriously because of it
  • He carries books with him incase he has free time and enjoys researching, experimenting, or writing essays about a lot of topics
  • Forrest does a lot to try and keep his problems with Leo away from Kana- he doesn’t hide the issue (it’s important, to Forrest, that Kana understands the problem) but isn’t out to turn Kana against Leo
  • The two brothers are super supportive of each other and help each other all the time- Forrest tries to let Kana have freedom too but can be secretly protective
  • Kana doesn’t have the same taste and aesthetic as Forrest (though he loves helping his brother out with outfits and trying things on) but he does put effort into looking good

I first met Carey Mulligan at a cast and crew dinner for Never Let Me Go, just before we started shooting. And there was a point in the dinner where we were all going around the circle at the dinner table and asking each other what our favorite films were. We were all being very pretentious and naming our favorite Michael Haneke movie or, you know, insert art house filmmaker here kind of thing, and I can see Carey on the other side of the table getting very nervous, very fidgety, very red, and it was coming closer to her. It was her turn, and she couldn’t control it, these words tumbled out of her. She said, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. And I fell in love with her. -Andrew Garfield

A research of Meitantei Conan Characters’ Speech Patterns

While it would probably be useless, I felt like doing it.

Kudo Shinichi: Shinichi’s speech differs due to the situation. While he is in his ‘detective mode’, Shinichi tends to use very pretentious words and lines, while his grammar (verbs and adjectives) is completely perfect.
P.5 of Vol.1 shows that he uses honorifics and polite/neutral pronoun 'anata’. His speech is polite, he uses ’tekudasai’.  
But in P.7 we can he him slipping to his 'usual’ mode, and ’anata’ becomes ’anta, ’desu’ - ’da’. 
While sadly we can’t properly transfer the changes of 'an(a)ta’ and other grammar markings, translators can chose the most pretentious-sounding words for his ‘detective mode’ As for ‘usual’ mode, Shinichi speech changes:

Shinichi tends to shorten verbs and adjectives, i.e. okotteiru => okotteru, warui => wari-, sugoi => suge to make it sound ‘rough’. As for another changes: ‘nai’ changes to ‘ne-’. Sometimes he ends sentences with ‘ze’ or ‘yo’ but most of the times he just leaves the end ‘hanging’ (i.e. nan no koto?). He doesn’t use honorifics with Ran (obviously), but uses one with Kogoro: Ran’s too-san. While correct and polite form is otoo-san, he still gives him some respect.
Shinichi also uses ’kaa-san’ for Yukiko. Wandering away from Shinichi, Ranma, another teenage guy, uses ’fukuro’ for his mother. Kaito also uses kaa-san with his mom, but ’oyaji’ with dad. Which, by the way, Shinichi never uses. Shinichi uses only ’too-san’ for his dad. 

Shinichi’s trademark ba-ro is obviously a shorten version of baka yaro. In his thoughts he also uses ‘koitsu’ (i.e. for Gin) and ‘aitsu’ (sometimes for Ran). For BO he uses ‘yatsura’. English equivalent is well… bastard? 

Shinichi addresses as ‘anta’ or ‘omae’s ‘rough’ version - ‘omee’.

So, in English we probably can use slang and ‘…in’ ’ endings for adjectives. As for his parents, while I tend to use all the original honorifics, I suppose kaa-san is more like ‘mother’ than ‘mom’. Sadly, English language can’t transfer every speech habit of every character, and Japanese is much more brighter for that. 

Should I continue this? 

Which character should I analyze next? 

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Friendly Reminder: That Guitar (Also known as Potoobrigham) is nothing but an asswipe who needs to get his head out of his ass and is very pretentious. That is all.

This seems anything but friendly.

disappointingly, most secret societies arent as spooky and esoteric as theyre made to seem, or arent even really secret societies. theyre mostly just pretentious but very much normal people

On my way home from a POT date

Well this guy. This ducking guy. He’s old. Maybe 58. Met him on tinder. He’s from Florida but his mother lives in Boston and he has a few companies here as well. Says he comes to Boston for a weekend every 4/5 weeks.

We met at the prudential center mall. I’ve never been there before and walking around I WAS SHOCKED! Stores I’ve never seen in real life that are beyond expensive. Anywho we meet and head to dinner. THIS MAN IS SO FUCKING CONDESCENDING I HATED TALKING TO HIM! He’s a know-it-all and very pretentious. At one point he said “women shouldn’t marry until they’re 30 and have a stable career, that’s the only way to know they’re serious” and another point he straight up bashed my home country because it’s poor and doesn’t have a good political system. He never let me finish a statement. He had an answer or interruption to everything. Oh my god was he annoying.

Since he’s not from here he was so touchy. Hugging and touching me in front of all these people. The people at the hotel bar were staring. But I felt like a bad bitch lmao. Our waiter and his coworker were gawking at me while we ate. They knew what I am. I didn’t care lol. People will stare !

Despite how annoying he is to talk to I will be seeing him again tomorrow. He brought the “monetary gift” and promptly handed it to me as we were saying our initial hellos. A crisp $100 bill for the train. Thanks buddy. Let’s call him The Investor. One weekend a month with him is bearable.

We went back to his room ( he was staying at the hotel connected to the plaza). Top floor suite. The room was beautiful and the view? Breathtaking. My idiot self let my phone die so it needed to be charged before I took the train. We watched some CNN and he had a lot of negative things to say about Trump so that was a plus.

I’ll be texting him tomorrow to discuss my compensation for this weekend I’ll be spending with him. I’m going to sleep a little on this 1.5 hour train ride back to campus. Good night ❤️