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That one time I ugly cried about Taylor Swift in my college public speaking class:

Ok, so my freshman year of college I took a public speaking class. Our last speech of the semester was a “Commemorative Speech”, meaning we had to do a 5+ minute speech on someone who we wanted to commemorate positively and honor them via speech communication.

As a class we were all discussing the assignment, and I heard like 5 people say who they wanted to pick as their topic: Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Ellen Degeneres, Tom Hanks etc. So, pretty much everyone was doing famous people, and being the crazy swiftie that I am, I obviously decided to do my speech on @taylorswift!

We had about 2 weeks to prepare for the speech, and I got assigned to give my speech on the very first day of presentations. I was the last person to go that day, so I was ready to sit back for about an hour, listen to some great commemorative speeches on celebrities, and give mine.

The first person gets up and starts giving their speech on her Grandfather who was a decorated war veteran who had just passed away. She cried the entire time. The second person goes to the podium and starts his speech on his mother who is battling breast cancer. Tears everywhere. The person before me gets his speech going on his best friend that was currently battling a horrible addiction, but was currently clean. Waterworks up the wa-zoo. I mean everyone was sobbing.

Being the first day of speeches, I had no idea ANYONE was doing a personal speech, because everyone had said they were doing celebrities. So, of course I did mine on a celebrity. And also because it was the first day I got assigned to do my speech, I couldn’t go back to my dorm after and write a new speech on someone I knew personally that would move me to tears like everyone else.

So, my professor called me up, I got my powerpoint presentation ready (yup, we had to have photos to go with the speech as well), and I started my commemorative speech about Taylor Swift.

Now I am the type of person who gets emotional when other people get emotional. Since the people before me had these beautiful speeches about their loved ones and they started crying, I was sitting there at my desk crying with them. And I mean really crying. And being in front of about 30 people is hard enough, but doing it when you are already sniffly and emotional, it pushed me over the edge.

I got through the first 30 seconds or so, and I start to get to the point about why I wanted to commemorate Taylor. My voice starts to crack, and my lip starts to quiver. I said how she has been my hero for years, and how I hope to be just like her one day. AND I STARTED CRYING. LIKE FULL BLOWN TEARS  STREAMING DOWN MY FACE CRYING.

So here I am, UGLY CRYING, about Taylor when just minutes before me people were doing speeches about the passing of family members, cancer, and addiction. BUT I WAS CRYING ABOUT TAYLOR AND ONLY TAYLOR.

The next 4 minutes of the speech it didn’t get any better, and I sniffled and sobbed my way through the remainder of the speech. Everyone was literally shocked I had just spent 5 minutes crying about a popstar I have never met in front of a group of 30 college students. They all probably thought I was insane.

Fast forward to my senior of college, and Im sitting on the bus on campus. A guy sits down across from me, looks at me all weird and goes, “Oh! Weren’t you that crazy girl who cried about Taylor Swift for 5 minutes in our public speaking class? That was WILD! I always remember you whenever I hear her songs!”

I reluctantly said “Ya, that was me”, somewhat embarrassed that literally 3.5 years later someone remembers me as “That crazy Taylor Swift girl”. But inside, I was definitely proud to be a hard core Swiftie!

But hey, at least I got an A on the speech. Haters gonna hate!

Never before in my life have i felt personally threatened by anti-semitism for my Jewish heritage. (though that heritage is tightly wrapped up with personal trauma from my experiences in Jewish religious schools)

but post the n///az/i march in Charlottesville, i definitely am now. (and i’d been feeling previously attacked but not threatened by that with the rising aggressive anti-semitism post Trump winning the election)

(then there’s always been the given among the offspring of the few survivors that comprises my family that the near entirety of our family was wiped out in the Holocaust. and how i’ve been realizing as i’ve been processing and regaining our childhood memories how very real and present that event was in our family in a variety of ways, including the tattoo on my cousin’s arm, and his overwhelming trauma from being in Auschwitz and surviving the Holocaust as a young child)

and like, leaving aside the seeming familial and personal trauma wrapped up with my Jewish heritage for me, it’s hard to see how current events effect me personally? like, i don’t practice Judaism and i don’t think i visually look distinctly Ashkenazi? (though obviously i inherited some physical features from my mom’s side) so like, unless i say something in Yiddish, or someone hears about my family’s background or my deadname’s middle name, there’s no way anyone could target me personally for it. like, we don’t even have mezuzah on our doors or inside our house anymore.

but i guess it’s kind of similar to what it’d be like to be a completely passing trans woman? it’s unlikely you’ll get targeted directly in most scenarios, but the threat is still there everywhere around you, and there’s a lot of public voices advocating for your eradication and people saying that they’d try to murder you if they knew you were Jewish?

just feeling a need to think about this stuff for the first time now i guess

evidence that peter parker is Trans:

  • “penis parker” is just………. if hes trans + being bullied u can guarantee its about that and i mean..
  • the conversation with aunt may in the car where shes like “i know its hard for u right now with ur body going through all these changes” and like ! the way she says it as well?? like this is not a parental figure talking about cis puberty… she seems genuinely upset for him and like ?? what if they cant afford hormones/blockers just yet and he has to wait longer etc ?? what if hes had to go off hormones/blockers bc they cant afford it this month??? and then his response isnt just like embarrassed “stop it aunt may im a teen!!” he seems genuinely distraught that she brought it up, bc he wasnt expecting it and now thats something ELSE on his mind and like . woah man
  • the whole conversation with aaron like .. a) aaron misgenders peter bc he thought his voice was ‘’’’’a girls voice’’’’’’ and i mean.. peters not 11 hes 15.. im p sure aaron wouldnt have misgendered him if peters voice sounded “’’’’cis’’’’’’’; and b) peters response is like IMMEDIATELY very upset + on the defensive and like tbh embarrassed? but in a different way to how a cis man is embarrassed by being misgendered… hes not insulted hes just… upset. Sad .
  • also he directly argues back by citing his name like ‘im spider-MAN spider-MAN MAN MAN get it’ like WOW i cant believe this is a #canon version of that post about how superheroes with gendered names are trans wow
  • it also like explains peter being bullied at school altogether ? like hes also like a weird fanboy + doesnt like parties + hes a weird introvert + he has a non-nuclear family so hes probably bullied about a lot of things but if he was out as trans that would kick it into second gear which explains like a whole bunch of randoms who have an inexplicable problem with him and like the snickering behind his back + shit
  • also peter idolising his male role models ?? like 100% a lot of peters feelings towards tony are uncle ben related but like !! he also idolises steve in civil war ? and i think peters like constant projection onto men he admires is like. a very trans Thing
  • his constant ?? presenting ????? + posing /????????? like hes almost always trying to position himself into some sort of impressive, macho, masculine pose like wow. we get it. ur Trans
  • for a movie thats about learning to put urself and what u want + think is important first and not worry so much about what other people think/want from u like……
  • anyway peters trans thank u for ur time

So I can’t just complain but not do anything.
Therefore I tried to make a master list of still active people in the fandom who create and post and who I feel are pretty much underappreciated.
This fandom is alive and creating. This is a small list of active but lesser known fandom creators for you to check out!
Of course this list can only have people I know and especially when it comes to writers I don’t know too many. So please reblog and add to this list!

in no particular order:

- @yamcat
- @marxandria
- @audreykare
- @muffinhoe-thedragon
- @rarepare
- @toorumlk
- @sh4dowdraws
- @soupfulness
- @toondoon1010
- @realcheesyshenanigans
- @tenowls
- @orangiah
- @punkyachi
- @sgwrk
- @pepitathecat
- @askvolleyballers
- @nathengyn
- @chiptrillino
- @mellowdoodles
- @dmochii
- @keypyon
- @vivovexo
- @jeannetteleven
- @peoshi
- @riseelectric
- @areamia
- @fan-of-the-night
- @tae-the-gae
- @petrichorxxy
- @madgets
- @shaerahaek
- @inky-thoughts

- @josai
- @frenchibi
- @crollalanzaa
- @wildkittewrites
- @airblends
- @arturosavinni
- @slothesaurus
- @aunnoo-iwaoi-headcanon
- @push-it-hajime
- @trashytacosan
- @qi-tana
- @quirkyghostbeta
- @kayejwrotes
- @pinkteabagarhut
- @paintbrushyy
- @astersandstuffs
- @maltedmilkchocolate
- @tivruskis
- @fromthefarshore
- @anywayimnikki

The fandom isn’t dead but alive and still creating and posting!!
Look around and enjoy!

please feel free to reblog and add more artists and writers you think deserve to be on here! Also if you yourself are a creator feel free to add yourself or hit me up!


Whenever I thought of Anton Yelchin, this was the image that came to mind first. He was such a gentle and sweet soul.

Rest in peace Anton, we’ll never forget you. ;__;


ahhhh im so glad!! that makes me very very happy, its really comforting knowing other people feel the same way /o\ 

and you can always, ALWAYS request cute jaspearl!!!! omg!  i feel like theyd be really good for each other ;;;


“Marry someone who you love. Marry your soulmate, your lover, your best friend.” (x)

Happy (belated) birthday sweet newtongirl!!

As always, I’m very sorry about the delay (2015 must be the year I deliver birthday presents very late) but I hope you will still enjoy this married MakoHaru comic through their live because I know you appreciate domestic/married MH as much as I do (*ノωノ) 

I’d have loved to draw the whole poem but, too long, not for me ;_;


There are women who make other women feel awful because of their own insecurities. They practice cliquishness and alienation. They choose to belittle and slut shame and gossip and practice passive aggressions when they should be looking at their own pettiness and understanding where it stems from. To these women, I say, ladies, isn’t it bad enough that there are men out there that are a very real and present danger to us everyday that we must make enemies of each other too? Must we break each other down and destroy each other’s self esteem when we should be building each other up, becoming a sisterhood, so we can eventually become an army?
—  Nikita Gill, Women Who Hurt Other Women

Stucky Sleeping Positions - 3. The “I’ve-got-your-back-position” (aka post mission cuddles)

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Debunking rumors about Buckynat!!!!

And no I’m not putting it under a read more because I’m gonna make all of y’all read this once and for all

ANYWAYS here’s a complete post with comic proof to disprove all your dumbass rumors about one of the healthiest ships in the MCU, let’s begin

1. Bucky met/hooked up with/trained Natasha as a child: FALSE. Bucky was born in 1925, Natasha in 1928. They didn’t meet until the late 50s. Both clearly stated.

2. They couldn’t consent because they were brainwashed and following Red Room orders: FALSE. Bucky’s memory before the Red Room was wiped. He wasn’t incompetent, and neither was she. They were not some robots: they were acutely aware that the Red Room would not approve of their relationship, but they had one anyway. Blatantly defying orders and practically getting ready to fight your handler is a pretty tell-tale sign you’re not brainwashed to follow them, Lol

3. Bucky is never there for Natasha: FALSE. If anything, he’s literally one of the most supportive/comforting boyfriends in all of Marvel. Even when she didn’t remember him, he still watched her, making sure she was safe. When he had the ability to make her remember him in the cosmic cube, he still chose not to mess with her mind, opting to go back and relive a favorite memory instead.

4. Their love was made up by the Red Room/they don’t have fun together: FALSE. Their feelings for each other were very real, still present even 50+ years later. They also literally tease each other in the middle of a fight or mission, and she even made him a cake with 284902304 candles on it for his 284902304th birthday.

5. Their relationship romanticizes violence/abuse/suicide/whatever word you want to use: FALSE. Bucky found his salvation in Natasha, and she helped him through his grief and regret WITHOUT it turning into some sort of obsessive, please-don’t-leave-me-I-can’t-live-without-you type of relationship.