very poor effort was put into these pictures


Sadly earlier today Rumple had to be put to sleep. He wasn’t doing well at all and started to fail despite my best efforts. He’s close to 2 years old now and was still the same size as when he was 6 months. He’s been very poorly all year and sadly i ran out of options. Im convinced there was something wrong internally, the people that bred him are known to produce sickly snakes. Poor lad, this is what poor breeding causes. These are the nice pictures from when he was still quite healthy. Gorgeous lil lad, rest in peace and pain free at last. Such a shame. <3 x

mattwalker1996  asked:

Hey, I'm really sorry for all the nonsense you had to deal with over the re-homing. You really don't deserve that and you honestly don't owe people and explanation. Your animals all appear incredibly healthy and I've seen the effort you put into tanks and feeding just from your pictures. I'm sorry the poor tegu has to leave but I'm sure in the long run it will be for the best and I'm proud you were able to make the decision to put the animals first. A lot of people aren't that grownup.

Thank you very much. I am keeping in touch with the new owner who is exceptional and will be sending me loads of pictures and already has an enclosure for her. I’m so excited.