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The Tea is Decaf


3.7k words
Dean/Cas, Sam/Eileen
Based on this text post

Castiel just barely slips out the door into the hallway and turns the knob as he closes it so the latch doesn’t make a sound. The light is always on in the hallway, and Dean always wakes up if too much of it pours into his room, so Castiel has mastered the art of slipping through the smallest space possible.

He breathes a sigh of relief once he’s in the hallway.

A small voice to his right lets out an amused laugh. He turns to see a particularly tiny woman wearing a very large plaid shirt and nothing else. Well, he supposes she could be wearing shorts under the shirt. It really is very big on her.

“You must be Castiel,” she says rather loudly, mispronouncing his name just slightly.

He walks over to her with a finger to his lips.

She puts her hand over her mouth in embarrassment before signing, I’m deaf.

Castiel mouths an “oh” before dropping his head and laughing. He then pops his head back up fast and mouths, “Are you Eileen?”

She nods eagerly and signs, You’ve heard about me?

Sam has mentioned you a few times, he signs back. He says you’re a very good hunter.

Her face lights up. You’re damn right I am. Still, that’s very sweet of him.

So, are you two…? Castiel looks back toward Sam’s room and then down at Eileen’s shirt.

Eileen’s eyes widen in embarrassment. He’s asleep. I was just going to the bathroom.

I was heading to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Would you like some?

Is there caffeine in it?

Not at 4 in the morning.

Eileen smiles and gives him a thumbs up before moving past him toward the bathroom. Castiel watches her go for a second before it hits him.

He looks down at his plain black t-shirt and too-small boxer briefs and wonders if Eileen could tell that these clothes aren’t his. And that he came out of Dean’s room instead of one of the countless other extra bedrooms in the bunker.

By the time Eileen pads into the kitchen, Castiel has two mugs ready with decaf teabags in them and he’s standing at the stove staring at the pot so he can pull it off the burner before it whistles.

It’s only a minute longer before Cas pours the water into the mugs and takes a seat across from Eileen at the kitchen table.

You’re an angel, aren’t you? Eileen asks as her tea steeps.

Castiel nods as he takes a drink.

Does that mean you don’t sleep?

Sometimes I do. I didn’t feel like it tonight.

Is Dean good in bed?

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More punk!au, very casual punk au… It was just supposed to be a sketch but I wanted to practice some polaroid effects


Except for blocking this baby blanket is done.

Big thank you to everyone that responded with help and thoughts on how to make the white squares work with the very detailed plaid squares.

I wasn’t sure it was working until I added the ruffle. It brought it all together.

Made with @redheartyarns heart baby soft steps in tickle and red heart soft in white

I walk into this place having fully prepared myself for the cute tattooed waitress and instead am greeted by a very tall woman in plaid and converses… why does this restaurant always want me to lose my shit?

It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You

Title : It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You

Pairing : Dean X Reader

Word Count : 2,899

Prompt : You see your ex while you are at dinner with Dean, and the oldest Winchester has no intention of letting you deal with the jerk on your own. He tries his hand at acting, and he is freaking good at it!

“Oh no.”

“What is it?” Dean swiveled around in the booth to glance over his shoulder to see what you were staring at.

You buried you face in your hand, hiding your eyes from the tall figure that had just entered the bar. Dean cocked an eyebrow at you as you turned your face away, your cheeks growing red. “You see that guy up there?”

Dean turned in his seat again and you quickly reached up and grabbed his collar to pull his attention to you. “Don’t look now!”

Dean smirked and brushed your hand off with a scoff. “Okay, okay.” He patiently waited a few moments before he took a peak over his shoulder again, using his phone as an excuse to turn around. There was a moment of silence as you ripped your napkin to pieces in trembling, fidgety fingers.

“You mean the James Dean knock-off at the counter?” You heard the grin in Dean’s voice but you buried your head in your arms, letting out an exasperated sigh.


Dean let out a low snigger as he turned back to you, gazing at your crumpled form before taking a drink from his glass. “Thought you had a thing for guys in leather jackets.”

You shot him a deadly look from the table, frowning. Dean smiled and shrugged. “I don’t have a thing for you, Dean Winchester if that’s what you mean.”

Dean laughed aloud and took another drink, but your stomach was turning over in your gut. His laugh was enough to drive you completely crazy.

You met Dean almost a year ago, and over that span of time, you both had gotten yourselves into one of the most messed up friend zones you had ever seen. You both made fun of each other, beat each other up in fight practice, and basically managed to tell the other every single day how much you were NOT attracted to each other. It became a sibling kind of relationship really quick. The day you met him, you had complimented his jacket, and now he never let you live it down.

There really shouldn’t have been a problem, Dean was by far your very best friend. But of course, life wasn’t ever that predictable. You kind of sort of had a huge crush on him. And it didn’t help that he was oblivious and never got past the whole “making fun of you” stage.

You had suffered through a year of him picking up random chicks at bars and bringing them in the Impala, pushing you and Sam to the back seat, struggling to hide the fact that you were seething with jealousy. After about a month of trying to be nice, and getting shut down, you decided to never tell Dean how you felt. It would be easier to just suffer in silence you decided.


“What?” You looked over to Dean, jolted from your thoughts at his voice. You found him staring at you, an amused grin plastered on his handsome faced.

“You were staring.”

You blinked in shock as you realized the truth of the statement. You had been staring at the man who walked in for the entire time you had been thinking about how miserable you were.

Probably because that man had something to do with it.

“So who is the guy?” Dean asked.

You let out an exasperated sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “He’s my boyfriend. Well—I mean—he was.”

There was a moment of silence as you glanced over your shoulder again to your ex, who stood flirting with a busty waitress a few tables away.

Finally Dean spoke. “Oh really?” The amusement in his voice was unmasked and you almost groaned aloud.

“Shut up!” Your face was bright red now and you wanted to get up and leave, but that meant walking right past your ex, which you weren’t going to do, not in a million years.

“Hmm.” You followed Dean’s gaze at his voice. Your ex was moving over to a single young lady sitting by herself at a table, an attempt of a charming smirk on his lips, his eyes visibly glued on her cleavage. You grimaced in disgust. “Charming, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, not one of my fondest memories.” You choked out, before you took Dean’s beer from his side of table, downing most of it with one swallow. Dean protested, but his voice was tight with amusement as he looked over your panicked movements. “We should go before he sees me.”

“Oh ,come on—”


Dean’s voice was cut off by a dreaded voice that you never wanted to hear again, and you closed your eyes in revulsion.

You heard Dean let out a chuckle, and you opened your eyes again only to find, to your horror, that your ex was moving toward you. You shot Dean a look of pure horror. “Help me.” You hissed in a whisper. Dean grinned widely, shrugging. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Y/N!” You and Dean both whipped around in the booth to face the man who was now at the edge of your table. “It is you!”

You felt your stomach turn uncomfortably as you tried to send him a smile, but honestly, the sight of the guy who broke your heart really just made you want to burst into tears.

“Hey, Jonathan.”

“Wow.” Jonathan leaned back, folding his hands into his pockets as he chewed lightly on his lip, his eyes narrowed as he looked you over, up and down. You suddenly felt very uncomfortable in the plaid shirt you were wearing. You hardly looked like the feminine girl he dated long ago. “How long has it been? Three years?”

“At least.” You said, nodding slowly, trying to look away. You hoped he would just go away.

“You look great.”

You felt your heart twist painfully. “Thank you,” you muttered. “So do you.”

“So, where have you been? I mean, it’s been so long.”

“Well,” you suddenly panicked. You didn’t know what to say. Normally, you had no problem lying to people, that was part of your job, but there was something about your ex’s presence that really through you off your game.

“She’s been a bit busy.”

Both of you turned at Dean’s voice. You had almost forgotten he was sitting there. You watched as Dean shifted in his seat, extending a hand to your ex. “I don’t believe we’ve been introduced.”

Jonathan cast Dean a slightly puzzled smile, the expression tight and unfriendly under the surface. “Name is Jonathan Smith.”

“Dean.” Dean sent him a grin, the corners of his eyes wrinkling as he smiled, but you noticed the way his fist was balled on the table, his knuckles turning white. You chewed on the inside of your lip. The air was crackling with tension.

“Nice to meet you.” Your ex greeted. He pointed to you, his eyes still on Dean. “So, are you two together?”

You opened your mouth to object, but Dean let out a loud laugh, stopping you. “I guess that’s what they call it.” You shot Dean a look, puzzled, but he spoke again and you froze at his words. “We’ve been together two-and-a-half years now, isn’t that right, dear?”

Before you could speak, dean reached out and took your hand in both of his, shooting you a very convincing look of pure love. “Best time of my life.”

You were stunned into silence. You felt Jonathan staring at you, but you didn’t know what to do either. Dean pulled back one hand to take a drink from his glass, casting your ex a look. “How do you know Y/N?”

“Well, we were together in college for about two years.”

“Really?” Dean suddenly turned to you, a smirk on his lips. “She never mentioned you.”

There was a horrible moment as you stared at Dean, shocked at his words, although they had the desired effect. Your ex cleared his throat uncomfortably, and you shifted in your seat, hoping he would leave.

“Would you like to join us?”

You felt your heart drop in horror at Dean’s suggestion.

“Well, I don’t know…” Jonathan took a step back.

“Oh, please I insist.” Dean compelled, standing up so that he could slide into your side of the booth. You nearly squeak in discomfort as he instantly sat as close to you as he possibly could. You were overwhelmed with the scent of his cologne and his leather jacket nearly started to suffocate you as you were mashed up, strangely close against Dean’s chest. He settled down against you, casting your ex an easy smile.

Jonathan look around uncomfortably before he hesitantly sat down on the other bench, gazing at you and Dean.

There was a long, horrible pause.

“I like your jacket, pal.” Dean smirked, gesturing to the black, leather jacket.


Another long pause.

Finally, your ex cleared his throat. “So, um. How did you meet Y/N?”

“Oh, that’s actually a great story!” You blinked wide as Dean wrapped an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close.

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what is brendons next stage era outfit gonna be. we’ve done eyeliner emo cabaret we’ve done effortless flowery hippie we’ve done bow tie suspender sass and we’ve even done gold sparkly leather trash can I mean where else is there to go

In-School Session (Harry Styles dirty imagine)

A/N: Just something I’ve been working on! Hope you horny bitches enjoy it, haha! 

Send me in some requests! IT WILL MAKE THE BOYS LOVE YOU! I WILL LOVE YOU. x

I huffed and grabbed my books out of my locker, for my first period class. It was Monday, so its already a bad start. I also have Physics first. I HATE my teacher, and I HATE Harry Styles, my lab partner.

Harry Styles was the school ‘cool kid’. He had all the friends, teachers hated him, and always tried to get him in trouble, reckon it didn’t work, but anyway, and all of the girls wanted him. I can’t lie, he is hot. You could get lost in his deep, green orbs. When he stared at you, you could really feel it. He was muscular, and very fit. He went to the gym almost everyday, and I found that extremely sexy. Though I would never dare tell him that. Despite the fact that I hate him, I would still fuck him.

No problem.

I walked into class, when Mrs. Francelas looked my way.

“Good, you’re not late, for once.” She more so muttered the last part to herself. I rolled my eyes, and went to go take my seat. Good, I thought to myself. Harry isn’t here. 

Soon enough class started. We were about a half hour into the course, when the door flew open, to reveal a sexy Harry Styles. He wore tight, tight black pants, and a low cut black t-shirt, that looked great on him. He neck was perfectly defined, and you could see some of his chest tattoos. They were such a turn on. His curls were swooped to the side, as usual, and had a few pimples, but I thought it was rather cute. Perfect guys were boring. His green eyes were dark, with the way the light shone on them, and it made him look do-able. I would have fucked him right now. My eyes soon fell to his lips. I wish they hadn’t. His red, plump, kissable lips were slightly parted while he was listening to the teacher talk, and his front tooth came down on his lip as he bit it.

Fuck, that was hot.

His brows furrowed in concentration as he was listening to her.

It was, well…sexy. What more could I say?

I couldn’t help but imagine what his lips would feel like on my clit. His tongue deep inside me, as his long fingers moved in, and out…in, and out…

I could feel my panties getting wet, so I immediately stopped thinking about that, and tried to focus on my work.

While they were talking, I caught him sneak a few glances at me. At first, I thought he was just looking at his seat, longing to sit down. But then, our eyes met, and there was…tension.

Sexual tension, it seemed.

His eyes were filled with…lust, was it?

His eyes kept flickering from mine, down to my breasts. I smirked. I was wearing a very tight white, button up blouse, and a very short plaid skirt, with heals. I knew I was turning him on, and I liked it. The fact that there were people around, made it all the more interesting.

Once he finished talking with the teacher, he looked straight at me, while walking, in a very sexy way.  


He smirked, as he took his seat next to me, not making another single glance.

I gotta say, I was slightly disappointed.

I was in the middle of drawing a ray-diagram, when I felt a hand place on my thigh. I froze, and quickly looked down at the hand.

His long, slender fingers lay on my thigh, as his thumb gently stroke my leg. He wore a silver ring on his middle finger.

I slowly looked up, to see if he was looking down at me, but he still stared at his paper, doing his work.

I didn’t do anything, but go back to my work, acting like it didn’t bother me.

I felt his hand trail higher. And higher.

And higher. 

It reached the hem of my skirt, as he played with the plaid fabric.

My breath hitched in my throat. I caught him smirk at the corner of my eye. I shook my head, getting out of my daze, and I went to go grab his hand, to remove it. But before I could do so, his hand found the band of my panties. 

I was gonna be soaked. 

His long fingers played with the band for a few moments, but then his hand slipped inside my panties. His slender fingers trailed down and reached my clit.

I looked over at his to see him writing something down on my paper.

You’re fucking soaked, baby. Tell me, who made you this wet?

I couldn’t think straight. 

His hand, was on my clit. And he was fucking teasing me!

I decided to write back.

Are you going to finger me already, Harry?

I put the pen down, and looked up to the board.

He finally stuck a long finger in my pussy, and moved it around, painfully slow. He curled his finger, and I could hardly contain a moan, but I did. 

He then put another finger inside me, and started doing scissors. Curling his finger as he came back up.

I couldn’t help it.

I let out a soft moan.

But not soft enough, everyone looked over to me.

“What is the matter now?” The teacher asked. Harry was still fingering me like crazy. I shook my head.

“I finally got this ray-diagram correctly, Mrs.” I said trying to be smooth, but probably failed miserably.

She said nothing, but got back to teaching.

I let out a shaky breath, I was about to cum, and he knew it. My walls clenched around his fingers, and all too soon, the sensation was gone. 

His fingers were gone.

I looked over at him in disbelief. He had his two fingers separated from the rest of his fingers, because they were soaked. He looked around quickly to see if anyone was looking, then quickly looked at me, eyes boring into mine, filled with lust. His brows were furrowed. He brought his fingers up to his mouth, and slowly licked, and sucked his fingers. 

I let out another shaky breath, and looked down, and noticed his bulge.

He was hard as a rock

I quickly raised my hand.

“May I use the wash room?”

“Yeah, whatever, go ahead.” She said grumpily. I tried my hardest not to give her a smart ass answer, and made my way quickly out of class. it got quite uncomfortable, as I rushed to the bathroom. I swung the door open, and closed it. I quickly checked under the stalls to see if anyone was there.

All clear.

I heard a knock on the bathroom door, and I called, “its open!" 

Harry came in, eyes dark, full of need. He locked it, so absolutely no one could come in and interrupt.

He slowly walked over to me, and gently pushed me against the wall.

His lips were gazing my right cheek, then his mouth fell down to my neck, to gently bite it, and then went up to my ear, to whisper to me.

"Do you realise how much you’re killing me?” He whispered seductively.

I didn’t answer.

“Wearing those slutty clothes. You’ve been a naughty, naughty girl.” His big hands gripped my hips, as he grinded into me, his bulge present.

I still said nothing.

His lips came from my ear, to kiss my cheek a few times, until they finally reached my lips.

It was like nothing I’ve ever imagined. They were soft and went, and fit perfectly against mine. His tongue gazed my bottom lip, demanding for entrance, but I didn’t accept. I wanted to tease him, for teasing me earlier. His right hand moved from my hip, down to my arse, stroked it, and smacked it. 

I gasped, and he took the chance to enter his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced, a very rough dance. We were biting, and nibbling, and slightly sucking on each others’ lips. His kiss was like a drug, something that I needed. I was like a vampire, but instead of blood, I need his lips.

His left hand squeezed my waist again, as he kept on grinding into me.

Our lips were suddenly torn apart and we both gasped.

I took no time at all. I got on my knees and started undoing his belt. I pulled down his very tight pants, with much difficult, but I got it. He was wearing black Calvin Klein underwear, with a white band around it. I could see the outline of his dick, and I pushed him, so that he was leaning against the counter.

“You’ll wanna get comfortable, babe.” I said, as I looked up at him through my eye lashes. I then pulled down his underwear, grabbed his cock, stroked it a few times, and shoved it down my throat. I started deep throating him right away, wasting no time at all. I looked up at him again, to see his lips slightly parted, his brows furrowed. I could tell he was surprised that I could do this, and it was exactly what I wanted. He grabbed a handful of my hair and started shoving his dick in my mouth.

“Fuck.” He seethed. I moaned, causing a vibration to go through his dick, and that sent him over the edge.


**Harry’s P.O.V.**

I was getting what I always wanted.


And her mouth on my cock. 

I didn’t realise she’d be this good, and frankly, I was quite surprised. Her tongue did swirls around my dick, and she hallowed her mouth. She started deep throating right away, and it was the hottest thing I have ever experienced. I could feel her throat at the tip of my cock, and it sent waves of pleasure through me.

I was about to cum.

“Fuck, Angel baby, I’m gonna cum. Stop. Stop!” She still didn’t stop.

I was about to cum in her mouth, but when it was gone.

She was gone. Her sweet little mouth wasn’t around my dick any more.

I was breathing really heavy, as I stared down at her. Her eyes were a beautiful, shade of blue, with splattered spots of green, and yellow. Her long brown hair flowed freely, and I could tell that she didn’t like it. Her lips, her red, soft, plump lips, the lips that I loved on mine. The lips that I loved around my cock. 

I was hard as a rock, and I was going to fuck her senseless.

“Bend over.” I grabbed the back of her blouse, near the top, and shoved her over to the counter, her ass sticking out in the air. Despite the fact that she was wearing a skirt, I could see her thong perfectly. It was a dark violet color.

How fucking hot was that?

I got on my knees, and put both my hands, on either of her ass cheeks. She had the nicest ass I’ve ever seen. I stroked them once, then slapped.

“Baby, you’ve got a nice ass.” I breathed out. 

She moaned.

Stroke. Slap. 

“I’m about to fuck you senseless, honey.” I quickly stood up, pushed her thong to the side, and slammed into her. I didn’t even give her time to adjust, I just started going at it, not caring.

It didn’t seem like she cared either, as she was letting out loud moans, and was calling my name.

“Harry, fuck yes! Right there, oh yeah…” She tried to squirm, but I held her shoulders. My hands slid down to her tits.

They were firm, and they were the perfect size.

Not too big, not too small. Just perfect. 

I squeezed them hard, and stroked them. I was driving her off the edge.

“Angel baby, you like that? Yeah? Tell Harry how much you fucking like that.”

“You’re fucking amazing at this, Harry! Fuck me hard in my pussy, baby!” She yelled, and started to grind into my hips. That movement sent me crazy.

“Angel, you’ve got the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked. Baby, this is fucking great.” I moaned, and moaned and moaned over and over again.

“I’m cumming baby. Right now. Fuck!” I came all over in her, and so did she. She came all over my cock. I pulled out, and stood behind her panting. 

“That was the sexiest thing ever.” She stated, breathless. I nodded in agreement, still having not found my breath.

She quickly fixed her thong, and adjusted her blouse and her hair. I pulled my underwear and pants up, and tied my belt. She turned away from the mirror and stared at me.

We stood still like that, for quite some time. Until we couldn’t hold back anymore. She ran over to me, jumped in my arms, and as I swung her around in circles, our lips met, in a passionate kiss. Not lie the other ones we shared, this one meant something. 

Could I be in love with her?