very plaid


Some pics from last night’s dress-up session. I’m in love with this hairstyle. I haven’t had the patience/focus for the crazy elaborate looks I’ve seen for classic length hair, so it’s been a lot of fun finding my own looks.

I also tried some of the very old, cheap make-up I have. I could use some suggestions for stuff to buy. I’m not interested in daily make-up, just ways to put rainbows on my face and make them last for a day.


So I decided months ago that I wanted to do a SAXX campaign modeling shoot with Jared at Vegas Con so what I did was I bought a very long plaid shirt that was like a dress on me and made it look like I was wearing Sam’s shirt the morning after wink emoticon and I bought two pairs of SAXX underwear, one for me to wear and one for Jared to hold.  

Skip to Con and I walk up to Jared, he immediately starts giggling when he sees the box in my hand and then grabs me into a big hug.  He says “This is awesome” and then takes the box from me and excitedly says “WAIT!  Can I have these?”  and I just stared at him for a sec still in awe he was asking me and then I said “Yeah sure” like I’d ever deny a request from Jared freaking Padalecki!  he asked again just to make sure and checked the back of the label and said “Yes! These are my size! I’m taking them!” I laughed out loud at that point as he rushed over to put them with the rest of his stuff real quick sitting on a nearby chair.  Then we did the first picture.  By this point a few of my buttons came undone from his hugging me so I ended up showing WAY more stomach than I planned too and thank God Chris didn’t make me look too awful and fat tongue emoticon He must have good filters on there or something cause Clif told me as I left “that was sexy” and then winked at me which I could barely process at the time because of what had happened.  

Since I let Jared have the underwear he told Chris to take a second photo so I got two and that’s the one where he is winking and holding me.  It was a great experience altogether and worth ever minute of self doubt over my body and over wearing men’s underwear in front of a room full of strange fans and volunteers and JARED FREAKING PADALECKI!   He made me feel safe and good about doing it though and his excitement over the underwear made me so happy and excited too.   I just hope he really keeps them and actually wears them, I think he will since he’s a pretty practical guy and they were brand new and he wears them all the time anyway.

FYI:  His size is X-Large and he likes plaid, black, gray and navy in SAXX not all white for obvious reasons wink emoticon

Addition:  I did one more photo op with the SAXX underwear that was Jared/Misha  I will post that one soon it was hysterical and came with a whole different set of funny moments

anonymous asked:

Have you seen that video of Hobrien on TW set? Those people look like them, but maybe that's what they (Jeff etc...) wanted, someone to see those 2 guys who are dressed very similarly to Sterek (plaid&leather) and immediately make assumptions that they are back. If none of them says they are not back (which is highly likely, since none of them uses SM), fans will think they are and will watch the last season... Hoechlin said he's not coming back and I believed him, now I have doubts...

I’ve seen it. It does definitely look a lot like them but I’m not convinced yet. And if it is it could be a lot of things. Could be old footage, Tyler could be just visiting the set, or worst case scenario Tyler could be back in which case (side eye the fuck out of it) it could just be for a brief cameo in the final episode.

professional vagabond

here’s a clash of style that i really love to do. not that i’m the first guy to do it, i just feel like it fits my personality best. a little high brow with a little vagrancy is what i’m all about!

so here i have a fitted long sleeve button up with narrow stripes in white and light blue. over this i have a vest that actually has a very subtle plaid pattern over it. clashing patterns can be a trainwreck or it can be dope as hell. use you’re digression and commit to it! (most of “pulling off a look” is in the confidence anyways!) i’ve also accessorized the look a bit with some red braces (suspenders). the light color of the red goes well with the light blue of the stripes of the shirt in my humble opinion. (then again i’m partially colorblind so maybe check a color wheel or something?)

to give this a smart look i’ve rolled my sleeves up in the “j.crew” or “italian” or whatever way you’d like to call it. It looks especially nice with shirts like this with a different color or pattern on the inside of the shirt cuffs. to do this just pull the sleeve back like you would a regular cuff, but pull it up past the elbow. then bring the bottom of the sleeve up to the cuff. you can do these very clean or a little messy with the flaps kinda hanging out there. since i’m trying to dress this down a bit, i left the shirt upbuttoned a bit and opted for a bit of a sloppy cuff job.

below i have my torn jeans. these have just straight cuts across the knees that are dope. These jeans work really well for this look for a few reasons. firstly, because the cut in the knee is relatively clean, when standing straight up you can barely tell the jeans have a cut there, but you can clearly see the wholes when a leg is bent. secondly, the rest of the jean is blemish free and otherwise still very classy looking so it ties into the rest of the outfit well.

i’ve got some sunnies hanging on the shirt to really punctuate the look and of course the classic black vans on the souls (i SWEAR i own many many shoes that aren’t black vans. you’ll see!)

-nik hampshire

pants: diesel
shirt: diesel
vest: express
glasses: hawkers
braces: merc

GM Pluto HUGE Lucaya hint

So, when everyone leaves for Maya to put her item in the time capsule, she says that signature line: hope is for suckers.

Now here is the major hint. In the background, there is a guy in a blue plaid shirt, VERY similar to the one Lucas is wearing in the first half of the episode:

Also, Maya is wearing a red plaid shirt, which is clearly a feminine take on the red plaid shirt Lucas wears in GM Texas 2 when this happens:

And the fact that she says “hope is for suckers” and then her hope leads to this SHOWS a damn lot.

OUACS EPISODE 9: Top Killian Jones Moments
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You guys waited patiently, and here it is! Our 2 HOUR  Killian Jones appreciation ep! 

Next week, get your rum ready, because are doing a CS Throwback to the CS Movie! (and yes, we will be drinking) 

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