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This is Otaku Senpai, and his full name: Kouki-senpai! He is usually found hanging around the best spots for reading in Ikemen, often by windows accompanied by streams of sunlight, leading to him looking very classy and picturesque - but anyone who knows him can tell you that’s a different story.

His birthday is March 7th, and his height is 170 cm/5′7″. He usually has his nose buried in a manga or is on his phone watching the latest simlucast. Sometimes, you’ll find him watching it on the TV in your café as well, or on the black sofa enjoying his books and a cup of coffee.

His note is scribbled on the back of a receipt for the local comics store, asking you if you would like to spend a day watching a few new anime seasons with him. In his first CG, you are jogging through the school halls when you accidentally run into him, causing him to drop all his bag and manga. Instantly, you move to help him collect everything, and he’s looking at you with wide eyes, grateful that you are helping him, and asking what you’re doing at an all-boys school. You explain that you work in the café, and he says that he has to visit at some point. For his second CG, he confesses that he fell for you as you always brought him coffee and allowed him to rant about his favorite characters and books, never once judging him for it. He then asks if you would like to get together sometime to attend a convention with him.

Kouki is a pretty mellow guy, seemingly into just having a quiet day and read. But if you get him going, he changes completely, his eyes lighting up as he drops facts like nobody’s business about all the anime and manga he’s ever read. Often a critique, he never means to appear semi-standoffish at times. He has younger siblings that often ask him about his favorite manga and anime, (which are usually slice of life and romance genres, but he’s down for anything) and his siblings in return often make up his hair to resemble the characters that he shows them. He is also an amateur cosplayer and artist, and pulls all-nighters watching anime.

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Cinder 5D00-0044-3006 by @mayor-mayumi

The two fountains that greet you when you wake up in this town are really impressive. It’s very picturesque with the lit arch just beyond and the town was saved with the most perfectly slivered moon and a few lingering clouds. Wow. Talk about a mood setter. 

I took my character Yin to Cinder and really liked the witchy house and the garden room. The cat figurine is creepy in the witch room, but awesome as well. I took a million photos of it getting all the expressions. 

The beach was really nice and the paths in town were easy to walk through. There were lots of nice photo-op areas of town, especially the town tree next to the house. I liked the use of different flowers throughout and all the little stumps to sit on made the town feel very inviting to literally just sit and chill for a while. 


Spirited Away to Jiufen.

Jiufen (Pronounced Jo-fn) is a small town northeast of Taipei, formerly a gold-mining town during Japanese occupation. It’s become a popular tourist attraction due to its bustling “old street” market and unique cliffside architecture. The market stalls, winding streets and narrow alleyways directly inspired Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. While the market itself was crowded with tourists, the many residential sidestreets were very peaceful and picturesque. It’s quite the enchanting place!

Just a few of the many photos I took on a recent trip to northern Taiwan. I’ve been really enjoying street/travel photography lately - it’s a great way to explore, study lighting, people-watch, find the little details hidden in the world, and to practice composition on the fly. I’ll be posting more photosets from the trip here on my tumblr over the next two weeks!

“The Wainuiomata coast near Wellington, New Zealand is rugged and exposed, but also very picturesque. On a perfectly clear night in March, I hiked the 3.5km with my camera gear out to Baring Head, where I set up overlooking the beach and the Wainuiomata River. The Milky Way was stunning this night as it rose towards the east, and the sky was tinted green with air glow as the distant galaxies of the Magellanic Clouds hovered above.

This image is a panorama made up of 24 images stitched together, and was shot on a Epic Gigapan Pro panoramic head. Each image had an exposure time of 25 seconds at f/2.8 ISO 6400, and was shot on a Canon 6d with a 24mm focal length.

The Art of Night - The Photography of Mark Gee”

Zoe waved at her co-workers goodbye before she went off to wander around the beach. As much as she loved working with the models and all the lovely clothes Vogue, the young brunette wanted to venture off to find natural subjects. Scouting around the sparsely populated sand, Zoe pulled her soft chambray jacket tighter. The evening ocean breeze was colder than she’d expected, and she had packed far too light for a photoshoot in the fall. She had the summer in mind when her boss said it’d be a beach location. Regardless of the cool air, Zoe ventured on and hummed a tune to herself, occasionally lifting her camera to take a shot.

In her camera, she spied a lone figure by the edge of the ocean–where the water rolled in and almost touched his foot, but not quite. The foam was so close every time but it never touched his feet. Curious, Zoe tilted her head before walking over to him. Though the sun was shining in the perfect intensity–not too bright but not too cloudy, and the setting was so peacefully beautiful, there was a dark and gloomy aura around the man she studied so intently. Finally getting close enough to really study his face, Zoe noted how handsome he was. She itched to take a photograph of him up close. She wanted to study him and learn everything about his mysterious and reclusive nature.

“Hello!” she called out, about a couple of meters away from him. “I’m Zoe Venice. I work with Vogue. I was wondering if I could take a photograph of you?” Beaming at him, for she’d finally found an interesting subject during her quiet adventure on the shore, Zoe stuck her hand out for him to shake.


19th April 2016 

Yesterday, we handed in our third year dissertations for the English Tripos! AH - 20% of my degree is now FINISHED. 

In celebration, I extended my 22nd birthday celebrations, and invited lots of friends to one of my favourite pubs in Cambridge, The Anchor. It’s just on the river which makes for a very picturesque scene. 

Although we all thought we’d have a rush of adrenaline after hand-in, in reality we were all so drained and exhausted, but it was so lovely to spend the afternoon all together with friends instead of alone & confused as to what to do next haha (handing in the dissertation made for slightly existential feelings, which I wasn’t expecting. I’ll probably write a more extended post on this later). 

After one too many G&T’s we went for food & then I came back and fell asleep way too early to be classed as ‘cool’. Woke up this morning feeling a lot more refreshed, went to the gym, had some breakfast, and I’m now about to start my revision. My first exam begins in exactly a month (19th May), so I had better get started (!) 

- Sarah 


Nice, France

Nice was nice - I really don’t know how else I should put it. There are a lot of things that I loved about this place. It’s expensive to visit Nice when you’re coming from the north of France, like Paris; so we decided to have a Nice-Monaco weekend trip when we paid a visit to some of our friends in Toulouse, a French province at the South of France near Lourdes, Bordeaux, and a couple of hours away from Barcelona.

A lot of people say that there’s not much to do in Nice, and I somehow agree. There weren’t a lot of activities for tourists to indulge in, but there were a lot of great sights to see. Having been 3 months into the cold weather, being near the sea, sand, and sun was a blessing, and something we all enjoyed. The color palette of the city was also very warm and picturesque; each street building to the wonder of the place.


He can’t really say he’s done this before, but it seems very picturesque, straight out of a movie. It’s a nice little picnic, surrounded by wildflowers. “C’mere,” he beckons, crooking his finger at the other with a playful smile. Once they’re close enough, he steals a kiss to their lips and places a flower crown on their head. “Perfect.”