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In The Witching Hour

The main doors opened and Kylo Ren stormed onto the bridge, six minutes earlier than Hux had expected. He’d clearly been running but now he’d slowed to a fast stride. The helmet was removed as he reached the aisle between the crew pits. The navigational crew ducked as he casually threw it down, missing the deck and hitting several consoles instead.

Hux turned to face him as Ren stepped into his personal space. One huge gloved hand swept up to wrap around the back of the General’s neck, ruffling the short red hair there. The other splayed across Hux’ stomach to one side of his abs. Breathing heavily Kylo bent slightly to rest his forehead against Hux’ own.

The entire bridge was silent but for the Knight’s breathing for long indeterminable seconds. Just as Hux began to fear the worst, Kylo’s face split into that rare toothy grin.

I am so so grateful to @m-oarts for drawing this commission for me, this is my favourite series I’ve ever written and I’ve been trying to get a picture of Hux with his bump ever since I wrote it. @m-oarts is a delight to work with and I highly recommend commissioning her :)

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hi! i saw the list of fics you just posted and i was wondering if you had any fic recs yourself? i just really really want a (WELL WRITTEN) complete not-OOC canon/canon divergence zutara fic but i'm new to zutara fic and i have no idea where to start

Hello there!!

First of all, welcome to our ship and to our community! I hope your time with us is amazing (^___^)

I’m not sure if I’m going to be of any help because what I consider not-OOC might be very OOC for you, mainly  b/c I have a very romanticized view of these two.  Also, because I’m very old school with my fics and tbh RL keeps me from reading most new fics out there. So if you can’t find anything you like in my list, be sure to browse our  fanfic tag.

My go-to-for-a-quick-fix are these short yet sweet, straight to the dynamics of what I picture their relationship/interaction to be- fics are: 

Love Story || by: lynny17 (drabble collection->parts: 1-25| 26-50 | 51-75 |76-82) Do yourself a favor and go read it. Right.Now.

We are caught between “thank you” and “goodbye” || by: Rabidline 

In The Same Candlelight | by: Like A Dove

In the Winter Light  by ManonLeChat

some head-cannon drabbles: 01 

The rest of my rec list is here. You can find chapter fics there. I haven’t read some of those in a while tho so don’t judge me too harshly! 

Other rec list can be found in the Directory 

The motorcycle photos JLM has been posting on instagram reminded me of part of an early fic where I had Sherlock and Joan on a motorcycle - so here ya go, shameless nod to self, a piece of Chapter Six from “The Tree”

Chapter Six

The message said to meet him in front of the house at 5:00, to wear trousers and bring a jacket. Yes, she allowed him, sometimes, to pick out her clothes in the morning, but this was new. Probably case related she supposed as she stood waiting for him in her black pants. Neither she nor Sherlock had said a word about her earlier text, confirming her decision to move forward towards a more intimate relationship. To be honest, they had not talked at all. Joan was apprehensive, wondering how this would change their working relationship. Just greeting each other had the potential of being awkward and stressful.

Traffic around the brownstone was picking up as rush hour approached but through the usual din, a low guttural growl caught her attention.

A huge deep blue and silver motorcycle thundered down the street. It’s driver’s metallic indigo helmet glinted in the sun as it came to a roaring stop in front the brownstone. Instantly she recognized the driver. Joan’s mouth dropped open a bit in surprise. He took off the helmet and gave her his best punk rebel sneer, “Hop on, Watson!”

Joan looked at him in shock, walking towards the metallic monster. “Sherlock, what the hell are you doing! Are you even licensed to drive that thing? Where did you get it?”

Being not quite the reaction Sherlock expected, the wind was knocked out of his bravado. He stared at her for a second and answered her questions in a normal tone, “It belongs to Alfredo, he’s letting us use it. And of course I’m licensed. I am licensed to operate a wide range of vehicles and machinery.” He gave her a tight lipped tilt of his head. “Now, come on, then.”

Incredulously she stared at him, and she got closer, “No. Motorcycles are not a safe means of transportation. When I worked the ER, do you know how many …”

“Watson, Watson …” he cut her off, “I know what I’m doing, I would never place you in danger …”

Joan stared down at him about to enumerate all the times he had placed her in danger.

“Let me rephrase that, I would never knowingly and carelessly place you in danger. … Trust me.” His voice was taking on a more personal, softer quality. He reached towards her and tugged her open jacket closed letting his hand stay just a second longer than necessary, his eyes locked to hers.

She should be stronger than to fall for his sorry puppy eyes. The corners of her lips twitched up slightly as she gave in. It would be fun to just let reason go and ride. “Oh, alright, but no antics.”

He beamed and handed her the extra helmet. She held onto his shoulder as she swung a leg over the seat. Watson straddled up close behind him and held on tight to his waist causing Sherlock to instinctively lean back into her just a bit and enjoy the moment before he brought the engine beneath them to life.

Elation swept through both as they picked up speed, the world rushed past them. In all her questioning of Sherlock, Joan had forgotten the most important question to ask, “Where are we going?” All she knew at this point was they were headed towards the east.

-:- -:- -:-

Figurehead (GW, Relena)

I started a sketch of Relena back in February but left it aside and forgot all about it until today. Quite like how the colours turned out for this one, the kind of milky morning light that brings out silk and porcelain and defiant looks *chuckle*

More self-indulgent comments below the cut.

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I found a wonderful blog called musicalluna and they wrote a several part fic called Kidding Around where all the avengers (except Tony) get turned into little kids
There’s a scene from part two that I just couldn’t get out of my head where Steve drops a plate and Clint immediately offers to take the blame so I finally sat down and put it on paper
I would put a link to the fic but I’m on mobile and I don’t know how to do that but I encourage everyone to check out musicalluna. Their writing is absolutely fantastic and I’ll more than likely be drawing more stuff from it in the future

Lotr fic Rec

Tired of cliche Mary Sue falls into Middle Earth fics?
Love the elves of Imladris and or Mirkwood?
Do you like dogs?

Well I have a fanfic rec for you!!

Both Fang and Fire » by Erestor

“A dog falls into MiddleEarth instead of her beautiful, but stupid, owner. She meets the obnoxiously charming Glorfindel and becomes involved in the happenings at Rivendell. ”

This is a really cute story written in an interesting narrative style from the perspective of a German Shepard who escapes her Mary Sue owner and ends up in middle earth, it includes an excellent look at the nuances of Glorfindel, Erestor, and Legolas and many others.
It’s got a lovely character arc of the dog warming up to various elves and meeting animal friends.
Features Glorfindel as an actual Disney princess™ who can mentally talk to animals and uses that very well in the fic.

***warning for minor animal death that, while sad, isn’t graphic or severely heartbreaking ***
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo | Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 7 is up!

Wherein everything is bad, and then everything gets significantly worse.


Hi! You might know about my interesting hobby, but if you don’t, I love to write smut! Would you like me to narrate a filthy hookup with your favorite space granddaddy? You want to indulge in some gross kinks?

It doesn’t all have to be sexy! Though smut is my main brand, I’m more than happy to write fluff or general adventure or whatever - the Possibilities Are Endless®

You may find examples of my writing under the tag commissions and many more under my fic (note: there are very old fics in there! Just an FYI).

I charge at a rate of 2¢ per word up to 1,000 words.

After 1,000 words is reached, I charge $1.25 per 100 words, or .0125¢ per word.

Why do I charge this way? I’m providing a unique service in which I cater to some very unsavory subject matter! I can be contacted through my tumblr - please DM me for inquiries! :)

More details under the cut!

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could you please rec some drarry fics? whatever ones you liked that come to mind :) i haven't read drarry in years



Okay so here’s some stuff (this is the “super recommended for everyone” list):

  • Beneath Boundless Skies - probs one of my absolutely fav fanfictions ever and, sad as it is, the sole cause of my life dream to live in australia for a bit. (It’s been 2 years. Life dream as persistent as ever. It’s a disaster.) Also contains the funniest line in a fanfiction I’ve ever read (Jon looked across the fire at Malfoy. “Seriously, Hannah, that’s the whitest whitefella I’ve ever seen,” he said, voice carrying.) but idk that’s probably my weird sense of humor. A really fun, but at times sad, fic. Fic summary: drarry + 8th year in australia. You can’t say no to that.
  • Said and Unsaid (or, The Value of Knowing When to Stop Talking) - from what I remember, this was just a really quality fic. I do remember that I read it all in one go, so it must have been good. Like the above - 8th year. Fic summary: (if I remember correctly) Draco decides to be sensible and keep his mouth shut for once. This greatly bothers Harry.
  • Amelioration - I know it’s April but there’s never a bad time for a drarry christmas fic. Really, there just isn’t. Fic summary: a christmas decoration contest. Between the houses. The ensuing chaos. Short, but really funny and witty.
  • Secrets - Long. Like 400k long. But so worth it. Fic summary: imagine the deathly hallows with drarry. With cute little drarry!family and everything. Such feels. I don’t even know how to sum it any other way because it’s so long and detailed. But comes really, really highly recommended.
  • Zero to Hero - yes, just yes. Fic summary: everyone is forced into a muggle play for muggle studies. I cannot tell you enough how funny this fic is. Blaise is priceless. Brilliant for any day when you want to regain faith in life.
  • Lonely Moon - EVERYONE EVER SHOULD READ THIS FIC. Fic summary: Harry comes back to Hogwarts to teach. Scorpius is a brilliant, lovable, dreamingly well-written little shit. His father is equally surprising. Teddy is also a little shit. Kid fic done well. Expect family feels. Just a really adorable fic with brilliant characterisations. Read this fic. You will not regret it. I promise.
  • Transfigurations - a very old fic, one of the first ones I ever read, and it was so good that it stuck out in my memory. What you’d call a ‘classic’, in my humble opinion. Fic summary: Harry comes to help re-open Hogwarts, which Voldemort has left a bunch of nasty presents in. Guess who’s also back. (*Eminem’s Without Me playing in the background.*)

Personals (appeal to me but may not be for everybody):

  • The Silent Auror - my favourite fanfiction ever. Fic summary: Harry is blind. But that’s okay. This fic was inspired by what happens to be one of my favourite fanarts also:

    It’s a very short fic, but I have been quite inexplicably in love with it for a few years now. Please take a moment to read it.

  • Let me have you and I’ll let you save me - second favourite fic. Six thousand words of richly detailed, poetic drarry character study. Simply fantastic. Fic summary: (using the author’s summary) Draco keeps coming back, and Harry keeps letting him. Draco can’t stay away, and Harry can’t live without him. Frayach is a vastly talented writer. However, her work tends to be quite dark and mature. Not mature in a sexual nature (although that too), but rather that which is uncomfortably real, honest and thought provoking. Some of Frayach’s fics stayed on my mind for months. This is a really great fic. If nothing else on this list, read this. Be warned of some of her other fics though - she doesn’t fuck around with her warnings; they can be darker/more sexually graphic than many people would go for. If you like to be depressed though, read The March Potion.
  • On Gryffindor’s sword - Fic summary: crack!smut. I can’t not rec a fic that has a dinosaur in it.
  • The Waters of March - I can’t have a list without this fic on it, just because it was one of my first favourites. It just feels wrong, like forgetting one of your children at the supermarket, yanno? Fic summary: Draco now lives on the spell-damaged ward of St. Mungo’s. Harry can’t help visiting. Also, cream knee-high leather boots are a thing.

And if all that fails, or if you just want more, there’s always the classics and BNFs

  • I read Drop Dead Gorgeous by Maya (same one who penned Underwater Light - link is to a pdf of her complete works; she took all her stuff off the internet after she went pro) the other day and I forgot how technically proficient she was. Her plots are actually exciting, funny and not-predictable. Perfect if you like fanon/leatherpants!Draco, which sadly, is not to my taste (I’m that kind of sick person who, most of the time, likes their Draco Malfoy to be unpleasant and at least a tad cynical and sarcastic, on his high horse - you get the idea), but even so I really enjoyed reading this, which is saying something.
  • This list has already featured three works by Cheryl Dyson, but given that she’s penned 119 other works with a total of nearly 2 million words (like twice the Harry Potter series), it’s sort of excusable to rec her some more
  • Sara Holmes (author of State of Mind, Mental, Get Some)
  • Sara’s Girl (author of Turn (you know, the AU epic, the fic that people loved so much they got tattoos of it, that thing - nothing special, obviously…), Reparations/Foundations, Salt on the western wind) - also, is the key to success in this fandom to have ‘Sara’ in your writer’s name?
  • Friend like me by LadyVader, because everyone loves/cries over it. For good reason.

I feel like I better stop this list here before it gets truly out of control. I hope you enjoy reading some of these fics. If your heart still yearns for more, I have more and I will rec you more. I got fic flowing out of my ears. As ever, the drarry library is your best friend. Though they are inactive now, their archives are extensive.

Enjoy, my lovely!!!!!!!!

Fanfiction Master Post

Ok so I think I should make me one of these now. I think more than anything it’ll help me! Lol. But I’d love it if you could check out anything you haven’t read before. If you want to I mean.

I’ve written whether they’re a one shot or multi-chapters, which universe they’re set in (if it doesn’t say, it’s cos I guess it’ll fit anywhere), whether I’ve finished writing them and whether they’ve been uploaded yet, because I will upload them all, even my old crappy stuff I wrote when I was a teenager! It’s also arranged in alphabetical order, not chronological or written order or anything.

I also think this is beginning to reach the stage where it needs a cut because it’s getting kinda long.

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jen’s padmé amidala/anakin skywalker fic recs

padmé amidala/anakin skywalker

  • Lights in the Valley Outshine the Sun by Elizabeth7 [What would happen if Padme survived and Darth Vader finds out?]
  • pocket full of sand by philthestone [“I’m Leia Skywalker,” she says, and there is something unfathomably life-changing about that little declaration. “We’re here to rescue you!”]
  • Meet the Skywalkers by LVB [ Anakin and his family are meeting up for their weekend away at their Naboo lake retreat. What happens when his 18 year old daughter brings home an unwanted guest?]
  • Father of the Bride by LVB [Anakin Skywalker and family are invited to Alderaan for an announcement. What happens when the announcement involves wedding bells and a mystery groom?]
  • Assassin by TheRealThing [After the death of QuiGon Jinn, Anakin is adopted by Palpatine and raised to be his right hand. When Palpatine orders his young protege to assassinate the Senator of Naboo, who he suspects of treason, what will Anakin do?]

    For the brightest witch of your age, you are a foolish girl.
    Can you hear your heart? It beats like a bird’s. You can feel it pulse in your wrists and your neck and your chest. You’re frightened. There’s an incredible, intense agony in your head, something more marvellous than you could ever imagine.
    You have a right to be scared.
    The air burns around you. The molten silver binds you. The precious stones melt and leak into your mind like liquid, shimmering poison. Wit beyond measure is what you always wanted. Perhaps you didn’t anticipate how painful it would be.
    It was easy enough to come here when the library failed you. It was easy enough to stop on the seventh floor after dinner with quills and fresh parchment, a borrowed map in your hand and a phrase etched in your thoughts. I need to know what Horcruxes are.
    The room always provides.

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fic: a hot drink and a Rose cuddle

Ten/Rose; The Doctor is ill. He wouldn’t mind, if only Rose would look after him.

“Last of the Time Lords? Oncoming Storm?” she reminded him. “And you’re making all this fuss over nothing! I’d’ve thought you’d try and ignore it, pretend someone else is sneezing every ten seconds. But you genuinely are just feeling terribly sorry for yourself, aren’t you?”

He growled at her. “Rose! I’m not making a fuss about nothing!”

“It’s just a cold, Doctor,” Rose sighed.

“It bloody isn’t!” he protested, sniffing despondently. “I’m dying!”

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yo, there was a story that I read once on ao3 and I was wondering if you could help me find it? basically credence lived in a home for people who had violated rappaports law,, and was visited by queenie, Tina, Jacob and graves

i am really sorry anon, ao3′s searching capabilities suck, and the only thing i found by looking under credence’s name with just ‘rappaport(’s) law’ was a very old fic from jan, that has nothing of the elements you mention. 

if anyone recognizes this plot, please comment. 

anonymous asked:

I would love to see a fic rec complication done by you, regardless of fandom or ship, I just want to see what writings can inspire someone who writes such amazing stories!!! (I know you like Esselley and someonestolemyshoe, I love them too, but I need more!)

I have actually done a few small rec lists which are in my “fic rec” tag, if anyone wants to search through what I’ve been reading and enjoying! There’s also my bookmarks on AO3 (which I just updated a bit, since I’m really forgetful about bookmarking…. I’m getting better).

I think HQ fandom has some of the best fics I’ve read, but there’s a general list of authors that consistently make me feel like I have a really long way to go in terms of prose and character writing and, often, emotional smut – all that good stuff. So besides my constants, Ellie and someonestolemyshoes, they are:

bigspoonnoya (if you haven’t read where the night goes … just open it now)

I’m mainly talking about KageHina fics by these authors, because they’re the people who made me want to write the pairing in the first place. I’m sure a lot of people have read a lot or all of their fics, but that’s for a reason (they’re all very good lol). So if you’ve not gotten a chance yet… what are you waiting for! Go!

Also, while these are my Formative KageHina Influences, I try to check the tag and the AO3 feed and stuff for new fics regularly. I’ll reblog ‘em here if I see them on Tumblr, but I’m gonna try to be way better about adding them to my bookmarks, too, so… keep an eye out!

And… since you mentioned any fandom/ship, one of my earliest fic reading memories is of the fic After the End, a now very old fic from the heyday of Harry Potter fandom. It’s always stuck with me, and is another one that made me really just happy to be in a fandom, and able to read something that I liked so much. 

nobodys-baby-now  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

This is an interesting ask. :) Thank you, hun. Not all of these fics are on AO3, but are very old fics that I wrote and never uploaded anywhere. 

<a href=“”>’Together’</a> - The Hobbit fandom. Thorin x OC and Kili x Tauriel. Leah keeps having dreams of a dying dwarf king and he will not disappear from her thoughts. Thorin finds himself in our world, reincarnated, but only has three days to find Leah, help her re-gain her lost memories, and persuade her to go back to Middle-earth with him so they can rule Erebor together. However, an old enemy and Dain Ironfoot stand in Thorin’s way. As Leah begins learning more about her reasons for coming to Middle-earth, her fear of the future and unknown begin to rise. Will the future she is holding on to so tightly come to pass?

<a href=“”>’Lady Prince’</a> - 3:10 to Yuma fandom. Charlie Prince x OC. Rachel has a trick played on her by a group of friends who perform a spell. She finds herself back in time, in Arizona in 1887 to be exact. Rachel is picked up by outlaw Charlie Prince, and as they say, the rest is history.

<a href=“”>’More Than Enough’</a> - The Hobbit fandom. Thorin x reader/Thorin x you. Request. You have been married to Thorin for two years, and slowly you have fallen into depression, feeling unworthy of Thorin’s love and your position as Queen. But when Thorin notices how distant you are, it is apparent that you really are more than enough for him.

Twisted Minds and Wicked Games’ (no link as never posted online) - Labyrinth and Lord of the Rings crossover. - Jareth x Sarah, Legolas x OC. This fic was written YEARS ago, but I absolutely loved it. Jareth and Thranduil are brothers. When Jareth calls upon Thranduil for help, Jareth’s servant meets Legolas and they form a romance. But the girl’s ex lover, Tristan, will not let her go so easily. 

<a href=“”>’Be Brave’</a> - Real life person fic. Richard Armitage x OC, Tom Hiddleston x OC. Richard Armitage is currently performing The Crucible in London at The Old Vic Theatre. His friend, Tom Hiddleston, is dating a woman named Lara, but her best friend, Amy, is someone that Richard has started finding himself very attracted to. Her boyfriend is a manipulative ar*e and Richard only wants to comfort Amy in her time of need, but has fallen in love with her. Scared for her safety, Richard insists she spend the night with him in his hotel. (Excerpt from old fic which was written with a friend but never completed. I’ve now started another Richard x Amy fic with another friend but this hasn’t been posted yet and involves Richard’s time filming The Hobbit)

Thank you for the ask, hun!!! Excuse the links and how they’ve come out. I’m terrible with HTML, but you can still follow them.