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Liam threw sooooo much shade at Cheryl on todays interview, have you seen it? "She's very critical" "we have very odd tastes in music" "she says no to the music i like and i *have* to listen" "she's a harsh judge". He sounds like she is his mum, lmao.

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Lol.  Yeah I saw it.   I dunno about ‘shade’ but he doesn’t exactly paint her in the most positive of lights.    +

‘We have very odd tastes in music - I just love music in general and she’s like no’ (i’ve cut that slightly but even with the extra words it does no favours)

I dunno, to me there’s no real tenderness or anything there but then again in an interview why would he - it definitely sounds more mum like sometimes but it’s sounded like that in a lot of interviews anyway, remember when he said that her instagram was boring?  

im too tired rn to write a fully thought out post about it but i feel the need to put out there that i find the notion that big mom thinking pudding’s third eye is creepy is ridiculous… be ridiculous tbh

this is the person who has murdered her own kids, who consistently beats up one of them for looking like another one she hates, who claims to love all species but hates giants, who has a very odd and particular taste in things (like brook, for instance).  big mom is a hypocrite and an asshole and operates entirely on whim and personal taste.  i think it’s completely believable that she’d dislike pudding’s third eye.

not to mention i’ve seen the notion tossed around that there was no foreshadowing to she/pudding not liking pudding’s third eye, but that’s….simply not true.  the whole assassination plan was based around pudding and big mom thinking pudding’s third eye is ugly and monstrous, since they intended to shock sanji with how “hideous” it is.

so yeah.  idk.  im not a fan of the twist myself but i don’t think big mom disliking pudding’s eye is at all ooc, nor do i think any of this came out of nowhere.


“First Year Founders”

The First Year Founders was a little idea I had a long time ago of the founders of Hogwarts as first year students or just students in general. Every now and then I like to draw them in my style. :)

:::Character descriptions:::

Please keep in mind that these are my versions of the characters, and I made them up for fun lol.

Helga: The person I think would be the “main character” if there was a story. She is a pacifist, and is a cheerful and active person (I imagine her to have quite a bit of muscle, so she is stronger than she looks!) She treasures her friends very much and will do anything to protect them.

Godric: The first to reach out to Helga in school. He and Helga have a lot in common. They play Quidditch, are active and are very cheerful. When they are together they can be really loud and obnoxious. However, Godric has the tendency to not listen which causes him to go too far with his antics. He enjoys engaging in activities that gives him an adrenaline rush. 

Rowena: She sits next to Helga in class, but does not engage in conversation upon their first meeting. She is the type that seems to have a very “fierce look” on her face, when really, it’s just her face when she’s relaxed. She does not trust people very much and prefers to be in solitude. However, she does keep her best friends close and treasures them very much. I imagined her to be quite old-fashioned with very odd and funny tastes in things. 

Salazar: At first, he and Rowena did not get along well. He became very jealous because she would always succeed in anything he would do with less effort. He makes friends with those who seem useful to him, but later learns where his trusts lie. He has a glimmer in his eye whenever he sees something he wants and will try his hardest to get it. Everyday, he is seen doing something new. 

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Stan is cute

Dear Anon, there has never been a truer statement made in my askbox.

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Rules: List the last 10 songs you’ve been listening to, and tag people to do the same! (I have a very odd taste in music don’t @ me)

1.) Wolves by Selena Gomez

2.) Flicker by Niall Horan

3.) Ghost by ZZ Ward

4.) Cry For You by Lecrae and Taylor Hill

5.) What ifs by Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina

6.) Location by Khalid

7.) Something Sweet by Madison Beer

8.) Waiting For The Tide by Cody Simpson & The Tide

9.) Mess is Mine by Vance Joy

10.) Like That by Bea Miller

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Humans have very odd tastes. They think their music is beautiful. They are wrong. It is awful. All of it. And they completely ignore their greatest accomplishments: the cinnamon bun, the Snickers bar, the hot pepper, and the refreshing beverage called vinegar.
—  Ax, Book #8: The Alien, pg. 81 (by K.A. Applegate)
Tofu Tips

My parents used to run an Asian grocery, and one of the biggest questions that came up were how to store tofu after opening. The following is what we would tell people that don’t eat all of the opened tofu immediately or within a 2-3 days of opening. To ensure that tofu stays fresh as long as possible, any tofu you do not use immediately should be submerged in fresh cold water in an air-tight container and refrigerated. This water needs to be changed daily if you want it to last more than a few days. It’s kind of a pain to do, but it really does help extend it’s freshness. Every day would be ideal, but every other day is okay, too. There is no need to rinse the tofu each time you change the water. Just strain it out and submerge it in fresh water.

Most of the time, restaurants and dining halls that offer tofu don’t change the water it’s stored in after opening (some will even leave it open to air), and their tofu ends up having a very odd taste or spoils quickly. Do not let this turn you away from the glory that is tofu! Even tofu past the expiration date is not necessarily bad. The best way to tell if tofu has gone bad in unopened packages is to inspect the package. Like metal cans, if the plastic containers have expanded and look like they may burst, they have most likely gone bad. Another indicator is to see how much air is in the package. Some tofu brand packages, such as Pulmuone or House, have a clear covers. If you can look inside and there is more air than a few small bubbles, you should probably stay away from it. And of course, smell and taste tests are the best final quality checks you can do. Bad tofu will have a sour smell and an odd rancid taste. And if you buy tofu that is close to the expiration date or even past but still okay, the best thing you can probably do is drain it of the packaged water and submerge it in fresh water.