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The Water Man
by France Prešeren

Though long for its beauties Ljubljana was known,
Than Urška there never was any more fair,
No maidens, no women were known anywhere
In flow’ring allurement with her to compare. –
The star of the morning midst stars is most bright:
So also did Urška midst girls most delight.

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this is really hypocritical but im not really very nice In real Life so i cant be friends with girls who also arent nice. nothing against them i think they should be as they are but we can’t be in the same friend group or circle because we’ll hate each other. like somebody here has to be kinda nice and it’s probably not gonna be me

hi!!! i’ve seen lots of posts going around about how being a studyblr only means to have cute and expensive stationery and i know that lots of you don’t want or can’t spend that much money on stationery and i thought that doing your own stuff is waaaaay more fun and cheaper than buying it!!! (and it’s so original! no one will have the same notebook as you!) picture from here


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Hi! So I finished the Music Moguls series. As you said it really is kind of scary (like the stuff about Sharon Osbourne's father - I had no idea) but so interesting! Feel like I've used my free time before starting my internship very wisely :) Luckily for me I'm new and not very emotionally invested (though it's starting to creep up) & I am so far mostly fascinated by what's happening with 1D but also genuinely disgusted by some of the stuff that's been happening I mean I never paid much (1/3)

(2/3) attention to the mechanics of Celeb PR as I’m more interested in CorpComm & stuff, but the Myth Maker’s ep.. HOLY JESUS! Especially Nick Davies (the journalist) was really insightful to me, and I’ve definitely written down names of people to keep up with in the field.

(3/3) Just “PR comes in pretending to be the work of a journalist, and therefore the consumer isn’t alerted and is therefore more likely to be manipulated by” and “The reporters don’t know what’s going on, so they rely to an alarming extent to stuff being fed to them - little titbits from the PR people” gave me actual goose bumps! Thank you (and the first anon!) so so sooo much for the recommendation <3 I’ve really enjoyed it immensely

Hiii, hello you!

I’m sorry for posting this with so much delay, but I wanted to find a moment where I could properly concentrate on this, due to lack of continuous crappy stunt happenings and messy personal life.

I’m incredibly happy you appreciated and enjoyed it! As I said, the Myth Makers episode is my favorite (might be biased, obviously!) and I think you really extrapolated the essential points out of it. Sometimes the reporter is indeed aware that they’re spreading lies or inaccuracies, but they play the game. The relationship between PR and press is so very close and plays a primary role in selling a certain image (the advent of social media did make the job a little more independent, but links with regular outlets are still the main resource).

Once you learn to question what you’re told, once you start wondering why you’re meant to read something and why from a certain angle, you’re ready to break the bubble and the more you learn to discern narratives from actual events, the more you’ll be able to see truths for what they are and not for what you’re meant to interret them for someone else’s sake. It’s difficult and scary at the same time, but it’s a real eyes opening process that is valid and useful for every aspect of the public life and certainly very very valid for the entertainment industry.

my mom worked as a graphic designer for our local library (i know right) when i was growing up, and she drew these black eyed susans for a bookmark project. i loved them when i was a kid and now i’ll always have them (and her) with me!!

it’s worth noting that black eyed susans mean encouragement in victorian flower language, which is perfect for a tattoo honoring my awesome mom c:
TECH_NOIR MIX #1: "Nuclear Ashes"
Bring your hyperalloy combat chassis, microprocessors, leather jackets, & phased plasma rifles in the 40-watt range.

hi hello there friends! i spent about 1million years formatting this #80’s#goth#darkwave#industrial#acidhouse mixtape in audacity today & i think it’s rly gr8, give it a listen will ya?? or don’t, but you’d be missing out on some Quality Jams~*

mini fic prompt #22: things you said after it was over (jake/amy)

he’d put the ball in her court, in the end, because he couldn’t bear to lose her, but he couldn’t bear to make her stay and be unhappy.

she told him it wasn’t going to work, not working together, living together and getting home each evening just to have the same fight then drag their problems into the bullpen the next morning. they couldn’t keep living like that, could they?

he didn’t tell her that wasn’t what he wanted in time. the door had already clicked shut behind her when he told her to wait. he wanted to ask her what the deciding factor was. he wanted to know why she decided to pack her bags and walk this time. he wanted to know what he had done wrong. he couldn’t ask. their apartment felt too empty that night, the spaces where she’d been filled with cold silence. the silences between them had always been comfortable, curled up on the couch with her head on his shoulder. now it was too quiet for him to sleep.

the rest of the squad don’t pry too much. charles takes to bringing him home-cooked meals because he’s sure jake isn’t eating. he’s right, for the most part. jake only learns from overhearing a conversation between amy and terry that she’s staying with one of her brothers in williamsburg, crashing on his couch and still living out of her suitcase. it doesn’t seem much like her.

he wants to talk to her, tell her he wants her to come home, but he can’t find the words. amy would write out a plan, draft and redraft a speech, he thinks to himself, and maybe he cries just a little, with his head buried in her pillow. they don’t talk much at work and he tries his hardest never to be alone with her, but it’s inevitable, eventually.

it happens in the evidence lock-up, where they truly kissed for the first time, not as johnny and dora but as jake and amy. he didn’t see her get up from her desk. he tries to avoid looking at her these days. she doesn’t notice him come in, facing away from him with her hands rummaging in a box. her hair in it’s usual bun, but there are loose tendrils around the nape of her neck. jake’s lungs feel heavy. he doesn’t move, he knows he should but his limbs are granite and he’s rooted to the spot watching her.

she’s facing him, all of a sudden, and the half gasp she makes seems to reverberate around the whole room. she looks how he feels, like she might cry. he wonders who will break first. 

“listen, jake,” her voice is cracking, “i don’t want you to think any of this was your fault.”

whose fault was it then? he wants to say, but all he can manage is, “are you… happier…?”

she doesn’t reply.

jake had thought it would get better. it got better after sophia, eventually, the black hole in his chest began to shrink. after amy, his heart doesn’t even try to mend itself. she seems to be coping, but rosa finds her crying in the bathroom one wednesday afternoon and the captain sends her home. jake doesn’t ask what the matter is. he knows.

it’s weeks until holt calls him into his office and sits him down to tell him that his arrest numbers have decreased significantly. “it’s not just yours, peralta, santiago’s arrests are down too,” the captain sighs, looking at the file in front of him. 

that night jake knocks on the door of amy’s brother’s apartment. miguel santiago opens up and takes a minute to register his sister’s ex-boyfriend standing on the doorstep. jake can see that he’s considering shutting the door in his face, instead, he gestures wordlessly for him to come in.

jake is sitting on the couch when amy appears a few minutes later, wearing pyjamas and looking pale. jake hears her sharp intake of breath when she seems him but she doesn’t run. 

“look, amy,” jake runs his hand through his hair nervously, “i think we need to talk.”

she nods, sitting down beside him but still leaving a considerable distance between their bodies. it feels like miles.

“did you love me?” that’s it, done. he’s ripped the band-aid off, ready for the emotions to spill out everywhere.

she nods again. “i did, i meant it when i said i did. i still do.” 

that catches him off guard a little. “then why did you end it?”

“because sometimes that isn’t enough, jake.” he hates her saying his name, hates it and loves it at the same time as dozens of different memories come flooding back to him.

“i don’t believe that.”


“i don’t. it was enough for us. we were happy. you can’t tell me that either of us are better off now.”

“no,” she says, her voice small, “i can’t tell you that.”

“then why did you leave, amy?”

“i thought… we were fighting more than usual and i was scared, i guess. scared that i didn’t make you happy. that’s why i asked you what you wanted to do, so you could end it if you wanted.”

“but that wasn’t what i wanted?” jake throws his hands in the air, indignantly.

“i know that now.” amy explains. her body has begun to shift towards him slightly. it’s not enough.

he pulls her into him, wrapping his arms over her and letting her head rest against his shoulder. she cries then, gulping messily for air and he just keeps holding her, stroking her hair soothingly.

“i love you, ames.”

I’ve been on tumblr for about 4 months now and I still have no friends on here. I know it’s because I rarely interact with anyone. It’s just so hard for me because I want friends so badly but I can’t message or send an ask to anyone without my anxiety taking over me causing me to delete whatever it was I was about to say. So message me if you want? Even if someone does I’ll probably be kicking myself under the table every time I send a message because I’m a fucking mess.