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((Caliber? This will be fun.))

Gigit: caliber is very handsome, very nice pattering on him as well. And he’s such a sweet guy and caring dad, he’s got that package in his favor~ 9/10

Rama: pretty decent for our kind, I agree with Gigit his patterns are pretty unique, got some nice genes from his parents obviously. He’s a wee bit scrawny in the legs, he needs to work on his legs more and upper body less. 7/10

solas talking calmly for 10 minutes
solas talking calmly for 10 minutes

an audio file everybody is probably in need of (HQ download)

“Did you hear? Shawn’s supposed to be taking a year off to come to school.” Your best friend asked you as you were unpacking all of the boxes in your shared apartment.

You roll your eyes at the mention of his name. “Yeah, Jenny, I heard. Don’t have to remind me.” You mutter back. Shawn is a sore spot for you, but Jenny continuously insisted on bringing him up every chance you got.

You and Shawn dated your senior year of high school, but then he caught his big break and walked away without ever looking back. It’s not good for my image to have a girlfriend, he told you the day before he left for his big tour. You understand, right?

Except you didn’t understand. You never could understand why he didn’t want to continue your relationship, even if it were to be a secret.

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The Boy Next Door

Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by @natasha-baggins - “Hello! Could you write this au with Jason please? “You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” and Jason has a thing for the reader? Please and thank you!“

A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind hun, sorry it took so long!! I really hope you like it!

Tagging: @jadedhillon @laryssa-the-jedi


You had lived in Gotham all your life. It was dirty and crime-ridden and teeming with social problems, but it was familar and comforting and beautiful in the way only home could be. That was why when you finished school and offers came from Metropolis and Bludhaven and Jump City, you turned them all down in favour of Gotham University.

People called you crazy, but you didn’t care. It was a little too far from your neighbourhood to commute everyday so you’d still had to move, but it’s proximity to home meant that you could visit your mom as often as you liked. Which, admittedly, was often. Growing up it had just been you and your mom, and now that you were in college she was living on her own. You knew that she didn’t mind too much, but she had always been your number one confident and best friend, and you missed her company more than you would admit.

It was during one of your routine nightly phonecalls that she told you about her new neighbour. You were sitting at your new kitchen table (student standard, nothing to brag about) drinking hot cocoa in your pajamas.

“We have a new neighbour by the way,” “Oh yeah? Have you met them yet?” You drummed your fingers on the tabletop absently. It wasn’t an unusual statement, people were moving in and out of the house next door all the time. Apparently the roof leaked, and the landlord was a pain. The news didn’t exactly surprise you. “Mmhmm. I met him just this morning, even though he says he’s been living there for almost two weeks now I’ve never seen him before. He’s a very nice young man.. and handsome too,” You could hear the teasing tone in your mom’s voice, and groaned exaggeratedly.

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Sneaking//Chapter 2

Kim Mingyu

Chapter 1| Chapter 2| Chapter 3| Chapter 4

Category: Smut, Fluff

 {Word Count: 1.6k}

Description: When your parents turn out the lights, that’s when Mingyu visits. Your secret relationship is risky because your father has a burning hate for boys, especially Kim Mingyu, your next door neighbour and because of your arranged relationship with Choi Seungcheol.

Originally posted by 7teans

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Fake Boyfriend? (Request) Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Notes: Thanks for the request Anon! I hope you like it! I love hearing from all of you so request, tell me what you think! I love you all!


You, y/n (L/n) from the (L/n) family, well known for their massive wealth was a Kingsman agent. To your family you were a tailor, and they didn’t like it one bit. They always argued with you about it. Your older brother was the only one one your side.

“y/n (M/n) (L/n) why do you resent the idea of marrying that nice young man? That would let you quit that petty tailor job of yours.” Your mother said. She had recently set you up with Prince Nicolaus Stone and he was a very nice man. Handsome too, and you’ve been on a few dates with him; he was very kind and caring. But all you and Nick talked about was the person you loved. He was getting set up too, and he had fallen in love with someone of a lower social class too. See the thing is, you’re in love with Eggsy Unwin. If your parents knew. They’d have a heart attack. “Are you even listening to me?”


“I said. Should I expect you to bring someone for the dinner party on Saturday?” She said annoyed.

“Yes Mother. I have a boyfriend you know.” You said and her jaw dropped.

“Okay darling. I’ll go and tell the caterers that we’ll need one more. Oh, your father needs to hear this! (D/N)!” Your mother ran off. Shit. I need to get a boyfriend in less than three days.

-time skip-

Walking into Kingsman, you greeted the actual tailor.

“Percival, Merlin requests your presence at the mansion immediately.” He said.

“Thank you. You can tell them I’m on my way.”

“Have a nice day.”

“Thank you. You too.” You said and made your way to the mansion. That’s when the idea hit you. You could ask Eggsy to be your fake boyfriend for the party. Roxy always tells you that he can never say no to you, so why not test that theory. Stepping out of the tube, you were greeted by Merlin who briefed you on the situation. You, Roxy, and Eggsy were going to be going on a mission where you and Eggsy would be posing as a engaged couple, and Roxy was your bodyguard. Wishing you good luck, he sent you off with the two agents as you were forced to change on the plane. That proved to be a challenge, and since Roxy was flying the plane you were forced to ask Eggsy to help you into your dress.

“Eggsy! I need a little help here!” You yelled.

“What is it love?”

“You need to open the door and get in here!”

“Okay, no need to bite my head off. Now what-” Eggsy stopped talking when he saw you. You were wearing a strapless floor length gown that was a navy blue. You were holding the top close to your chest as you were having issues zipping up the dress after putting your bra on.

“Eggsy? Earth to Eggsy.” You said and snapped him out of his daze. “Could you zip me up?”

“Of course. You look beautiful y/n.”

“Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself Galahad.” You said while he zipped you up. After a pause, you got the courage to ask him something. “Hey Eggsy. Could you be my boyfriend for a night? I mean, my parents have been hounding me about finding a nice boy, and my family is having a dinner party on Saturday and I kinda lied to my mom about having a boyfriend.”

“I’ll be your boyfriend for it love. Don’t worry. But aren’t your parents like hell bent on you marrying some royalty or some other shit?”

“You’ll be fine if you wear one of your Kingsman suits. Thank you thank you thank you so much Eggsy, you don’t know how much of a lifesaver you are!” You practically cheered and kissed his cheek as you walked out of the back room of the jet. Making your way to the cockpit, you joined Roxy for a brief moment. “Your theory is right.” You said and went back to your seat as the three of you went on with the mission. It was successful and now you had to get ready for Saturday. In the blink of an eye it was that day, and throughout the week you and Eggsy were preparing your story to tell everyone. You were freaking out that your parents would see right through it, and on the other hand Eggsy was surprisingly calm about this.

“Love, everything is going to be fine.” He said holding your hand as you pulled up to your house.

“What if they-” Your statement was cut short when you parked and Eggsy turned your face to his and made you look into his eyes.

“Just remember what we agreed on and everything will be alright.” You nodded as the two of you stepped out of the car and walked up to your house. “Seriously y/n? You grew up here?”

“Yup. Hi Tom!” You greeted the butler standing by the door.

“Good evening Ms. y/n. Is this the boyfriend your mother has been going on about?”

“Probably, and she’s never met him before either. Let’s just say he’s in for a surprise.” Tom chuckled at your statement.

“Enjoy Ms. y/n.”

“You too Tom!” You replied as you and Eggsy made your way inside to the living room to greet the others. The first one who ran over to you was your little cousin Annabelle.

“Is this your husband Rachel?” She asked. Well it didn’t sound like that there was that little kid voice where they can’t enunciate everything yet. You blushed and corrected her and continued greeting the rest of your family. Your aunts and uncles kept asking questions about your relationship, and it got to the point that you were beginning to get overwhelmed. Eggsy seemed to notice this as he began to rub soothing circles on the small of your back. You looked up and smiled at him. The night continued like this, where you would start panicking and Eggsy would calm you down with a light touch.

“y/n is this the boyfriend that you never told me about?” Your mother said.

“Yes mother. This is Eggsy. Eggsy this is my mom.” You replied.

“Pleasure to meet you Mrs. (L/n).” Eggsy greeted and kissed her hand. You had never been envious of your mother about anything until just now. You wished his lips were on yours. You wanted to know how his lips moved against yours. “Right love?”


“We were just going to stop by because we’ve got an meeting in the morning. Right?”

“Oh I forgot! I’m sorry mother, but we have to go and meet with a new client early tomorrow morning.” You said and were about to say your goodbyes.

“Why don’t you just stay the night?”

“We wouldn’t be able to make it back in time. I’m sorry mom, we’ll make it up to you. I promise.” She grumbled and let the two of you leave. “Thank you Eggsy.” You hugged him. Practically jumped on him once the two of you made it back to the car. When you pulled away, the two of you looked into each other’s eyes and startled leaning in without realizing it until your lips met experimentally. Soon your lips were moving in sync with the other’s and you felt like you were in heaven. When the two of you parted you just grinned at one another and made your way back to London knowing that the kiss wasn’t a one time thing.

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Thoughts on harry shum jr?

he’s great! he’s a great actor, he’s doing wonderful things for rep (being on a female-driven show, playing a magical bisexual moc, etc), hes funny and nice and very handsome. i do think the fandom tends to….oversexualize & overstate him a little, in a backwards way of “proving” theyre “not racist,” but that’s not on him. + hes very cute on social media too!

Jean meeting the parents, pt. 2

noorasdandekar on ao3 requested part 2 to a little prompt fill I wrote recently, so here it is! Enjoy! I took some freedom to create some OCs for Jeremy’s siblings.

Also, sorry not sorry for Jeremy in crop tops all the time. Also, today I looked it up and Jean is 15 cm taller than Jeremy!!! ayyyy I love height differences. (Jeremy: 173 cm, Jean 188)

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part 1

EDIT: turns out that, yet again, I can’t manage to write short stuff. So, this will get a part three. yay xD

“You know, Ma and Da ship you and Jean.” Eliza lets her head dangle backwards over the backrest of the couch. Jeremy, who is leaning in the doorframe, watching TV over her shoulder with a can of soda in his hands, says nothing for a moment.


“They think you and tall-dark-and-handsome would be nice together. I think so too, by the way.” Eliza watches her brother’s expression go through several emotions at once, before he opens his mouth, closes it, opens it again but doesn’t say anything.

“What are we talking about?” Their oldest brother, Dylan, shoves by Jeremy and flops down on one of the armchairs, looking between his siblings expectantly.

“Nothing.”, Jeremy answers, and at the same time, Eliza replies: “Our brother’s new boyfriend.”

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