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“I’ m alright, I’m alright, I can’t feel a thing”

I tried my hand at some writing, so look under the cut for some fic!

The prompt was:It was more than food poisoning. Eugene dies. How does Jack deal? (short answer: Badly)

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  Hi, I’m making another commission post, this time as an emergency because of new complications in my household! The pricing changed and are as follows:

  • Sketchy lineart (shown here): $20 ($7 per extra character)
  • Mirror Painting: $50 ($20 per extra character, but note that they will be coming out of the same mirror unless you pay separately for each.)
  • Painted: $60 ($25 per extra character)
  • Fully painted + MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DETAILS TO YOUR LIKING: $150 ($40 per extra character)

Guidelines for my commissions:
1. I am 100% willing to draw OCs and fanart as long as you provide examples and reference sheets or pictures. Please do not provide me with R-18 refs.

2. I will NOT draw R-18 (light hearted things are fine), intensely detailed robots,  intense gore, and nudity. List may expand.

3. USD payments through Paypal only please! I will only begin your commission after you have paid.

4. Do not haggle down my prices.

5. If you are interested in commissioning me or have any questions, email me at! Thank you for reading all this! c:

Commissions closed.

voicemail (1)

my drabble for the amazing Sam’s birthday project. this is more angsty than any birthday fanfiction should be, my apologies 

917 words, gen, angst, pg-13

warning for brief mentions of gore and torture (your typical hell stuff)

soulless!sam/sam in hell

Sam washes his hands.

The bathroom is pretty small and smells kinda nasty, but he doesn’t really care, mechanically rubbing his palms together, sending the grime and mud and blood of the passing day down the drain.

Just another diner, another night, another speck on the map he doesn’t give a damn about. Another hunt came and went. He’s been awfully productive lately, even if it came at a cost of a bait or two. These people should’ve known better than to put themselves in these situations — climbing into abandoned buildings, ‘cause, hey, it might be fun and spooky to take some photos amidst the ruins, walking the bad side of the town late at night or doing other shit that gets people in horror movies killed. They should really know better. That was just your basic natural selection at work.

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