very necro

No no! Necro didn’t force me into anything! They’re really kind I swear! They just don’t.. show it the best-

I might as well explain what happened, anyways..

We used to be greater beings, made of light and able to make our own, we shared this light with other worlds helping them flourish…

Eventually, A certain dimension had greedy mortals, who forcefully took a lot more light then they actually needed, restricting our power and making us look very different

..without our light, we felt pain all over our bodies, sometimes so bad we couldn’t even move..

Necro became very frustrated with our lack of light, and our painful prism forms.. it thought that stealing light from other worlds.. and even our own small personal world would give it enough light to regain it’s true self, Necro took the light and left our dimension with little warning-

However- lunala fought against Necro when it arrived at the world with the greedy mortals, And Necro clearly won claiming her light and power for itself-

I had the foolish idea to try to chase after my sibling.. and try to convince them to stop before they did any damage, I didn’t know until it was too late-

The second I arrived at the altar of the moone, a Solgaleo was there calling out for Lunala

I guess Lunala meant a lot to him..

Solgaleo immediately turned it’s attention to me, Thinking I was here to steal light just as Necro was planning too, Solgaleo shouted at me to “ GIVE HER BACK! ” Solgaleo immediately attacked me with a sunsteel strike, I couldn’t get a word out to explain myself before getting dragged into battle!

Solgaleo easily beat me.. as I’m not quite suited for battle.. Solgaleo would of shattered me if Necro did not show up and fight back for me!

It was really a blur.. I remember Necro beating Solgaleo and telling me that I’m too weak to be alone, and I should “ take Solgaleo’s light! ”

I don’t remember anything after that, only waking up and being fused with the legendary Pokemon of the Sun! I feel .. guilty for being a parasite and a burden to it, but.. it also feels.. like I was fated to be in this form


Midget Gadget 

(of Aurora Glade, when it mattered)

I don’t know why do I even bother with legendaries on an engineer after my Quip fiasco on her.

(Why don’t the footsteps show in kits, so many years later, still?! My necro is very happy with the Minstrel, but Midget has been crying for confetti and daisies long before my necro was born!)…

…but Midget Gadget’s always been my main and a flamethrower a weapon of her choice…so - her nr. 2, the Juggernaut, is almost finished!

All that remains is a question: Why no footsteps for kitted engineers, ArenaNet?

askthespartzter-older  asked:

Exedo was near Necrophobia, this time his aura felt dark. But it was worse than Boogeyman's.

(I have a feeling this won’t end well for the skeleton)

Necro (as odd as it is) was in a good mood, moving what appeared to be a convoy of shades towards bogey’s castle. They motioned for the shades to stop, sensing the now darkness aura 'This is bad, very, very bad…’ Necro thought to themself as they looked around franticly for whoever was nearby, shortly spotting exedo.. and they stared, stunned in fear.