very much not a gpoy

I’ve never put up a picture of me with virtually no makeup on (I have some clear gloss on in this one to explain why I said “virtually”), so here’s one my boyfriend took of me last night w/ my hair up. It now exists as the background of his phone (aw, how cute, he loves me & stuff). I’m really weird about not wearing makeup. Society makes me feel like I always have to look perfect, but I’m trying to overcome that (because it’s stupid).

I just wanted to tell you all that you’re beautiful no matter what, so get that self-confidence out from under your bed & put it back on, you’re worth it. I’m gonna sleep now, but if you wanna keep asking me questions (I’ll answer advice stuff as well because I love to help people & all that warm squishy heart stuff), then I’ll answer them when I wake up. Love love love YOU. Let me know a truth.