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Thirteen Days of Fic

Hey, everyone!

I’m sorry, I know it’s been ages, but there’s been a lot going on for me personally in the past year. I might finally be getting a handle on everything, though we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I watched Over the Garden Wall last weekend - because of course I did, I mean, I’ll probably watch it at least five more times before the month is out - and I was so inspired. Like… the memory of Wirt and Greg and everything about them just came flooding back and so I had to go a reread a bunch of stuff that I’d written to hear their voices again because of how much I missed those nerds.

They’ve been very quiet, very good because they understand that I need to focus on my own novels, but I’ve been thinking (and reading) and I feel like it would be fun to bring them back out for the rest of the month.

For the next thirteen days, I want to write a prompt a day! In the spirit of Halloween, they’re all spooky/autumnal prompts, and I’m open to doing anything. Over the Garden Wall, my novels, MBF (as best as I can on my own, lol), or other OtGW crossovers/AUs with Gravity Falls (I don’t have the confidence to really crossover with any other show). The first thirteen prompts I get from you lovely people will be the ones I fill. If I don’t get any, which I wouldn’t be surprised due to being inactive for so long, then I have a list that I’ll go off of on my own and do whatever prompts pop into my head! Either way, it should be fun!

After Halloween though, I’ll be diving into NaNoWriMo, so unfortunately I won’t be filling any other prompts past these thirteen. At least until Christmas, possibly. Anyway, this was just something I wanted to do since I feel like I have the time and the inspiration for the next thirteen days.

I’m going to post the list again on it’s own, so feel free to use it to inspire your own spooky tales for the remainder of October and beyond.

1. Spider web

2. Orange

3. Marshmallow

4. Ghost

5. Chill

6. Frankenstein

7. Harvest

8. Candy

9. Trick-or-Treat

10. Black

11. Old tree

12. Grave

13. Chains

14. Leaves

15. Werewolf

16. Candle

17. Skeleton

18. Pumpkin

19. Spell

20. Haunted House

21. Vampire

22. Hay ride

23. Witch

24. Dark

25. Chocolate

26. Sour

27. Doorbell

28. Apple

29. Scarecrow

30. Corn maze

31. Lantern

If you want to request something specific, please include:

  • The prompt
  • Which series - i.e. OtGW, Two Roads ‘verse, MBF ‘verse, original novel (They don’t have names yet, so let’s call them Magic Married, Ghost Book #1, Ghost Book #2, or Ghost Book #3 - what are they about? Well… it’s all a mystery!), OtGW/GF “insert AU or requirements here”
  • Any pairing that you’d like to see! With original novel that would most likely be Kepp/Flynt (Magic Married - can be anywhere from age 13 - 99, let’s face it, they’re probably going to live forever), Ethan/Specter (Ghost Book #1 - Ethan and Specter are 12), Tabitha/Amara (Ghost Book #2 - Tabitha and Amara are late twenties/early thirties?), or Ethan/Rob (Ghost Book #3 - mid to late twenties). I don’t know if Rob is sticking as his name, but right now the universe is telling me that it’s Rob. Those are just some guidelines though. I have plenty of other characters who aren’t in relationships at the moment that could make an appearance. You can ask for original novel and not specify any pairing just to see what comes up.

They might be spooky, or I might go in a completely different direction with the prompt. Who knows! If you don’t want to be specific, and just want to pick a prompt, that’s fine too! Just send me the prompt and if you’re one of the first thirteen, I’ll take it as an anything goes :)

Happy Halloween!

emoji review: dragon emoji

he is very very powerful. a little bit intimidating. he wants to protect the things he cares about. 10/10

he’s trying to seem scary, but really he’s just a big sweetie pie!!! he’s scared of a lot of things and tries to act extra-tough. 10/10

i’m not a fan of the outline but it’s not bad! he’s very big and strong, but he’s a little bit of a scaredy-cat. he needs a lot of love. 10/10

this one is very young and inexperienced, but he wants to be strong like all the other dragons!!! he’s still a kid, so his proportions are a little bit weird. he has a bouncy-ball that he likes to pretend is a fireball! 10/10

this one is old and wise. he talks like an anime villain and tries too hard, but he’s actually just a big nerd. 10/10

no one knows very much about this dragon; they are very very mysterious. what we do know is that instead of capturing princesses or anything like that, they protect the kingdom from enemies! 10/10

very very old and very very powerful. he’s like a dragon wizard. has a very large hoard! i would not trust him with my gold. 10/10

she is clumsy but also very friendly!! she is a very bad flyer but she tries her best. please please be nice to her!!! 10/10

a bit of a grumpy dragon, but he is a young dragon and will work through this. i believe in him and love him. 10/10

she’s the absolute prettiest dragon!!!!! she’s actually holding a bubble of water! she has water powers and she’s beautiful!!! i support her!!! 10/10

he’s a grumpy old man!! he’s very nice if you give him a chance, though. he will tell you lots of stories, if you ask nicely! 10/10

this dragon has been hurt…. he’s a little bit cold because of it. please give him time, he’s still learning how to trust again. 10/10


make way for three strong dudes and their small nerd friend whom i love very much even tho they nearly die at the sight of speedy mages

So @illopii drew this for me on my birthday today and I’m here to say that I love this so much!!!! 😭💕💕💕

Nerd!Eren because I have to study for exams 😩 But he’s cheering me up, and my bby looks so pretty with glasses omg *^*

Villo is one of my favourite artists and you too should check out her art!! She draws some really adorable Eren/Levi 💖

small things to appreciate in pirate101:

  • Marking your location doesn’t cost anything!!!
  • Emmett whistles when he talks
  • Not having to follow a set path—you can climb inclines as long as they’re not too steep
  • Honestly just the diversity of the companions, you never see two that are the same
  • The little animals running around everywhere
  • Minor enemies making reappearances
  • Little references to modern things
  • Puns
  • The eyes behind the grates in the sewers
  • Bonnie objecting before you kidnap Mabel
  • The failed hauntings in Humbug!
  • The paintings of different places in the Spiral
  • The décor in some of the nicer houses/dungeons
  • Your crew slowly coming to terms with each other
  • Your pirate being mistaken for the wizard from Wizard101
  • Pink for both boys and girls!!!
  • Having dead people on your crew
  • Ratbeard being really happy when he’s forgiven by Lasko
  • Facing the consequences of your own actions
  • The story seeming slightly different with each origin/class
  • You can fire the cannons in Fort Elena
  • Looking down from Arroyo Grande and seeing Junction below
  • Looking up from Junction and seeing the Windlanes above
  • The piano fight music in the Desert Rose Card Room, Tumbleweed
  • The sass that our pirate apparently has
  • Timed underwater fights
  • Ratbeard mentioning “I know you have a soft spot for orphans, but…”
  • “I am a vegetarian. Draw your sword!”
  • Ambiguously gay married shop owners in marleybone
  • The colors on your clothes are automatically the colors from your flag, so you match your aesthetic
  • Recognition that you are actually pirates and will steal people’s things and usually don’t abide by the rules
Tony Stark/Iron Man - You Look So Familiar

Originally posted by theperkybuttofrdj

Tony runs into a 14-year-old girl outside of a coffee shop and spills his coffee. When she freaks out and tries to run away, he stops her and asks her if she’s okay and notices that she looks very familiar. He takes her back to the tower to get cleaned up and Natasha points out that she looks just like him. So, Tony tests her DNA and finds out she’s his.

Requested by: Anon

Pairing: Tony x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Tony Stark, Harold “Happy” Hogan, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson. Peter Parker, Thor Odinson, James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Mentioned)

A/N: Thank you to @mo320 and @molethemollie for being my betas for this!

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Sincerely Three Fourth of July Headcanons

Here are some headcanons with the reader and the DEH boys, partially inspired by @dr-evn-hnsn‘s post about Evan not liking the noise from fireworks!


-        Jared gets super into it the clothing aspect. He wears those bathing suit bottoms that look like an American flag and red-white-and-blue sunglasses and flip-flops with stars on the straps

-        He’s so excited he convinces you to spray a couple strips of your hair with that spray-on temporary hair dye so you have red and blue highlights

-        He starts a competition to see who can make the biggest splash jumping into the pool

-        Everyone knows he’ll win but he convinces everyone to play anyway

-        And he just freaking leaps into the air and does the most massive cannonball into the water

-        You get absolutely soaked but you’re laughing anyway

-        He’s all sputtery when he comes up and is blind since he’s not wearing his glasses, and you come up behind him and grab onto him

-        He twists around and grabs your waist and kisses you while dragging your around the pool

-        And then he scoops you up and starts to climb out of the water and you know what’s coming

-        “Jared NOOOOO”

-        “babe no don’t worry I got you, I won’t drop you”

-        But then he freaking throws you into the water

-        And obviously jumps in after you and you guys end up kissing again until everyone else starts splashing you and then Jared starts splashing them back and it’s suddenly total chaos

-        He gets Very Sunburned because he’s a pale nerd from spending so much time inside playing videogames

-        When it’s time to make dinner, Jared starts off helping with the grill but then ends up in the kitchen with you so he can snag bites of watermelon and potato salad

-        There’s a table for the adults but Jared convinces you to sit at the kids’ table because the kids love him

-        Everybody eats way too much and Jared gets into a burping contest with your little cousins

-        As it starts to get dark he “supervises” while they play with pop-its and sparklers

-        Which is really just an excuse for him to play with pop-its and sparklers

-        He flipping loves sparklers

-        There’s lots of cuddling on the lawn when the fireworks go off

-        And so much kissing

-        Also Jared singing “Firework” in your ear until you’re both laughing hysterically


-        The boy is always wearing blue, so obviously that’s what he wears today, but he insists it’s patriotic

-        “Look, my shoes are red, so it works!”

-        The house is really crowded, but everyone’s outside so you and Evan hang out inside for a while

-        Heidi is making cupcakes and the two of you help her

-        She has this cute blue and white apron

-        And apparently Evan has one two

-        You can’t help but giggle when he puts it on but really it’s adorable on him, which you tell him

-        Evan puts red, white, and blue icing in piping bags and starts piping all these pretty, swirly designs on the cupcakes

-        He helps teach you how to pipe the icing…you hold the piping bag and he puts his hands over yours and guides you

-        After the cupcakes are finished, you and Evan decide to try the pool

-        You both agree you’ll go back inside if it gets too overwhelming with all the people outside

-        You’ve never seen Evan in his bathing suit and the shorts are incredibly dorky with big white hibiscuses on them

-        He looks very cute

-        You and Evan get in the pool and it’s LOUD

-        Most of the kids are at the shallow end so you guys go to the deep end and go underwater because the noise is obnoxious

-        You and Evan just look at each other underwater and he gets this really shy smile on his face and it’s adorable

-        You and Evan do handstands underwater

-        He gives you little kisses and plays with your hair

-        You guys mouth “I love you” back and forth and then laugh because of all the bubbles

-        You guys wait for a little while after everyone gets out because it’s finally quiet

-        You lie on your back in the water and hold hands

-        Eventually you get out and eat dinner on the lawn because it’s quiet and also you’re still dripping from the pool

-        Everyone goes out front to play with sparklers, and you guys join because Evan really likes sparklers

-        He sits next to you a little ways away from the kids and you guys watch the way the sparklers spark

-        The fireworks start and you’re both kind of uncomfortable with the noise

-        They’re so pretty but you both keep flinching every time one goes off

-        Evan grabs his phone and two sets of earbuds

-        He has one of those earbud-splitter-things so you can both plug the earbuds into the phone

-        He turns on Owl City while you guys watch the fireworks

-        Literally every Owl City makes the fireworks 10000% more magical

-        Evan kisses you while “Meteor Shower” plays and those gold fizzy fireworks go off


-        Wears a black tank top and black shorts, obviously. But the hair tie he normally has on his wrist is red

-        You’re pretty sure he stole it from Zoe

-        It’s ridiculously hot out and he ties his hair up in a knot (he refuses to call it a man bun)

-        This hair tie is blue

-        All of Connor’s and your families are there and it’s way too crowded

-        Both of you are tempted to hide in Connor’s room but yours and his parents keep telling you to come out and socialize

-        Everyone’s in the pool but Connor’s just standing there in his black outfit

-        You have your bathing suit on under your clothes but you feel too uncomfortable to take your clothes off

-        He keeps saying he doesn’t want to get in and you’re pretty sure it’s cause he’s insecure about what he looks like without a shirt on (even though he’s actually kinda muscular)

-        You’re also insecure about the way you look in a bathing suit

-        But it’s freaking hot and the water looks really nice

-        You grab Connor’s hand and tug him toward the pool

-        “I’m gonna throw you in”

-        “No, I’m gonna throw you in”

-        “No, I’m gonna—”

-        And then Connor picks you up and he doesn’t throw you in he jumps in with you

-        Like he does a cannonball with you cradled in his arms

-        You come up laughing and wrap your arms around his shoulders and just kiss him

-        Zoe starts yelling at you but really she’s just happy because Connor’s smiling

-        Underwater kisses

-        You pull the hair tie out of Connor’s hair and play with his hair underwater

-        You guys argue about who has better mermaid hair

-        Eventually you both agree Zoe has better mermaid hair than either of you

-        You guys get out when it’s time to eat

-        Connor eats a meal almost entirely made up of watermelon

-        Seriously he eats half a hamburger and like twelve slices of watermelon

-        He gets a stomach ache afterward and the two of you lay on the lawn in your wet clothes and try to find interesting shapes in the clouds

-        Connor’s nose is a tiny bit sunburned and you keep kissing the tip of it

-        Zoe eventually joins you guys on the lawn

-        Her hair is in a really pretty fishtail braid and you ask her to teach you how to do it

-        And of course you practice on Connor

-        Connor rests his forehead on your shoulder while you try to braid his hair

-        It makes it kind of difficult but you really don’t mind

-        Everyone gathers on the lawn eventually to watch the fireworks

-        Connor’s parents put on a playlist of patriotic songs

-        You and Connor and Zoe sit together and watch the fireworks

-        Connor starts out watching but ends up falling asleep in your lap

-        Eventually a loud firework makes him wake up enough to groggily whisper that he loves you

Some quotes from my brother

He’s playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild, trying to leave the Great Plateau without getting the Paraglider:

“Hero of Hyrule? PFF! I’m LONK”

“If I can run, I RUN”

“pls Lonk. we gotto save Zeldu Lonk”

*climbs down a wall, is teleported back to the plateau*

“Lonk plus we gotto save Zeldu fom clamity grandpa use yrr ikano slate”

“I’m gonna need a rock. Not just any rock. THE Rock.”

“We gonna need Team ROCKet”

*sings Double Trouble (Team Rocket) from the  2.B.A. Master album*

“Oh, I died”

“Lonk plis. We gotto fight clammy grampa”


Request/Summary: puedes hacer latinxpeterparker? :) gracias! -your fellow hispanic nerd [@worldsroses] | Peter gets some very much needed ayuda en español.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Latinx!Reader

Word Count: 1433

A/N: I loved writing this because it’s silly and cute, and I hope you all enjoy this! Note: there are no translations included for the Spanish in the fic, sorry :/ Hopefully I’ll start writing more fics in Spanish for all my lovely latinx gente out there :) | masterlist

Originally posted by deanwinchestor

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Actual wallflower Lucretia and hellraiser Lup are confirmed and now I just want these girls bonding while still being complete opposites. Lucretia was kind of terrified of Magnus and the twins at first because they were the chaos crew, but over time they grew on each other. Lup would be the first to make fun of Lucretia or Barry, but if anyone else said a wrong word to them she’d get all defensive. Those are her nerds, thank you very much. Besides, Lucretia was always interested to hear about everything- cooking, evocation, weird stories from the road- and Lup liked talking. By the end of the first year they’re tight. Lup drapes herself over Lucretia’s shoulder while she writes and just plays with cantrips. They chill like that, Lucretia writing with both hands and Lup using prestidigitation to draw inappropriate pictures on the ceiling. Sometimes Lup- who grew up keeping Taako’s hair from becoming an absolute bird’s nest- would go on little scouting expeditions with Lucretia and braid flowers into her hair while Lucretia sketched new and exciting plants. Girls have to stick together, she insists. Lucretia really appreciates the company, though she doesn’t say as much for a long time.