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emoji review: dragon emoji

he is very very powerful. a little bit intimidating. he wants to protect the things he cares about. 10/10

he’s trying to seem scary, but really he’s just a big sweetie pie!!! he’s scared of a lot of things and tries to act extra-tough. 10/10

i’m not a fan of the outline but it’s not bad! he’s very big and strong, but he’s a little bit of a scaredy-cat. he needs a lot of love. 10/10

this one is very young and inexperienced, but he wants to be strong like all the other dragons!!! he’s still a kid, so his proportions are a little bit weird. he has a bouncy-ball that he likes to pretend is a fireball! 10/10

this one is old and wise. he talks like an anime villain and tries too hard, but he’s actually just a big nerd. 10/10

no one knows very much about this dragon; they are very very mysterious. what we do know is that instead of capturing princesses or anything like that, they protect the kingdom from enemies! 10/10

very very old and very very powerful. he’s like a dragon wizard. has a very large hoard! i would not trust him with my gold. 10/10

she is clumsy but also very friendly!! she is a very bad flyer but she tries her best. please please be nice to her!!! 10/10

a bit of a grumpy dragon, but he is a young dragon and will work through this. i believe in him and love him. 10/10

she’s the absolute prettiest dragon!!!!! she’s actually holding a bubble of water! she has water powers and she’s beautiful!!! i support her!!! 10/10

he’s a grumpy old man!! he’s very nice if you give him a chance, though. he will tell you lots of stories, if you ask nicely! 10/10

this dragon has been hurt…. he’s a little bit cold because of it. please give him time, he’s still learning how to trust again. 10/10

So @illopii drew this for me on my birthday today and I’m here to say that I love this so much!!!! 😭💕💕💕

Nerd!Eren because I have to study for exams 😩 But he’s cheering me up, and my bby looks so pretty with glasses omg *^*

Villo is one of my favourite artists and you too should check out her art!! She draws some really adorable Eren/Levi 💖


small things to appreciate in pirate101:

  • Marking your location doesn’t cost anything!!!
  • Emmett whistles when he talks
  • Not having to follow a set path—you can climb inclines as long as they’re not too steep
  • Honestly just the diversity of the companions, you never see two that are the same
  • The little animals running around everywhere
  • Minor enemies making reappearances
  • Little references to modern things
  • Puns
  • The eyes behind the grates in the sewers
  • Bonnie objecting before you kidnap Mabel
  • The failed hauntings in Humbug!
  • The paintings of different places in the Spiral
  • The décor in some of the nicer houses/dungeons
  • Your crew slowly coming to terms with each other
  • Your pirate being mistaken for the wizard from Wizard101
  • Pink for both boys and girls!!!
  • Having dead people on your crew
  • Ratbeard being really happy when he’s forgiven by Lasko
  • Facing the consequences of your own actions
  • The story seeming slightly different with each origin/class
  • You can fire the cannons in Fort Elena
  • Looking down from Arroyo Grande and seeing Junction below
  • Looking up from Junction and seeing the Windlanes above
  • The piano fight music in the Desert Rose Card Room, Tumbleweed
  • The sass that our pirate apparently has
  • Timed underwater fights
  • Ratbeard mentioning “I know you have a soft spot for orphans, but…”
  • “I am a vegetarian. Draw your sword!”
  • Ambiguously gay married shop owners in marleybone
  • The colors on your clothes are automatically the colors from your flag, so you match your aesthetic
  • Recognition that you are actually pirates and will steal people’s things and usually don’t abide by the rules

at heart i am still very much of a robot nerd.

(cyclonus and starscream are probably my all time favs i just love them so much.)

I got the first three volumes of MTMTE for christmas (I’ve read some issues digitally already, but now i finally have the physical copies :>) so I’m rereading everything. Transformers is the only franchise i keep going back to after every few years lmao and im still so in love with the characters.

- Bitty being super suspicious of everyone because of the surprise he got on his last birthday

- he thinks Jack is gonna be even sneakier this year so he goes full-on detective mode and starts Investigating months in advance

- He finds this flyer for a baking convention taking place about a week before his birthday just lying around in Jack’s flat when Bitty visits providence to see a game

- Bitty is convinced Jack got him tickets to the convention for his birthday

- THEN Bitty notices Jack is acting shifty whenever they Skype, never pointing his webcam so the kitchen is showing and one day he gets a glimpse and how long has Jack had that beautiful oven because Bitty’s pretty sure he didn’t see it when he visited a few weeks ago?? Did Jack get him ANOTHER oven for his birthday??

- he’s so confused because if Jack got him another oven why did he also get those tickets (the answer is that Jack is a giant nerd who loves him very much)

- R&H let slip that Jack has been ‘planning a suuuper romantic date bro’ (‘Holtzy you weren’t supposed to mention it to him!!!’ 'Oh CRAP’)

- Chowder keeps giving him these dopey looks and Bits knows that Chowder must have info on Jack’s present so he bakes a shitton of bribery pie and eventually Chowder cracks and lets loose that he thinks Jack has got Beyoncé tickets? He’s been asking a lot of weird questions about Bitty’s Beyoncé playlists

- at this point Bitty doesn’t know what to think and he’s going crazy because what is Jack planning?? Baking convention followed by Beyoncé concert followed by candlelit dinner where Jack reveals the new oven he got for Bitty?

- but it gets to the day before Bitty’s birthday and Jack hasn’t mentioned the convention even though it was a week ago? Was it a red herring??

- He wakes up at 6 am to the sound of Beyoncé

- Specifically his Beyoncé baking playlist

- Bits figures the boys are planning some kind of all-day kegster or something and heads downstairs

- But when he gets down he can’t hear any of the usual chirping between the boys and what’s that smell??

- Baking. That smell is baking. Specifically his maple crusted apple pie

- and there’s Jack who wasn’t supposed to arrive until this afternoon, standing in the Haus kitchen at 6am with flour in his hair, humming along a little to Halo, and the pie he’s making looks Terrible with a capital T and Bits almost wants to laugh

- and the light is shining through the window and catching perfectly in his hair and Bitty has to stop for a moment because suddenly he’s travelled back to that day last year when he and Jack baked together, and good lord that seems like forever ago now and his heart beats a little faster because everything has changed but at the same time nothing has

- Bitty must have made some kind of sound because Jack turns and blushes and stammers a little and oh, that’s new

- 'Bitty, you weren’t supposed to wake up yet(!!!)’

- and now he looks closer he can see more ruined pies scattered across the counter and he didn’t think he could love this boy any more but. Here he is with a few tears welling up

- 'woah Bits I know I ruined your pie recipe I’m so sorry I wanted to surprise you so I got a new oven and I went to a convention for advice and practiced but I knew I should’ve just bought you something and please don’t cry I just wanted to learn for y-’

- Jack can’t say anymore because suddenly his mouth is being Occupied.


Character aesthetics: Geralt of Rivia and Dandelion (The Witcher)

Change your job and become a priest. You’d be decent with your scruples, your morality, your knowledge of people’s nature and every single thing. The fact that you don’t believe in any gods shouldn’t be a problem. I know very few prists who do. Become a priest and stop complaining about yourself.-Dandelion

During his life, the witcher had met thieves who looked like town councilors, councilors who looked like beggars, harlots who looked like princesses, princesses who looked like calving cows and kings who looked like thieves.-The Last Wish

nerd-of-the-world  asked:

natasha is very much a sort of stoic PDA giver, just casually holding sharon's pinky in public, casually putting her arm around her, while sharon is the hugest geek in the world and LOVES to take pictures of them

i’m lovin this nat is the one who glares at people looking at them and sharon is the one who literally doesn’t give a shit because she knows nat will destroy anyone that even looks at them funny.

out of the public eye though nat is v affectionate and lives for bein able to put her head in shar’s lap while they’re watching tv

It’s a good job I got a salary increase today if I’m going to have to start paying £10 a month for a prescription

I feel like the universal third wheel right now, on Facebook everyone is all dating and on Tumblr everyone is all dating.