I have to accept the fact that there really is going to be a time when you’re no longer a part of my life. I won’t get to wake up and expect your smiles or pretend to hate the way you tease me. I won’t even have the satisfaction of just seeing you across the room or listening to your laugh. You and I are both moving on with our lives, starting afresh, and I’m a little numb just thinking about it.
—  🖤

trying to make some sense of the trailer

okay so noora basically touched vilde’s boobs when she fell and ripped vilde’s necklace = vilde is gonna be touched by a girl who will destroy her straight facade

and sana is gonna bring them together??? (she made noora fall)

Idiots in love (because it’s not like they actually acted on their feelings in the show)

Do you think Jack sometimes just stopped what he was doing and looked at Ianto, like… damn. That is a great guy. I love him.

And Ianto looked back and him and thought the same thing, and then they just stared at each other in the middle of the Hub, and everyone was like “get a room”, but they didn’t, because they weren’t paying attention to anything but each other.

Picture this:

An AU where the Diamonds escaped to Earth before Pink Diamonds shattering, because screw being funtional leaders, and are currently raising a young, naive Pink Diamond on Earth, while trying to be a normal family, who happen to all be 15+ ft tall, indestructible and are very awkward and unsociable around the Crystal Gems, who decided to make a truce with them because they don’t really want to destroy the three most awkward ex-tyrants on earth.

*White Diamond will frequently hide in the shadows, besides the fact that she is literally the whitest thing on earth.
*Yellow Diamond will hiss at you. A lot. Unless your Pink. Think Peridot in ‘Log Date’.
*Blue is the only really sociable one, and that’s stretching it. She wears a hoodie, and while she may look cool and collected, she’s secretly hyperventilating under that hood as she chats with the mailman.
*Pink Diamond cheers on her sisters on the sideline, and is often the cause of all their stress and anxiety because:

PD:“Well, it’s not like I’m gonna catch a cold. Besides, I wasn’t swimming… I hitched a ride on a whale :3”