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Is there a story behind the blue jacket?

kind of. 

besides me being a fashion bombshell, even in the midst of wwii, the jacket was nice and warm and full of pockets. which is always a nice thing when you have to literally carry everything you need with you everywhere you go.

but on top of that, i grew up with tiny pre-human-lab-rat steve. among a very long list of medical issues which fueled his must-punch-everything attitude, steve was colorblind. (in a very typically steve move, he decided to become an artist, despite not being able to see half the colors out there.) 

 the modern term for what he was is ‘protanopia’ which is a type of red-green colorblindness which meant his ability to see the color red was not so great. pretty much everything in the red spectrum got toned down to taupes and greys, and yellows and greens were kinda muted. but his ability to see the color blue was basically unimpaired, so blue things stood out in his field of vision. back in the day, i wore a lot of blue because it was easier for steve to spot, and somewhere along the line it just kinda became my favorite color, and i tended to pick blue clothes out of habit. 

these days steve’s favorite color is red, just for the novelty of being able to see it.  

Jimin Twitter (5/7)

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  • Started off on Tumblr with a super aesthetic blog which everyone loves then he started posting selfies and everyone died bc !!!! park jimin !!!!!
  • He kind of got sick of tumblr and started looking around for new social medias and he quite liked instagram but in the end decided the theme wasn’t worth it because he had Jeongguk breathing down his neck ‘god Jimin you can’t post that it looks like absolute shit
  • Moved to twitter because he liked being able to put his thoughts out to the world faster and be able to read people’s thoughts on what he’s saying and reply and talk to them
  • Also finds it rly good for shit posting and roasting
  • Now he only uses tumblr sometimes for like 4am shit posting like “do you think crabs understand that they don’t have hands? They have claws? Do you think they kNOW?” and Yoongi with reply “what the actual fuck”
  • Literally every 3rd tweet is either a selfie or a link to something his friends r doing
  • Has had so many memes made about him
  • “You just have a very meme-able face”
  • He’s so gorgeous everyone thirst follows him because he always looks so good
  • but they stick around for the amazing personality
  • Posts rly relevant memes/articles as well
  • He’s really nice to most people like a total sweetheart until you become good friends with him or piss him off
  • K I N G of clapbacks
  • Loves to roast people like he’s always lowkey trying to start shit with his friends as he thinks it’s SO funny
  • “Taehyung you look like my big toe”
  • “Damn BITCH i was abt to ask if u wanted to do a mukbang with me but guess what? I’m going to ask Hoseok now. Fuck you.” 
  • Literally the saltiest
  • Posts bad pictures of Jin randomly just to piss him off
  • Tries to avoid commenting on Important Social Issues™ as he doesn’t want to upset anybody apart from Trump. He talks MAD shit about Trump. 
  • He also dances in hoseok’s vines/youtube videos a lot bc boy got moves
  • In conclusion twitter!jimin is hilarious and a cutie who loves to mess around with his friends as a way of showing them that he loves them wHICH HE DOES A lot
The Origin of Meme

So for those of you that don’t know…

This is Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, our former Head of State, 14th President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

You may recognise him from this meme

It may be his greatest claim to internet fame.

Even Snoop Dogg got in on it.

He does have a very meme-able face. I mean, look at this…

That is all. Thank you for your time