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Kay so.

In The Avengers, we have this moment:

Tony looks at the screens how Nick would see them and is confused by how he manages with them.  It’s little, and mostly played off as a joke.

Tony: How does Fury even see these?

Maria Hill: He turns.

Tony: Sounds exhausting.


Later, in Agents of Shield, we see Fury’s toolbox being used:

It’s a computer that basically spins around the user as needed.

You know, rather than having them turn.

Headcanon that Tony built Fury’s toolbox to make his life easier, because he might be a textbook narcissist, but he also genuinely considers the abilities of people he cares about and respects, and works to make their lives easier.

  • Y'all: omg Batman killing is so ooc it made me so uncomfortable!
  • Me: it's supposed to be ooc. You're supposed to feel uncomfortable. There is nothing comforting about being damaged and lost. About mental trauma and illness. You are supposed to see someone who feels he has nothing more to lose after the brutal murder of Jason Todd, who was like his child in his eyes. Someone whose every breath, every step, is filled with darkness and trauma and fear and anger and hurt. Someone who is without any semblance of hope.
  • Me: What is the ultimate way to show you are at your lowest point in life? By becoming the one thing you hate the most. Bruce became what he hated whether he realized it or not. He became an enemy of himself. Alfred knew this. And he could do nothing about it. It wasn't until Superman, an alien whose actions are all that spoke for him, made the ultimate sacrifice for mankind that Bruce was re-taught what he stood for. That "men are still good".
  • Y'all: Batman doesn't kill anymore in Suicide Squad. DC is finally learning from Snyder's mistakes!
  • Me: Everything post-BvS is meant to show Bruce learning from the events of BvS. How Supes indirectly (and yeah at times, directly) saved Batman and turned him back into a hero. It's called character development and would not have been possible without the events of BvS.
  • Y'all: b-
  • Me: shut 🔪 up 🔪🔪 :)

Taserhawk Fic Rec. For those who want human tire fire clint barton. Taserhawk was my very first mcu ship, even before tasertricks.  Most of my bookmarks on AO3 are Clint x Darcy and it was really hard to pick out favourites but these are the ones I love best.

Quite a few of these are almost old enough to start kindergarten, and if they were written now they’d merit AU or Canon Divergence tags.

not to pull a dc vs marvel thing but as far as diversity and activism goes, dccu has one of the best casts ive ever seen? when’s the last time the mcu’s white bread cast actually spoke up irt current events and social issues. very few of the mcu actors seem to have any passion at all, whether for using their fame as a mouthpiece for the marginalized or even just for comics, and compared to the dccu with their group advocacy against dapl and for blm, individual activism for equal rights, and racial/ethnic inclusivity in their casting, marvel is just getting to be such a disappointing snooze by comparison

To the MCU fandom, 
Do you know who Steve had the most natural and easy flirtation/chemistry with, the textbook perfect meet-cute, the person he immediately clicked with in a ride or die way, the person whose judgment he never questions, the one person he *always* listens to, the person who signed on to his massive drama and nearly fatal lifestyle w/o being asked, who he stares at with naked longing when he thinks the other person isn’t looking, the person who gives up their whole life for Steve w/o hesitation or regret, the person he trusts completely after knowing them for like one day, who takes down a govt agency with him, becomes a fugitive from the WORLD with him/for him, who gets locked in a super prison for him, gladly, w/o trial or knowing when they’ll get released (if ever)???? SAM WILSON.