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Drow-  In a race that has a traditional, set look, I really like to play with variance in skin tones, hues, hair colors and textures so as to highlight the genetic diversity that would be present.  I like to give assumed features like the generic elf ear unique shapes and tilt and unless two characters are related, I really try to push that distinction so that a race that can tend towards blandness feels broader, more interesting, and more realistic.

These are some characters from probably the best D&D game I’ve ever played.  The elfess with the facial scar is Lilith, and I played the guy with the big spider-shaped scar on his chest, Zyrus.  I wanted to play an underdog type character and rise up through the system, so I went with a very average looking male in training to become a wizard.  He was rude, blasphemous, ambitious and insensitive, and just a blast to play.  He got involved with Lilith, a priestess of Lolth and it went about as well as a heathen carrying on with the zealous acolyte of a murder-godess can go.

I’ve always loved Drow for some reason, so this game was right up my alley.  It was a lot of fun to design a world that is so different from traditional, pristine fantasy.  Thinking about how a matriarchal, evil society (and later a matriarchal good society) would realistically work was so so fun, and I still plan on doing some more art with actual armor at some point in the future, especially since Lilith was such a boss. 

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Sometimes I write other things about those OCs.

Behold, the beginnings of how Zeph got a Crush on Max stuff.

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Some friends just pointed this out so eloquently (which I can not) and we seriously need everyone to think about this and realize the danger in it. Trans women commit violence at the same rate as men. When men are allowed to change their legal sex to “woman” it means they will take their crimes with them into the legal group “women”. Which means the crime statistics regarding for example rape will change and it will seem women commit rapes at a much higher rate than they actually do, and we will have a very difficult time analyzing male violence and the way it really affects women. It will render the feminist struggle against male violence against women difficult and obscure the real problem, it will obscure reality. I suppose a lot of people will fail to see the danger in this, which only further proves the mechanisms that are rendering misogyny invisible. Misogynists, woman haters and men who perpetrate violence will love and gain from this. And honestly: people’s identites aren’t more important than women’s lives and safety.

something currently going on in the rhetoric of the cosmetics industry which feminist criticisms of makeup haven’t widely accounted for yet is the widespread shift from makeup being presented as simply something women are supposed to do to being presented as a hobby women are supposed to have and are supposed to take joy and pleasure from. A lot of this came part and parcel of the “empowerment” rhetoric which has been around awhile.  I think why it’s so intense at this particular moment is that it also has to do with how easily photos and videos about makeup and its application are spread and discussed, and how influential loci of discussion are the only reliably women-centric portions of otherwise very large and male-centric websites (YouTube and Reddit).

Under the new paradigm, saying “I wear makeup because I get better tips that way” is sacrilegious (but still not so much as non-participation) because it makes reference to social forces which lie outside the consumer’s own emotions. 

anonymous asked:

hey, just wondering if you would mind deleting the post 'the struggle to find trans love in san francisco' and reblogging a version without the transphobic and misgendering comments at the bottom? the writer of the article is a trans woman, and even if she's an idiot she doesn't deserve to be misgendered

I appreciate your polite request, but I’m going to leave the post up, because among those comments are very valid insights into the lesbophobia that specifically comes from trans women. The truth is, shaming lesbians for not being attracted to penis and considering lesbians as inferior to straight men is a very male thing to do, and shows the male entitlement and socialization that even trans women can have, despite their gender identity.

There are ways to discuss the issues trans people have when it comes to how potential partners perceive them and how transphobia works in society without resorting to homophobia. This author failed to do so, and the lesbians who have quite rightly called her out on it deserve to have their voices and anger heard, and that is why I won’t reblog a version of the post without them.

-Mod Noel

i have these friggin vids from when i was an intern at a zoo and might as well upload them

this moose was very upset with the male following her around and kept making this noise

Reasons fat/chubby boys are gr8:

  • There’s no such thing as a bad hug
  • Big belly = Big pillow
  • Snuggling is really soft and warm
  • Pudge of all quantities is cute as fuck
  • Did I mention belly pillow
  • Stretch marks, which are beautiful and strong <3
  • Good at being both the big spoon or little spoon
Shorthand Google Reference Guide

I’m gonna type this up while it’s fresh on my mind because some of y’all don’t know how to use Google

A woman sitting in the grass.

IF YOU SEARCH: female sitting

Very vogue. Very male gaze. Good for fashion or model pictures, not very good if you’re wanting to draw a natural looking pose on a woman who isn’t a model and whose camera certainly didn’t fucking turn on by itself.

IF YOU SEARCH: female sitting pose

Arguably worse, depending on the use. My experience with “female + pose” searches is that you get a lot of IMVU and The Sims pose sets, and artists making sketch compiliations that… don’t always have great anatomy and are frequently just more stiff model poses. I do use similar searches for pinup sketches, ie, “female sassy pinup pose,” though “posing for pinup photography” and “how to pose for” will give different results if you aren’t finding what you need.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman student relaxing sitting on grass crossed legs

Closer. Still kind of staged looking. Maybe we don’t want her studying. Maybe we just want her relaxing. Still, you start to see how specific keyword searches will really get you results.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer

Nice. This is only a small handful of the results, but most of them more or less fit my mental image. Mostly stock images, but good for gesture sketches or figuring out a pose. Still… we could go further, and I think I will.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer senior photography

Jackpot. Senior pictures aren’t always awkward kids in braces. Look at how much more natural a few of these look? Compare that to the “Female sitting” search. Google Search tip #1 is basically “use more and specific keywords.”
But just… one more thing I just… can’t get off my mind… what if I… just…

IF YOU SEARCH: black  woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer senior photography

Uh oh. So let me level with you, if you just google “dreadlocks,” expect a lot of white people. I spent over 30 minutes adding keywords to this search, and every page was still white people. Breaking it back down to “black woman sitting on grass” helped but gave me all the boring pose issues of the female sitting search. So basically, Google Search tip #2 is: Google image search is as White as the rest of the damn world. How do we find what we’re looking for now, then?

IF YOU SEARCH: black woman sitting in grass nature tumblr blackout

Beautiful, natural poses. Adding “photography” whitewashed it. Adding “summer” gave me bikini pinups. Searching for POC models using Google image search is infinitely more frustrating than finding a million thin white women, and you’re usually going to be better off supporting POC modeling blogs themselves than fighting with Google all day. Using “tumblr” and “instagram” as keywords may also get you a lot more natural, less Vogue Was Here hits. Pinterest too, on occasion. 

But keep in mind that these are real people–especially using tags like “tumblr” or “blackout.” There’s a difference between referencing a pose or drawing different face shapes, and outright copying someone’s exact likeness without their permission. Maybe also consider liking/reblogging/following them if they’re a model or photographer. Use some common sense. You don’t own images found on google yadda yadda don’t be a dick.

Have fun being better at search engines and learning how to draw stuff!

  • Things I will criticize Jyn Erso for: Disney's habit of casting only young, white women as leads, having a really bad case of the Smurfette principle (not specifically Jyn's fault), having a place in the plot very dependent on male characters
  • Things I will defend Jyn Erso for till my dying day: Her right to be unemotional, to not immediately run into warfare, to be selfish and show growth, to not outright cry, to be emotional(because there is no way she can win on this front, apparently), to exist as a woman

Can someone show me where the male gaze is used in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman? I keep trying to thing of where it might be hiding, but I just can’t find it.

Like, take Lois’ bathtub scene, right? She’s curled up into a ball (after all that stress I don’t blame her) and the most we see of her above the water are her shoulders and collarbone area (along with her knees). Not once does the camera or Clark try to sneak a peak: they both focus on Lois’ face. We don’t even get a POV shot from behind her head to show her looking up at Clark. It would have been an easy way to show more of her bare back, but that never happens.

There’s no male gaze at play there, so where is it? Can someone tell me?


I love our hair: the color, the texture, the kink, the wave, the way we choose to style it. This is an ode to Black hair. Thank you Afro Punk for creating a safe space for some of the most beautiful Black people i’ve ever seen to come together and be ourselves. 
photography x courtney harvier
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I almost screamed at this moment and let me tell you why.

My Chinese friend always tells me interesting facts about their history, language and culture. One of my favourite things is when she tells me something interesting about Chinese poetry or ancient idioms and phrases.

Once she told me a legend about Emperor and his beloved wife who went to visit her mother in her hometown. He was missing her so bad but loved her so much and wouldn’t dare to tell her to come back as soon as possible, so he sent her these lines: Flowers are blooming by the road. Enjoy them on your way back. (陌上花开,可缓缓归矣 - ni shang hua kai, ke huan huan gui yi).

So Xiao Nai basically says that he misses Wei Wei desperately.

I just can’t, my emotions because it’s so beautiful.

WHATS UP GAYMERS my girlfriend and I are doing a “Let’s Play”-like channel together!

the youtube gaming community is very heavily male centric so we’re bringin in some girls here wassup 

also mostly i just think my gf is very funny and i wanted to document all the wild shit she says to me while playing games

We’re playing Zelda: BoTW together - sharing a controller and “piloting the Link” together - on our channel in ~11 min ish parts!

2 parts are up on our channel right now check it out!

I may regret voicing this into the Tumblr void, but this thought has been rolling around in my head since I saw the first criticism of Tom Holland’s performance on LSB yesterday. And now I’ve seen it said a few more times and I just gotta express something. I’ve seen some people saying they don’t think his performance was that great because it wasn’t really that great of a drag performance. I would be inclined to agree, IF he had actually been doing a drag performance. 

He was doing something different and far more rare for TV. And that’s being incredibly sexy but also incredibly masculine in an outfit and arena that is traditionally very not masculine. Drag is about a play between femininity and power, but not masculinity. With the exception of a few moves in his performance, most of tom’s body language was still very much male. In that way i don’t feel it was a drag performance. At the same time Tom did all that without making it a joke, or a parody, or using self-effacement, or “throwing a wink” at the audience (as in, saying to the audience “hey everybody isn’t this funny, i’m dressed like a woman!”). His performance was genuinely sexy AND completely casual about ignoring the boundaries between gender roles. Casual to the point of being nearly oblivious, which is the exact opposite of drag in fact, where the siege of those boundaries is highlighted and amplified to 1000. 

It is just this, the casual dismissal of the shock that typically has accompanied the infringement of gender roles that made this special. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is something we’ve only recently ever seen on tv ever in our culture. 

Mac got to be SO GAY in this episode!!!! He had gay dreams and wasn’t embarassed by that ! He got to sit in the audience and very obviously enjoy a male stripper show!! HE GOT TO HAVE A MALE STRIPPER GIVE HIM A LAP DANCE and even make it clear to his friends that he was having the time of his life!! Gay mac is going from zero to 100 to make up for all the years ago he should have been out and i am THRIVING

anonymous asked:

Hello!! Do you know of fics where any of the boys, preferably Harry/Louis of course, consider themselves straight until they meet the other? Thanks in advance!!!

 I’m so sorry this took so long to answer! Here you go:


Baby Heaven’s In Your Eyes by theboyfriendstagram [ 24/24 | English | 120,925 ] *

Or a sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s the last (and maybe the only) thing they need.

Just A Flower Boy by larryruinedme [ 15/15 | English | 70,087 ] *

Harry Styles is a clumsy, flower crown-wearing, openly gay junior with only two true friends, Niall and Zayn. Louis Tomlinson is the school’s attractive, straight football captain, with a small body and a big personality. As fate will have it, Harry has a huge, unrequited, utterly hopeless crush on Louis.

Fumbling In The Dark by Grand Buzz [ 1/1 | English | 21,599 ]

Louis is straight, Harry is not. They still shag a lot.

Dangerous Liaisons by IWillSingWithYou [ 17/17 | English | 42,601 ]

Niall is the master of deceit and Harry is the master of seduction. Louis is just a very strong willed male model who happens to be straight. When Niall tells Harry he wouldn’t be able to seduce Louis, the bet is on, but Niall’s schemes are hard to avoid.


Falling In Love by Centa0592 [ 16/16 | English | 111,613 ]

The Boss/Employee AU where Harry thinks he’s straight, since he has a gf, but, after meeting Louis, soon discovers that sexuality means nothing when love is involved.

The Frying Pan And The Fire by embryo [ 22/22 | English | 22,209 ]

Harry is a former child star who now works at a bar. Louis is an indie artist who wants Harry to be in his new music video. Harry is a grump and Louis is too chipper. Harry is straight and Louis is openly gay. Louis is determined and persistent and at some point Harry stops denying himself.

Both Showing Hearts by kiwikero [ 11/11 | English | 113,570 ]

Louis Tomlinson is, in fact, not straight. Harry Styles isn’t sure what he is. Together, they figure it out, and maybe fall in love along the way. Or, the Uni AU where Louis helps Harry figure out his sexuality, Niall crashes a bachelorette party, Liam works in a printing centre, and Zayn happens to need lots of printing done.

All the pics marked with an * are ones I have read. I hope these are what you were looking for :)