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A Little Wicked - Part 2

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

Warnings:: swearing, character death mention, violence mention, wee bit of smut.

“Maybe this was a bad idea.” I said, staring at the Red Woody studio. Lyla gave me a little slap on the arm and rolled her eyes.

“It’s a great idea. It’s an actual date, Vivi.” She gave me a little push forward.

I gave tiny steps, Lyla still pushing me. I could hear the loud music coming from inside the studio, loud enough to drown the sounds from the boats on the docks. Harley bikes were parked to the left, a lot more than there usually were and I remembered Lyla telling me earlier that the Tacoma charter was down in Cali for club bussiness.

“Yeah, come to think of it, I don’t do dates.” I stopped suddenly, grabbing Lyla to make her look at me. “In the three years you’ve met me how many times have you seen me go on dates?”

“Exactly. You need it. You called me just to tell me how Chibs hit on you this morning.”

“That’s cause I’m a crow eater.”

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anonymous asked:

(1/?) Sorry if this is not a question or good vibes or anything, it's just I'm not out to anybody and feel so alone so I wanted to share and maybe you could give advice... Next week we're gonna perform with our choir in a competition and I love singing and was really excited for that for a lot of time! But right now it's getting worse, I feel very bad when anyone calls me 'Miss' or anything and refers to me as 'she' and I cringe everytime I just hear my girl's name...

(2/?) and I just want to hide away from everybody. Moreover, we need to wear completely black clothes and the only things I own are those black girl’s jeans, super tight and very low waist, and a girl’s shirt, super womanly tailored and also a bit too short and lately I’ve gained a bit of weight so 1. The clothes would be very tight and uncomfortable and everybody would see my womanly curves and 2. I would also look very fat like a squeezed pig or smth.

(3/3) And I don’t think I could find fitting clothes in time anywhere. I’m just feeling really down lately and on top of that, my mother makes my life a living hell with gaslighting and always snapping and shaming me and although I’m already repeating a grade I fail so miserably right now and it feels like my life is just… crumbling. So yeah, sorry for the long rant but I feel so fucking alone with all of this (but I won’t hurt myself or anything). Maybe you or anyone has some advice?


Hi anon.
I’m so sorry you’re in this situation, and I know how it feels when you think your life is crumbling down around you. It’s so isolating and awful.
Just please try to remember you can get through all this.
Maybe followers can suggest something practical to help?

Also maybe check out section 10 of the FAQ, it may have resources that could help.
Feel better 💙 -Matt

Christmas Goodies Part 2

It’s finally hereee!!!! Also, Christmas Goodies Part 1 can be found here. As always comments are a need, enjoy!

One Year Later-

           “Free at last, free at last.” You grumbled to yourself after you dropped your bags down on the carpet of your bedroom, you just got back from the university you’ve been attending and just got done with finals yesterday and you couldn’t be more excited to be home. You looked around your room and realized that your worst nightmare hadn’t come true, your walls were still your favorite color, your dressers and books shelves were just the way you left them and your bed was perfectly made; turns out your mom hadn’t turned your bedroom isn’t a woman’s cave. You got used to the bunk bed in your dorm room but as soon as you laid down on your old bed, your body melted and turned into a pool of Y/N, you did not want to leave your bed.

           “You’re home!” Emily screamed right as she ripped your door open and ran towards you, jumping up and landing on top of you.

           “Oh, jesus, Em.” You grumbled as she laughed and rolled off of you.

           “I am so happy you’re home.” Emily said, “at least I’ll have some fun tonight.”

           “What’s going on tonight?” You asked, sitting upright and facing Emily. It had been four weeks since Emily had visited you with Ben at your university and they got you totally wasted, ever since last Christmas all three of the older Wilkinson siblings made it a thing to go out of there way to spend time with you and after a couple times of hanging out with Emily you realized she was turning into your other half, even though she was over 5 years older than you were. You and Emily talked every day, most of the time about stupid stuff, but when it came to talking about serious stuff you guys just clicked.

           “Mom’s throwing this Christmas party, your mom and dad are going but Annie won’t be there.” Emily explained while sitting up and facing you.

           “Is Ben going?” You asked, “or what about Sam?”

           “Ben is going and so is Sam, but I was praying that my best friend would be there to help me deal with their stupidity.” Emily explained and you smiled.

           “I’ll go, but I have nothing to wear.” You answered and looked at your closed closet door, you hadn’t been shopping in months because you didn’t have the money to go shopping.

           “Good thing I bought an outfit in your size,” Emily answered and she got up, she walked towards your door and reached around, grabbing a duffle bag filled with god knows what. Emily smiled and dropped the duffle bag onto your bed, she began pulling things out; a pair of high waisted maroon jeans, a white long sleeve, very low neck line drop top, a white high wasit skirt, maroon elbow length crop top and two pairs of heels. Emily also pulled out a hair straightner and curler, plus an organizer full of makeup.

           “You planning to move in?” you asked her with a smile.

           “No,” Emily gave you a sly smile, “but I will be getting ready with you, plus I thought it would be cute if we matched colors.”

           “What are we, 5?” You asked.

           “5 at heart.” Emily said and handed you the white skirt and maroon crop top, plus a gold belt. “You’re wearing this.”

           “Who am I trying to impress?” You asked with a smirk as Emily went into your conjoining bathroom to plug in her hair straightener and curler, along with dropping her makeup bags down, you were more than excited to wear something new but you didn’t realize how much this would make you nervous.

           You hadn’t expected Emily to give you an answer, let alone have a real one because let’s be honest, it had been a year and you hadn’t been dating anyone. Not for your lack of trying, it’ just every guy you went on a date with just wasn’t Him. So when Emily tilted her head to look at you through the door way and said with the simplest look in her eyes, “Sammy.” Your world kind of just stopped, it wasn’t through a moment of panic or one of those moments when everything falls apart and you slip through a rabbit hole, it was the kind of moment when a memory softly pulled you in. For a split second you were back on his porch, his lips pressing to yours and his tongue tasting your bottom lip, but then you remembered where you were and how Sam hadn’t really spoken to you since that night. It wasn’t like you sat around and waited for Sam to run over and confess his feelings… Well… Only a week and a half but that’s besides the point, the point is that Sam showed up to his mom’s New Year’s Eve Party with a girl from your graduating class on his arm.

           Right then and there you realized that the sparks you felt from his lips touching yours had been pathetic and completely nonexistent on his end. After that week you decided it would be best if you went back to your normal ways and began to prepare for the life you and your best friend were planning for yourselves at your dream college. Sam Wilkinson wasn’t worth it.

           You huffed, “Why Sam?”

           Emily turned her head away from you and muttered, “Because he’s kidding himself if he thinks he can lie to us all about his feelings for you.”

           “Em,” You called out, grabbing her attention and putting it back on you. You tried to reason with her, “Maybe Sam really doesn’t have feelings for me, we only kissed because it was mistletoe and we haven’t spoken since New Years.”

           “Yeah, right.” Emily huffed, “Come get ready, we got three hours.”

           Oh good lord. You thought.

           Three and a half hours later you were standing in the doorway to the ballroom of your local country club, the ballroom was festive and getting everyone in the mood for Christmas. Christmas Day was 10 days away and for the next couple hours all the parents could stop worrying over getting their Christmas shopping done and just enjoy the alcohol while dancing and talking with all their friends.

           “Favorite party of the year.” Emily said to you then looked over at you, “This eve beats going to New Orleans with Ben and Sammy.”

           You looked over at Emily with raised eyebrows, there was no way that this Christmas Party was better than freaking New Orleans Louisiana, you have been wanting to go to the party capital of the world for years. “Let’s not go that far, Em.”

           “Okay, you’re right.” Emily smiled but you weren’t able to say anything else to Emily because a hard and decently tall man wrapped his arms around your shoulders.

You stood motionless, trying to figure out who’s cologne was wrapped around you and right as you figured out who it was he pulled back and said, “Hug me back, Y/N!”

           “Ben!” you exclaimed happily and basically threw yourself on to him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. Ben had always been the very, very, attractive and older guy that was like your brother. Did I mention attractive?

           Ben laughed, “Hey, Y/N.”

           “I missed you.” You said with a smile as you let him go and stared up at him, with your heels he was only a couple inches taller than you but enough for you to tilt your head upwards.

           “I missed you too, I’m coming to visit you next semester.”

           “Deal.” You smiled and for the next hour you were mingling with people like the social butterfly your mother tried to raise you to be, maybe it was the alcoholic drink that was flowing through your blood and the fact that you were with your best friend and her brother or maybe it was because you have known everyone in this room since you were young. College taught you a lot of things, it taught you that high school was nothing like college and high school barley prepared you for the rigorous courses you took, but it also taught you that coming out of your shell was okay and having fun could reach past reading your favorite books, as long as you were around the right people.

           You were so into the music and swaying around with Emily that you hadn’t even noticed Sam or the Jacks standing, talking with each other and a couple friends from school, that was until Jack Gilinsky came up to you and swept you away from Emily. Placing a hand on your lower back and holding your hand with his other hand, he smiled down at you as Emily protested while another one of Sam’s friends began dancing around with her.

           “Jack,” You laughed.

           “Y/N.” Jack greeted, then dipped you, causing you to laugh.

           “Jack, stop it.” You giggled.

           Jack shrugged and released you after turning you a couple times, “Okay, Y/N.”

           You smiled and watched as he walked away.

           “Hey, Y/N.”

           You turned around and saw Sam Wilkinson standing there. It was amazing what a year could do to a person. His naturally dark brunette locks that you loved was gone and had turned longer and nearly white, he still looked like the same Sam you kissed last year and he still looked like the same Sam you knew was trying to make a name for himself with his music.

           “Hi, Sam.” You forced yourself to say.

           “You  look,” Sam paused for a second as his eyes roamed your body but then recovered, “You look amazing.”

           “Thank you.” You said and then motioned to his baby blue button up shirt and black skinny jeans, “You look good, too.”

           “Do you want a drink?” Sam asked, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

           “Sure,” You answered, “Em stole mine when Jack took me.”

           Sam smiled and walked beside you towards the bar, you asked the bartender for the white wine and Sam only asked for a beer. You could literally feel the awkwardness between you two and this is when you realized that you should have just said no to Sam’s offer but as you looked for Emily and saw her, Ben and the Jack’s staring at you they gave you a thumbs up. They were obviously in on this stunt.

           “I hate this dance that we’re doing.”

           You looked at Sam. Puzzled, you asked, “Sorry?”

           “We’re trying to figure out what to say to each other to make it less awkward.” Sam explained and took the wine glass from the bartender and handed it to you.

           “Awkwardness is hard to get around.” You answered. “We could go on for a half hour talking about your career, my major or you ass of a sister but after we have nothing else to say that awkwardness would still be here.”

           “So,” Sam stood in front of you, “you’re saying we should just avoid each other all together?”

           “Well,” You paused and pulled your eyebrows together, “we kissed and haven’t spoken since that night, I’d say we have been avoiding each other, wouldn’t you?”

           “I’m sorry for that.” Sam blurted out and you raised your eyebrows, was he really apologizing for kissing you? Had it been a bad kiss for him?”

           “Well thanks, I didn’t realize kissing me had been so bad that it needed an apology.” You told him and attempted to walk away, there was no need for this conversation.

           But Sam didn’t let you walk away, he grabbed onto your elbow and walked in front of you again, stopping you from heading towards his sister, brother and two best friends. “I’m not sorry for kissing you, in fact I want to kiss you again and keep kissing you. What I’m sorry for is avoiding you since that kiss.”

           Your mouth fell open slightly at his words but he didn’t want to hear you say anything, “I don’t just want to kiss you, Y/N, I want to be with you.”

           “You avoided me for a year, Sam, and suddenly you want to be with me?” You asked him.

           You waited for him to say something but he just stared down at you, hazel eyes on your eyes. Then his eyes slid downwards and landed on your lips, your stomach swirled as his lips parted and his tongue brushed against his lower lip. People would say that this moment seemed to slow down as they watched but it happened so fast that your wine sloshed onto the floor, he placed his beer on the table beside you and then grabbed your cheeks with his hands, his lips pressing to yours in one quick movement.

           You squealed in surprise and stiffened up, your eyes squeezing shut but you soon relaxed as his lips moved in a familiar way. His tongue brushed against your bottom lip and his hips touched yours; thighs to thighs, hips to hips and chest to chest.

           His kiss was the best kiss you had ever gotten, the sparks flew and this time you knew you weren’t just imagining them on your end because Sam only kissed you harder. His teeth captured your bottom lip and tugged very softly on it as he pulled away.

           “Don’t you want to be with me too?” He wondered aloud breathlessly.

           Your answer was to pull his lips back to yours.

fartingcatsandrainbows replied to your post: It amuses me that in Future!Ruby’s bac…

Every time Weiss catches sight of it it hits her a little more that “Damn… that ass belongs to me. Hell yeah” and then remembers all the hot sex she’s had with her and gets a little (very) hot and bothered

Yang giving Ruby several crop tops and low-waisted jeans and telling her to wear them around the house when she and Weiss take their days off together.

Ruby being utterly confused.

Ruby being even more confused but also delighted when Weiss starts trying to jump her bones every time she wears them.