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Da Vinci Voice Actor Interview

This is my full translation of the infamous interview from Da Vinci magazine with voice actors Junko Takeuchi (Naruto), Noriaki Sugiyama (Sasuke), and Chie Nakamura (Sakura).

Now wait, wasn’t this interview translated a few months ago? Well, sort of. The only translation of this that I actually saw was apparently taken from a Vietnamese Facebook group and posted on tumblr. (I heard that someone else worked on it a little, but I never actually saw that.) Normally, I would not go to the trouble of retranslating something that has already been translated by others, but there were two major issues here. First, that was not actually a full translation. Large sections of the original interview were completely missing. Second, it was translated very loosely at some points. Now, I am not opposed to taking small translation liberties at appropriate times. If a translation is too literal, it can sometimes turn out sounding stiff, which detracts from the readability. However, being too liberal with a translation can cause much larger problems, because those reading the translation can end up with a meaning that was never intended in the original language. That’s what happened with parts of this interview. The controversy over this interview that was caused in part by these issues led me to decide that a complete retranslation was in order.

Because of the aforementioned issues, I am including more of my own notes than I normally would. Please understand that this is NOT meant as an “anti” post for any character, pairing, or fandom. All I want to say is “this is what the article actually said.” The interview itself pretty much comes from a “pro” perspective for both of the main pairings it discusses. Although I admit I do ship one of said pairings, I made a conscious effort to look at it neutrally while translating. 

The Japanese is transcribed to give those who wish to see the original easy access, and the pictures of the magazine itself can be viewed in full resolution here.

Also, this was long enough to warrant a double post, so part two is here.

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Kuro Fes! Interview - Kagami and Aomine

“【ファンブックネタバレ】 描き下ろしの絡みはありませんがなぜかインタビューではお互いを意識してます…( ˘ω˘ ) Q1とQ4を読んで下さい…( ˘ω˘ ) 光コンビ尊い…”

The pictures are so small, I hesitate to call this a proper translation XD But this is what I managed to get out of it. (Note: the interviewer for everyone seems to be Kuroko)

From Kagami’s interview:

  • when asked what his strong point is kagami said its the fact that he isnt picky
  • kuroko: the person kagami-kun wants to lose to the least is aomine-kun yes?
    kagami: dont just decide for me! well yeah. but i dont want to lose to anyone!
  • kagami’s dad does consulting for big companies in america? and kuroko confirms that kagami’s rich
  • for kagami surfing isnt about winning or losing but becoming one with the waves
  • kuroko: what is your best dish, i want to eat it
    the words are a bit too small but apparently kagami’s best dish is gyouza and he makes MORE THAN 100 at a time and freezes it. Are you my mum kagami

From Aomine’s interview:

  • kuroko: the person aomine-kun wants to lose to the least is kagami-kun yes?
    aomine: why are you deciding for me! ….well, yeah
  • kuroko also asks about momoi, and aomine is like someone i cant get rid off shes annoying
  • aomine think’s his strong point is his healthy body because he never caught a cold even when he fell asleep on the roof in winter
  • kuroko: when did you start liking boobs
    aomine: are you an idiot tetsu. that’s like asking why you masturbate. its instinct. obviously from birth

Copy pasted from my fangirling in chat XD Sorry for the lack of grammar everyone.


I forgot all about Solas first personal quest because they usually don’t include it in youtube compilations, but it’s really fascinating…. it shows how his interactions usually go with Dalish Elves In General, and gives substance to his complaints about them. And it’s hilarious, honestly. 

Like, we meet up with Mihris, this Dalish First, who is one of the few Dalish elves who understands elven a little bit. And she calls Solas a “flat-ear”, which is fuckin’ rude as shit, and so in return he REFUSES to speak to her except for in fluent elven. Sort of like, “Yes, a flat-ear who has no idea about True Elven Things, that is me!! Oh also, I’m going to speak to you fluently in this lost language and not explain to you how I speak it.”

And what gets me is that I thought he didn’t use the word “da’len” (”little child” - what elders call their students) - like he greatly hesitates before saying it to Lavellan even when she calls him “hahren” first! But here, it seems all bets are off, and he’s using “da’len” to truly and utterly be a (righteously, imo) condescending asshole. He calls her “da’len” unrelentingly. If you fight/kill her over the pendant, Solas won’t disapprove.

It’s this interaction that cemented in my mind that neither he nor the Dalish were in the wrong, per se. I can understand Solas not wanting to be around people who call him “flat-ear.”

loose translation of what he says:

  • “Ma harel, da'len.” = “You lie, little child.”
  • “Ma nuvenin, da’len.” = “As you wish, little child.”
  • “Ma halani, ma glandival. Vir enasalin.” = very loose translation: “You were victorious because you wished for our help.” (lit. “(My/mine/you/your) help, (my/mine/you/your) wish/belief. Path of victory.”)

I was mucking around with that Cybertronian alphabet post that was going around a while back this afternoon. I don’t think it works that well; a bunch of them are really clunky and it’s hard to tell some of the other ones apart. So I drew what I could of them, and fiddled a bit, and these happened. :D 

+ Disclaimer: This is a headcanon for my TFP AU project Book of Hours. Don’t take it too seriously.

The Cybertronian languages are all interrelated and come from the same ultimate source, so there are a lot of features that get repeated from language to language. These are one of them. They’re a set of calligraphic symbols used in the Mythos to represent concepts and phenomena, and in their earliest forms date back to the earliest forms of Cybertronian language. They are not an entire language by themselves, but are incorporated into many modern ones in some form.

They’re primarily ceremonial in nature, often used for contracts, written prayers and suchlike. They can be combined together and often are to indicate more specific meanings. Usage is regulated differently by each broadstream of the Mythos and local linguistic convention, so although theoretically if you understand them in one language you should have a good idea of what they’re talking about, it often doesn’t work that way in practice.

The above are fairly commonly seen in names. See for example:

As fas as the meaning of these goes? Windchill is fairly simple: ‘air’ over 'horizon’ = 'wind’, and 'ice’ over 'temperature’ = 'chilly’, geddit?

Harlequin is a very loose translation; his glyph is 'balance’ over 'white’ over 'black’, and the reason I called him Harlequin in English is because his altmode pattern is kinda like those suits they wear. :B

Deadstream’s is simpler: 'life/energy’ beside 'balance’ over 'horizon = 'on the other side of life’, which could mean either death or simply not-living; and 'water’ + 'channel’ + 'movement’.

Equinox’ was also quite artistic I fear: 'day’ (represented by 'sun’; see the 'star’ radical?) beside 'night’ (dark/black + horizon), and 'balance’ between 'gates’, which is the standard symbol for the procession of seasons.

Blackstorm is very simple: 'storm’, the first glyph, is formed by 'raw metal’ beside 'wind’ (which on its own means 'weather’, incidentally) beneath a glyph meaning 'danger’. The second glyph is simply 'black’. 

Feanor- Herr des Lichts by Oonagh

Feanor - Lord of Light (English Translation from German & Quenya)

Verse (German):

Dein Zuhaus war das Reich der Götter

doch dein Herz es verlangte mehr

und die Flammen verzerrten dich

in deinem Zorn

Deine Träume erschufen Welten

und dein Leben erschien dir leer

in den Stunden der Schatten hast du dich verloren

Verse Translation:

Your home was the realm of the gods

But your heart demanded more

And the flames distorted you

In your Anger

Your dreams created worlds

And your life seemed empty

In the time of shadows you have lost yourself

Chorus (Quenya) :

Feanor Feanor


Mana ména antanelye

Ardava harmar ùsestime

Feanor Feanor


Tuncel menn’ alta nyére

Nahtanel Eldar únotime

Ela Feanor

Chorus Translation:

Fëanor, Fëanor

Lord of Light

What you have given us

Arda’s incomparable treasures

Fëanor, Fëanor

Lord of Darkness

You brought great sorrows to us

Slaying countless of the Eldar

Verse (German) :

In dem Sturm deiner wilden Seele

wart der heilige Ort zerstört

deinem Weg folgten viele in die Dunkelheit

Deine Worte vom Thron der Götter

deinen Fluch hat die Nacht erhört

und dein Volk wird ihn tragen für die Ewigkeit

Verse Translation:

In the storm of your wild soul

Was the Blessed Realm destroyed

And many followed you in the darkness

Your words from the throne of the gods

And the night has heard your curse

And your people will wear it for eternity

(please note that the Quenya is translated very loosely & I am very willing to discuss translation options and mistakes I may have made with people! I am very new to Quenya, and using this as a tool to learn!) 

TG: Jail’s Identity Revealed (Spoilers)

Okay so I (very loosely) translated the scene which reveals the true identity of Jail (or at least their identity in one of the routes) which is revealed after you defeated Kijima Shiki in battle.

EDIT: translation cleaned up a bit by drowning-in-theories. Many thanks to them for providing clarification! Also the original video this information came from can be watched here.

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A Malec Future Fic - Laughter Lines

It’s the last day of April but I did it! Here’s my contribution to The Malec Network April Challenge of Firsts.

Future fic, Shadowhunters Universe, Contemplative Alec, Eloquent Magnus

(credit to @catniphpsalvatore for sending me Petrarch’s Sonnet 90 and interpreting it for me!! ♡ xx)

Alec traced his finger over the corner of Magnus’ lips. Merely a soft brush of skin, trying not to wake him, but needing to touch. 

Magnus had come home late, exhausted, grumbling about a warlock who had cast a spell that had threatened to drain the East River completely. Heading straight for the shower because he smelled like the foulness of unwashed masses. He’d been pissed yet half asleep when Alec dragged him under the covers and into his arms. 

Magnus hadn’t moved since then and Alec had been incapable of letting go, even when he woke with the sun. It didn’t matter that last night’s sleep had been interrupted. Alec couldn’t have slept in today. 

It was August 8, 2036. 

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Behold, the fruit of my afternoon’s work. The main TFP Autobots’ names in my prayer glyphs script. :D

Names are often written in this script in formal situations, for example administrative forms and messages to bosses and written news. Certain titles are also generally used in this form, as to do so expresses respect and/or social seniority. Ordinarily they are underlined, a practice originally intended to differentiate names from other nouns in the times when the prayer script was used as a functional language.

+ the first glyph of Optimusname is in fact his title, Prime. Titles in the prayer script always precede the name itself. The glyph for Prime is made up of the radicals ‘person’ (left), 'ascending’ (top center), 'one path’ (right), and at the bottom a radical roughly meaning 'gathering’ but implying support, care and guidance on the part of the speaker. The little arrow-shaped divot connects the title to the following name. The next glyph is the original name Orion Pax was given upon ascending to the Primacy; the radicals are 'great one’ or 'ruler’, someone seated upon a throne (left), 'ascension’ (upper right) and 'sight’ or 'to see’ (bottom right). The small modifier glyph is one Optimus himself added; the radicals of which are 'word’ or 'thought’ (top left), 'sight’ (top right), and 'horizon’, meaning Primus. This was added by Optimus himself on moving the Primal Court to Tyger Pax; it makes the name considerably more humble and roughly means 'to guide one’s thoughts to the horizon/Primus’, an old way of describing optimism.

+ Ratchet’s name also includes his title, medics being a highly-respected profession basically everywhere. The glyph is made up of the radicals 'mechanism’ (left), 'mech’ (center), 'one path’ (right; in this case it refers to a profession or calling of duty), and 'hand’ (bottom), in this case meaning 'to tend’. Together it is 'the path of tending the mechanisms of self’. Ratchet’s personal name is pretty simple; 'forged metal’ (right), which is used to denote a tool or tools, and the specific glyph for a ratchet. (Cybertronian languages get quite specific about tools ;)

+ Ultra Magnus’ name really ought to be 'Magnus Ultra’; Cybertronian languages of the northeastern family place the adjective element of a name after the primary element. The primary element of his name is the same glyph used in Optimus’ name, 'the sight of a great one elevated above oneself’. The second glyph is 'severity’, often used to emphasise something of great extent. There are a lot of jokes about the additional connotation of 'danger’ floating around the Autobot ranks…

+ Arcee’s name is kind of meaningless, there’re alien influences in there due to her origin on a colony world of the Cybertronian Empire and the pronunciation is definitely alien. The radicals are 'lightning’ (top left) 'sight’ (top right), which is used in this case to refer to a sensory phenomenon, and 'fire’ or 'heat’. The modifier glyph means 'three’ - 'three fires started by lightning strikes’, perhaps?

+ Smokescreen’s name is also back to front - 'Screensmoke’. The first glyph is 'sight’ above 'barrier’, to screen; the second glyph is 'smoke’. The term in Cybertronian simply means 'to obscure from sight’; it does not carry the intentional diversion aspect of the English term.

+ a Bulkhead is a partition wall within a craft or structure; Bulkhead’s name glyph is therefore a very loose translation. The radicals used are 'to lift’ or 'to hold up’ (top and bottom center), 'strength’ (bottom left), and 'forged metal’ or 'tool’ (bottom right). All of which are very common in Bulkhead’s T7 labourer caste or origin.

+ Bumblebee was named after a species of Cybertronian wildlife, small, brightly coloured flying things that burrow into cracks in the ground to nest. The primary glyph essentially means 'many colours’, the radicals being 'black’, 'red’ and two repetitions of 'type’ or 'same sort’. The secondary modifier refers to the small, simple, non-sentient life-forms which inhabit Cybertron as a group. Since this is already a proper noun, Bumblebee’s name therefore needs the 'person’ glyph at the end.

+ Wheeljack’s name glyph is probably the easiest to translate. The radicals used here are 'forged metal’ (left), again used to denote a tool, 'to lift’ (bottom right), and 'wheel’ in place of the generic load used in the usual 'lifting’ radical (see Bulkhead’s name glyph).

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Rion: She’s an upperclassman to be respected, as well as partner and a special person, yes.

Manato:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ONS author on series’ future/upcoming arc

So I just happened to pick up the 10th volume today as I was passing through the 7-11. I didn’t think much of it until some of the things the author Takaya Kagami said in his usual end of volume blurb. I know a lot of people have been curious, myself included, about how many more chapters there will be considering a lot seems to be happening lately. So I thought I’d give a (very) loose translation.  

For those who don’t want to read it all, I bolded the parts I think are most important.

So here we go: 

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anonymous asked:

Is Anwen a family name or? It's sooo pretty and I love it. What's it mean?

It isn’t, I’m afraid! My parents just picked it out of a baby name book because they thought it was rad. I’m glad you like it, though! I think it’s pretty adorbs. As for the meaning - ‘-wen’ is the mutated form of ‘Gwen’, which is the feminine form of ‘Gwyn’, meaning ‘white’ or ‘blessed’. The exact meaning of the ‘An-’ part isn’t entirely known, but there are a few postulations:

  • ‘our dear one’ - assumes that ‘An-’ is a mutated version of ‘ein’ (meaning ‘our’) and that ‘-wen’ is interpreted as ‘blessed’ rather than ‘white’ 
  • ‘very fair’ - ‘An-’ is often identified as an intensive prefix, which basically emphasises the latter part of the name, as in the name ‘Angharad’, which combines ‘An-’ (‘very’) with ‘cariad’ (‘love’) and mutates the latter to form the name - ‘much beloved’. Here, ‘-wen’ is taken to literally mean ‘white’, which has connotations of fairness - hence ‘very fair’, also loosely translated as ‘very beautiful’ (so appropriate for my name, really)
  • ‘-wen’ as a suffix also denotes holiness and is often added to the names of female saints to indicate their blessedness - eg ‘Meirwen’ is the welsh name for the Virgin Mary; ‘Meir’ is the Welsh form of ‘Mary’ and ‘-wen’ indicates her status as a saint

Basically, it means white, fair, beautiful. All that shit.

Fun fact - my sister’s name is Aneira, which means ‘snow’. We are twins and she is older than me by 12 minutes, which means we are Aneira and Anwen, which means we are ‘snow’ and ‘white’, which means WHERE ARE OUR DWARF FRIENDS

Samurai Flamenco Seiyuu Event Report: Voice Animage Summer Edition

Translation || Very, very loosely translated || For massuneko

The boys drama & the outrageous talk had the audience trapped in a vortex of constant laughter.

There was a countdown going on on the screen on stage, and once the number reached 0, FLOW, who were the first act, came on and sand the OP, “Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye.” Then, the event for Samurai Flamenco, which, from start to finish, makes it difficult for one to breathe, started with its wealth of content.

As cheerful as ever, Masuda-san appeared on stage in a Samumenco suit. Sugita-san also appeared in a police uniform, and with a sort of mystery to him, said, “I’m an officer with weapons,” laughed, and then the other cast came on stage in clothing similar to that of their characters.

For this event, the main part was a live reading of certain scenes from the last episode. Gotou x Mari, Masayoshi x Kaname, Masayoshi x Gotou x Haiji, Mari x Mizuki x Moe and Masayoshi x Gotou were the 5 scripts that were made use of during the event. After the Mine Mira episode, Mine ★ Mira started a live, and the entire audience became fired up.

The theme for the talk corner was “Scenes that the cast chose”. Here, Suzuki-san said, “My first appearance was the first episode, and the next was episode 12, so I was quite surprised at how this world had changed.” For the quick corner, Masuda-san and Kosugi-san formed the Master and Disciple team, the 3 females the Flamenco Girls team, and Sugita-san and Suzuki-san the Because Love is Heavy team. Other than getting the correct answer, if the answer was funny, extra points were awarded. In the end, the winners were the Because Love is Heavy team, winning a year’s supply of curry.

For the finale, the cast said their words of gratitude, and there was a call of “Samurai!” by the cast, to which the audience responded “Flamenco!”. Finally, Masuda-san and Sugita-san shook hands, and the event concluded. 

Still from magazine leaks:

Sakurai and Matsumoto who watched Johnny’s World performance the other day. While being shy, Sakurai said, “The guests who thought ‘Those two came together,’ made me feel embarassed.”

Very loose translation because I don’t always know the English equivalents.

Edit: Just in case there are some who are wondering, Sho is implying that they didn’t go together, but other people who came thought they did (and that’s why he got embarrassed). In case that doesn’t come through in my half-assed translation.

anonymous asked:

What does alkjfgalrhd mean in Welsh?

It’s an idiomatic phrase which sadly can’t be translated entirely accurately into English without losing some of the nuances of its very particular meaning, but it can be very loosely translated as ‘I have literally no idea what my sexuality is; sometimes I’m like ye and sometimes I’m like nah and sometimes I’m like ye at people of certain genders and then sometimes I’m like nah at the same people and I don’t fucking know, I mostly just like eating crisps alone’

So, about the new ED...

It was announced the song’s title is gonna be Kimi to Kare to Boku to Kanojo to (君と彼と僕と彼女と). Based on a very loose translation, it says “You and Him and Me and Her,” implying the subjects of the song are two couples.

So, guys, regarding the animation for the ending song…

What if “You and Him” are the Future!Lucy and Natsu?

And “Me and Her” are our/Present!Natsu and Lucy?