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Lake Minnewanka by Lichon
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Ashley at Lake Minnewank 7/30

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I really like Cheyce! You actually made the brunette version of that wig looking good... I hate the original. :x I am curious: how does Cheyce look with long hair? Like the length of Shailene or even longer? :O

I present you: the lovechild of Cara Delevingne and Ginny Weasly


Angora mohair wig for sale by SophyMolly
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Alpaca suri wig. READY for shipping “watercolor” Wonderful straight very long wig with baby blue color on ends with silver shade an top. Undercut style. You can make a lot of variants of hairstyle very easy in this wig Materials: suri alpaca, elastic soft cap with elastic cord, no need silicone cap.…


NEW READY WIG on ETSY! by Amadiz
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Natural lincoln sheep custom wig. Available for order.… Merida (“Brave”) cosplay wig. Very long and lush red curly hairs for your doll. The wig has an elastic cap of white color with an elastic band, that you don’t need a silicone cap. Lenght about 30 cm. FREE SHIPPING (included Standart mail worldwide with tracking and insured) We accept Paypal system.

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Hey, could you recommend a good, quite long, very white wig? Preferably no bangs. Just if you know of one, or maybe a good webshop to go look at. Take care!

I can recommend the lace front wig from Devilinspired (picture on the right). It’s definitely the best wig that I’ve ever owned although it’s not super long or extremely white. I personally prefer white wigs with some grey tones in them cause they look a bit more realistic (-◡◦). But in the picture on the left I wear a quite bright white wig and I just ordered it from Amazon.

♥ You can find the grey lace front wig here

♥ You can find the white wig here here

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I have a con in 3 days and my wig is 130 cm long (reaches my hips) and IDK HOW TO KEEP I FROM TANGLING. It's a tangled mess and I'm flipping the flip out. Help me please.

These are kinda quick so if any of these sound like they’ll work for you, a quick google search should yield full tutorials.

  1. Silicone or oil sheen spray: usually used for ethnic hair and horse manes, the oil/silicone coats the fibers and makes them slippery, making it less likely to tangle. Also, if the fiber does tangle, it’s much easier to finger-comb the hair back into place.
  2. Tiny rubber bands: section the hair into 5-20 even sections (make sure to start each section at the top and separate downwards, don’t just gather sections from the bottom of the wig) and add a small hair elastic 3-4 inches from the bottom of each section. This is the most “visible” way, but also works like a charm for otherwise unmanageable wigs. I did this with my 48" Sohryu wig.
  3. Lotion: mix up a solution of lotion and water, then spray it on. Works similarly to the oil sheen spray but easier to make with household items. This does weigh down the wig, but that’s sort of the point.

As a side note, I also make a ~8 inch long loose braid with the hair at the very nape of the neck because that bit tends to turn into a rat’s nest after a long day of wear no matter how you treat it.

Admittedly I don’t do long wigs very often, but that’s what I’ve done when I have.