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why do women in dress pattern illustrations look like they’re about five seconds away from DRAMATICALLY DECLARING THEIR LOVE?

#here we see masha- young and untutored in the ways of love#‘o katya!’ she cries 'my very soul aches when you are not by my side! i tell you i could not breathe if you were to leave me!’#katya kisses her just once. very gently.#and then leaves chelyabinsk. never to return#(two years later masha marries a local boy and never lets herself think of what might have been)


video of a pheonix haboob. a haboob describes a weather event in which a collapsing thunderstorm exhales a burst of wind. this burst of wind, or outflow, collects dust in the surrounding arid environment, which can grow into a towering dark cloud that sweeps across the landscape. 

haboobs are common in the desert southwest and the middle east, where the term originated. (habb is arabic for wind). they are very localized phenomena, as opposed to dust and sand storms, which tend to cover more territory. of note, the plural of haboob is haboobies. (video)


Since i am newly unemployed and have been asked about commissions, now seems like the right time to open them!

(€ = USD)

Commission Prices:

  • Headshot 12€  |  Colour 18€
  • Bust 20€  |  Colour 25€  |  Stylized render 35€  |  Painterly 45€
  • Full body 30€  |  Colour 45€

Extra Character: 60% of the price

I will draw:

  • Original Characters
  • Fanart
  • Portraits (of whomever)
  • Couples
  • NSFW stuff (pm or email me if you want my nsfw blog)

I will not draw:

  • Furry or animals (no hate, i just can’t draw them)

Email me @

Payment through PayPal

If you have a special request that isnt covered by the sheet above (backgrounds, different style, mood lighting) we can chat it out.
Witchcraft Blogs?

Hello (again) tumblr!

My name is Anja and I am, for all intents and purposes, a witch.

When I was seven years old I was able to influence the local weather very faintly by using what I realise now to be the full force of my mental will. My family are not witches, nor do they believe in magic.

When I was seventeen I discovered that I had a knack for putting will and energy into things. To alter enough but never too much, that the earth called for me to harness nature in a practice that would allow me to become closer to my Mother, the earth herself. She would call to me through the dirt and the wind, but only then was I finally able to listen. I became a witch and, like many fledgling witches, began down the path of practising witchcraft. Over two years I gathered information, I began an extensive garden and collected stones from the riverbed. I compiled a grimoire and found myself with more candles than I knew what do with.

But despite all of that - all the shiny new tools and sweet-smelling herbs - it felt superficial. I grew away from my Mother and my spells became centred on myself. After a surmounting of pressure I broke; I set the herbs alight and threw the stones back into the river. I disposed of tens of pages of carefully-crafted notes because I believed that I wasn’t a good witch.

Now I am almost twenty and in my period of introspection I’ve realised a few things. The earth called for me, nagged at my heels, and the Craft was never far from my mind. Recently I’ve begun to ache for this way of life, and so I decided that I’d step foot into the tumblr community of witchcraft again.

So, witches of tumblr, I ask you this: like/reblog this post and let me check out your blog! Any and all veins of the craft are welcome.

Mr. Darcy drew his chair a little towards her, and said, “You cannot have a right to such very strong local attachment. You cannot have been always at Longbourn.”

Elizabeth looked surprised. The gentleman experienced some change of feeling; he drew back his chair, took a newspaper from the table, and, glancing over it, said, in a colder voice,

“Are you pleased with Kent?”

—  Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Serial killer Ted Bundy was very active in local Republican politics and once even won the title of ‘Mr Up-And-Coming Republican’ for to his work in the community.

A chairman who once hired Bundy as his personal assistant was quoted as saying “If you can’t trust someone like Ted Bundy, you can’t trust your wife, parents - anyone”

blue night radio ♡ 170109
translation: cosmicsticks

(on shinee’s “stand by me”.) jonghyun: this song was from 2008 or 2009. it was released when we were promoting “amigo”. we sang it for a drama called boys over flowers, and the drama was very well received both locally and overseas. so, following it, the song was too. i remember we had a performance overseas once and the song was on the setlist. we were like: “… why are we singing this song?!” and it was because the song was popular.

let’s all just take a moment to imagine a universe where, instead of Jason pulling all that Under the Red Hood stuff, he instead started hanging signs all over Gotham that read “unattended Robins will be given a free puppy and expresso” and then follows through. Tim starts showing up at the cave tied to a golden retriever and a triple shot from Starbucks. he is so confused. Bruce has to find homes for six puppies in one week. Tim hasn’t slept for four days and has heartburn

Somebody’s Watching, Again

A very talented local singer catches the eyes of every man in town, including the eyes of Dr. Spencer Reid and a very dangerous UnSub.

This is my new Reid series, if you’re interested, keep on reading!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Dr. Spencer Reid went to the same coffee shop every single morning, and so did she. For years now, they have never crossed paths, instead just brushing past each other in line or holding the door open for one another. Neither one took much notice of the other. Until now.

It being a Monday morning, everyone was in line to get their extra dose of caffeine to help them make it through the day at their jobs. It was so crowded that the line was practically out the door. This might also have to do with the fact that the Holidays are fast approaching, and everyone seems to love a good cuppa joe at this special time of year. Spencer was already running a little late, something he rarely did. But he had another nightmare last night and getting out of bed this morning proved to be difficult. Spencer studied everything he could about the human body yet he still can’t understand how he could feel so tired yet have his body shaking uncontrollably as if every nerve in his body was in overdrive. 

Focusing so much on not missing the metro, Spencer did not notice he had taken the wrong cup when grabbing his order. Had he not taken a large gulp of the unfamiliar liquid before walking out the door, he would have continued on.

He nearly spit the stuff out, it was so gross. It was disgustingly sweet, chock full of sugar and cream, with a strong taste of pumpkin. After forcing it down, he brought the cup up to eye level to see the name ‘Esme’ scribbled on the side.

“Is there an Esme here?” Spencer called out as loud as he could, which wasn’t very loud at all due to his soft nature.

Five feet to the right of Spencer, just near the counter, a woman made a scene from taking a sip of her coffee and then promptly spitting it out, replicating something from a movie.

“Ew, what is this?!” the woman exclaimed. Spencer watched her look at the cup, and he already knew. “This belongs to a Spencer.”

“Uh, that would be me,” Spencer stepped up shyly, chuckling slightly. The woman, Esme, brought her eyes up to meet Spencer’s. The pair shared a silent encounter, each one taking in the other’s appearance for just a quick second. 

“You drink black coffee?” she asked him. He noticed a British accent.

“You drink…what is this even called?” Spencer laughed again, holding up the drink.

“It’s a pumpkin spice latte. I know, I know, I’m not a real coffee drinker,” she waved her free hand and rolled her eyes. Something about the woman made Spencer feel comfortable around her, like he’d known her for years. She talked and acted as if they were old friends. He liked that.

He also liked her appearance. Spencer usually isn’t one to prioritize looks, but this woman, this Esme, caught him by surprise. Her skin was alabaster, and her small, boyish frame was covered with a black fuzzy sweater and jeans. Her features were very prominent, almost sunken in. Her eyes were deep brown, and her hair was cut into a pixie style, with a nose to match. Spencer almost forgot what words were.

“Oh, well, I um, assume you’re Esme?” he asked her.

“Only if you’re Spencer,” she laughed. Chuckling along, Spencer nodded his head. They held their cups out to each other, only for Esme to pause.

“Oh, we’ve already drank from these. I don’t mind, unless you…?” she trailed off, looking into Spencer’s eyes just because she could.

“It’s not a problem,” he assured her, switching cups. “Did you know that thousands of germs are passed along just from a hand shake? It’s actually safer to kiss.” Spencer wanted to hit himself for spewing facts to yet another girl he found pretty, but he couldn’t help himself. It was in his nature. Yet unlike the other girls, Esme seemed interested.

“Oh really now? Well, we basically already have,” she said, referring to the fact that both of their mouths were on both cups.

Spencer’s face turned red and he smiled sheepishly, not knowing what to say next.

“I’m Esme. Well you knew that, but now we have a proper introduction,” she laughed, holding out her hand for him to shake, but then suddenly taking it back. “Oh, that’s right, shaking hands equals germs!” she exclaimed, laughing further and smiling. She had the brightest smile.

“I’m Spencer, but I guess you knew that too. Actually, I’m also late for work,” Spencer said, just now remembering his duty to the BAU.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m keeping you! Well enjoy your hot bean water, Spencer and have a nice day,” she smiled and waved goodbye to him, a sassy twist in her voice, joking at the way Spencer takes his coffee. It only made him smile.

“Enjoy your dessert,” he bantered back as he waved goodbye and walked out the door. He would have to run to the metro, but it was worth it.

Although neither one of them thought they would see the other again, they were both beautifully, and horribly, mistaken.

Hi, I’m Leslie Knope, I’m pro-parks, pro-public safety, and I’m pro-clean water. I’m also pro-environmental regulation, and I’m very, very pro-local propositions 45, 86, and 102f. But most of all, I’m pro-Pawnee. Here are some other things I’m pro:

  • More dog parks
  • Senior citizens rights
  • Safe streets
  • Safe sidewalks
  • Better schools 
  • Lower taxes
  • Better parks
  • Better business climate
  • Better better business bureau
  • Cleaner streets
  • Improve greenways
  • More snow plows
  • Protecting pawneeans
  • Improving tourism
  • More trash cans
  • Energy-efficient street lights
  • Westide detoxificaion and revitalization project
  • Repaving grand avenue
  • More teachers
  • Fewer libraries
  • Improve intergovernmental agency communication
  • Clean-up barefoot lake
  • Passin pawnee jobs bill p-129.4
  • Playgrounds in every park
  • Playgrounds in every schoolyard
  • Playgrounds in every residential block 
  • Clean energy
  • One police officer for every 5 citizens
  • One park ranger for every 10,000 raccoons
  • Resodding hilltop cemetery
  • Start talking to cuba again
  • Emergency evacuation drills
  • PFOW for charity
  • Forming an ad hoc sub-committee oversight committee
  • Challenging the norm
  • Pawnee corn subsidies
  • Finally passing pr-61, formally recognizing south korea
  • Official peace treat with the wamapoke tribe
  • Four-way stops at every intersection
  • Unionizing ice cream trucks
  • Get Europe out of debt
  • Free trade with illinois
  • Enact RRP - raccoon relocation project
  • Pawnee communitty college tuition in exchange for 4 years of public service
  • Doubling Pawnee hospital’s emergency room nurse staff
  • Legalize korean
  • Lower the obesity level
  • Stop global terrorism
  • Re-open the toucan exhibit at pawnee zoo
  • Find Gabe the toucan
  • More community gardens
  • Ordinance 11f: to re-pave city sidewalks
  • Budget reform
  • Updated technologies for local schools
  • Better retirement benefits for city employees
  • Edward Phillips senior center remodeling
  • Speed bumps in front of elementary schools
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Re-instaling the main st. farmer market
  • No turtles as pets
  • New uniforms for youth sports programs
  • Free public wi-fi
  • Updated childcare facilities
  • Shutting down the child left behind program
  • Handicap parking placard for the obese
  • Cleaner drinking water
  • Regulate heights of trampolines
  • Memorial for those lost in the trampoline “incident”
  • Control the floods
  • Funding for public art commission
  • Fencing in correctional facilities
  • New police patrol cars
  • Funding overtime hours for police
  • Rebuilding the PTA
  • Prosecuting former PTA president Linda Trifle
  • Refitable government organizations
  • Shutting down underground shooting ranges
  • Making sure city contracts employ local workers
  • Providing more economic development grants and micro-loans to small businesses
  • Foster partnerships with sister cities
  • More buses to speed up morning commutes
  • More streets to accommodate additional buses
  • Require all city employees check to respond to email
  • Working sewers
  • More parades
  • Grants for scientists to discover new forms of energy
  • Leave a lasting impression on all visitors
  • Challenge the norm
  • Finish the statue of burt bacharach
  • No more conflict diamonds
  • Bulletproof glass everywhere
  • Free cookies at every street corner
  • One school for every student
  • Require flattering mirrors in public restrooms
  • Develop a municipal composting operation
  • Enforce evisting speeding and noise ordinances
  • Upgrade existing parks
  • Create an anti-graffiti youth outreach program
  • Free cake when it’s your birthday
  • Reevalute Nafta
  • Rickshaw wednesdays
  • Making it illegal to refuse a hug
  • Make downtown more people-friendly
  • Sell candy in government buildings to pay down the debt
  • Get Pawnee a licensed pharmacy
  • Better screening processes at local adoption agencies
  • Finding homes for the adopted children of day labor corp.
  • Prop 6a: to recognize all five good groups
  • Replacing all glass with plastic at pawnee psychiatric clinic
  • Curfew for minors at the pawnee mall