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MBTI types as people I've met


INFJ: (besides me) into vintage things, friendly, sarcastic, independent, a little weird to some people, stands out in a crowd even though doesn’t really want to. Is a hardcore teddy bear. Easy going and laid back mostly. Very driven and very intelligent.

ENFP: Best friend, sassy, super fun person, into being active, sometimes acts like an introvert, but really isn’t one. In love with dogs and snow cones. And lots of wisdom behind those bright eyes

ESFJ: (girl) Best friend, super girly and funny, bossy, will be an awesome mom one day, responsible, into makeup and doing hair, friends with everyone

ESFJ: (boy) good at anything that requires sporty skills or being active, entrepreneur minded, adventurous, doesn’t act like it but is super smart, friends with everyone he meets

ESFP: sensitive, outgoing, super laid back and good at sports. Friendly and nice. Has a weird sense of humor. Can be quiet at times… good friend to anyone.

INFP: genius. Doesn’t write much, but is very poetic. Creative, emotional, but tough. Funny, witty humor, kind, and friendly. Into techy things as well as traveling. underestimated, encouraging and inspiring.

INTP:quiet and reserved, but will sometimes act like an extrovert. Laid back and easy going. Very handy and sarcastic. Independent and likes alone time. Extreme adventurer and sometimes intimidating. Seems tough, but actually way nicer than anyone thinks.

INTJ: really really smart and intelligent. Seems intimidating, but is actually softy. Actually very nice despite what people may think. Deep thinker and handy. Makes for a good conversationalist. Likes outdoor activities.

ENTJ: energetic and genius. Drummer and tech geek. Kinda weird, but fun to hang around. Talkative and did I mention smart?

ISFJ: Quiet, But fun. A little awkward… very kind. talented artist. Does have an outgoing side around friends.

ISFP: quiet sometimes, friendly, very artistic in music and drawing, loves people and is nice. Has a funny side. Loves wearing black lol

ENTP: really smart and laid back. Hilarious and fun. Very outdoorsy and tough. Loves hunting, fishing, hiking, exploring and all things mountain man involved. Also entrepreneur minded.

ENFJ: friendly and easy to talk to. We have a lot in common. Adventurous and lots of deep conversations. Good and kind with people and lots of wisdom.

ISTJ: best friends when I was little. Wanted to be president one day. Shy and a bit bossy. Caring and diligent in work.

That’s all I got for now🤷🏽‍♀️😝

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Sorry but I don't see things getting worse. Harry and Louis have been MIA a lot lately. Louis is back in the U.K., not LA, after playing a mega festival and had a stunt free lads weekend :) Harry, after 15 months, launched his project on the 25th of all days, Niall commented & liked his pic (hasn't happened in ages) aka publicly supported him! Louis&H changed their headers/icons the same day, both headers have blue&green! And no baby since January!!! It's April :)

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Meme about meeting characters

Twitter had a “like this thing and I’ll tell you about a character,” here is a quick and slightly edited list for cross-posting-promotional purposes.

A comprehensive “whose who” with artwork will be posted later this year when the blog launches.

  1. Red Kelp, dryad, has very little magical talent, which is odd for her kind. She struggles with this.
  2. The Purple Paw Thievery, a guild of magical rabbits that constantly steal, are generally beloved. They rarely take anything valuable.
  3. No one quite knows “what” Atticus is and he won’t say. Very limited shape shifting ability, terrible at tech, kinda bad with magic. But Knows Too Much.
  4. Nixxi, sea nymph, is deeply devoted to lost gods of storm & sea. She is piecing together her beliefs in found artifacts and old books.
  5. Dime Store Halloween is one of the most popular bands in the Netherworld. They tend to play smaller venues for more fan interaction.
  6. Lemon Peel, dragon, is constantly scheming to get snacks. It is adorable so this nearly always works. Teams up with PPThievery often
  7. Strawberry, mermaid, is exceptionally powerful magically. She has a bright, summer personality and often makes gifts (wreaths especially)
  8. Magma (everyone calls her Ham), gorgon, is a brilliant engineer – of space tech & business deals. She is immensely powerful & respected
  9. Penny P. Post, vampire, fights to balance shyness and being an extrovert. Small amounts of attention are grand but too much is worrisome
  10. Mister Ghost is a retired adventurer who enjoys farming and sitting on the porch, listening to stories. Doesnt feel the need to say much
  11. Creepy Crepes is a diner run by ghosts. The service is quick, the food is riddled with delicious slime, the milk shakes are cursed
  12. Zelda K. Arcadia, witch, is extremely talented at getting people to share secrets. She is slick and quiet and dangerous.
  13. Harper L. Vandergloom, skeleton, is a librarian in charge of the Lost Book Brigade, adventurers that recover forgotten tomes and scrolls
  14. Hopscotch All-Colors, gnome, is the time traveling postmaster of the Netherworld Post Office. Uses colorful outfits to track timelines
  15. The Potion Maker’s Authority holds regular demonstrations, workshops & chili cookoffs to brew up interest in their craft
  16. The Muenster Lunar Colony Bar & Grill is a gateway to space at large. And the fries are -to-die- for.
  17. Gardot is an underwater town, bigger than Peyroux and not as remote. Known for its musical and magic culture.
  18. Autumn’s Lost Wood is a forest of  perpetual October. It is full of ghosts, carnivorous plants, goblins, ghouls & monsters
  19. Sophie M. Starwater, elemental mage, will get you out of a jam and bring snacks while she does. Cinnamon roll. Owns many axes.
  20. The Queen regularly puts on tournaments so her “secret” (everyone knows) warrior lover will showcase her incredible physical strength
  21. The Netherworld is full of harmless gossip – everyone talks about everyone (unless you ask for your business not to be shared)
  22. Enemies are common but malice is very rare. It is not unusual for mortal foes to dine together occasionally in neutral locations.
Character Profile: Tobias

Here are the deets on Tobias, the protagonist of The Savior’s Champion. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TSC INFO - no *major* spoilers, most of this is info you’ll learn within the first 3 chapters or so.

Copyright © 2016 Jenna Moreci


Sex: Male

Gender: Masculine, but not hyper-masculine. Doesn’t need to throw his weight around to feel like a man.

Age: 21

Race, ethnicity, culture: Thessian. 

The realm of Thessen is loosely based off of ancient Greece and Rome. It sits in between Kovar (think vikings) and Ethyua (think ancient Egypt), so its population is widely mixed due to immigration and trade. Tobias’s family is not a product of immigration - they come from Thessian natives, same as most of the folks in his village. 

Height: 5′10″ - 5′11″

Body type: A few years ago he was slender, even a bit scrawny. But at around 18, he switched occupations, became a laborer, and the constant physical work has helped him bulk up. He’s no adonis, but he’s cut.

Appearance: He’s got wavy mop hair. Imagine an adorable mess of curls atop his sweet little head. Hair color is chocolate brown, but extended time in the sun is turning pieces of it golden brown. This is kinda what we’re working with:

(face covered because it’s way off)

Eyes are large and black. They’re technically a very dark brown, but you have to see ‘em up close to even make that distinction.

He’s got olive skin - think Greek, Portuguese, or a southern Italian look. Since he works every day in the sun, his skin is mega ultra super tan.

No mods, no tats. Angular features, long nose, and full lips. He occasionally rocks the five o’clock shadow, but the men of the Sovereign’s Tournament are frequently cleaned up by servant girls, which includes a shave.

Where is he from? He’s from a small hilltop village in the realm of Thessen. His upbringing was very humble, and he’s from a lower, “common” class, but his family didn’t necessarily struggle - they just lived within their means. It wasn’t until his adulthood that their financial situation became a big concern.


Family: Has a twin sister named Naomi who was left crippled after a workplace accident. Prior to that, she was apprenticing under their father to become a metalsmith. Tomboy. Looks just like Tobias but is his opposite, as she was always the outgoing social butterfly of the pair. Her current situation has left her battling depression, though her spirits are higher than that of the average person in her condition. Despite their differences, Tobias and Naomi are fiercely close. She calls him Toby, and he hates it.

Father (metalsmith) died when Toby was 18 in the same accident that left Naomi crippled. Dad wanted him to become a metalsmith, but Toby wanted to become an artist. They butted heads for years until Toby acquired a super prestigious apprenticeship with the principal artist of Thessen. Once that happened, his dad was finally proud of him, and they started to get along. He died a year later.

Mommykins (Yucana) stays at home to care for Naomi. She had a job prior to the accident, but now it’s up to Toby to bring home the bacon. Now that Toby has sacrificed his dream to care for his family, she feels immense guilt. Because of this, she tries to shield him from the pain associated with caring for Naomi; when Toby gets home from work, it’s his job to relax. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s actually just making him feel alienated from his sister.

Friends: Toby’s two closest friends are Naomi and Milo. Milo is his neighbor, the youngest of a bazillion siblings, and the “runt” of the litter. They grew up together. The thing is, as they grew up, they became very different people. At this point, Tobias has essentially outgrown the friendship, but they’re still friends because by now their bond is more like family than anything else.

Tobias also makes friends within the Sovereign’s Tournament. Avoiding details for the sake of spoilers.


Sexual orientation: heterosexual

What is he attracted to?: He really likes long, pretty hair. He’s a boob man, provided they’re attached to the right woman. He likes femininity - when a girl smells nice, or when she’s wearing a pretty dress. But what’s really important to him is having a partner who sees and understands him, someone he feels comfortable talking to. He likes spunk and feistiness in a woman - someone who will shock him, keep him on his toes, make him laugh. He likes a strong, fiery personality - someone with opinions and purpose. Someone who will challenge him.

Sexual experience: Late bloomer, mostly due to his lifestyle - work work work and no time for play. His life revolves around providing for his family, so he doesn’t have the luxury of going out, having fun, and getting laid. He’s still a virgin, and he can count the number of girls he’s done anything intimate with on one hand.

Romantic experience: Two young, innocent, and very short-lived “romances,” if you can call ‘em that.


Skills: Skilled at all things art. His expertise is as a portrait artist. Smarter than the average bear, but no genius. His creativity and intelligence become assets to him in the Sovereign’s Tournament.

Occupation/schooling: Went to the Thessen equivalent of basic public school. Worked his ass off to become an apprentice for the principal artist of the realm, then had to quit due to extenuating circumstances. Now works as a laborer in the sugarcane fields. He hates his job so much because it’s so incredibly mindless, but he does what he has to for his family.

Hobbies: PAINTING. DRAWING. He is obsessed with art. It is his greatest passion. He also really enjoys epics and fables (that shit is the equivalent of comic books in Thessen), and he likes to unwind with a drink at the end of a long day. He’s not an alchie, but he’s gotten sauced on occasion.


Introvert or extrovert? Introvert. Takes a while to warm up to people. Once he’s comfortable with someone, he’s very open and witty.

Right-brained or left-brained? Sooooo right-brained. Very artistic, creative, and in touch with his intuition. Deep thinker.

Strengths: He has a genuinely good heart. He is compassionate and kind. When he cares for people, he cares deeply. He’s intelligent, talented, and an old soul. Very deep thinker who questions conventions as opposed to blindly following the masses. Stands up for what is right and what he believes in. Unwavering loyalty. Selfless to the point of being self-sacrificing. When he opens up, he’s very witty and charming. Hard worker. Very brave, and very curious. A bit of an incognizant romantic.

Weaknesses: Honest to a fault. Has no poker face. Hellbent on saying his piece, even if it gets him into trouble. Led by his gut and emotion, even if it goes against his own self-interest. Has moments of obliviousness, especially when it comes to women. Sometimes overwhelmed by his feelings, which leads to poor decision-making.

Goals/dreams/aspirations: All he wants to do is protect his family and become an artist. But when he enters the Sovereign’s Tournament and starts developing warm tingly feelings, his aspirations change. Sure, he still wants to be an artist, but pursuing a life with the woman he loves becomes priority numero uno, especially since it seems like such an impossible feat.

Beliefs/affiliations: People in Thessen believe there is a higher power who ultimately created The Savior. The Savior, for lack of a better word, is somewhat of a Demigoddess - a Child of that higher power. However, Tobias doesn’t have the undying awe for The Savior that most people have. He knows She’s magical, but he sees Her as a Woman - Someone capable of being flawed.

Outside of religion, Tobias has a strong sense of principle, loyalty, and truth. He questions conventions. He needs to feel that an action or belief is right for him to be comfortable with it, regardless of whether or not the masses believe it’s right. He is not content with other people’s sense of morality - it needs to feel moral and right to him for him to accept it.

Fears: He’s had to deal with some really heavy realities, so his fears are reflective of that: losing the people he loves or losing himself. He feels an immense burden to take care of the people in his life and to stay true to himself. When either is compromised, he takes it very hard. 

Additionally, the Sovereign’s Tournament forces him to do things he would normally consider unthinkable, and he fears how these decisions will change him.

Insecurities: He’s insecure about his art. He really, really wants to be good. And he has very little awareness of how talented he is. He surpassed his master when it came to portrait art, and he has no idea. 

He seriously underestimates his capabilities in the tournament, and he’s a little ashamed about being in the tournament in the first place. It’s not his scene, he finds it objectifying, and he’s embarrassed to be a product for consumption/entertainment. 

Lastly, he questions his ability to care for the people he loves, even though he busts his ass doing so. 

What would he die for? His mom, his sister, his girlfriend. 


MikoChiyo Week 2017: Day 3 - Fashion/Seasons

They are very spring and summer-y type people!

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What do you think of the recent chapters of the snk manga? I love your meta and miss reading it… Hope you're doing well! <3

Hi! Sorry I’ve gone off the grid, my Tokyo Ghoul blog got real popular so it’s been taking up most of my time. And thank you! I’m doing good B)

I really like GrizzledVeteran!Reiner, his relationship with the Warrior Youth, and getting to see the Fall of Shiganshina from his perspective. His speech at his family dinner was one of the most powerful and moving scenes in SNK to date, making the guilt lying on his mind and the murky greyness of this moral universe subtly but surely apparent to the reader. Annie screentime is always appreciated and we’ve also been given the gift of the wonderfully creepy yet somehow endearing Pieck. 

But what has blown me away with gale force winds over these past couple of chapters is the extreme intensification of parallels between Eren and Reiner. I’ve talked about their similarities here and here, but recent chapters have cranked it up a notch.

Reiner starts out as a kid with very little talent but a whole lot of spirit.

He places little value on his own life if it means changing the world.

Both search long for a missing father to find disappointment down the end of the road.

He eventually realises that he has become a “hero that will save the world” not due to his destiny, but due to the secret meddling of others.

And he becomes disillusioned, the spirit that drove him forward quelled to existential uncertainty and despair.

His commitment to his ideology came into conflict with his commitment to his friends…

And his commitment to his friends ultimately won out.

And to make these parallels all the more explicit, we have these two pages.

The same three-panel formula, in reversed positions no less (Reiner on the right, Eren on the left): they look up at the sky in the first panel, it makes them realise something in a reaction shot in the second, and the third depicts the wall opposite them that stands between them, even when their sky, and themselves, are the same. We also have Bertholdt’s parallel Armin running up to meet Eren to round off the connection.

Throughout SNK, we’ve had three major images that have received symbolic focus. Each image corresponds to the make-up of the world. The Earth is represented through the Walls, symbolic of security but also isolation and confinement. The Sea was for a long time a symbol of hope and freedom, but upon finding it, Eren discovers it’s just another kind of Wall - another fragile protective barrier keeping them penned in. So we come to Chapter 91, and a new symbolic focus comes into play - the Sky.

People are separated by Walls and Seas, but the Sky unites them all. Walls are manmade, just as prejudices are, and can be knocked down; Seas are natural, like the biological differences between Eldians and Marleyans, but they are still traversable. It is the Sky that must remind us that the differences that divide us are petty. Eren and Reiner, two people more alike than brothers, are made into enemies by the Walls and the Seas when the Sky tells them they are one and the same. Thus the Sky is the series’ true symbol of hope and freedom.

Given this imagery and the focus we’ve had on him in these recent chapters, I believe Reiner, along with Eren, will be key to uniting the Marley and Eldian peoples if they can embrace the Sky and leave the Walls and the Sea behind.

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Why don't you like Americans?

Because the behaviour of many of our people has made me often embarrassed to be one. We elected a cheeto to lead us, we spend our attention on genetically gifted women with very little actual talent (their from that one family…you know who I mean) and Americans abroad can be the most annoying people lacking any self awareness or common sense.

That being said we also created Michelle Obama, ranch dressing, Dr Pepper, Lady Gaga, and Sense8. We have the hills of Montana, the gay studs of WeHo, and The comedy circuits of NYC. We do some things really well.

So I guess I don’t hate Americans. I hate the declining reputation we as a nation have in this world. And I hate that for a large part we deserve it.

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How would US! SF! And MT! Skelebros react to a top-tier healing mage s/o who barely talks, loves magic history (human and monster) and would passionately talk about it, but they were always shot down the opportunity to talk about it by family and friends? They now always decline the chance to talk about magic, in fear of being punished for it.

I’m sorry this took so long, friend! Maybe about a month? Idk.



Blue loves that you’re a mage, especially one the specializes in healing! His training sessions can get pretty rough and he comes home with broken wrists and cracked bones often, so he comes to your for reliable healing. He’s sad that your loved ones always shot you down when it comes to your passion, but Blue slowly helps you come out of your shell and talk about your passion again. 


See here’s the thing, Stretch is a science guy so he doesn’t care much about history and stuff, but he has a big respect for people with a passion for it. He would love to listen for hours on end for you to just say whatever comes up in your mind, but your reluctance breaks his heart. He wants to help you overcome that and use your knowledge for something good like teaching or tutoring the local school for classes like that. The healing mage comes in handy too. 



Black tends to get hurt a lot because he can be reckless in battle, yet calculating. His strategies are actually very thought out and his no one can match his tactics….it’s just that 85% of the time, it’’s reckless and he gets hurt, so you’d make the perfect partner for him because of your healing abilities. He doesn’t notice your passion for magic history because he doesn’t really care about that stuff and it never comes up in conversation, but he does has a sense that you’re holding back when you’re talking to him, but he just thinks it’s because you’re shy. Either way, he loves you a lot and even if he can’t help you, his love will hopefully make you more confident and you can overcome that yourself. 


While Stretch like science, Rus loves history! He’s very enthusiastic about it and even if you won’t talk about it, he will. Hopefully, some of his enthusiasms affect you and you start contributing to the discussions as well! Rus is good at defense and offense magic, but he has very little talent for healing, so he asks you to help him and with your training sessions, you two bond over your mutual love for history and magic. 



Sans notices your passion for magic history very early on, and encourages you to talk about it. Maybe not with him because that stuff will put him to sleep, but he knows that Papyrus is a bit of a history nerd and would love to listen. When he hears how your family members basically destroyed your confidence for something you love, he shows up at their doorsteps and gives them a bad time. 


Papyrus loves history and would love to hear you talk about it! He might not know much himself, but he knows enough to keep up with you if you do ever talk about it. He’s sad that you think he’s going to punish you for talking about something you love and so he does his best to reassure you that he won’t. Because of you share the healing affinity with Paps, you two volunteer at the hospitals to help injured humans and monsters. 

M*A*S*H sentence starters
  • You have no idea what it’s like sharing a tent with a guy who thinks he’s all twelve disciples! 
  • Somebody sneaked in here and committed a neatness!
  • I had a dream last night that I was asleep and I dreamed it while I was awake!
  • I’m only paranoid because everyone’s against me!
  • I’m sleeping with a loaded baseball bat under my pillow, so don’t try anything!
  • We’ve been getting double-talk in triplicate.
  • My kingdom for an intelligent octopus!
  • Normal is everybody doing the same thing.
  • Well, individuality is fine–as long as we all do it together.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants, and slide on the ice.
  • Anyone who believes that, stand on their head.
  • The instrument has yet to be devised that can test my indifference to that remark.
  • I have never cared, and at this point I don’t care twice as much as I never cared before!
  • You can’t drink this early in the morning. I know, I keep trying.
  • You’ve got a lot to learn about messing up your life.
  • That is grade A 100% Bull cookies!
  • I discussed you with everyone I know. They all think you’re disgusting.
  • Listen, it’s too big a world to be in competition with everybody
  • Dracula couldn’t find a quick snack around these parts!
  • So why don’t you just crawl back in your bottle of booze and pickle yourself?
  • You’re a tribute to man’s endurance.
  • Well, what do you expect with very little talent and only five minutes’ preparation?
  • When will you two cretins realize that your feeble imaginations cannot keep up with my real life?
  • When you see the kind of horror that we do, day in and day out, you don’t just feel close.
  • You assassinated his character?
  • Very clever, hiding under a house of cards while you plot the overthrow of the free world.
  • I hate to interrupt you in mid-debauch, but I’d like a word with you.
  • I feel like Dorian Grey’s picture.
  • On only one other occasion in my life did I even approach that level of inebriation.
  • What about we do something civilized?
  • I come from the land of the free and the home of depraved.
  • How many times do I have to tell you there are no communists under these beds.
  • We just shared a moment of great warmth. I think a murder right now would really spoil the mood.
  • I only recognizes one 5:30 per day. This is not it.
  • Speaking of drawers and sheets, I was hoping to strip down to one and slip between the other.
  • One of the things I’ve always liked about our relationship is we never let sympathy get in the way.
  • He bet someone that he could put a pool ball in his mouth and then take it out.
  • Why fight it? I might as well go crazy and be inconspicuous!
  • If I don’t find a way to hear some music soon, I’m gonna lose what is left of my mind.
  • It would be hard to call what we’ve been through fun, but I’m sure glad we went through it together.

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I hope Viktor manages to correct the purple with a peachy/orangey concealer and then cover that with a skin tone concealer. Although not sure how skin like that will look, especially on a man's jaw area where he shaves.

We’ll see if he can manage! :D
I feel like Victor has very little artistic talent as far as stuff like painting, and make up, and stuff goes XD
I’m betting he doesn’t fool anyone though ^^;

It has been fun watching the two types of reactions to Stephen Russell getting cast as Corvo.

Us old folk are shouting happily about our memories of the snarky asshole thief while you young folk are excited about seeing your noir robot waifu again soon.

Kylo lunges forward, grabbing Armitage by the hips, sending the boy into a fit of giggles, struggling as though wanting to get away, as though it’s a game. Kylo lifts him up, placing the boy down on his shoulders like he was trying to achieve before, Armitage’s legs dangling over the front of Kylo’s body. Tiny fingers bury themselves in Kylo’s hair, though he grimaces slightly as Armitage pulls too hard in an attempt to stay steady on Kylo’s shoulders.

I commissioned @sigalawin to draw a scene from my deaged hux fic ‘Little Bird‘ where little Armitage has been nagging to sit on Kylo’s shoulders so Kylo eventually lets him, and I’m absolutely in love with her creation.

thank you so much!!! (✿◠‿◠)


Bella and Cami Voorhees
Tears Of An Angel (2016)
Choreography by Chelsea Sebes