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a kind flowey? how very intresting... hmm your lucky i am a much nicer skelton now i won't expariment on you but i do have one request may i sit down with you and write about your universe in my multiverse book? oh and where are my manners i am dr. terminal gaster nice to meet you

💛 —『 ✱ Petals seems happy to see a friendly face. He’s a bit scared though. 』

✿ ▸┊✧ ❝ What timeline are you? ❞ ┊

✿ ▸┊✧ ❝ And… what did you mean by.. experiment? ❞ ┊

Tom Hiddleston: Glasses

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Note: Sorry for the longish two paragraphs. I thought of this because if @nuggsmum and the picture if Tom and his glasses.

“Tom do you want another cup?” you asked poring your self a cup of tea. “Yes please”. “Here you go.” “Thanks sweet heart.”.

You and Tom were currently going over some scripts “Okay where were we?” you picked up your script looking for where you left off. “Um … t- these are the files agent. I think.” Tom scrunched his nose up reading. “Tom,” “Yes?” “When are you going to get your eyes checked?” Tom looked at you furrowing his brow “My eyes checked?” you sighed “Yes you know the opticians” “I don’t-” “Tom you really don’t think you need to go to the opticians?” He shook his head “no I think my eyesight is perfectly fine” you leaned over the table and took the script “Ok then, read the first line”. You placed it in the middle of the table, Tom leaned foward “No you can’t do that” “why not? Surely you cant see it from there?” you turned the script around “Tuesdays newspaper was very intresting wasnt it George?” “[y/n] you made that up!” He laughed “Ok then put that up close to your face and read it old man.” you challenged him. “Sweetheart I’m only a couple years older than you and I’m not that blind!”. You sat back waiting for him to read it “Tuesdays newspaper was very-” you smirked as he said it in defeat. “Sweetheart I’ll go to the optitions next week, ok?” you leaned forward and kissed his lips quickly “ok”.

~~~ A few weeks later ~~~

“You look handsome in your glasses Mr Hiddleston.”. You have been teasing him all day about his glasses he thought it made him look like an old man, but it only made him look better if anything. “Don’t call me that sweetheart, it makes me feel old” “really now Mr hiddleston” you sat next to him, Tom put his hand on your leg squeezing it, “you dont look like it.” “Ah thank you sweet.” Tom kissed your cheek. “Y'know I bet the fangirls will love you with glasses.” “Are you sure I will not loose some, looking like an old man” Tom smiled at the last bit, you had been calling him that all day. “Tom you look just as good with or without glasses.”. “Really?” “Absolutely”. You kissed him on the lips he tried following you after you let go. “I love you with or without glasses.”, “I love you to sweetheart.”. You kissed him again finally shutting him up about his gorgeous glasses.

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okay but what happens when you combine the neverhuman au and the one of us au? (i kinda wanna write something)

i wrote a bit about it in this ask 

really depends if you’re looking and ‘full evil demon’ Ford or ‘going to double cross bill’ Ford

I only know a bit about that au. so what do you think would happen when the 2 aus are combined?

either way

maybe all i want is just for Demon!Ford and Fae!Stan to fight

I can’t stop imagining the different ways it could play out

Ford trying to egg Stan on to go into his full Fae form

Ford having the advantage with the elemental power area. Ford having fire and Stan being wood/earth

Stan having more experience and plays dirty

them teaming up

so many possibilities~

and a few i wanna draw out

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INTJ female that loves art, is spiritual, and creating stories for others to enjoy the beauty of life with an ENFP boyfriend that finds articles for me to read and has very intresting deep conversations.. im in love???

Oooo the classic INTJ x ENFP romance….glorious 👌👌
Yknow, it’s one of the easiest relationships in which an INTJ can fall in love, so I don’t doubt that you are 😉

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Top 5 fictional books?

Okay BUCKLE IN KIDDOS also I know this Says fictional but I have a very varied taste so MIXED IT IS!! ((Imma give the titles and what it’s breifly about also this is in no order))

1) Ash by Malinda Lo
It’s a spin off of Cinderella where “Ash” ends up in a gay relationship ((it’s just hella gay and I love it))

2) Harry Potter Franchise
Cause it’s Bamf and I’m hoping yall know this story otherwise my blog is gonna be hella confusing

3) Life in a Fishbowl by Len Vlahos
It’s about a dude who ends up having cancer and sells his life in ebay and a tv station buys it so they broadcast his last months on TV

4) Note to Self by Connor Franta
Just a autobiography about Connor and it’s very intresting and I love it

5) My Grammar and I (or should that be “me”?) By Caroline Taggart and J.A Wines
Just a good little book to help your grammar and english skills cause everyone knows that I can’t spell or grammar correctly ((see even that sentence was grammatical incorrect))

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I think Sana's header doesn't say "skam" because during the series basically everyone has learned to deal with their flaws, their shame. At first Eva accepted the fact that she hurt Ingrid. Nora accepted that she loved William even though he was a disrespectful person and Vilde liked him first. Isak accepted his own sexuality, found love and started being himself. All of them realized that when you stop being ashamed of yourself, others will follow and accept you too.

pt.2 And Sana has been confident as herself since the start. It seems like she’s one of the only characters that don’t feel shame for being who they are. Maybe she already went through the insecure phase and that’s why she’s the most mature of the characters now.

very intresting theory, you have a good point in that!

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I feel like aarush's parents would make "bring your parents to school" day VERY intresting. Of course junkrat would be his BOMBastic self. Poor pure aarush would be like "parental units, plz stop!". His sisters will probably just join their father.

I actually like to think it’s pretty tame, since they’re older and have experienced things as well as having cared for children. But for sure the first “What your parent does for a job/bring your parents to school” day was pretty ‘crazy’ in terms of what went down. But the kids liked it for sure and always hope that they do come when the time arrives.

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Hi dear! o/ A bout the artist's ask could you answer 7 and 25 please? :3

Thank you so much for the asks! ^-^

7. How often do you use references?
 Like, all the time :D I think it simply makes my art look better, no matter what I am drawing, be it windows or jellyfishes or bugs. I of course never use something straight as it is, but it gives my imagination so much fuel to work with I find it very worthwhile.
 I also use anatomical references, mostly photos of myself which always awkward :D

15. Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?
  While I was painting Feather & Scale, I actually started listening to YouTube rpg”streams”, podcasts and talk shows on radio (there’s a whole channel for talking in Finland and they have a lot of very intresting shows, my favorite so far has been Perttu Häkkinen where they go over Finnish subcultures, occultism and stuff like that).
  It is like, I get to draw, and I get to learn about different stuff while I am doing it :> I do listen to some music too, mostly game soundtracks as they really help you focus.

Project Abnegation
  • Hey followers! So some of my friends and I are teaming up to start Project Abnegation, a non-profit organization promoting human rights and equality!! All three of us are teenagers and are very intrested in attempting to make a difference so you guys should check us out at @projectatticus1 and give us a follow!! Peace and love, Bri
2020 Olympics Team Members?

I did a little looking back at the junior podiums at US Nationals throughout the years and I noticed a very intresting trend I thought I would share with everyone. Turns out, of the past four olympic teams; one gymnast who made the junior podium during an Olympic year would make the team the following Olympics. Here’s a (slightly) more in depth look:

2000 US Nationals Juniors Podium

1. Kristal Uzelac- short lived senior career, ended up retiring from due to injury in 2002. Went on to compete in collegiate gymnastics for Penn State. 
2. Terin Humphrey- 2004 Olympic Team Member (2x Olympic silver medalist)
3. Tabitha Yim- Made a run at the 2004 Olympics but fell just short of making the team after injuring her Achilles tendon just prior to the last selection camp.

2004 US Nationals Juniors Podium

1. Nastia Liukin- 2008 Olympic Team Member (5x Olympic medalist, 2008 AA Olympic Champion)
2. Shayla Worley- Made a run at the 2008 Olympics but was forced to withdraw from the final selection camp due to injury. Went on to compete for the University of Georgia in collegiate gymnastics.
3. Jana Bieger- Named alternate to the 2008 Olympic team.

2008 US Nationals Juniors Podium 

1. Jordyn Wieber- 2012 Olympic Team Member (2012 Olympic gold medalist)
2. Samantha Shapiro- Senior career largely limited due to injury, retired from elite in 2011 and went on to compete for Stanford University. 
3. Cassie Whitcomb- After a somewhat short senior career, Whitcomb went on to compete for UCLA in 2012, and then retiring the following year due to injury. 

2012 US Nationals Juniors Podium 

1. Lexie Priessman- After a fantastic junior career, Lexie Priessman was forced to retire from elite gymnastics due to recurring injuries. She now competes for the LSU gymnastics team. 
2. Madison Desch- After three years of competing for the US as a senior (which included being named alternate to the 2014 Worlds team) Desch retired from elite gymnastics in early 2016 and has now started her freshman year at the University of Alabama. 
3. Simone Biles- 2016 Olympic Team Member (4x Olympic gold medalist)

2016 US Nationals Juniors Podium

1. Maile O’Keefe
2. Riley McCusker
3. Gabby Perea

If history repeats itself, which one of the 2016 juniors will be part of the 2020 Olympic team? 

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Have you ever contemplated the idea of finding Aura's family? Like her and bree go to all her favorite places to try to remember an stuff, that was something i was gonna do for my comics but I thought eh, but im very intrested in your ocs and id love to know more about them!!!

I do have designs for them.

But the issue is they’re dead. And corpses only have so much to work with.

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Hello~ I am curious if you have any idea of Eto motive in Tokyo Ghoul. As seen she co-operates with Kanou and breaks down Kanae (and have possibly tortured Noro as well). I personally found Haise's comment on her works being very intresting, due to Eto's status as a half ghoul. What if she co-operates with Kanou as a result of her lonliness (that Haise found being an undertone in her works) and she want other "to suffer as she did"? What's your opinion? :)

Well, that’s an interesting question for sure, Anon and I hope what I will say will satisfy you (beware my rambling as always, sorry about that :/).

First of all, about Eto’s motive: I’m hoping that the next few chapters might provide more info about Eto’s character, because I’m currently wondering whether “Aogiri tree‘s goal”…

…is completely Eto’s goal as well or not.

To make it simple, I believe Eto is the One Eyed King and Aogiri’s official (and maybe spiritual) leader but that Tatara is also an official authority figure when it comes to everyone in Aogiri besides Eto.
So in short, I believe Aogiri Tree might have been founded by both Tatara and Eto, which is why sometimes I wonder if what seems to be Aogiri’s goal, and clearly Tatara’s goal, is also what Eto wishes for.  

“The liars” mentioned by Nico just above are very probably the V organization, as I explained in this post, which is why Kanou joined Aogiri, since he’s also fighting against them and the “cage” they’ve set up around the world with their “equilibrium”.

So, back to Eto, she has history with V because they killed her mom and want her dead, so it’s only natural to think that she’d want to “uncover the liars” and fight the V organization who see all OEGs as a threat. 

There are two sides to Eto in my opinion, “the One Eyed King (= the natural one eyed ghoul)” and “Eto/Takatsuki Sen (= the ghoul of Aogiri/the human writer)” which both reflect her nature of OEG obviously, and that’s why I’m wondering if Eto doesn’t have one but two motives/goals in life: in that case the first one is Aogiri’s goal (to uncover the liars = V) and the second one is related to the paradox of her existence as “Eto/Takatsuki Sen”, in which I believe it’s where Kaneki/Sasaki’s observation intervenes. 

I totally agree with you on the second point of your ask, since I found Haise’s comment about Takatsuki’s work to be very interesting as well, especially because Kaneki had a totally different opinon three years before and that is relevant to a part of Eto’s life, namely that…

I believe Haise is right about “Takatsuki Sen” which means he has a pretty good grasp of Eto’s character as a whole, even if what he’s saying is something she’d probably never admit to be true since she sees herself and acts as an all powerful being.

But yep he’s right indeed: Eto, the first OEG ever, had to live most of her life alone and in the 24th ward (which is rumored to be a terrible place) so there is no way she doesn’t feel different and lonely, especially considering that she is really strong.

Besides, what I really like in Eto’s character is that she’s not only a fearful ghoul: she’s adored both as the OEK by probably most of Aogiri (remember how the Bin Brothers used to be real fanatics?) but also as a very talented human writer Takatsuki Sen. She has a place in the two sides of the world and she’s revered in both and yet she’s extremely lonely, something that Haise understood perfectly.

Finally about whether “Eto wants others to suffer as much as she did” or not: I believe you may be right, Anon.
Eto is a really intelligent character and she knows how to read people well (and that’s probably why she’s such a talented writer) which is why she saw through Kanae and Seidou so perfectly (and who knows, maybe she’s the one who tortured Noro as well indeed) and also why what she inflicted upon them damaged them both so much. 

She sees through people’s inner desire and breaks them with it and I believe that’s because…

… she “detests the world”.

Because she was abandoned and lived a shitty life for a long time.

Because V is out to get her only because she was born.

Because she’s very strong and powerful, so she found herself no real equal be it as a human, ghoul or one eyed ghoul (though I’m thinking she probably has a very intense bond with Tatara, as in I don’t believe she sees him as a subordinate or someone inferior) which is probably why she’s “very lonely”.

All that resulted in her intense hatred towards the whole world and since Haise seems to understand her so well, I’m thinking Yoshimura’s wish… 

…might turn out to be achievable somehow.

To be honest, without that bit of Haise speaking to Tsukiyama about her books, I wouldn’t have deemed it possible as of right now, but there might be a very slight chance in the end.

Or maybe she’s already too far gone into it to stop herself. It’s really hard to say at this point haha. :) 

For now, Eto is like the Clowns, she hasn’t been defeated yet since the beginning of TG (not even when Rize escaped the fate Aogiri had in store for her) so she seems unbeatable but there is Haise and what he understands about her. So maybe she’s not just an all powerful and unbeatable being in the end :)

Does it answer your question? I hope so and once again sorry for all the rambling, I know how long posts can be a burden. :)

Thanks for passing by! ;)

BTS reaction to finding out their s/o loves listening to rock music

Okay so I just finsihed this request a minute ago and then my lovely laptop decided to restart without asking, thus I’m starting again after punshing my poor wall…


Jin would carefully take one of your earphones out of your ear, after you fell asleep listening to music. Jumping at the rock music blasting through the earphones because he would have been expecting something peacful and quiete. The two of you would then listen to rock music together, during every afternoon shared cookin together. “You’re full of surpises, sweetheart, but be gentle with the volume!”

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He would react the least out of all seven of them, so he would either nod approvingly at your choice of song or grab his phone to show you some his favourite all time songs. Depending on your reaction the whole thing would either end in a heated discussion about music or an enthusiastic music exchange. “Ya know, babe, hip hop is still better and there is no arguing that. I’m genius Suga and you know it!”

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The two of you would be grocery shopping, one earphone in your ear. Hobi would be dacing to it, since it was so loud he could hear just as well as you. Because it got him so hyped you would be careful to avoid listening to rock in the middle of the fish section, not really wanting anymore dancing outbreaks from your boyfriend. “Dance with me, angel? How can you just look at fish with this playing?”

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Our little Rapmonie would be very intrested to find out when you started listening to rock music and when you would usally find yourself listening to it the most. He would never outright admit it but it would be incredibly hot to him. You would then have to stop him from trying to be all sexy to rock music, breaking everything in the house. “How could you possibly resist me and rock music, baby?”

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Jiminie would be low key jalous, trying to get you to tell him that his music was still your favourite and the best and that nothing would ever be able to compare to his angelic voice. Just to help you out with this diffficult decision he would take off his top and stick his jibooty out a bit. Trying to get you to join his sexy dancing. “If this didn’t convince you yet, honey, you’re in for a treat! Possibly blind as well.”

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Taetae would be shocked to find out his adorable fluff loved listening to rock music. He would get straight to singing along in the lowest, huskiest and sexiest voice he could manage, talking about how he would be able to do this so much better for you. It would take him some time to get over his initial shock, though. “If we get a puppy and have babies, you’re listening to this on a lower volume!”

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Kookie would instantly join in, making the other artist look bad compared to him. Going on to explain how they should have done it to improve it. He would however find it incredibly cool that you loved listening to rock so much, deciding to be a shit rather than to tell you this. The two of you would tease each other endlessly, as usual. “Wow look at you trying to be cool. You’ll never be as cool as me though.”

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Hope it was worth doing it again! Let me know what you think.

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Hey man, you seem like a really chill dude and stuff and the advice you give is really down to earth. So anyway, I'm 16 and I want to make cartoons or something along those lines, my family is not that eager on my life choice. I've drawing for 2 years and I've seen progress which is cool. But sometimes I think I'm chasing a pipe dream? Like I'll never be good enough or fortunate enough. I want my cartoon to get picked up by CN but I don't even live in America. Am I dreaming too big?

Your family is being unimaginative. I’m guessing they compare your current skills to that which they see in pixar movies and say “well this doesn’t look like that, so it’s not good” instead of being able to see it takes skill and determination to get there over the course of many years and that everyone has to start somewhere. I made a post once about unsupportive parents who were never artists telling kids how the art world works like they’re somehow experts on it:

On the fact that you’re in the UK: who cares? Gumball comes from Britain. I’ve seen pilots that are from non-US residents. I would say, as with any job, it helps immensely to live near where your job is, but it’s not a complete necessity.

Next: you’re 16! If I had the job I wanted when I was 16, I would be animating sentinels in the 11th Matrix movie while living in an HR Giger inspired space station. What you want out of your life will change. Did you want the same thing when you were 12? That was four years ago. Four years from now you’ll be 20, do you think you’ll still want the same things? Probably not, so it’s best to keep nimble. Here’s a post where I talked to someone who was trying to figure out their college stuff and it’s about a similar idea:

I would say going forward with a mind for a career in animation is a worthy goal. However, I would say that thinking you have to work for a super specific company isn’t. You might find that a large company is not the right fit for you. You might find you like animating things in a small studio with a handful of staff or even no staff at all. Cartoon Network could be the worst place to work in the world by the time you’re 20 because some shareholders wanted it to move in a different direction, who knows?

It’s also a great goal to want to make your own cartoon. Just don’t wait for some company to come along and make it for you, work on that shit yourself. I made animation for years, starting when I was a bit younger than you, and I only got a pilot at CN going this past year (I’m 28 now). You have to keep making things all the time and build up your skills over the course of many many years.

It sucks that you’re surrounded by people who aren’t helping you grow as an artist, but if it’s something you desire that tops all other things, it’ll be okay. Then, 20 years from now when we’re all living in a post-apocalyptic hellscape due to global warming, you’ll be able to make the best damn flipbooks of anyone in your cave and the local bruiser boys will stick up for you because you’re an artist that speaks to their soft souls instead of to their hardened exteriors.