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Gemini (May 21 to June 21) and Scorpio (October 24 to November 21) match is volatile, highly unstable and passionate at its best. Ever wonder what happens when two completely opposite people come together? Yes, you get a Scorpio Gemini relationship  Both of them are true masters of their game, they attract the opposite sex partners with ease and are usually never short of potential partners. The way these two people do it, is completely opposite! On one side we have the scorpio who uses magnetism, mystery, passion and intensity to attract others and a Gemini who has an unmatched charming capabilities which is used with wit to attract others.
Now what happens when these two come together? It’s all water and air coming together to form a storm, a tsunami perhaps! They both are usually attracted to each other like magnets. They both find the other different and unique. And sometimes also get jealous of each other’s capabilities.  The Gemini is allured by the Scorpios confidence, focus and palpable sexuality. The mental stimulation provided by the intense scorpio is like a drug for the Gemini. While the curious Scorpio finds Gemini one of the most challenging person to understand (twins at play here), he’s amazed at how easy and relax life is for a Gemini. Then the fun begins!
Scorpio and Gemini both have curiosity over human behavior and thus have a lot common to talk about. Both these sign have curiosity but in different ways. Gemini is curious about everything under the sun and they get bored soon to move on to something else. While scorpio follows his curiosity till the end, until he gets the answer he wants. Gemini is enchanted by Scorpio’s intensity and depth of knowledge, while Scorpio is amazed and Gemini’s knowledge about varied topics and the charm. The Scorpio and Gemini both would love to argue for hours at once and there is no end to it! God save the bystanders!