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A  VERY  DESCRIPTIVE  PROFILE  OF  YOUR  MUSE .     repost with the information of your muse ,   including headcanons ,   etc .

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NAME : aeva
AGE : old af
SPECIES : idk what the name is yet
GENDER :  female.
ORIENTATION :  pansexual.
INTERESTS : expensive things
PROFESSION : sex worker, when she needs money 
BODY  TYPE : fairly petite, but curvy. depending on how much she’s fed, her body changes a touch.
EYES : green
HAIR :  black, length varies depending on the verse.
SKIN : deathly pale
FACE : oval, but features are soft yet pronounced.
HEIGHT :  5’4” .
COMPANIONS : lovers, her children.
COLORS : red, black, purple
FRUITS : if they’re sweet, she’ll eat them up
DRINKS : tea with repulsive amounts of sugar
ALCOHOLIC  BEVERAGES ? she likes a good amaretto or wine
SMOKES ? marlboro blacks
DRUGS ? yes 

DRIVERS  LICENSE ? somehow she got one

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