very important to you


Iruka you’re just a very important person to Naruto and me ! You’re really like Naruto’s father,brother,teacher ! Thank you Iruka Sensei ! Thank you so much for everything!!!!!

It’s last episode was aired today.
I don’t know what to say. I feel sad….

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So, I'm sorry if you've been asked this before or if this is a weird question but is there an artist (either manga, tv anime, movie, etc.) that you admire and/or have been inspired by/drawn from in your own work? (Also, thank you for your tireless work on the greatest story ever!!!)

I think you can’t create if you take influences in. It’s very important!

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Growing up did you have any Latina role models? Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many other latinas in this country❤

That is very kind. I’m so glad to hear I’ve inspired you and hope to continue to do so. Hearing from women like you inspire ME!

My grandmother, who was of Mexican descent, worked harder than anyone else I’ve ever met. So much so, that one of her favorite lines was “I will not take a nap. I will only go to bed if it is time to go to sleep or if I’m dying.” She had the best sense of humor, as you can tell! She played a very important role in my life, and her hard work and perseverance helped me become the woman that I am today.

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How to truly get to know girls and boys? What questions do i ask? Which topics should i pick? What kind of conversations to have at 3 AM?

i like being able to imagine people when they were younger. i like knowing their favorite picture books, what they wanted to be when they were five, if they liked to draw hearts or stars on foggy car windows. 

i like knowing which parts of their childhood stayed, like a scar on the eyebrow from stepping on a rake or whether they like grape or cherry popsicles more (very important question, and if they don’t like popsicles you should question why you’re talking to them in the first place). i like hearing about people’s dreams (the kind they have at night and the kind they have about the future).

it’s not boring to ask someone’s favorite color. i think my least favorite questions to get asked involve my interests. it makes me feel like i’m going to be judged if i say i like a movie that isn’t cool or i don’t know about some author. 

i can’t tell you what kind of conversations you’ll be having at 3 AM. i don’t think you can truly get to know someone through conversation alone. it takes experience. it takes seeing how someone reacts to a dog on the sidewalk, or a flat tire, or a thunderstorm, or a stranger giving them a compliment. 

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Sorry to bother you but I'm having a rough night, I wish I were dead. Do you have any words of encouragement?

i wish your days get better.
i wish that you have so many good days that the bad days seem like a distant memory.

i wish you all the smiles.
i wish you all the sunrises and sunsets surrounded by warmth, love and protection.
i wish you purple, pinks and yellows.
i wish you happiness.

i wish that you know everyday from now on how very loved and valued and appreciated and cherished and important you are.

these things i wish for you and more.

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Hi Hajimama, I feel like I'm losing my will to do stuff that I have to do but I don't like to do. For example, schoolwork. It's been keeping me from being productive. I will only do things that I like to do but it's unnecessary. I'm nearing the end of my junior high school but I feel like I hardly got anything done.

I feel you! I often have that feeling too! Depending on how much your actual ability (not will) to do these things is affected you might be experiencing depressive episodes and might need to get help. Often this can also be a sign of simply being overwhelmed, so structuring your life and work balance can help. Set up a timetable for home and try to be disciplined about it. Allow yourself to stop work when you can’t do it anymore and do little breaks in between. Unfortunately school work is very important and I can only ask you to try to get it done at least partly (it’s fine if you can’t do it all, because sometimes it’s really a shit ton of work, but at least do as much as you can or set yourself a time, like you do one hour of actual homework).

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Thanks! It felt better to get it off my chest, but i needed some advice to get the confidence to do something, i plan on proposing using a replica of a Sol-ring bc we're mtg nerds so it's very important to be successful :D Thanks Dave, you're a life saver!

Glad I could help! I hope it all goes well.

By the way, I think proposing with a replica of Sol Ring sound like an AWESOME nerdy idea. But if you do, I highly recommend modeling the replica off either the Kaladesh Masterpiece version or the Commander products version, and NOT the one from Alpha.

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very important question, do you pronounce aluminium as Al-oo-min-um (or close ish) or do you pronounce it like Al-you-min-ee-um? as chemistry lady I feel like you are qualified

i pronounce it aa-loo-min-um because we use the american spelling of aluminum in canada! the british spelling is different so their pronunciation makes sense given its spelling. it’s weird that canada uses the american spelling given that we use british spelling for colour, centre, favourite, etc.

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They way karlie and Taylor talk about "adventures" and being "partners in crime" and "sisters" makes me think a lot of things happen that we don't see (a lot of things make me think that these days haha) like, I don't think their public appearances or lack thereof have anything bearing on their friendship. To me it seems very important To both of them. Also You don't need to see your best friends often for them to still fill that role so I wouldn't say she's getting fazed out like some suggest

Yup!! I think she’s been working nonstop, so they do their best when they can and communicate via FaceTime etc the rest of the time. We know they’ve been on at least one vacation together that was not made public until months after the fact. And we also know that Karlie flew right to LA and hung w T right after Fashion Month last year.


Just a reminder as to what happens when you take 8oz of water along with your daily recommended dose of fiber (psyllium husk), once it’s inside of you and absorbs the water. And why it’s very important that you wash it down with lots of water.

1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of fiber and a few minutes and you get this. Imagine if you tried to drink this after it gelled.

So, the point here is, if you take fiber like this, mix well, drink fast and wash it down with more water because it’s going to get thick and choke you if you don’t.

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I associate you with- the colour pink, an extremely caring nature towards others and difficulties but more importantly tremendous strenth and the ability to heal ~ 💖💕

YOU. ARE. SO. FRIGGIN. PERFECT. I. LOVE. YOU. SO. MUCH. OH. MY. GOSH. I’m sorry we sorta stopped talking this past year because of hospital visits and me now being in college ; ^ ; I love talking to you and miss you so much ♡ please know you’re still very important to me ps I love your icon

This ask has been in my inbox for almost 2 months now and I refuse to answer it because I don’t want to lose it.
I don’t know who sent it in but I am honestly so thankful because it’s very important to me. Especially on days where I feel absolutely awful.
If you’re the anon who sent this then I want to thank you for one of the most important and nicest messages I’ve ever received

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your face is so symmetrical that i can cut your face in half with a cleaver and i will have an identical pieces. that is very important.

I think I know who you are now, lol.