very important polluter vip

The Bloomberg Building in Midtown

Bloomer’s circular driveway entrance is quite beautiful and only needs a little softening with a few potted plants, wood furniture, and throw pillows.  Just don’t linger.

That Infiniti Armada (what a name… ) sits idling because of remote ignition.  This SUV weighs over 5600lbs and can go nearly 14 miles on a whole gallon of premium gasoline. 

The Toyota Prius (Oh, are you kidding me?!) weighs almost half that of the Armada.  It takes a lot of gas to move around an extra 2600lbs of steel and plastic.  And one regular gallon in a Prius will take you almost 4 times as far as the Armada or its new replacement, the QX56 (what a name… ).

Or put this way, for every person who needs to drive an Armada, there are 4 people driving around their own Prius each covering the same distance as one Armada. 

The Iranians, Saudis, Putin, and Hugo Chaves are really smiling right now.

So are the Billionaires at Exxon, Conoco, and Chevron.  They’ve worked real hard for it.