very important photoshoot

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wait what do you mean that's the "gayest photoshoot known to mankind"? :/

I mean that this days of our lives promoshoot is full of grown men in white t-shirts spraying each other with hoses

there is no subtlety 

the phallic undertones are strong with this one

also the hose directions in this one pfffft

and more importantly apparently jensen started this shoot off with a shirt on but somehow ended up with it off and I just???

to quote my friend: “I’ve seen gay porn websites that aren’t as gay as this.”

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I'm at a party and I'm being really antisocial because people are gross and there is this boy who keeps putting his hand on my leg and he is trying to ( YOU KNOW ) and i can legit hear people having sex in the bathroom and the guy is being annoying and I'm playing the Kim Kardashian game and its really frustrating because I'm in the middle of a very important photoshoot and he keeps touching me and all i want is to finish this level

HAHAHAH that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard just tell him you’re not interested

I think the reason why people panic is you’re worried about what the future is going to bring, or what you’ve done in the past, or something that has happened that is affecting your present. The most important thing to understand is that it’s not what happened to you; it’s how you react to what has happened to you. That is the best advice anyone has ever given me.