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You can share a total unpopular opinion with all us, please?

You are asking an unpopular opinion to a 24 year old woman with a glass of wine, Anon.

Go carefully and listen to this

Roughly speaking, I don’t like people who don’t like Jason Grace and Piper McLean.

And I will not even tell you what I think of people who hate Piper and Jason.

leigh-anne pinnock is a compassionate, loving, stunning, talented, encouraging woman. her heart is the loveliest! she’s hilarious, friendly, and bubbly. she’s constant star that lights up this dark world with her beautiful smile and golden heart! she’s SO ridiculously talented and it breaks me that she’s insecure about her vocal abilities because they’re so unique and killer! every single time she hits a high note, i get chills! her solos are always so raw and beautiful. she’s drop dead gorgeous and i wish she knew how much strength her voice brings to every performance and to every song. not only that, but she can dance like a pro! more than anything i want her to know that she’s important, beautiful, kind, and so very talented. i hate knowing that she’s felt pain and insecurity. leigh-anne pinnock is an angel who brings nothing but positivity to this world 💖


So that people know: I have three muses. SO IF I’M NOT ON RAMSAY, I’m ON THE EITHER JON/OR ROBB:

Also: i don’t use jon or robb very much. And I hate myself for it. BUT I love them; I will keep them ( and eventually do things on them TBH ) SOOOoooo for those of you who didn’t know. NOW you know.

JON SNOW– private
ROBB STARK-- private

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I'm very excited. I'm in my first relationship with my crush 💕 the thing is she's out to her family, and I'm not due to a very conservative family. I hate to keep it a secret but if they find out I could get kicked out and I'm only in high school.

Keeping your relationship a secret for your own safety is a really reasonable thing to do. Your girlfriend probably understands how you feel, and she’ll do what she needs to to make sure you stay safe .

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Your tags on the joonie gif set though, I was just yelling PREACH the whole time :( I love him

I don’t think several people understand how insensitive they’re being when they ask for other members on a broadcast when a single member is appearing. Namjoon barely does VApps alone and it breaks my heart because you can always tell it’s because he thinks he’s somehow disappointing viewers/ARMY by being the only one broadcasting, like he isn’t good enough or something. He literally had to state explicitly to the people not to ask for other members in his broadcast. And the thing about him is that he smiles and laughs after he says something like that and it could fool pretty much anyone that he isn’t that bothered by negative/dismissive comments. 

But then he goes and writes repeated in solo lyrics that ‘I wish I could love myself’ and how very much he hates himself sometimes and the fact that there are times he feels inadequate and unhappy even for a second makes me want to cry because all he’s done is work his ass off and raised a band from the ground to one of the biggest KPop sensations that exist today, worked just as hard as all those other members and doesn’t deserve to feel like he’s any lesser than a single member in BTS. 

I really don’t think I’ll ever being done trying to express how much I truly love and adore every inch of him from the bottom of my heart and how goddamn enough he is. He is so enough. He will always be enough. There isn’t a person on this planet that could fill the empty space he would leave if he wasn’t there.

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i love your blog but i'm a white scorpio so it's very often i see hate abt myself here so it's very... conflicting

me: starts dancing

Fandom prefers their mentally ill characters to be like a fairy tale character, cursed to become a monster after spending 100 years with a wicked witch. Fandom loves Bucky Barnes because they see him as this cursed princess. When Bucky shows symptoms they manifest either as Sebastian Stan Looking Sad And Pensive, or as Literally Not In Control of His Own Body.

Tony Stark, a more realistic day-to-day portrayal of mental illness, is pretty widely hated and treated like a villain within the fandom. When Tony displays symptoms, it’s in making poor decisions out of desperation and fear. He goes to extremes. His mistakes made from fear based in his trauma blow up in his face. He displays coping mechanisms by being obsessive and unintentionally endangering people. He uses false arrogance and humor to distance himself, he lingers on his past trauma and it continues to shape his actions, often negatively, years later. He lashes out violently when he is faced with losing the few people he is close to.

Tony’s poor choices should not be excused because of his mental illnesses. He needs to be held responsible. But the way fandom treats Tony versus how they treat Bucky is pretty telling. Fandom doesn’t want mentally ill characters. They want innocent victims who cope in perfectly healthy ways and have never made any mistakes or poor choices as a result of their mental illness or trauma. They want someone they can feel sad about, but not someone with any messy symptoms.


smug from cradle to grave: a novel by jeon jungkook


part 1
part final 

Thanks very much for the people who follow me!!!
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iwantcupcakes’ Iron Man random junk giveaway

In brief– I’m a huge RDJ fan who consequently started acquiring Iron Man-related things because Downey. I’m moving and am getting rid of some things that I don’t want, so my loss is your gain.

All of these are new or unused, even those without the original tags/packaging.

  • Stark Industries snap-back baseball cap (not the New Era/59fifty one)
  • Stark French Roast single-serve coffee cups (1 box = 10 cups)
  • Captain America: Civil War - Cap 11″ x 16″ character poster
  • The Avengers eagle gray stereo headphones
  • Iron Man flashlight
  • Iron Man 3 puzzle pen
  • Iron Man pez dispenser
  • Iron Man M&M dispenser
  • Iron Man auto decal sticker
  • Iron Man Pop Spinners lollipop
  • Iron Man single pair knee-high socks
  • Iron Man circular rubber keychain
  • Iron Man plush bedroom slippers
  • Iron Man iPhone lightning cable
  • Iron Man cord scaler by Neca
  • Iron Man helmet/head plush
  • Avengers: Assemble bounce ball
  • Avengers: Assemble Hulk Easter Egg
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron plastic bucket
  • Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark 43 figure
  • Hasbro Iron Man Mark 43 toy
  • Hasbro Hulk and Hulkbuster figures (removed from packaging)
  • Pop Secret popcorn individual packets, Civil War promo (4)
  • Iron Man candy dispenser audio (the tag came off so IDK how this works)
  • EXTRAS:  Gotham lanyard (2), Groot button, Think Geek’s “Geek and Proud” button

Items as pictured above. The Cap poster is in the cardboard tube at the top of the 2nd pic and looks like this).  In order to enter–  

  1. Reblog this post.
  2. Ideally must be 18 or older.

Please, I really don’t want folks to click the “follow” button just because I’m giving away free shit.  Following me is absolutely NOT REQUIRED to enter (admittedly it’d be kinda neat if you are).

(If you love RDJ, it might not be a bad idea to follow me or at least rdjnews.) 

Winner will be chosen on 6/26/2016 randomly by myself and I’ll check the winner’s blog.*** Winner must provide mailing address ASAP via message/email so the package is shipped on 6/28 before I leave town.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


hey thanks 4 following me even tho im like,, rlly mean, annoying and anti social, i dont rlly talk much to anyone in the fandom because im v self conscious, thank u for dealing with me tho it really warms my <3

team jnpr with heart hand signs (that are honestly really reaching) to match team rwby, ren is cheating tho

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And there it is. The last part! I guess I repeat myself, but I had so much fun drawing this. Even though this little mini comic is finished now, there surely will be much more Undertale art from me in the future. I still have so many ideas - too many, to be honest. And I actually really need this, practise wise. It forces me to go out of my comfort zone and get some exercise in drawing stuff I usually don’t draw. And I love it, it really helps me improving.

To see a bigger version click here
Also, have a bigger version of the panels with Alphys