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Soo I think it's only apt that I ask you now.... Do have any otabek/Yuri fic to recommend? The dirtier the better. No wait, who said that?! (๑• . •๑)

YOU BET YOUR SWEET BISCUITS I DO. (** indicates a personal favorite)

Half a Chance by ratherunnecessary (aka @justanxietyasks) ********

Yuri has never cared about anything as much as he cares about skating. Until, one day, that changes.

Or, Viktor falls in love with Yuuri, Yuuri falls in love with Viktor, Yuri falls in love Yuuri, Otabek falls in love with Yuri, and somehow everything turns out okay.

in flesh and bone by csoru **

After recovering from an injury that cut his previous season short, Yuri makes a comeback with a new coach, a new country of residence, and a relationship upgrade. Still: perfection takes effort.

But I’m Not There Yet by sarahyyy

“Are you not going to read the article?” she asks, flopping onto his bed. “Look who ranked second, just after Phichit Chulanont.”

Otabek reluctantly scrolls down, and oh.

#2 - Yuri Plisetsky

In the embedded Instagram photo just under that subheading, a very grumpy Yuri is cuddling a very grumpy-looking cat. The caption reads: I found the cat version of me at the shelter today. #iknowisaidnomorecats #canyoublameme

(Or, the AU where Otabek and Yuri don’t becomes friends in Barcelona, and there are years of pining.)

Gravity by Fahye **

His Grace the Archduke Yuri Plisetsky wins the Ballistic Grand Tournament in his debut year, at the age of fifteen.

Things go downhill from there.

a slow invasion of the heart by radialarch (aka @radialarch) **

  Yuri Plisetsky does not seduce so much as launch a full-on assault.

i walk my days on a wire by idrilka

“Asia sucked without you,” Yuri admits eventually after a moment, as he falls backwards onto the bed, his t-shirt riding up. It must be still hot in Saint Petersburg, if the forecast is to be believed, but Yuri has the hood up, obscuring his face at this angle. “But we all went back to the hot spring run by Katsuki’s family after the Fukuoka show, so I guess it wasn’t that bad.”

A story of a relationship, told in photographs and Skype calls.

and all he has given me he takes back by verity (aka @ladyofthelog) **

That’s the point of the instructions: Yuri doesn’t have to obey any of them.

hood & glove by Fahye 

“I don’t mess with the fae,” Otabek says.

“I’m not asking you to mess with them,” JJ flat-out lies.

every time I try, every time I win by thissupposedcrime **

At least no one’s brought up couples costumes. Yuri isn’t sure how Otabek would react to a live recording of him leaping over a table to fight a reporter, a symbolic stand in for the death of Yuri’s sanity and Victor’s cutesy legacy. He guesses not well, and that is enough to hold his tongue.

Or, Otabek is naturally romantic, Yuri is naturally clueless, and somehow they work it out.

A Beginner’s Guide To The Dangers Of Making Out With Your Fellow Athletes At Parties by ineptshieldmaid

None of this has anything to do with Otabek, except that Yuri didn’t get Otabek’s number, and so he can’t bitch to him about the whole situation. He makes do with bitching to Mila, who at least agrees that Viktor is impossible to deal with right now.

Otabek keeps liking Yuri’s selfies, but that’s it, that’s the complete and total sum of his communication with Yuri for an entire two weeks. Yuri is not mad about it because there’s nothing to be mad about. They are friends and this, it turns out, is what friends do. Like each other’s selfies and make out at international sporting events. He’s pretty sure Mila’s got at least three friends that fit exactly those parameters.

Grinkov by waldorph **

The 2022 Olympics were Yurio’s to lose.

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Otayuri: falling snow!

ok i’ve chucked up too much angst on here and twitter let’s swap over to something happy

here’s a thing about christmas: yuri doesn’t think too much of it.

he celebrates it, in a way, dinner with his grandfather (and his mother, sometimes, but he’s learned years ago not to hold his breath) and presents and cake. each year he spends the morning training, honing his routines for russia nationals, euros; he spends the afternoon at home, listening to his grandfather watch old holiday movies. one year, when he is twelve and nikolai gets him a cat, the day is bright and full of laughter.

otherwise, it is a day like any other day, and yuri has long since ceased being enamored by the lights.

here’s a thing about christmas: yuri is in moscow with his grandfather, the smell of pirozhki baking in the air, a mug of sbiten on his bedside table. he’s in bed with potya, who’s playing with the discarded ribbons from his presents. he has more, this year: from yakov, from lilia, from victor and yuuri; from the nishigoris and the katsukis, all the way in japan; from mila and georgi and chris and sara. even emil has sent one, a card and a voucher for aerograd kolomna (don’t tell your coach!! the note says, and yuri laughs).

there’s a text on his phone, from a few hours ago. it says, merry christmas, yura. 

yuri hasn’t replied yet; he’s not sure what to say. otabek’s followed the text up with a photo of a very grumpy looking cat, so he could start by asking where the boy had even found it. he’s not even sure why he’s so nervous, so bent on forming the perfect message in response.

but then the doorbell rings, and yuri gets to put it off a little longer.

he pads down the hallway, past the kitchen where nikolai is making their dinner, yanks on a coat over his sweater because winters in moscow are frigid. he throws open the door, fully expecting a postman or the lady across the street, but –

otabek altin is standing on their doorstep, snow in his hair and pink on his cheeks, shivering in the cold. there’s a small suitcase beside him. he meets yuri’s eyes and smiles.

“merry christmas, yura,” he says, and yuri takes all of fifteen seconds to process this before he throws his arms around otabek’s neck.

“how are you here?!” he yells excitedly, grinning so hard it hurts. otabek laughs, pats yuri’s back, tries not to fall over.

“can i answer that inside, please, it’s very cold,” he replies, and yuri withdraws sheepishly.

“sorry,” he says meekly, stepping aside to let otabek out of the snow and into the house. he catches sight of his grandfather peeking out of the kitchen with a knowing smirk, looks to his left to see otabek giving nikolai a wave and a smile. potya’s wandered into the hallway to see what the fuss is about.

“i invited him,” nikolai declares, waving a wooden spoon. “you are always going on about this kazakh boy, so i figured it was high time i got to meet him.”

“dedushka,” yuri hisses, a blush on his cheeks. but otabek laughs and wraps an arm around his waist. potya winds herself around their ankles and miaows.

“is this puma tiger scorpion?” otabek asks, squatting down to inspect the feline who’s demanding their attention. potya sniffs at his knees, unimpressed.

“yeah.” yuri picks her up and buries his face in her fur to hide the pink in his cheeks, the smile that’s almost painful. 

“are you two going to stay in the hallway forever?” nikolai shouts from the kitchen, and the both of them stifle laughs.

“sorry, here, let me show you to the guest room.” yuri puts down potya and gestures otabek down the hall. they make it to the door of his room before he stops. “oh, right.”

“hmm?” otabek stumbles to a halt, looking over curiously.

yuri smiles, stands on his tiptoes and presses a quick kiss to otabek’s cheek. “merry christmas.”


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Wait a minute, how do mornings work? You're underground??

* Well, we have this;

* But as you can see, I personally don’t pay much heed to it.

OtaYuri fic recs #5

But I’m Not There Yet by sarahyyy, teen, 4.5k

“Are you not going to read the article?” she asks, flopping onto his bed. “Look who ranked second, just after Phichit Chulanont.”

Otabek reluctantly scrolls down, and oh.

#2 - Yuri Plisetsky

In the embedded Instagram photo just under that subheading, a very grumpy Yuri is cuddling a very grumpy-looking cat. The caption reads: I found the cat version of me at the shelter today. #iknowisaidnomorecats #canyoublameme

(Or, the AU where Otabek and Yuri don’t becomes friends in Barcelona, and there are years of pining.)

Anything But Obvious by Tessa on Ice (tessacrowley), explicit, 15k, warning: minor character death

Yuri Plisetsky would rather die than ever be obvious.

What Hoodies Are Made Of by pissedofsandwich, teen, 1.2k

Let it be known that Yuri Plisetsky is killed by his first friend, and possibly, if given more time—and if he could just admit it deep down in his heart that yes, he has a crush on Otabek the size of St. Petersburg—his first boyfriend, during the exhibition gala of Trophee de France.

Oh, what’s the murder weapon, you ask?

The goddamn hoodie.

Or: Otabek dresses sexy for his EX Gala and Yuri loses his shit.

Press 1 For More Options by mousapelli, gen, 480

Otabek usually sees a fairly finite number of things when he answers a Skype call from Yuri. Yuri’s cat is not usually the one calling.

Come When Invited by mousapelli, gen 4.5k

The 2022 Olympics are in two months, so Otabek proposes the only one way they’re going to change Yuri’s citizenship in time. Or he just plain proposes. It’s one of those.

Hamster in Kazakh is Still Hamster by mousapelli, gen, 875

Otabek has a hamster. Yuri regrets teaching him how to use instagram.

Could Have Gone Worse by plapcat, gen 2.8k

When Yuri’s parents are brought up for the first time, Otabek hardly notices.

Five times Yuri’s parents are brought up around Otabek, and one time he meets them for himself.

Consorting With the Enemy by Imagines, teen, 2.5k

“You really make it hard for anyone to get close to you, don’t you?” a.k.a. the one where they accidentally hang out for twelve hours straight and it’s a Problem. Set after ep 10.

Time Goes By So Slowly by Imagines, explicit, 3.5k, warning: minor character death

Whenever the phone rings at 4 a.m., it’s never someone calling to say you won a million dollars or an all-expenses-paid cruise to the Caribbean, or that your bronze medal has just been bumped up to silver due to some kind of scandal. 4 a.m. calls are reserved for emergencies and tragedies, so Otabek’s heart almost slams out of his chest when Yuri’s name pops up on the screen at 4:13 a.m. on a freezing January night.

Gold at Both Ends by TheLittleSongbird, teen, 2k

Yuri shrugs in return, “I guess Viktor gave Katsudon some stupid ultimatum–he said he wanted to kiss his gold medal when he won the Grand Prix. But Katsudon won silver, and so Viktor….”

“Gets to kiss Yuuri Katsuki instead of a piece of metal?” Otabek finishes. “Seems like Katsuki didn’t really lose at all.”

Or that one time where Otabek kisses Yuri’s gold medal and Yuri has an aneurysm.

Untitled by limitlessmonster, teen, 667

“What’s it say?”

Otabek continues scrolling through his phone, brows creased and teeth edging his bottom lip as a scoff escapes. Quiet and amused, but noticeable still. Yuri is about to grab the device when his own phone chimes, prompting him to check his Twitter feed.

.@otabek_altin why do you call @yuri_plisetsky “kit”? aw honey it means “whale” in russian. don’t call him that. u should use something else

Tales of a Consulting Firm ||6||

Find all parts here

We love feedback so you can ping either @vixxscifiwritings / @animeotakupooh or me :)

“Could you please explain to me why this report is written in this font and why it has hearts over the ‘i’s?” Sanghyuk grumbled, over Minah’s cabin as he waved the folder filled with papers in his hand “where the hell did you even find that font?”

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gimme some more info about vasilias ? :00

He’s like the king of the Pantheon! Besides being the patron god for Silenda, he’s also like the patron for the Ignatios bloodline, blessing them with a natural ability to be a trustworthy and fitting leader for the country. Sometimes in times of intense stress or anger (really intense, like ‘shit someone got murdered in front of me and I’m pissed/terrified type stuff), Cadence or Remus will definitely show that there’s a bit of Vasilias in them.

he also has the appearance and attitude of a very grumpy cat despite being a vesel that’s part lion

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Hey, dude, you're cool beans with me! And I'm heavily enjoying your writing! 😁 My question is this: do you have any pets, and if so, what are they? If no pets, would you want any?

You’re pretty cool yourself! -finger guns-

I do have pets! I have a Labrador who still lives with my parents because she wouldn’t be happy in my small apartment, but I visit her as often as I can! Her name is Belle. I also have a very fat and grumpy calico cat who lives with me named Ivy who I rescued like seven years ago and she hates being picked up and cuddled but she likes to sit next to me and tell me about her day (i.e. Scream at me for no reason)

I want a little farm one day haha. I want chickens and goats and a sheep and like one longhorn steer who is socialized well and like two donkeys named Merle and Yondu so every morning I can tell my two jackasses how handsome they are.

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MC and memes that they share between the characters

as a major shitposter and memer you don’t even understand how happy I was when I saw this <3 


  • calls them may-mays
  • isn’t up to date with memes
  • only likes cat memes
  • unironically listens to the theme from nyan cat, you can find the 10 hour loop of it in his youtube search history 
  • very much likes grumpy cat but genuinely wishes grumpy cat was happy
  • will send you memes he doesn’t understand, he no longer trusts Seven to explain memes to him, after all, Seven just trolls him constantly
  • once tried to be trendy by saying “y u do dis” in the chat, sorry jumin buddy ol pal but you are almost 10 years too late with that meme


  • not a big memer
  • only likes memes that fangirl/slightly thirst over zen
  • the only other memes that she secretly likes are bad employer memes like this:
  • she never posts memes, but has a personal folder of them on her computer


  • is a meme
  • lover of all memes
  • very up to date with memes
  • mourns for harambe, sent a link to Jumin of the “dicks out for harambe” song, Jumin didn’t understand and told Seven that it was inappropriate to do such a thing at the sight of a dead gorilla but did say that he accepted Seven no matter what he was into
  • takes the harambe meme too far, you went to a zoo with Seven and at the gorilla enclosure, he suddenly just reaches down to unzip his jeans and whispers dicks out for harambe and that is the story to why you were almost banned from the zoo
  • responds with sad pepe when you scold him in the chat
  • sends you bad meme pickup lines
  • “that ass must be critical data because I want to back it up”


  • neutral feelings on memes
  • does not go out of his way to meme
  • only shares those memes that joke about being better/prettier than everyone else, but definitely shares memes that are about being forever alone before he’s in a relationship with you
  • probably unironically likes the nice guys finish last meme


  • likes to think he is a meme god
  • is not a meme god
  • likes those terrible middle age mom memes that have minions on them and it’s the worst fucking thing okay yoosung please stop
  • also shares the forever alone memes until you are dating:

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Takao proposing to his s/o? Please make it as fluffy as possible! (~^.^)~

Crap another songfic. Hehe my bad xD enjoy! -Admin Fyre

Accompanying song: Endlessly by The Cab

When you returned home to the apartment you and Takao shared, you stepped through the door without looking up from your phone and something brushed your face, making you jerk back, startled.

You looked up at the thing that had touched you and saw the photo dangling down in front of you, swinging gently on a thread taped to the ceiling. Confused but curious, you took the photo and tugged it down, releasing it from the string that held it. You recognised the picture - it was the university you’d attended a couple of years back. You’d first met Takao there, you remembered.

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I wanna know the other backstories of how modern maglor found his cat-brothers!

Hmmmm… Let’s see….

He finds Nelyo and Finno first, then comes… :

- Pityo and Telvo:
Maglor saves them from a group of bullies who wants to set them on fire. They catch Telvo but Pityo manages to hide. The bullies sets him on fire but in that moment Maglor saves him and chase the bullies away. Telvo is burned a little so Maglor takes him home and nurses him back to health. The next day he finds Pityo at his doorstep along with Finno.
Nelyo greets them welcome and is particularly attentive towards Telvo in his healing. Once healed they have decided to stay.

- Moryo:
Maglor noticed this stange cat one day when he went out with the trash. His eyes suddenly met an intense stare. Maglor just managed to avoid the claws as Moryo lunged towards him. He did not like Maglor being around his dumpster! Maglor did not want to bother him so he went on his way.
Some time later, Maglor finds Moryo with a broken leg. He had attacked the trash collectors and one had kicked him hard and left him. Moryo tries to fight Maglor off but he is so starved he has no strength, but he does manage to give him some nice scratches. Maglor takes him home and nurses him back to health. Moryo hisses at the other cats in the beginning but quickly accepts them. He decides to stay and he becomes a very loving but somewhat grumpy cat.

- Tyelko and Curvo:
Shows up on his doorstep and decides to live here now. Maglor accepts that he has been adopted this time around. They are always together and they always look as if they are plotting something. It is usually them who are to blame when things get broken. They love to tease Moryo the most.
Maglor finds them the most annoying (even more so than Moryo) but they are very loving and sweet, though mischievious. He loves them just as much as the rest. And they are entertaining.

- Tyelpe:
Maglor finds Tyelpe on a train station one winter night. He is but a kitten but he seems lost and so very alone. Maglor walks towards him to pet him, and Tyelpe immediately crawls clumsily onto his lap and curls into him to get warm. Maglor sees no mom cat nearby and he doesn’t want to leave him… So he takes the kitten home and introduces him to the pack. Tyelpe grows to be a strong and elegant Feline. He is very loved by all of the cats, but mostly by Curvo and Tyelko, though Tyelpe does not return the same amount of affection towards them.

my favorite thing about the AoS fandom is the unspoken agreement that:

  • jemma is tiny, british captain america and could definitely lift mjolnir
  • ward loves puppies
  • fitz is an actual puppy
  • coulson takes his role as dad very seriously
  • the grumpy cat mug belongs to may
  • the show is literally about coulson adopting a shit ton of kids and may being like…augh….again phil?
  • there is going to be an epic dad battle between skye’s dads at some point in the future