very great parents

TERF Tips #59

Say male pregnancy doesn’t exist as a way to combat trans men AND trans women

The Larents.
Not enough for a full team, but they’re determined to make it happen.

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OMG!!! Did you know Dulquer and Amaal are about to have a baby?

I can officially confirm that I do know this now that they have just had their baby girl ;)


when you’ve got Pride in the morning and the Derby in the evening

you know what i love? the fact that the seventeen members are just as close to each other as they are to each other’s parents. it doesn’t only show that they have such great brotherhood but also that all their parents treat the other members like they’re their sons. when i was watching seventeen project and saw that their parents not only embraced their own sons but also hugged the other members with genuine smiles on their faces, it just made me really happy. typically u would kind of expect parents to only care for the success for their own child but seeing that they treat the other members as if they’re also their children is just amazing because they’re evidently supporting the entire group. they care for them just as much as they would care for their own son and if u don’t think that is wonderful then youre probs living ur life wrong.

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I know you don't picture Stiles and Lydia with kids, but say it did happen, by accident or choice, what kind of parents do you think they'd be, both separately and as a team?

I think they would be great parents! Very loving. Lydia would be a hella cool mom and Stiles would be a really clingy dad. He’d be great. So funny. 

If you love your dad, go ahead and reblog this just because it's nice to let folks know your old pops is loved.

I just saw one of those threatening reblog-or-else posts targeted at beloved fathers, and this is me counteracting it.