very good, jeeves!

‘I am glad to have given satisfaction, sir. Would you be requiring my services any further?’
‘You mean you wish to return to Bognor and its shrimps? Do so, Jeeves, and stay there another fortnight, if you wish. And may success attend your net.’
‘Thank you very much, sir.’
I eyed the man fixedly. His head stuck out at the back, and his eyes sparkled with the light of pure intelligence.
‘I am sorry for the shrimp that tries to pit its feeble cunning against you, Jeeves,’ I said.
And I meant it.
—  Very Good, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Jeeves gave a cough.
‘Swallowed a crumb the wrong way?’ I said.
'No, sir, I thank you. It is merely that I desired to express a hope that I had not been guilty of taking a liberty, sir.’
'In removing the luncheon-basket from the car before we started, sir.’
I quivered like an aspen. I stared at the man. Aghast. Shocked to the core.
'You, Jeeves?’ I said, and I should rather think Caesar spoke in the same sort of voice on finding Brutus puncturing him with the sharp instrument.
—  Very Good, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse

My August aesthetic: scotch bottles, old books and green ink. August is my favorite month, partly because it’s my birthday month and partly because for me it always starts the transition to fall. Day 1 of the August challenge by @journaling-junkie This is technically an old page, I’m having a pen crisis at the moment so I don’t have current writing to show.