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imo Modern-style Sonic games have a lot to learn from Mania… Mania’s level-exclusive gimmicks really give each area a lot of charm - the enemies and mechanics are a lot more memorable.
I think that if you compare Generation’s Chemical Plant and Mania’s Chemical Plant, a lot more has been done in Mania to make it seem “new” than updated graphics. It was honestly exciting to see all the new mechanics in Act 2, and the boss really caught me off guard.

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Hey um, I forgot if u were the person who posted the pics of leifa w dahlias poses?? If so.. they both have a butterfly motif?:???? What is Happening

LOL yeah that was my post, but here’s a better diagram:

AND I KNOW in fact, the entirety of the kingdom of kurain has a huge butterfly motif! not to mention that little purple butterfly with joined wings like a loop! actually, oh my god, the signs are everywhere but we brushed them off bc we didnt expect dahlia or iris to ever come up again BUT HERE IS AN ILLUMINATI CONNECTION CHART

regardless… any of this actually pointing to dahlia showing up again is but a theory… BUT A VERY GOOD ONE IMO

mabel pines is autistic


  • stims a lot (flapping, rocking, just general body moving)
  • gets herself REALLY into short-lived interests–best examples are sock opera and the mabel’s guide to life videos
  • sweater town
  • seriously sweater town is just. the most autistic thing
  • uses serious scripting whenever she talks to boys
  • not good at seeing how her actions affect others
  • im autistic and i say so/want her to be

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my favorite thing from your store is the galaxy hands I think,, pink and space ahhhhh so pretty

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