very good lord

i just finished The Island Of Doctor Moreau

and the fact that Kira enjoyed that book is just more evidence for how she is not to be trusted

i was reading some bits like

and she’s like what, 8? like she literally brought cosima back to life so she could read to her about tortured pumas and pig/hyena men and creepy doctors. don’t most kids read fairytales? D:


whispers hello. I just got off work & should be home & on here after class. reminder that I have a permanent starter call linked in my update tabs for anyone interested & that you’re all amazing. that is all.

shading’s more like frustrating ‘cos i have no idea what i’m going to do

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have you ever wanted to kiss Gael? or hold his hand? or be able to call him something specific? a friend, a best friend, a boyfriend?

{ S H R U G S  A G G R E S S I V E L Y }

Oh my god there are reasons I never depict myself smiling. I just found a picture of myself graduating on fb and I look like a weird gremlin Harry Potter villain thing.

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SEND ME A URL FOR: positivity prompt

URL: oblitusdolor


     No, but honestly they’re such a great person with an absolutely perfect blog and characters. They have some of the best developed, realistically portrayed OCs I’ve come across both here AND my own multi-oc blog. Not to mention the levels of organization are out the top in a very good way. The writing? Lord where do I even start. Every single reply not only keeps me hooked on the thread, but it’s got quite a beautiful flow to it. 

     Now to talk about the characters that Kars has interacted with (although it’s quite tempting to mention the other one that’s had interaction with one of my OCs…): I find it amusing how Sofia can so easily keep up with him. She’s one of the very few individuals who has managed to hold even some slight interest from him without having it turn sour. Although he’s not naturally inclined to show respect to others or see the as an equal, much less take direct interest in an individual unless they’re trying to obstruct him or offer any source of information he would need, he does acknowledge that she is a goddess and has just a tiny bit of curiosity he keeps hidden, since he is much, much more focused on his own goals at hand. 

      The mun in general is a memequeen, and just a really great friend to have. Whether we’re passing around the salt, talking about OCs, adding to the pile of ‘plots’ we can write out, or literally just memeing I always have a wonderful time talking with them. I’m absolutely honered to get to interact with them. And who could forget how they so easily catch my embarrassing typos? I’m lucky I know them tbh. This is a great blog and I HIGHLY recommend it! –Cirque ]

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Good lord get the fuck over it. 5sos won an award. Who the fuck cares? They've been problematic. Who hasn't? Honestly they don't effect your life in the least so why do you even care enough to post hate about them? You don't have to like them, but just get over the fact that they exist and move on with your life.

look ya’ll i’m getting hate for posting my opinions on my own blog