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Magic Guild Clash Online!
a sorta sequel to the Detention AU fic
…in which Mira manages to rally her girlfriend and her two new friends to help her in her favorite online game.
She’s a goddamn veteran. Cana tries her best. Freed just likes the outfit, and Laxus just wants to collect birb plushies.

Cana: Don’t worry, Laxus. I think you’re a hot girl.
Mira: Same.
Laxus: See, Freed, be proud. Your boyfriend is a hot girl.
Freed: Oh My G O D.


Happy birthday my Lima Bean!! I hope you have an amazing day with the ones you love. I’m very proud of everything you’ve achieved so far in this new era of your work. Keep being this amazing person you are. I love you a lot 💜


Human Ramen 2.0

Always Halfway to Go, Part II

from the Holsom water aerobics AU. Part I. Read it on Ao3. 

Everything was not fine.

They get through practices easily enough to both their surprise. It’s early in the preseason so practices are focused on building team unity and assessing skill, not one-on-one coach/player development, and Adam can’t decide if he’s excited or nervous for that day to come with Justin. One the one hand, it’s awkward. It’s weird and strange and neither of them really knows what to do about it, but on the other hand…Justin is an incredible athlete. He can play right and left equally well, he tracks the puck and pursues scoring opportunities even in scrimmages. His previous defense partner graduated last spring but he’s still first line material, even if they haven’t secured his partner for this season yet. Adam’s not sure why they haven’t assigned Pointdexter or Nurse to him yet, but Murray is inexplicably set on keeping those two together.

One night, hours into watching last season’s tape, Adam has a frightening thought: What would he have done if he hadn’t been drafted? Would he have come to Samwell anyway? Would they be partners? Would they even be friends? Would they be more? The questions are overwhelming enough, but the impossible scenarios racing through his mind are enough to make him pop a vicodin and flop into bed with only a mound of pillows for company.

Adam has to get over this crush. He tells himself that before every practice, after every practice, when he’s alone in his apartment doing his stretches. He mumbles it under his breath as he carefully steps into the pool a week later, only stopping when he wades over to where Linda, Diane, Beth, and Tabitha are gathered before class.

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A Little Heart-to-Heart

So…this is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. This is based on @atomi-cat‘s Boneheads AU. It’s one of my favorite AUs of all time and I always get so excited when I see she’s drawn more of them. Everyone should check it out if you love skeletons.

Ironically enough, this is a follow up to her Follow Up comic :P

I’m sorry if this isn’t perfect, or it goes against the AU in any way, but this is just a little thank you to Atomi for all the fun her art and comics bring to me. Thank you Atomi, and I hope you like this :>

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Secret Love Song - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 15)

Originally posted by harrysimpact

Part 14

“Okay, I need your help with outfits,” you tell Harry as he sits on your bed. 

“Why?” He groaned. “You look great in anything.” 

“Because you’re the photographer and while that’s really sweet of you to say, you’re my boyfriend and you’re biased,” you said. 

“Then why are you wanting me to take the pictures for your website. If I’m so fucking biased then I’ll say you look great in every picture when you might not,” he smirked. 

“A real photographer costs money, something I don’t have,” you said. “I don’t need cash to pay you, I have other ways to thank you for your time.”

He smirked. “And you’re very, very good at that form of payment.”

“I know, I make a damn good chicken pasta,” you smirked. 

“While that may be true, I was referring to something else,” he said walking over to you. 

“You would,” you laughed. “So, what about this dress?” 

“I like it,” he nodded. 

“Great,” you said throwing it on the bed. 

You went back into your closet, while Harry snuck over to your drawers. He looked behind his shoulder to see if you were looking. He opened the top drawer and smirked when he found a nice little bra. 

“This new?” He asked holding it up. 

“Really?” You laughed. 

“What? I’m helping,” he said. 

“Oh yeah, cause I’m gonna put pictures of me in a bra on my website,” you rolled your eyes. “That’d be a whole other type of website.” 

“Who said it has to be for the website,” he smirked. “It could be for my eyes only.” 

“You wish,” you laughed throwing another outfit on the bed. 

“I do, actually,” he smirked. “It’ll be hot.” 

“We’ll see,” you rolled your eyes. 

“Fuck yes!” he smirked throwing the bra on the bed. 


Once you got everything picked out, you did your hair and makeup before heading to the park to take photos for your website. You had come with the idea when you realized you never really had professional-ish photos taken. You usually only used ones taken with your phone. One night when you were with Harry, you remembered he had a pretty fancy camera and liked taking photos every now and then, so you mentioned it to him and of course he wanted to do it. 

Harry smiled at you as he started taking pictures. 

“What?” You blushed. 

“Nothing, it’s just you’re really good at this,” he said. “You look really beautiful.” 

“You’re being biased again,” you pointed out. 

“No, I’m not,” he laughed. 

“Uh, huh, sure,” you said. 

“I’m being serious,” he said putting the camera up again. “Look right here,” he said holding his arm up to the side. 

After the sun started to set, Harry walked over to you. “Wanna go back to my place and have a little photo shoot of our own?” He smirked. 

“Hmm, only if you buy me dinner first,” you giggled. 

He smirked. “I can do that,” he said wrapping his arm around you. 


The next day you were looking through the pictures that Harry had taken. You were trying to figure out which ones you liked best to put on your website and which ones you wanted to use for when you made posts. Harry was cooking breakfast for the two of you and smirked when he saw the photos from the NSFW photo shoot you two partook in. 

“Now those are my favorite,” he said putting the plate of food down on the table. 

“Of course they are,” you laughed. “What are you exactly going to do with them?” 

“They’re for lonely nights,” he smirked. 

“Ew,” you groaned. 

“What? They’re not just for that,” he laughed. “They’re memories and you have to admit the sex after these photos was fucking outstanding, it was just so hot.” 

“Yeah, I can see the pictures right here,” you laughed pointing to the laptop.

“And don’t worry these pictures are only going to be on cd, I’m not putting them in the cloud,” he said. 

“You better not. With the way all these people are hacking in, I’d rather not see my boobs plastered across the internet,” you said. 

“Same here,” he said. 

“Anyway, you still plan on going out with Nick and the lads tonight?” You asked. 

“Yeah, you don’t mind do you?” he asked. 

“No, why would I mind?” You asked. “And just because I’m your girlfriend, you don’t need my permission.” 

“I know,” he smiled. “Do you have any plans?” 

“Yep, I’m going to have a relaxing night in,” you said. 

“I have to admit, I’m a little jealous,” he pouted. 

“Aww,” you giggled. “We can have a night in another time.” 

“We better,” he said. “I love a night in with you.”

You smiled pressing your lips to his. 


Later that night, you were back at your flat. You had painted your nails, applied a face mask, and were reading a new book while you sipped on some tea. You wondered if Harry was enjoying his night out. It was nice that you both could have separate lives in a way and be perfectly okay with it. There were some couples who had to do everything together and could only have the same friends. 

You texted Jess to check on her. She was telling her family about the baby tonight. You had offered to be there with her, but she thought it would be better if she did it herself. 

You were just about to go to bed when you heard a knock on your door. You looked at the clock and saw that it was almost two in the morning. You looked at your phone to see if Jess had texted about coming over, but there was nothing. You walked over to the door and looked through the peephole. 

Standing out in the hallway was a semi drunk Nick and a very drunk Harry. You unlocked your door and opened. 

“Y/N!” Harry cheered throwing his arms in the air. 

“Oh god,” you groaned. 

“Sorry to uh barge in on you like this, but he would not shut up until he saw you,” Nick said holding him up. 

“I mims you,” Harry said. 

“How much did he drink?” You laughed. 

“Uh… I’m pretty sure we all lost count,” Nick said. “I offered to get the car to take him home, but he wanted to come here.” 

“Baaaaby,” Harry said. “I wanna cuddle… naked.” 

“Okay, that’s my cue to leave,” Nick said. “You’ll be okay with him?” 

“Yeah, I’ll take care of him,” you laughed. “Come here.” 

“Hey Nick, dis my girlfriend,” Harry said. “Isn’t she hot?” 

“Yeah, mate,” Nick said. “I’m so sorry.” he mouthed to you. 

“Next time, let’s make sure he paces himself,” you said. 

“Noted,” Nick said. “I’ll check on him in the morning.” 

“Thanks,” you said waving bye to him. 

You shut the door and Harry now had his arms around you and his head was laying on top of yours as you tried walking. 

“I’m going to take you to the bedroom and then I’m getting you some water and aspirin,” you said. 

“Oooh take me to bed, woman,” he said licking your cheek. 

“Ew,” you groaned. “Can you not.” 

He giggled and fell onto the bed. “Comfy,” he said. 

You rolled your eyes and pulled off his shoes and pulled his jeans down before helping him with his shirt. He smirked at you and grabbed your shirt. 

“Nope, not tonight,” you said. 

“But, but, but,” he whined. 

“No, buts,” you laughed. “You’re gonna be asleep in like five minutes anyway.” 

“Nu uh!” He pouted. 

“Yeah, yeah, we’ll see,” you said grabbing some meds and getting some water from the bathroom sink. “Here take them and drink some water.” 

“Don’t wanna,” he groaned. 

“Take the damn pills or you’ll regret it in the morning,” you said. 

“Ugh, fine,” he mumbled taking the pills. “There, now come here.” 

You laughed putting a trash bin next to the bed just in case before climbing into bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around you. 

“God, I should have given you a breath mint,” you mumbled. 

“Heeey, be nice,” he said. 

“Turn around, you’re going to be the little spoon tonight with that breath,” you said. 

He smirked. “Yay,” he said turning around. 

You laughed wrapping your arms around him and pretty soon Harry was snoring very loudly. You giggled to yourself before closing your eyes and falling asleep yourself.
Three - EllsterSMASH - Dragon Age (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Since it’s the closest thing I have to an ongoing story, and my AO3 account is wasted space at the moment, I decided to stick the first two bits of my weird little modern!au Solavellan fic up there. I’m going to try to make regular updates, but will post here as well. They’re small, and I do have a rough plan for the rest of the story, so I’m hoping for weekly + extras if I can manage it.

Also, if there are any moments in their relationship you’d like to see in an update (e.g. “date night gone wrong,” “farmer’s market,” or “someone’s ex shows up to stir the pot”), now’s the time for prompts/requests! 

Feedback is also very welcome. <3

(Tagging @fadedforyou because darling, this is all your damn fault, and I feel like you deserve at least half the credit for whatever beast it becomes.)

valora1900  asked:

If requests are open could you do some headcannons for the paladins for when their s/o asks them to spar but they are really graceful and looks like they are just dancing around them?

Eyyyy its been a long time but here I am making a weird gradual return! Season three has me hype and even though I have yet to watch it the spark is making its way back. So for the moment no spoilers please but once I watch it prepare for (hopefully) a more steady supply of writing~ So for the time being please enjoy this my dears <3


-He loves training with them! He hates standing still and working out is an easy way to get off some access energy and wow his s/o is actually volunteering to spar with him is a dream come true 

-He doesn’t want to push them too hard though so he vows to take it easy, he isn’t trying to be condescending he just knows that going full force probably doesn’t make for a very good date

-He is watching s/o very closely, even more so than when he is fighting/sparring anyone else, so he quickly realizes just how graceful they actually are. He makes a comment about it not being very good form because he can easily knock them down 

-Eventually he actually forgets what it is he is actually doing because he gets so caught up in watching them and his own movements start to mirror their’s so it ends up being like that scene from Avatar when Katara and Aang are spar dancing 

-This also leads to s/o being able to find an easy opening and landing a direct hit to his chest knocking him back. This turns into that scene where Mulan first took down Shang and hes super impressed. 

-You know what it really is just like a scene from a movie complete with s/o leaning over and saying “Next time I promise to take it easy on you" 


-First things first is that asking Keith to spar is not the best idea. He backs down for no one. He is set to destroy at all times and he does not take losing well so s/o needs to be prepared for that 

-He is ready to go whenever though and its a good chance to see him in his natural element. He actually moves just as graceful and s/o has to not fall into the trap of watching his hips move and muscles flex because it really is quite a site 

-Keith is actually quite the trash talker when sparring too so there are lots of things to distract s/o when going against him. But they don’t realize just how mesmerized he is by them because he tries to hide it as hard as possible 

-What gives him away though is the color on his cheeks that has nothing to do with how hot its getting in the training bay no matter what he says. He also stammers ever so slightly ‘wh-what are you trying to uh do … do exactly? Hit me or um waltz, is it called waltzing? well you know what I mean either way!’

-He still ends up winning in the end, or whatever the equivalent of winning is in sparring, but afterwards s/o finds that he is still watching them really closely which they find kind of weird since usually he is avoiding looking at them directly because hes a shy boy 

-When asked what he is doing when caught he just tells them that “I just … think we should do that more often. It was fun," 


- She has two moods which are: "I never want to step foot in the training bay” and “someone better FIGHT ME” so as long as s/o knows how to determine these moods there is no problem at all getting her to spar with them 

- Her fighting style is all about getting in close to her opponant so s/o is probably already a little bit flustered, its not often that they get to be this close 

- S/O quickly learns that its hard to actually land a hit since she is so quick and agile so they focus on blocking instead. This turns into this ducking and weaving sort of dance that Pidge picks up on 

- Seeing this Pidge starts to calculate the way that she moves to see s/o react, forcing them to move in even more dance like movements with her. She tries to keep a straight face when eventually s/o slips and shes forced to catch them but that only last for about .2 seconds before they are both cracking up 

- “Maybe next time I should ask you to dance so I could get an actual work out in,” she teases after wards when they are cooling down, this comment is met with s/o pouring ice cold water down her back 

- In the end it just makes them both a laughing grinning mess and helps relieve more stress than traditional sparring ever could 


- Honestly he didn’t even go into this thinking of sparring, he only took up the offer to spar because he loves spending alone time with s/o and this seemed like the perfect chance 

- He actually brought music to play during it, something upbeat and easy to dance to because he wasn’t so much looking to train as he was looking for a chance to gyrate his hips in s/o’s direction. 

- S/O tries to ignore him and his very obvious dancing but finds themselves falling into the trap. They start moving in time to the beat and throwing in unnecessary flourishes of their hips and rolling of their body 

- Lance wasn’t actually expecting his plan to work so he didn’t even pick up on it at first cause hes an absolute oblivious fool. It isn’t until s/o starts humming along to the music and stops trying to hit him does it occur to him that ‘omg its happening!' 

- He then pulls out all the stops because this boy can dance and whats worse is he knows just how good he is. His body is a weapon and his sights are set on s/o and the only thing that is saving them is the fact that they are just as good as him. So its really a test of wills to see whos going to slip up first 

- It ends up being s/o who ends up literally tripping, even though its actually Lance’s fault because he wasn’t watching what he was doing because he was too busy making heart eyes at his s/o and ended up stepping on their feet. He uses this opportunity to dip them like he had it all planned 

- “You’re pretty good at sparring but your dancing could use some work. Good thing Im an amazing teacher on top of a list of other things,” he would tease before going in for a kiss and switching the music to something slow and sweet, his mission accomplished 


- He is mildly surprised by the request to spar but hes a very easy going guy, as long as he has nothing else he has to do he would do whatever s/o asked him. If it makes them happy he is completely on board 

- He’s slightly on edge about it though, just because he doesn’t want to hurt them on accident. This means he focuses less on s/o and more on his own body and how hes moving. It actually makes him a pretty easy target and in simple terms s/o is easily able to kick his ass 

- S/O would notice this and would want him to losen up. S/O would grab his chin and smile in the way that makes him melt while telling him to relax and just watch them. He practically melts but he manages to comply because how could he deny a request to stare at an angel? 

-Its then that he realizes that wow they are so graceful that it should be illegal and at a certain point he stops trying to spar and is just circling around them watching them because after all this is what they wanted right? 

- He eventually gives up the whole sparring thing and just pulls them into his arms and starts to slow dance with them. S/O struggles at first not understanding what hes playing at but when he lays his forehead against theirs and whispers about how beautiful they are all bets are off. Now it is there turn to melt 

- Honestly they just end up making out in the training bay which is frowned upon but sadly is not an uncommon occurrence in the castle either. The others find them kissing in random places more often than anyone cares to admit

One thing Osomatsu-San did 100% right was the amazing meta commentary of Iyami and Osomatsu’s rivalry. Because let be honest, in -Kun it was just Iyami being an ass to some children. The ‘I’m the main character and you’re not’ joke was thrown around, but it wasn’t the focus.

But -San did it so well. Just the way Iyami has become so bitter for being replaced ( for being to ‘too showa’ to boot ) is just really interesting way to give Osomatsu-Kun’s long run a nod. The best bit is though it makes his interactions with just Osomatsu really unintentionally deep, because Osomatsu is seemingly the only other character in the franchise who hasn’t been able to keep up and adapt either. 

All of his brothers struggled at first but have completely changed and are now modern in their tropes, but Oso is just the same as his childhood self. The other brothers are all so occupied their new roles that Osomatsu seems to be the only odd one out. Even the finger under the nose pose is a nod to that. He’s just as secretly ‘showa era’ as Iyami.

There is a lot of fourth wall breaking in -San but both seem to be a little more nostalgic about the past and aware that things could change at any time, so when they screech about wanting to be the main protagonist, it isn’t for superficial in-universe reasons like the others (fame, getting girls, ect)… It feels like they really just want to rule over what they both think is ‘their’ franchise. 

Meditation 101

Hey ! As some of you may know, I’ve spent some time in Nepal recently teaching english to children buddhist monks so I’ve spent some time in a monastery 
Even though the text below is some addition to a reblog post, I thought it deserves its own post ! 

The whole “think about nothing” thing is a huge misconception and is contrary to the purpose of mediation

And a Buddhist monk introduced me to the basics of meditation (there are other forms of meditation of the sitting one but it’s the most practised one also)

  • For the sitting form of meditation, sit and cross your legs and close your eyes (pointing your legs and therefore your feet is a very big insult in the Buddhist culture)
    • It is also a possibility to fix a thing or a point in front of you, however I recommand to close your eyes anyway ! 
  • It must be a silent place (backgroud noises are no problem but no music, it is said to influence the mind)
  • Relax, breathe in and breathe out deeply. Now focus on your stomach. Breathe with your stomach. Your mind and soul are entirely focused on your stomach.
  • Once your breathing is well concentrated in your stomach, meditation can begin
  • I usually start with visualising a circle increasing and decreasing along my breathing, but it’s totally up to you. A friend told me they visualise an empty swing swaying back and forth along with his breathing, so really you can visualise anything here
  • Let your mind wander - meditation is about reaching the dephts of your mind. Not “clearing it” or “think of nothing”, it’s about letting your mind and thoughts guide you to unexpected places. “Thinking of nothing”, if it’s ever possible to do that, will take you nowhere. It’s about exploring yourself. There is nothing to “clean” and many things to explore.
  • Remember also there is no mandatory lenght of time for mediation ! Even though meditating for two minutes is not very effictive, you can meditate for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour if you feel like doing so ! I usually meditate for 30 minutes, because that’s the lenght of the session during the “masses” and that’s not bad already !

Meditation is for everyone ! All it takes is to find the one that fits you best !

So apparently it’s normal and okay for people with chronic illnesses to not always succeed or be held at the same standard as healthy people. I’ve honestly gone my whole life holding myself to a standard as high as a normal healthy person, making sure I’ve never failed a class or test or anything. I’ve taken almost all honors/AP classes and am now in an honors program at a very good college while forming a speech team and being active in orchestra and swing dancing. 

Hearing that it’s okay to not actually be as successful as a healthy person lifted so much weight off of my shoulders but also made me feel so good about myself for doing all of this. I definitely am not going to lower my standard for myself but now I know that it’s okay if I do. 

And everybody needs to know that it’s okay. Your disease is not an excuse. It is not your fault. You are you and what you can do isn’t what other people can, and what they can isn’t always what you can. But that is okay.

Jean Duran was an asshole.

That was the only thing Adam knew as he watched the alpha cuddle up to an omega freshman not a week after he’d denied him during his heat.

The freshman was named Luke and he could’ve been Adam’s doppelgänger if not for the pretentious clothes. He tried not to let it get to him as he kept the memory of two glorious nights in his car and two others in his dorm with Elias.

His ass still felt the aftermath even now and he felt kind of bad leaving it the way he had. But really what was he supposed to do with a fifty something year old alpha anyhow? Mate him?

Elias had a nice knot, he was funny and smelled nice but that was it. Adam didn’t need that attachment, and he most definitely did not need an alpha. He wasn’t two feet in the grave now was he?

The alpha did come with the glorious addition of being sterile, before finding this out Adam had freaked out and punched and punched the alpha in the jaw for possibly getting him pregnant. That hadn’t been very good form either and the tears that followed showed him just how odd of an alpha Elias was.

No he really didn’t need that.

Then why was he scenting Elias all over campus?

It was lingers of scent, like the alpha had just recently left wherever Adam had gotten to and he wasn’t about to ask anyone if they’d seen a fifty something year old man alpha wandering around. What if it was just after effects of sharing a heat?

Again these were all things he should be looking up or asking others about, but no one knew how very strange he was and he wanted to keep it that way.

He ignored the sight of Jean with that Luke and headed to his final class. Just outside of Lecter Hall Adam paused and closed his eyes as he was hit with a whiff of Elias.

It was strong this time, like he’d just left before Adam arrived. He saw others pass by and asked a beta girl.

“Did you see a strange alpha here earlier?”

“No. Sorry.”

Adam felt foolish to ask but shook it off, headed into Dr. Lecter’s class with his head high. The omega teacher was one of his favorites, the highlight of his curriculum really, and for the rest of the hour he planned on drowning in the man’s genius.

But his plans were short lived about fifteen minutes in when an ungodly yell reverberated through him and quite possibly the entire campus.

“What the hell was that?”

Adam felt a fear the likes of which he’d never known and shot up from his seat. He locked eyes with Dr. Lecter, the other omega seemed to understand as he fled up the stairs towards the sound.

The bag on his shoulder felt heavier than anything but he held on, rushed past those he saw as he ran toward the sounds that didn’t stop. He stopped when he found the source at campus security, breathless and frightened.


The officer behind the counter looked surprised to see him, shocked even, and Adam wanted to bite out his throat.

“You just lost me forty bucks. Damn.”

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Detour by nightliferogue 

Why did you choose your specific YOI icon?

Does anyone else start to associate our varied YOI screenshot icons with the people behind them? I’d love to know why people chose the screenshot/fanart/whatever that they did.

For me, I always knew I wanted a Yuuri icon and I wanted something from the OP. My first version was of Yuuri with his head turned away, but it didn’t look very good in a small form, so I rewatched the OP until I landed on the icon I have now. I loved how vulnerable and beautiful Yuuri looked, and how long his eyelashes were.

How about other people? Anyone want to share?

CURE BANSHEE! (I hope this one’s not taken yet..or I’ll change it)

A Spooky! Precure fan character as you can probably tell :D 

Her powers are mostly based on shouting and screaming and in Civvie form she’s a very loud and enthousiastic person, but she always has other’s best interest in mind. She’s part of the school’s first aid team. She loves karaoke but is a godawful singer.