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What are some good games on Steam that are under a dollar?

Worthwhile games under a dollar, eh? Sure, I’ll give it a shot. Bear in mind that I’m Canadian, though, which means I’m guessing at what the USD prices are - don’t blame me if some of these are a few cents over the one-dollar mark!

  • Cellar - An arcade style puzzle game about a little girl exploring a dark, monster-infested basement. Less twitchy than you’d think; you don’t move very fast, and there’s usually only one correct route in each level.
  • Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok - An old school Sierra-style point-and-click adventure with light RPG elements. Some survival mechanics (e.g, cold, hunger, etc.), but you can turn them off.
  • Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls - A very good NES-era Mega Man clone, if you can get past the “monster girls” premise. Actually 100% non-smutty, which is a rarity for the genre. Gamepad recommended!
  • Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt - A cute little top-down action RPG with a simple bullet-hell combat system. Extremely retro style; think less “Super Nintendo” and more “ZX Spectrum”.

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you are so amazing at writing the bickering omg!! loved the swamp fic and i have to ask for FS academy era ft. bickering and whatever else you want!!! whatever comes to mind! i just love your writing sm i could read anything you wrote ever not joking :)!

Here’s day six of my week-long blog anniversary celebration (which…um I finally thought to double-check the date and…the anniversary is actually today so oops - but I’m still going to post the last prompt tomorrow, don’t worry, sorry I’m such a mess)!

@poursuislesetolies So first, thank you for the prompt of course, but also ahhh thank you so much for saying that!! It means so much for me to hear, truly, so thank you again! :)

Here’s some Academy Era bickering, feels, and…baking? Enjoy!


“Alright, what is it?”

Jemma glanced up from the neurobiology textbook she’d been leafing through, meeting Fitz’s knowing gaze. “What’s what?” she asked innocently.

Fitz rolled his eyes, not believing her terrible attempt at playing dumb for an instant. “C’mon Simmons, you’ve been on the same page for the last fifteen minutes – you could’ve had the whole bloody thing read in that time. Not to mention you’re fidgeting.”

“I am not fidgeting,” Jemma argued defensively, but the protest was a bit much because she actually had been tapping her feet and drumming her fingers off and on for the past few minutes.


Heaving a sigh, Jemma closed the textbook, placing it on the coffee table in front of the couch in Fitz’s living room. “Oh alright, I’ve just been thinking…”

“About?” Fitz set aside the magazine he’d bought earlier that day specifically for the article it contained on Tony Stark’s latest invention, giving her his full attention.

Jemma released a quiet breath, nervously wringing her hands in her lap as she tried to find the right words. However, what came out was a blurted, “I want you to teach me how to bake.”

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“If you hadn’t come, I would’ve managed just fine.” Noa and Era

Thanks for the ask! Set on Taris (not during the story quests)

Not going to lie, this is v. inspired by how every,single.time. on Taris I end up with like 16 rakghouls chasing me. On every character. 

Erabelle+ @delavairesslegacy ‘s Noa

Taris was a horrible planet. Filled with nasty creatures, Republic soldiers and the weight of her new mission, it was somewhere Erabelle would rather have never landed on. But Kothe had sent her here, on top of Keeper sending her out to try and help drive away the Republic and so she had come. Noa had been told to accompany her as well, to aid the Empire only-she was still not to know anything about Erabelle’s current mission-and it should have been a comfort to have her familiar partner fighting by her side. 

It would be, if she hadn’t lost Noa. It had been hours since they had been meant to reconvene after splitting up for a retrieval mission and Erabelle had seen nor heard anything from her partner. She wasn’t answering her com at all, and her droid had been found with its outer casing damaged, stuck in the marsh swarming  with rakghouls. Data from the droid’s sensors had led Erabelle deeper into the wetlands, nearly five klicks away from their rendezvous point.

Noa hadn’t been hard to find from the coordinates the droid’s data had stopped storing, she just needed to follow the sounds of shouting and blaster fire. As she crested the rise of the terrain, stealthed with her rifle drawn, she was met by a scene of complete chaos. Two Republic soldiers and several rakghouls had surrounded Noa and while they were being held off the part of Era lurking just beneath her carefully controlled work mindset, felt an icy thread of fear sink into her veins. 

With her stealth generator and the enemies focused entirely on the other agent Erabelle was able to maneuver in behind the two Republic soldiers when Noa was preoccupied with the remaining rakghouls. Two swift stabs with her vibroblade dropped them both like a sack of rocks. The rakghouls fell within seconds and Era found herself at the end of Noa’s blaster, pointed squarely at her chest. “I will be very pissed if you shoot me.” Her tone was cool, clipped in a way reserved usually for work only. Noa pulled her blaster back immediately, scowling. 

“Era? What are you doing here?”

“Saving you, apparently. You were late for our rendezvous, I was worried. Especially when I found your demon droid stuck in a swamp.” Erabelle sheathed her vibroblade and crossed her arms, a thoroughly ruffled look across her features. Noa nudged the body of a rakghoul with a equally miffed look. 

“I ran into a slight problem. You didn’t need to come retrieve me. I would have managed just fine if you hadn’t come.” 

One of Era’s eyebrows rose towards her hairline and she snorted, unconvinced. “I’m sure. Is that why you’re five klicks away from our meeting point, in the middle of a swamp-which is even further from where you went, might I add.” 

Noa’s voice was brimming with sarcasm. “Oh is it? I must have got a little preoccupied and turned around. Y’know, its a little hard to follow broken twisted paths when I can’t see the broken twisted paths.” 

“That’s why you have that droid, why the kriff was it in the middle of a swamp?” Era’s irritation was slipping away into faint amusement as she put the story together even before Noa spoke. 

“We ran into a pack of rakghouls and got separated.” Noa’s scowl deepened and she pointed a finger accusingly at Era. “I can hear you laughing and can practically feel that smirk. It’s your fault we’re here might I add.” 

Biting her lip to press down her laugh she uncrossed her arms with a slight shake of her head. “Sorry I asked.” She glanced up and Noa and couldn’t supress a widening grin. “You just going to scowl at me or can we go back to the outpost?”

“Well I obviously don’t know my way back.” Noa said dryly, gesturing for Erabelle to walk forward. “So lead the way, my sighted savior.” 

“As you wish.” Erabelle started to walk forward, freezing when she heard Noa swear and a splash. She sighed, raising a hand to rub across her face exasperatedly as she pivoted. “Noa-” 

“Don’t even start with me Era.” Noa scrambled to her feet, shaking marsh water from her hands and giving the rakghoul corpse she had tripped over a savage kick. “It has been a very rough day.” 

I’m studying Death of a Salesman for English and I was expecting it to be boring but I’m actually kind of invested.  It’s really sad and if you like plays I suggest checking it out.  I’m listening to an audio recording while I read because I have trouble following scripts but it’s still very good.


“Sirius!  Sirius, you wanna go to Diagon Alley with us.  We’re gonna get school supplies and get ice cream,” your younger brother asks.  Sirius had been dating you for a little over a year now, and it seemed that your family took a liking to him.

“Yeah, yeah, sure, that’d be great,” Sirius replied with a smile, a bright look in his eyes as he turned to face you.  He’d always had to go to Diagon Alley alone while his parents went to Knockturn Alley.

“I’ll go, then we can just apparate there,” you say, smiling as you look at your boyfriend.

“I’ll apparate with Sirius!”

“No, I will!”

“You always get to be with him!”

“Yeah, ‘cause I’m older than you, dummy!”

“Guys, guys, he does happen to be, you know, my boyfriend.”


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